Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 57

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 2

“Your Lipstick is so Sweet, Tastes Like Strawberries.”1So the word strawberries is slang for hickies…maybe she low-key implying something

  After Doudou finished its explanation, it ran away. Ke Li didn’t know what to do. The female lead is straight, but she isn’t ah. Who can explain this current scene of both of them cuddling?

  Ke Li moved cautiously, preparing to quietly and calmly withdraw her hand. This kind of thing in the night was similar to polishing a gun and accidentally misfiring. It’s best to talk about any misunderstandings in the morning.

  ”A’Yu, move your hand down. It’s making my chest hurt. I can’t sleep.”

  Ke Li was frozen on the spot from Ji Linxi’s languid voice. She felt a little embarrassed like she had been caught doing something bad.

  Just as she was just about to shift her hand, Ji Linxi already moved it off. She then turned around and buried herself in Ke Li’s chest and continued to sleep.

  Ke Li: “…”

  Isn’t this really weird?

  It’s apparently normal for straight women to kiss and grope each other’s breasts. Ke Li didn’t think much about it back when she was straight as she didn’t have any close female friends to be intimate with. But with her experience now, she thinks about it differently. 

  Ke Li wanted to test how straight the female lead was. She played rogue and said, “It’s not a crime to touch.”

  Ke Yu was well-known to have an easy-going and free disposition. She usually dressed like a floral butterfly in the weekdays. In fact, her heart is very pure. If she hadn’t met the male lead, she would still be a good best friend.

  “Don’t cause trouble. I really want to sleep.” Ji Linxi wanted to sleep but felt that Ke Li was too close and it was a little warm. She reached out to turn on the lamp, then turned to look at Ke Li. She felt that Ke Li was being mischievous and playing pranks on her today.

  The sudden light made Ke Li flinch. She stretched out her hand to block her eyes. After moving her hand, she realized how attractive Ji Linxi was, to the point where one would willingly commit a crime.

  The thin pajamas she wore couldn’t hide her beautiful body. Her eyes were hazy and she looked at her lazily. Her black hair was loose and charming.

  This wasn’t the first time Ke Li had been stunned by a female lead’s face. Although it’s superficial to do so, she had to admit that most affection begins with the face value.

  When she thought of her roguish behavior just now as Ke Yu, Ke Li suddenly felt guilty. She patted the bed and said with a red face: “What are you doing with the light on? Come sleep.”

  ”En.” Ji Linxi didn’t turn off the light but looked at Ke Li’s unexpected red face and asked, “Why is your face suddenly thin to the point of blushing?”2People who are shameless has a thick face but people who are sensitive has a thin face.

  Ke Li: “……”

  They have known each other since junior high school and have been friends for so many years. Which side of her hasn’t she already seen? So Ke Li’s behavior just now seemed very strange.

  If she doesn’t follow the original host’s traits, it will definitely lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. Only by following them, can she get along better with the female lead and explain her actions.

  Ke Li glared at Ji Linxi and said, “Is it? Well, this is because of you.”

  Ji Linxi obviously didn’t believe that. Suddenly as if she figured something out. She reached out and patted Ke Li’s face and said, “Don’t think about those R-rated things anymore and go to bed quickly. We have class tomorrow. If you don’t wake up early, I won’t wait for you.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  What kind of misunderstanding is this ah? Why couldn’t she understand what was happening ah?  

  Ji Linxi then went back to sleep.

  But Ke Li spent her first night with a beautiful misunderstanding. The next day, she was woken up by her nose being pinched. Looking at the face magnified several folds before her eyes, Ke Li was so frightened that she almost forgot that the person in front of her was the female lead.

  Ji Linxi was dressed in a Huakai High School uniform with her hair tied into a ponytail. She has long been accustomed to Ke Li acting like a hen with one chicken3being fussy.

  ”It’s half past six. Get up for breakfast. Don’t wear makeup today.”

  “Can’t I sleep a little longer?” Ke Li yawned. She adapted to this identity very quickly because she was already very similar to Ke Yu. For example, her self-discipline wasn’t very good, and she liked to be lazy.

  But there were some differences. In real life, she wouldn’t waste a lot of time on make-up. Especially since both of them were only high school students.

  Ji Linxi’s response was strict: “No, get up quickly. Or you won’t be allowed to sleep with me in the future.”

  ”…” Ke Li hasn’t experienced the life of getting up early for class in many years. In addition, Ke Yu is a lazy person. Now she is totally ignorant. She laid unmoving in bed, holding back the tears in her wet eyes, barely waking up but almost falling back to sleep, then rubbed her eyes and fumbled off from the bed.

  Ji Linxi couldn’t help that her best friend was like this. She usually waits for her to wake up slowly and smear her face with makeup. Now it’s been a week since they started school and she still can’t get up to get ready. They had to hurry to school. 

