Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 60

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 5

Are You Curious About How Kissing Feels Like?

  Ji Linxi halted in her movements. She turned her head and looked at Ke Li’s body without any special expression on her face. She saw that Ke Li was a little uneasy and fidgety.

  She knew that she had spoken without thinking, but the words have already been said and couldn’t be taken back. She wanted to see Ji Linxi’s reaction. She raised her chin and proudly said, “Are you scared?”

  Ji Linxi didn’t say anything, instead she got closer, narrowed her eyes and said: “You mean you want to get on top of me?”1So, the characters used before implied to want to go on top of someone if interpret that way

  Why doesn’t this feel right? Ke Li backed away subconsciously and said, “No… no good?”

  ”…” Ji Linxi didn’t answer. She directly smiled, placed her hands on Ke Li’s shoulder and said: “You look scared, so how can you still want me? Wash up and go to bed early so you don’t daydream. Besides, you have to see whether I agree or not ah.”

  ”…” Ke Li felt her legs go soft. Why did she say that? Why won’t the female lead think in the correct direction?

  Is it true that their friendship is just pure? Or maybe Ke Yu was like this before and Ji Linxi got used to this? It’s like if you use too many drugs, you start to develop resistance?

  But since the female lead didn’t believe her, Ke Li didn’t have to make her believe her. She still needs to protect herself first. Anyway, she had already mentioned this in advance. Don’t blame her for bending straight people. After all, it was the female lead who teased her first.

  ”Humph, you wait and see.” Ke Li went into the bathroom with her pajamas.

  ”Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Ji Linxi didn’t really care about Ke Li’s words. Though they didn’t call each other pet names like Hubby or Wife like other really close best friends2In CN, it’s common for girls who are really best friends to call each other pet names, simply because they care for each other so much and do favours for each other, like a loving spouse basically., this kind of joke is still something they can share.

  Moreover, Ke Yu was usually quite improper. So, this kind of joke wasn’t worth mentioning.

  Ke Li wasn’t as calm as Ji Linxi, who could take off her clothes outside without hesitation. But she needed to change in the bathroom. After she came out, she saw Ji Linxi sitting on the bed with headphones and reading a book.

  Ke Li quipped while drying her hair: “Ji Linxi, you really make me look like scum by studying so diligently. Your grades are so good, and you work so hard.”  

  People are more dead than popular.3It means that everyone has their own strengths. If you always compare your weakness with other’s strengths it will only increase your trouble. It can also mean comparing other things such as financial resources and power. Fortunately, she was in a virtual world. If it was the same in reality, then it would be really necessary to try and hug her thigh.

  ”Then you come here. Ah let’s try to work hard together.” Ji Linxi turned down the volume, put down the book, got out of bed, took the hair dryer and hooked her finger at Ke Li.

  “Forget it, no matter how hard I try, I won’t be as good as you. It’s better to let you support me.” Ke Li calmly got close to her and said to Ji Linxi as she helped blow dry her hair.

  This kind of best friend is nonexistent ah. If she had such a best friend in real life, even if she doesn’t become her girlfriend, then she wanted to at least live her lifetime together with her.

  “Raising a pig? But pigs can be slaughtered and eaten during New Year. What’s your worth?” Ji Linxi said rudely, “That’s right, you can still warm the bed in the winter.”

  ”…” Although Ke Li said that, her three views in general are good. Naturally, she wouldn’t allow herself to become a rice worm that only knows how to depend on others to support her.

  For example, now, she should reciprocate, serve Ji Linxi, and do it well. This way, Ji Linxi can see her good qualities and will have a difficult time getting used to other people.

  This is really a good method.

  Ke Li enjoyed the warm air on her head and the comfortable feeling of Ji Linxi’s fingers passing through her hair. She said: “Your hair isn’t dry. I’ll blow dry it for you later.”

  “I wiped it with a towel so I don’t need to blow dry it today. If I blow dry too often, my hair will get damaged.” Ji Linxi looked at Ke Li’s soft hair and said nonsense, “I see your hair quality isn’t very good. It’s not as smooth as before. Traditional Chinese medicine says that hair growth is closely related to kidney function. It seems that you need to properly care for your kidney.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  As long as she wasn’t bald then she was thankful to God. You want it to be smooth? But when was her kidney bad? The female lead is full of lies.

