Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 59

TL Note: So, my proofreader for this series is dying. She can’t proofread every day hahahaha. My motivation has come back so I been working really hard translating a chapter everyday. Right now, the proofreader is backlogged and can’t get to them. (She’s my proofreader – Snacks for all my yuri series ~~ 4 as of right now). One of my avid GL readers, Fries at 2am will be helping with some of the yuri proofread stuff so Snacks doesn’t pass away.

Anyways, I wanted to add as a comment, wouldn’t it be terrible if you were Ke Li and knew you were gay, but Ji Linxi as your best friend kept teasing you like this and never bends in the end? Like if I were that same teenager in high school I would be so confused and lost with my feelings.

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Fries at 2am

Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 4

You Treat Me Like a Best Friend But I Want You.

  Ke Li propped up the little blazer with both hands. Her head slowly approached Ji Linxi then caught her mouth.

  Ji Linxi’s lips were soft. Before Ke Li could be nostalgic, she withdrew first. There was a camera installed in the classroom. Although they were hidden by the blazer, it can be guessed what she was doing based on her big movements. Moreover, she needed to see Ji Linxi’s reaction. If she was conflicted, then this was more than worth it.

  Ke Li picked up and moved the blazer a little to let the sunlight stream in until she could see Ji Linxi’s expression and her smooth tender face.  

  Ji Linxi’s skin is very good. Even up close, she couldn’t see half her pores. Ke Li looked at Ji Linxi’s face, expecting to see a surprised or slightly disgusted expression.

  However, Ji Linxi was unexpectedly caught off-guard and stunned. Then helplessly said: “Can you go to sleep now?”

  Ke Li strangely asked: “Just like this?”

  This is her reaction after being suddenly kissed?

  Is she not going to ask anything else? For example, ask if she likes girls.

  “En…was it okay?” Ji Linxi asked and licked her lips. There was an aftertaste from her lips. Her eyes showing both a bit of strangeness and helplessness. However, after she licked her lips like this, they became fuller and more seductive from the luster. They were like ripe cherries on branches, making people want to open their mouths and grab them.

  ”…” Ke Li felt that Ji Linxi must be deliberately seducing her. She wanted to kiss her again, but Ji Linxi turned sideways to avoid her and said: “No kissing. Hurry up and sleep if you still want.”

  ”…” Ke Li retracted her neck and thought to herself how Ji Linxi already knew her intentions and if she was testing her. She angrily replied in defeat: “Sleep on your own.”

  After she took the initiative to kiss her, she reacted like scum!

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  Ji Linxi really didn’t understand why Ke Li suddenly had a small temper tantrum, but it was almost the same as when she was angry before. She will become all sulky then within half an hour, Ke Li will take the initiative to talk to her so she adjusted to it.

  However, when it’s time to concede, you still have to concede.

  Ji Linxi leaned over and whispered, “What’s the matter? Like a cat puffing up its fur, I didn’t tease you.”

  “It’s nothing. I’m going to sleep.” Ke Li said and closed her eyes. After transmigrating into a young body, she felt that she became naïve.

  Ji Linxi’s mouth was curled and lightly said: “If it’s nothing, then forget it.”  

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ji Linxi explained neither fast nor slow: “Your lipstick is long gone. Could it be that you want me to falsely say that your lipstick was delicious? But that thing is poisonous.”

  What about lipstick?

  Ke Li opened her eyes and asked: “What do you mean?”

  “Didn’t you love to apply lipstick before like this? By the way, would you like to have a taste?” Ji Linxi never liked lipstick, but Ke Yu loves it very much. She often plays with her like this. It’s common to have this kind of intimacy between them.

  Ke Li: “…”

  Apply lipstick?

  Ke Li felt this phrase sounded very strange. She thought about it sullenly. She had forgotten the details of this book. Did she write that women had a tendency to act like lilies before? But she used to be a straight steel pipe, so where did the lily inspiration come from?

  Doudou silently rolled her eyes and said: [Host come on. You’re now bent into a mosquito coil which means that although some things weren’t explicitly written it doesn’t mean it was non-existent.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She used to be a straight steel pipe. In addition to shaping the female lead perfectly, she also wrote about her former male god, the male lead. But she never wrote about love between the female lead and supporting female lead, so this phenomenon couldn’t be explained at all.

  [Something doesn’t make sense. Maybe the original supporting female lead was originally like this. She unconsciously flirted with the female lead but after the male lead appears, the host writes that she fell in love with the male lead. Then she became the malicious supporting female lead.]

  Doudou randomly speculated: [And the host must have the tendency to bend printed in your bones. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so easy to bend. So, stop pretending that you were as straight as a steel pipe.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  “Smooth out your clothes to be flat. Or you’ll have to make time to press those wrinkles again.” Ji Linxi’s voice pulled Ke Li back to reality.

  ”En.” Ke Li felt very hypocritical. Although she didn’t entirely agree with Doudou’s words, she also thought it was true. After all, everyone had a Brokeback Mountain in their hearts, but how could she not notice it before? 1 Brokeback Mountain is a film by Li Ann and won the Golden Lion Award for Best Film at the 2005 Italian Film Festival. It describes the gay love of two Western cowboys. Personally never seen it but can imply bromance aka close… the intimate friendship between two guys thats low-key gay.  

