Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 6

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Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 06

I’m not Afraid of Bending Until I’m Broken

Ke Li, nervous and dumbfounded, felt the cool fingertips on her back lightly from time to time. She felt a sudden looseness on her chest. She busily clutched the clothes besides her into her arms, covered her chest tightly with a stern look and prepared to dress as quickly as possible.

  From behind, however, Shi Jian’s slightly urgent voice sounded, “Don’t wear it.”

  “…” Ke Li’s mind was a bit confused and she subconsciously listened and stopped.

  I don’t think the female host wants to be rude to her, right?

  It’s still winter, the environment here isn’t good, and there’s a princess waiting outside. Most importantly, she’s not ready yet.

  Ke Li’s mind twists and turns a thousand scenarios, all of which are based on the assumption that if Shi Jian wants to do it, what should she do?

  Act submissively? Refuse the advance? Or actively seduce?

  These are things she couldn’t do as a single woman. At first, she held onto the idea that she was only a character within a fictional world, but now she feels that everything is so real.

  For a moment, she was overwhelmed.

  At the time, Shi Jian looked at Ke Li’s beautiful back, which was as smooth as gel, her eyes were a bit wrong.

  The butterfly bones on her back seemed to fly away at any moment, and her waist and limbs were full. The red ribbons on her back made her skin fairer and more attractive.

  She absently stared for a while and saw that goosebumps gradually appeared on Ke Li’s body, then suddenly returned from her daze.

  Shi Jian’s face was red, her body felt a little hot, and she coughed two times in a disguised manner, paused, then remembered what she was going to do.

  Ke Li noticed that the line of sight on her back had left, regardless of the consequences, she held her clothes and started to dress. It was a simple matter of fact that she needs to cover herself first, but a shadow hung over her head. Shi Jian suddenly came in front of her and stared right at her.

  “…” Ke Li’s clothes hadn’t been put on yet. She didn’t expect Shi Jian to do such a thing. She tightly held the clothes and blocked her chest. She was like a little daughter-in-law about to be bullied.

  “Sister Qu, what’s with your face? I just want to see if your…scars are gone.

  Shi Jian’s voice sounds serious, as if the color images were just Ke Li’s fantasy.

  “…” Ke Li blushed and shyly said, “No… scar, sister, turn around quickly, I… I’ll change my clothes.”

  But Shi Jian didn’t believe it when she listened to Ke Li. Instead, she became more interested in looking at the place and replied, “Everyone is a woman, I’ll see what’s wrong with it?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  It’s because woman is frightened.

  But Shi Jian didn’t mean to tease Ke Li. After she dressed, she suddenly turned around because she remembered Ke Li’s burns, but didn’t expect to see her exposed, beautiful back.  

  She said: “Sister Qu, let me have a look at your chest. If it really left a scar, it’s better to treat it earlier.”

  Ke Li’s face turned redder, partly because of the shame she felt and more because she was exposed in front of others.

  She really didn’t know how the female owner could say she wanted to look at her chest so naturally, but as an obedient little white lotus, she had to bite her red lips and weakly remove the clothes from her chest.

  Despite the view of spring in front of her, there was no hint of emotions on Shi Jian’s face.

  She carefully examined the red mark on Ke Li’s chest. Even if the blisters were taken care of by her, the burned area was obviously different from the surrounding fair skin.

  “Sister is right, there is no scar.” When Shi Jian finished her examination, she turned and said, “You should change your clothes quickly, or you’ll catch a cold.”

  As she spoke, she walked straight out of the room.

  “…” After leaving, Ke Li was stunned for a moment, she was busy putting on her clothes and asked the system, “Doudou, do you think that the woman is cold? Or is she naturally straight? Seeing my figure, she didn’t have a reaction?”

  […] Doudou found that it couldn’t understand Ke Li, she was frightened just now. She was about to be strong, but now she looks a little lost.

  It thought and said: [Does the host want to be cruelly trampled by the female owner?]

  Isn’t this just shaking m?1 Shaking M – describes people who are masochistic

  “……” Ke Li’s hands were swift and upon hearing this, almost spat blood and her eyes flashed, “You just want to be trampled. I’m just worried if it goes on like this, I won’t be able to fulfill the task.”

  Doudou breathed a sigh of relief: [Host can rest assure that the female master’s determination isn’t so good.]

