Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 58

Translated by Novice Translations

Messed around by Snacks

Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 3

Women Knows Women.

  Ke Li hesitantly stared at the straw full of tooth marks. She didn’t dislike Ji Linxi’s saliva. Since the second world, she discovered that she had a special feeling for the female leads, as if she had known them before. And now this feeling has become deeper now.

  Seeing that Ke Li was staring at the straw in a daze, Ji Linxi slapped her on the back of the head. Her strength was very light which was the usual intimate behavior between them.

  Ke Li lowered her head and held the straw in her mouth. She took a sip of milk first, then said with confusion: “Why did you hit me?”

  “Idiot. Hurry up, we are going to be late.” Ji Linxi said and regardless of the situation, she pulled Ke Li into a trot the entire way.

  They were both the same height, at about 1.68 meters. Ke Li gasped heavily shortly after. She blamed it all on her chest for being a heavy burden for her. She said to herself that it was more convenient to have an airport runaway.1Meaning she prefers having a flat chest

  In fact, Ke Yu’s physical ability wasn’t good. Ke Yu was very lazy. In addition to taking the time to dress herself up beautifully, she only sits and never stands whenever possible. If she could lie down, then she would never sit. So, she wasn’t Ji Linxi’s opponent who often exercises.

  ”Slow…slow down.” Ke Li panted heavily, feeling that she was almost crushed to death by the schoolbag on her back.

  “You always watch R-rated things, now you know you’re ‘weak’?” Ji Linxi complained and raised her hand to lift Ke Li’s schoolbag. Ke Li felt more comfortable and the two continued to take big strides towards school.

  The rigorous study style at Huakai is very strict but also advocates self-awareness. It doesn’t stipulate how early high school students should arrive, but it must be no later than 7:20.

  When Ke Li and Ji Linxi arrived at school it was 7:15. Fortunately, classroom 1 for seniors was on the first floor. In order to maintain her image of a beautiful girl, Ke Li took a deep breath and walked towards the classroom with Ji Linxi.

  ”Slow down first.” Ji Linxi said suddenly.

  ”What’s the matter?” Ke Li stopped, thinking that Ji Linxi still had something important to do. In fact, she was still a little breathless.

  ”Wait for me.” Ji Linxi raised her hand and lifted her bangs. Then straightened her collar and tie, until it was proper and didn’t look messy. She glanced at her cellphone and laughed: “There’s still three minutes left. I’ll give you one minute to fix yourself.”

  Ke Li: “…” Unexpectedly, you are this kind of female lead!

  Ke Li also took care of herself. She felt that she would have a rough time in high school. When she ran the rest of the way, her face was flushed the whole time. She thought to maintain her image as a goddess, she needs to be calm like her now.

  After leaving no trace of untidiness on her body, Ke Li followed Ji Linxi and entered the classroom.

  The classroom was full of people, mostly reciting ancient poems. Ke Li kept following Ji Linxi and almost sat down next to her until she saw Ji Linxi’s puzzled expression.

  “Sit here for a while.” When Ke Li finished speaking, she saw that there was a book beside Ji Linxi and stopped talking. She remembered that Ke Yu and Ji Linxi sat next to each other. Did a butterfly effect really happen?2Since the plot was affected by the scum system, maybe something changed.

  ”Stupid, your seat is in front.” Ji Linxi said and placed Ke Li’s schoolbag firmly at the spot so she can sit in her own seat.

  Ke Li can only sit down obediently. Originally, she thought she sat next to the female lead, so she didn’t mind being a senior in high school. But now she suddenly become seat neighbors in in different rows, there was less fun in that.

  During the early self-study time, Ke Li studied very energetically. But she hasn’t experienced such an environment in a long time, with the whole classroom filled with the sounds of reciting. But when it was time for class, she felt that the teacher’s voice was like a lullaby. She couldn’t help but start to feel drowsy. Fortunately, she was in the third row to the side.

  From her previous experience in college, Ke Li supported her chin, straightened her back, closed her eyes and had a dream of being chased and bitten by zombies. She ran quickly and broke her legs but still couldn’t escape. It wasn’t until she felt a pen poking her back…

  Ke Li returned to her senses and woke up. She looked at the clock above the blackboard and saw only a few minutes passed since class started. She turned to talk to Ji Linxi…

  “Ke Yu, don’t disturb the classmate behind you.” The physics teacher’s voice suddenly sounded, and Ke Li became a target causing all the students to stare at her.