  Ke Li laid her head down and thought about things, after a while, she became drowsy and gradually fell asleep.

  But Ji Linxi laid for a while and felt more and more of their classmates were returning. There was also the sound of writing in the classroom so she couldn’t sleep. Instead, she sat up and read books. From time to time, she helped Ke Li lift her clothes to give her some ventilation.

  When Ke Li woke up, the classroom was full of people. Ji Linxi, who was sleeping beside her, had changed back to her desk.

  ”Ke Yu, your relationship with Ji Linxi is really good,” Her neighboring desk mate envied. “When I just came back, I saw that she was fanning you. I felt that there’s no point in having an air conditioner.”

  No wonder it was so cool before.

  “Me and her are best friends. So, it’s normal to have a good relationship.” Ke Li said and straightened out Ji Linxi’s blazer. Turning around, she saw Ji Linxi staring at her.

  Ke Li pointed to the neatly folded jacket: “Do you want to wear it now?”

  “Put it on me first.” Ji Linxi hooked her little finger towards Ke Li.

  ”Why?” Ke Li hurriedly over.

  ”Don’t move.” Ji Linxi rubbed Ke Li’s face and felt the novelty of touching collagen with her hand. After the indentation disappeared, she took out another piece of tissue paper, handed it to Ke Li, and said: “Wipe your face, it’s time for class.”

  What’s the difference between being girlfriends or girlfriends? 2 So, this is confusing in English, but the author always uses girlfriends to imply best friends so I just substitute it with best friend. Cause girlfriend can also mean dating too…so the author is implying what’s the difference between being best friend or a girlfriend (dating)

  When Ke Li wiped her face, she felt refreshed and full of energy. In class that afternoon, she didn’t doze off anymore. She even thought that the current lesson in mathematics was quite simple.

  In fact, Ke Yu’s grades weren’t bad. She belonged in the middle-upper rank in class. Of course, she wasn’t as good as Ji Linxi on the main subjects. However, she wasn’t stupid. She was just lazy. After carefully thinking about it, she decided to not study anymore and spent most of her time learning makeup or entertainment. Therefore, that’s why her image was like this. 

  In the morning, Ke Li was a little resistant towards the new knowledge. But since she consciously received this new knowledge, coupled with her experience from University, she understood the new knowledge with more ease. She even thought that many of the high school problems were difficult for high school students. After all, there was a simpler way to solve them in University.

  After school in the afternoon, the whole day was over for Ke Li. Huakai doesn’t force students to self-study late and its all voluntary. 3 I heard from Chinese natives that its common to force the self-study mentality of going to school 6 days a week and staying to self-study until 9PM at night or even later…haha However, the classrooms were still full which showed that there were many students who would voluntarily study hard at this school.

  Ji Linxi was used to reviewing at home. On the way home together, Ke Li took the opportunity to ask, “Ji Linxi, I want to sit with you.”

  ”Want to sit with me?” Ji Linxi said with a smile, “Didn’t you say before that distance produces beauty. Perhaps after sitting with me for a long time you’ll get bored.”

  Ke busily curried favor: “We were young so you can’t believe what I said back then. You see, recently I’ve been twisting my neck every day, and it’s uncomfortable.”

  Ji Linxi also thought the same. “Tomorrow I will talk to the class teacher and say that you want to study hard and we have such a good relationship. We will definitely have your seat changed.”


  They walked home while laughing and talking. However, as soon as they arrive home, Ji Linxi’s expression faded. Without even calling out a greeting, they went to the second floor.

  Mother Ji was nursing her baby in the living room. Ke Li felt embarrassed when she recalled that she was forced to drink milk in the previous world, so she followed Ji Linxi upstairs.

  At first, Ji Linxi was very calm, until she heard the sound of a child crying downstairs, then her entire aura became cold.

  Ke Li placated: “He’s young, don’t worry about him.”

  Ji Wendong is Ji Linxi’s younger brother and only a few months old. He’s the product of the second-child policy. Of course, this is just one of the reasons why Ji Linxi was disappointed with her parents. Mother Ji is already 42 years old, but she took on such a huge risk to have a son. Ji Linxi couldn’t understand why she was so desperate for a child and was entirely opposed to it. Her dad remained silent the entire time until Ji Wendong was born then had a smile on his brow which was self-evident.

  Ji Linxi also knew it was a low blow to be blaming a small child. She adjusted her mood and said, “If I get married in the future, I would rather DINK than have children.” 4 DINK is slang for Dual Income No Kids

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ke Li suddenly felt she had a bright future. When she was about to go to bed that night, she saw Ji Linxi take off her clothes in front of her without warning. She felt embarrassed.

  Ke Li covered her eyes quietly and went to watch a video to distract herself. When Ji Linxi comes out of the shower, she was still naked. It seems that she didn’t regard her as an outsider at all.

  Recalling that her straight daughter might be so open in front of others, Ke Li couldn’t help but ask: “Ji Linxi, aren’t you afraid of me?”

  Ji Linxi pulled her pajamas over her head and said, “What should I be afraid of?”  

  Ke Li cleared her throat, made herself look more intimidating, and seriously said, “For example, you treat me like your best friend, but I want you.”  

Author’s Notes:

I… I wrote 2,600 words, then my hand slipped and it got deleted before I could liberate myself T^T. I had to rewrite it. I’ll go to sleep first.

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