  Ke Li hummed and finally was a little satisfied.

  On this side, Shi Jian didn’t know when she came outside, she inhaled a breath of cool air and her mind was still a mess.

  She saw Ke Li’s plump body sloshing around in her head, especially the softness of her fair skin and the bright red contrast. She intuited that there was something not right with her thoughts. She wanted to treat everything she saw as a secret and hide it within her heart.  

  “What’s wrong with you? Why is your face flushed?”

  Suddenly being patted on her shoulders, Shi Jian was startled as if she was caught doing something bad. She calmed herself and said, “I’m all right.”

  Dong Ge was indifferent to this. She turned her head and looked inside the house, “Where is sister Qu?”

  “She’s still changing clothes.” When Shi Jian answered, she took Dong Ge somewhere else in fear that Dong Ge would rush in and see Ke Li’s body.

  Dong Ge knew her thoughts and laughed, “Stingy.”

  Shi Jian: “…”

  When Ke Li returned from changing her clothes, Dong Ge’s thoughts were different. The two who had just been intimate did their own things. It was like watching a quarrel, but she couldn’t see the anger in their eyes.

  Dong Ge held her chin in one hand and her eyes moved between Ke Li and Shi Jian, her thoughts becoming more and more interesting.

  The three people gathered to look at the plum blossoms in a speculative manner. They didn’t continue to play with the snow. After all, they were all ladies, they still need to pay attention to their image.

  Although it wasn’t her body, Ke Li who was seen felt very embarrassed, on the way back, the two didn’t converse and there was no intimacy.

  Qing Zhu felt very strange, thinking that Ke Li is angry at her miss. She looked carefully and couldn’t find a trace of anger, but rather that she was trying to avoid something.  

  After a difficult day, Shi Jian’s mind was always full of images that shouldn’t appear. With the young person’s temperament and lack of understanding how to overcome it, she went out to practice her swordsmanship in the evening. It seemed that only the bitter cold could calm her mind.

  When Shi Jian came back, she first dispelled the cold at the door before entering the inner room.

  By this time, Ke Li has already calmed down. Anyway, she will look at her body sooner or later. She was waiting in bed as usual, and said to Shi Jian with some grievance, “Shi Jian sister, it’s so cold in the bed.”

  At that time, Shi Jian felt that Ke Li’s words were extremely ambiguous. She seemed to be seducing her. After much careful consideration, she felt that it was normal. The previous days seemed to be like this, but she didn’t know why it felt inappropriate today.

  She stood far away, glanced at the water vapor on her clothes and smiled. “My body is cold, so I have to go take a bath before I can warm the quilt.”

  “Mmm.” Ke Li was so clever as if the past had been forgotten.  

  However, her heart is already roaring and felt conflicted. She’s afraid that Shi Jian intimacy will become 100% tonight, but she’s still not ready, she distractedly asked: “Doudou, what’s the current affection and intimacy value at?”

  [The affection is at 86%, and intimacy is at 85%. There is still a long way to go before completing the task. The host refuels and strive to be ravaged by the female owner as soon as possible.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She wants to take this system apart.

  On the other hand, while bathing, Shi Jian looked down to her chest. Everyone was a woman. She had all the things that Ke Li has, but why did she find her so extraordinary attractive?

  The more Shi Jian thought about it, the more undignified she was. She took a handful of cold water and splashed it on her face to stop her fantasy.

  When she returned to the room, Shi Jian didn’t do anything out of the ordinary contrary to Ke Li’s thoughts. Instead, she tried to go to bed early. As a result, she couldn’t help but think about Ke Li’s wonderful posture. She slept more and more uncomfortably, even when she held Ke Li, her arms were stiff.

  Doudou felt pity: [The female master is still not enlightened, it seems that the host didn’t work hard enough.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She was hoping that the female lord would be open-minded and slowly make her feelings more natural. She was still a straight woman. She didn’t want to commit herself to others, but the task was here, and she had to accomplish it even if she didn’t want to.

  With this in mind, Ke Li once again feels that this task was really unfair, this must be a conspiracy!

  The next day, Shi Jian’s face didn’t look good because she was thinking wildly all night. After Ke Li showed concern for Shi Jian, she couldn’t help but think if her pace was too fast. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have this kind of indifferent appearance in the early morning.  

  But she didn’t do anything?

  Wasn’t she the one that was seen?