  She was used to doing this all the time, so she directly pulled Ke Li’s pajamas off then found a suitable pair of underwear and almost personally put them on Ke Li.

  ”……” Ke Li’s whole body went rigid as she was only left with a pair of underwear. She quickly reached out to cover her important bits and said with a shocked voice, “What are you doing?”

  Ji Linxi was speechless about Ke Li’s shyness. She held out the underwear in her hands and said with a puzzled expression, “Isn’t this how I usually help you change? It’s the most efficient and you usually are full of energy afterwards. Get dressed quickly. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Is it true that her best friend was straight?

  I’m really scared!

  Ke Li was no longer sleepy. She put on her underwear properly and redressed in her pajamas. Then admired her own face while brushing her teeth in the bathroom. 

  I have to say that this female supporting lead’s settings are really good. If Ji Linxi looks like a goddess, then I’m a demoness.  

  The peach blossom eyes were slightly picked up and ready to entice at any time. She had impeccable facial features and an obviously good precocious body. She didn’t look like a high school student and there was always a feeling of tension in the air.

  Only God knows that under her wild appearance, there was a very pure heart.

  Ke Li recalled how she got along with the female lead and felt that this task wasn’t easy at all. She was always being teased low-key. However, this was their usual way of getting along with each other. The female lead didn’t think it was strange at all. Instead, she would notice a problem if she didn’t go along with it as usual.

  Ke Li really didn’t know if she should consider herself speechless. She quickly washed her face and applied lipstick. If she didn’t wear any makeup at all, then she wouldn’t be the supporting female lead. Then she changed into her school uniform. 

  Ke Yu and Ji Linxi are in the same class. Their school is the best high school in the province. Most students lived on campus, but there were still commuters. Ke Yu and Ji Linxi were both commuter students.

  Huakai School was a place of rigorous study and only the school uniforms were lively. It had a British inspired style, the boys wore suits with white shirts while the girls were matched with short skirts. Compared with those standard fat and big uniforms, this is considered to be quite different. At least it was very good-looking.4I guess the typical Chinese school uniform are very loose fitting compared to these British ones

  After Ke Li changed into her school uniform, she felt that her mind became 18 years younger. Although her female figure became better to look at, she still felt a bit uncomfortable wearing these clothes.

  When Ke Li came downstairs, there were three people sitting in the living room. They were Ji Linxi, who was listening attentively to Father Ji, a boss of a company and Mother Ji, a common housewife.

  The atmosphere between the three people wasn’t good. It can be seen it was all due to Ji Linxi’s indifferent attitude. Of course, Ke Li knows the reason and obediently greeted them: “Good morning aunt and uncle.”

  Mother Ji replied lovingly: “Good morning A’Yu. Come and have breakfast. You’re going to be late.”

  “Then I’ll take it with us on the road.” Ke Li said as she took the milk and bread, then took the schoolbag from the sofa and pulled Ji Linxi away.

  The Ji family home was very close to the school. It was only a ten-minute walk, so there wasn’t a need to ride a bike. So, Ke Yu often stays at Ji Linxi’s home, eating, drinking and having Ji Linxi take care of her.

  Along the way, there were many students, some of which were in a hurry and others who weren’t in a hurry. Ke Li had accepted the fact that she was now a high school student. She brought out the breakfast, handed some to Ji Linxi who had a cold face and said, “Did you have breakfast yet? It’s you who always doesn’t eat and starve. You really don’t care about yourself.”

  Ji Linxi glanced at the breakfast and shook her head: “No appetite, you can eat it.”

  Ke Li wasn’t shy at all. She unpacked the box milk and bread, and ate while walking. She knew why Ji Linxi was unhappy. After all, she was the author mother. It was her that set up the backstory for everyone.

  Of course, the fact that the female lead is straight had nothing to do with it. In fact, she never emphasized this at all and never even thought about pairing her up with a girlfriend. So Ji Linxi became a normal steel straight woman.

  When Ji Linxi noticed that Ke Li had really ignored her, she felt a little thirsty. She took off her headphones and hung them over her neck then said, “Give me a sip.”

  Ke Li unconsciously handed over the milk from her hand. She had a habit of biting down when drinking from a straw, so the straw was completely flat.

  When Ke Li realized that, Ji Linxi had already taken the milk and drank it with the deflated straw. Then she licked her lips and said, “Your lipstick is really sweet, tastes like strawberries.”

  Then she returned the milk to Ke Li, put on her headphones and continued to listen expressionlessly.

  Ke Li: “…”

  Are they really just best friends?

Author’s Notes:

Do you want to know the reason for my writer’s block?

This old aunt hasn’t been in high school for over 20 years and have forgotten what it’s like to be in high school /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Leave a comment below about the scenes you want (classroom play or something) that you want me to write! Excitedly sending red envelopes. Tomorrow there shouldn’t be a writer’s block.

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