  ”…” Ke Li returned an awkward and polite smile, rubbed her eyes, and reluctantly paid attention.

  In addition to self-study in the morning, there are four regular classes. In the second class, she was drowsy again. She didn’t sleep well last night and thus had trouble thinking today. After class, Ke Li hurried to nap, disregarding her image.

  However, the class teacher deliberately gave her a hard time. Before class started, he said out loud: “Next, I want to say something. It’s time to wake up and welcome our new classmate….”

  Is the male lead here so soon?

  Ke Li was in a good mood. Now she wants to see Ji Linxi’s expression. She stealthily took out her small makeup mirror, positioned it in her pencil bag so she can see behind her, then looked at Ji Linxi who stared back.

  ”…” Ke Li stuck out her tongue in embarrassment and Ji Linxi warned her in a whisper: “Don’t mess around. The teacher is staring at you.”

  ”…” Ke Li nodded and stared at the podium. She waited for the arrival of the male lead. However, the new student wasn’t the male lead but Zhao Li, the warm-hearted second male lead who is also a transfer student like the male lead. Ke Li shook her head in disappointment.

  Then the school bell rang, and their short break ended.

  Although she knew that Ji Linxi would unlikely develop feelings for the second male lead, Ke Li still wanted to see what kind of reaction Ji Linxi, a straight woman, has. She deliberately passed her notebook to Ji Linxi and took this opportunity to watch her reaction. She discovered that her expression was still the same, not only was the female lead straight, but also had high standards.

  Ji Linxi glanced at the notebook that Ke Li handed over. There were symbols scribbled on it that she couldn’t understand. Occasionally, there were two words in scrawled handwriting but still couldn’t understand it.

  She returned a note: “Pay attention, you can say it after class.”

  ”Okay.” Ke Li continued to be drowsy.

  Finally, with much difficulty, class was over. They went to the toilet together. Once they entered the stall, Ji Linxi gently grabbed Ke Li’s ear and scolded, “What happened to you? Now we are seniors in high school. This isn’t the time to play or sleep all day.”

  “Light, lighter.” Ke Li tilted her head and begged for mercy.

  Ke Li was also surprised that Ji Linxi and Ke Yu got along like this. Because when she wrote the story, she didn’t use any ink to describe this sort of relationship. After all, as soon as the male lead appeared, the relationship between the two slowly broke down. They weren’t as intimate as now, but only best friends in memories.

  Ji Linxi loosened her hand and rubbed Ke Li’s small ear. When Ke Li was almost rubbed to the point of being unsteady, Ji Linxi pulled her against the cubicle wall, then whispered, “Say, just now why were you trying to be sneaky?”

  Ke Li has never been inside a bathroom stall with anyone in her entire life. The narrow space made her blush subconsciously. She immediately remembered her embarrassment of bed wetting in the previous world, then told herself that straight women were terrible.3Huh but in arc 1 you claimed to be a straight steel pipe woman…lol

  She blathered nonsense: “Nothing. I just wanted to ask you if you think Zhao Li is handsome?”  

  ”That new student?” Ji Linxi thought about it very seriously, then looked up and down Ke Li and said: “His looks aren’t bad, but he isn’t my type or yours. Don’t think about it. We said that we wouldn’t fall in love before the college entrance exam.”

  Ke Li: “…” I’ll wait and watch you slap your own face. 

  Because Ji Linxi was there, Ke Li held back and didn’t use the toilet. Ji Linxi was worried that others would hear their conversation, so she didn’t go as well. But in the end, they ended up going in their own cubicle. Once returned from the toilet, Ke Li diligently continued to read and pay attention to the classes.

  From listening to these familiar study topics, Ke Li developed a headache, stemming from physical and mental exhaustion. She collapsed at her desk as soon as class was over. Before she rested enough, Ji Linxi woke her up.

  In order to save time and also because she didn’t want to go home, Ji Linxi started eating at the school cafeteria since last week. She dragged Ke Li’s arm and saw no response, then patted Ke Li’s face again: “Lazy pig, get up and eat before going back to sleep.”

  Ke Li looked up with a sleepy expression, her face marked with sleep lines. Ji Linxi rubbed her face until the marks were gone and said with satisfaction: “Okay get up and eat.”

  ”…” Ke Li was no longer sleepy after being touched. For Ji Linxi, this may be ordinary intimacy, but for Ke Li, it was an intimacy usually between lovers. Straight women are awfully dreadful creatures indeed.