  Doudou was silent and consoled the host against its will: [Host, don’t worry, boil frogs in warm water,2 Boil frogs in warm water – The message behind the experiment: when you notice a small change in your surroundings, you must stop and think from different angles. Learning is the best way to discover change. The idiom – basically, if you boil a frog (Shi Jian) in warm water (gradually changes), they won’t notice the change and will become cook (bent/eaten) before they know it. take your time and use that time to write a letter home.]

  Ke Li slapped her thigh, she had escaped from marriage for almost two months and was about to celebrate the New Year. It was time to write a letter to her mother and father to report her safety. Otherwise, they would think she was kidnapped by Shi Jian after she escaped from marriage and it wouldn’t be good if it triggered a war between the two countries.

  Although she knows that her parents have long known where she was the entire time, because she arranged this in the original novel, she still was careful. After all, with the invasion of the scum male system, some details may have changed.

  Ke Li wrote a letter while Shi Jian was away, but as soon as she had finished writing, Shi Jian came back. Ke Li pressed her letter in a book, held the book in her hand as if she were reading a book like a sage.

  When Shi Jian saw the corner of the letter, she pointedly asked, “Sister Qu, are you writing home?”

  Ke Li couldn’t hide what she saw. She nodded and admitted, “Yes.”

  At this time, Shi Jian feared that after Ke Li had finished writing the letter, she would go directly back home, but she calmed herself and said, “Have you finished? Let me have it delivered for you.”

  Ke Li waved hurriedly and said, “No, I’ll do it myself.”  

  But Shi Jian refused, “Just say where you want to send it.”

  Ke Li let Shi Jian send the letter to a restaurant in Jiang.

  It was a place where Ke Si Qu and her mother contacted each other. Her mother was very fond of her daughter so much that she listened to her opinion regarding her marriage. However, her father refused to give his consent and considered the family’s face. It’s just that they didn’t expect Ke Si Qu to flee marriage.

  Ke Li said that it was just an ordinary restaurant. Shi Jian was not suspicious of her and took the letter and went outside. She thought about how the year was about to end and didn’t know if sister Qu would go home. If she went home, she doesn’t know if they would have a chance to meet again. After all, returning home, she wouldn’t be able to decide for herself whether she would marry or not.

  While Shi Jian thought about it, she was distracted. She couldn’t help but see that she had just returned home. She greeted indifferently and went to find someone to deliver the letter.

  But Shi Yao’s face was extremely bad. He stopped her and said, “Shi Jian, brother has something to tell you.”

  When Shi Jian saw his serious and angry face, she suspected that it was something major. She stopped and asked, “Brother, what happened?”

  “Your Ke Si Qu sister is not simple…” He slowly said the news that he investigated.

  Shi Jian listened quietly, only to have her brows wrinkled deeper and deeper, her hands slowly clenched into fists and the paper in her hand crumpled.

  After that, Shi Jian stared at the letter in her hand. There was still a trace of hope in her heart, but there was no need to deceive her. She hesitated for a moment to open the envelope. However, the letter’s contents confirmed what Shi Yao said.

  When Shi Jian’s eyes became red, she became cold in the next instant, almost freezing, and her heart was sullen, disappointed and more ashamed for being deceived for so long.

  Shi Jian turned around with the letter and went back to her house.

  Ke Li was unconstrained during this time, especially when Shi Jian was absent, she was flying herself.3 Flying herself – showing the real you without a care about what other’s think of you. It’s like freeing yourself. At this moment, she was lying in bed beautifully, even though she heard a sound, she didn’t panic. After all, she was accustomed to Shi Jian.

  She smiled sweetly: “Shi Jian sister, are you back so soon?”

  However, there was no response, Ke Li looked confused, and suddenly Doudou’s cries sounded in her mind: [Warning, warning, affection is negative and continues to decline.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She didn’t do anything today, why is the affection negative?  

  Doudou stared at the affection value, covering its eyes and couldn’t bear to look at her straight: [Host, it seems that you are really going to be ravaged by the female lord this time.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ke Li sat up and saw Shi Jian’s face as cold as ice. Since her arrival, the temperature in the room extremely dropped.

  The woman’s powerful atmosphere surrounded her. Ke Li took half a day to clearly see her temperament, but still couldn’t help shiver and stutter, “Shi Jian… Shi Jian sister…”

  In her heart, she pondered what she has done.

  “You lied to me.” Shi Jian’s voice didn’t fluctuate at all. It was not a question, but an affirmative statement.

  Ke Li was muddled for a moment and then looked at the envelope in Shi Jian’s hand. Then remembered that she had only personally written that letter today and immediately understood what had happened.  

  She originally planned to tell Shi Jian later. After all, it was her own novel, and every arc she still could remember clearly.  

  However, she didn’t take into consideration of the scum male system, which took place three months prior before the plot. Now the female lord was personally dismantled, she was silent and didn’t speak.

  She wasn’t pretending but was thinking about how to explain.

  Ke Li was silent and Shi Jian’s hope within her heart diminished. She asked in a cold voice, “You, Ke Si Qu, the daughter of General Jiang Guoda and escaped marriage from Jiang Guo Shizi’s son. Is this correct?”

  Ke Li nodded and said: “Yes.”

  Shi Jian’s heart sank a little, thinking of what she had learned, and said angrily, “You came to Yeguo early in the morning and you like Lin Wentian. You came to Yeguo all this time for him, you got close to me for him!”

  The more Shi Jian said, the angrier she became. She was not angry that Ke Li concealed her identity. After all, she never carefully asked about it, only thought that she was from an ordinary family.

  She was angry that Ke Li would like other people and that person was her fiancé, then stringing things together, it was a naked fact: Shi Jian was deceived and been deceived for a long time.  

  Ke Li’s gentleness and dependence to her all this time was just an act, to get close to her first, then to Lin Wentian, Ke Li was a real work of art.

  Ke Li listened to the other, when Shi Jian talks about Ke Si Qu’s crimes, these were things that happened in the original plot. She doesn’t intend to deny them.  

  After Shi Jian finished talking, Ke Li was bold and approached her, the closer she got, the colder she felt. In fact, she was still a little worried. After all, the female lord’s thoughts were to decisively act and kill.

  She had no doubt that person will personally execute her, to make herself look less vulnerable, she walked forward and asked the system, “Doudou, what if I died in this world, what happens to the task?”

  [If you die in the mission world, even if the task fails, then the completion of the final mission will increase and will become more difficult.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  Doudou bitterly said: [Host, your task is not just this, you must control yourself. If you were to die one more time, you would have to enter one more world and bend yourself once more.]

  “……” Ke Li was getting closer and closer to Shi Jian, glittering tears were swirling in her red eyes, as if she was the most wronged person.

  Doudou was once again impressed by the host’s acting skills.

  Shi Jian looked coldly at the nearing Ke Li and wanted to see if she was trying to play any tricks. In fact, her heart had turned upside down because Ke Li didn’t explain a word.

  Ke Li sighed secretly, she was just a little girl. How could she play with an old aunt like herself? When she approached, she unexpectedly clung onto Shi Jian’s waist and buried her head into her soft chest.  

  It was a totally unexpected action, Shi Jian was stiff, and her hands hung down both her sides, without any response to Ke Li, her face taunt like an ice sculpture.  

  When Ke Li embraced her for a while, she felt that if she didn’t explain herself, she would be frozen to death by the low pressure around Shi Jian. She couldn’t help but whisper, “Shi Jian sister, in fact, I…I only like women.”

  Doudou busily held its chin that didn’t exist and knowingly asked: [Host, when were you bent!?]

  The straight steel pipe, Ke Li mumbled: “If I have to bend, I want to bend straight.”

  [Not afraid of bending until being broken.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  Shi Jian’s cold eyes were dazed when she heard what Ke Li had said.

Author’s Notes:

Poor monk arrived late, another development.4 Poor monk – Ke Li who pushed the progress by arriving late (pushing Shi Jian/herself to bend a bit).

  1. Shaking M – describes people who are masochistic
  2. Boil frogs in warm water – The message behind the experiment: when you notice a small change in your surroundings, you must stop and think from different angles. Learning is the best way to discover change. The idiom – basically, if you boil a frog (Shi Jian) in warm water (gradually changes), they won’t notice the change and will become cook (bent/eaten) before they know it.
  3. Flying herself – showing the real you without a care about what other’s think of you. It’s like freeing yourself.
  4. Poor monk – Ke Li who pushed the progress by arriving late (pushing Shi Jian/herself to bend a bit).

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