  Once Ke Li packed up her schoolbag, she found a girl standing next to Ji Linxi. Her name is Mo Qi and is Ji Linxi’s current neighboring desk mate. Because the plot changed, Ke Li has no impression of Mo Qi.

  Ji Linxi stepped forward holding Ke Li’s hand and said, “Let’s go to lunch together.”

  Women knows women. At first glance, Ke Li determined that Mo Qi was the same kind and couldn’t help but be vigilant.4I think Ke Li is misunderstanding and thinks Mo Qi is bent too and wants the female lead

  After all, there must certainly be more than just male pursuers for such an excellent female lead. And there were so many cases of the bamboo horses failing to fall from heaven because they were unable to defeat the green plum blossoms.5Assume heaven struck love, bamboo horses are male who fails to court in love and loses to the green plum blossoms (females). The plum blossom is a companion (best friend) and friendship can develop into love. 

  Mo Qi didn’t seem to notice Ke Li’s eyes and stood there lightly.

  Three people went to the cafeteria. This was the first time Ke Li had encountered a love rival. They lingered in the classroom for too long so there weren’t many people in the cafeteria. Fortunately, there was still food left.

  Ke Li and Ji Linxi were used to eating together and ordered several dishes together. This greatly calmed Ke Li’s heart. She still had to think of a way to become neighboring desk mates with the female lead. She knew how enthralling the male lead can be. This would serve as a special measure just in case the female lead got seduced and end up with a miserable end.

  ”A’Yu, what’s wrong with you today? You’re always in a daze. You didn’t fall in love, did you?” Ji Linxi said with a serious tone. On the surface, she had a good relationship with everyone. But in fact, she didn’t have many good friends, so she didn’t want Ke Li to fall in love now and then she’d have to study alone.6Lool I been ghosted by female friends at school once they got a boyfriend and still get ghosted by adult female friends for the same reason! RIP

  ”What love are you talking about? Can I find someone as good as you?” Ke Li smiled and flattered.

  In fact, Ke Yu and Ji Linxi didn’t look like they were best friends.

  Ke Yu was the type of person who showed all her emotions on her face. Boys pursued her mostly due to her good figure, face and family background. Of course, there were also people who were jealous and hate her. These were mostly girls because she was too eye-catching. Even if she wore a school uniform, she can cause friction in the air.

  And Ji Linxi had twice the popularity. She was very popular amongst the boys and girls. She had a goddess-like existence.

  Fortunately, they had the same three views. In addition, Ke Yu felt that Ji Linxi was really good at wearing a mask, so she shamelessly approached her and eventually became best friends with Ji Linxi.

  Hearing Ke Li’s words, Ji Linxi’s heart was relieved and replied: “This is more like you. Even if you fall in love, let me check them first.”

  Ke Li: “……”

  Better to leave it alone ah.

  In the process of checking people who originally liked Ke Yu, they somehow ended up falling in love with Ji Linxi. This resulted in Ke Yu later becoming the villainess.

  After the three people finished their meal together, Mo Qi left first. Ke Li hurried to take a nap with her face down and Ji Linxi sat down beside her.

  Before during classes, she was too sleepy and didn’t notice. Only now did Ke Li realize that it wasn’t good to have a big chest. When she slept with her face down, she was hurt by the table. It’s more convenient to have an airport runway. Anyway, she wasn’t comfortable sleeping this way. She wanted to sleep but couldn’t sleep.

  The weather in September was hot and the sun was shining bright. Ke Li was very upset. Ji Linxi noticed and took off her jacket and placed it on top of their heads to shade them from the sun. She said, “Now you can sleep but don’t drool on my clothes.”

  ”…” Ke Li’s headache she just had no longer throbbed. She and Ji Linxi laid next to each other, inhaling each other’s breaths. She suddenly thought of an anime she saw before.

  Ke Li licked her lips and whispered, “Ji Linxi, come over here a little.”

  Without opening her eyes, Ji Linxi asked, “Why?”

  ”I said so, why don’t you come?” Ke Li thought she was very domineering and wanted to seize any opportunity to flirt with the female lead. Otherwise only God will know when the female lead would bend.

  Ji Linxi raised her eyelids and lazily said: “Won’t come.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  If the mountain won’t move, then I will move. Ke Li leaned over.

Author’s Notes:

Dusting my hands off, no longer setting up another flag, and going to sleep (waves handkerchief)

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