  Ji Linxi became interested and continued: “As for kidney supplementation, apart from sleeping well, the other is diet…by the way, you haven’t been watching those R-rated things recently, right?”

  Ke Yu didn’t take things seriously at all. In additional to enjoying all kinds of entertainment activities, she also hoards a lot of movies. When she’s bored, she watches them and shares them with Ji Linxi. But Ji Linxi wasn’t interested at all, so those movies can only be set aside to “collect dust” in the corner.

  As Ji Linxi mentioned that, Ke Li suddenly recalled that there was something on her cellphone that she meant to take a sneak a peak of once she was free. So she rightfully denied her words: “Of course not.”

  “I don’t want you to watch those things anymore. Teenagers should have a healthy mind and body, starting with you and me.” Ji Linxi seriously and groundlessly said. 

  Originally, she was very pure but with such an impure best friend like Ke Yu, she learnt a lot of dirty jokes when she started high school. So, naturally her mind was no longer pure.

  Ke Li: “…”

  When Ke Li’s hair was almost dry, Ji Linxi went back to reading again, pulled Ke Li over and said, “Come and work hard together. We will get into the same university in the future, then become best friends for life.”

  ”…” Ke Li tilted her head and looked at the chemistry equation, then looked at the various chemistry critical thinking problems, which made her scalp go bald. She whispered, “Who wants to be your best friend for life?”

  She was the one who was going to do something important.

  ”Is it true that you still want to be my in-law4relative by marriage?” Ji Linxi thought about what she said, and immediately frowned, “This relationship is too vulgar, and I don’t like children.”

  ”…” Ke Li thought that even if she clearly said that she only likes women, Ji Linxi’s thoughts wouldn’t change. At most, she would be curious and then forget about it later.

  “Then let’s be best friends. Wait for me to apply a mask.” Ke Li really didn’t want to read those headache inducing books right now.

  She laid on the lounge chair with a mask. It has to be said that her concentration was still good, at least she could apply the mask without any issues while watching a video.

  There are a lot of resources on Ke Yu’s cellphone, but Ke Li wasn’t interest after glancing through them. She picked a normal movie to watch. After 20 minutes, she washed her face and was ready for bed.

  Ji Linxi strangely said: “Are you going to sleep?”

  “En. I’m so sleepy. I can finally lie down in bed, but I have to wake up early tomorrow.” Ke Li begrudgingly drilled into the quilt, but when she was inside the quilt, she wasn’t sleepy.

  Ji Linxi reached out, touched Ke Li’s forehead and said: “Aren’t you going to apply skin care products on your face today?”

  Although Ke Yu didn’t stay with her every day, Ke Yu had to smear on products before going to bed. During the day she wears makeup and wears skin care products at night. But today, she only applied a mask which was abnormal.

  This touch caused Ke Li’s drowsiness to disappear. She sat up, leaned her face over and said: “Is my skin bad?”

  Ji Linxi looked at Ke Li’s smooth skin, shook her head and said, “It’s good, you can star in an advertisement. Although it’s good to use products, sometimes, too much can hurt your skin. So, it’s better to let it be natural”

  ”That’s good.” Ke Li was very satisfied with being flattered. 

  Ji Linxi looked at her and said, “But you’re really different today. You didn’t go out to fool around.”

  If you suddenly do things you don’t usually do, it will be noticed. Ke Yu used to like to go out and play after school while Ji Linxi only likes to stay at home. Although their lifestyles are different, they have always respected each other.

  Ke Li said: “I’ve become a better person.”

  Ji Linxi didn’t believe it at all. She pointed to the book and said, “Have you finished the homework that’s due tomorrow?”

  Ke Li: “…” Not yet.

  Ke Li shamelessly said: “Let’s negotiate. If you show me one answer, then I’ll give you a free kiss and so on.”

  She didn’t believe that a straight woman would still remain indifferent after being repeatedly bombed with kisses. Anyway, an average woman certainly wouldn’t.

  Ji Linxi rolled her eyes and said, “I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to bear it. Go to bed after copying it. I’ll write my own copy later.”  

  ”You’re the best.” Before Ji Linxi could respond, Ke Li jumped out of bed to copy her homework.

  Almost every subject has homework, and some required you to refer to other materials and write papers. When Ke Li finished copying the homework, Ji Linxi had fallen asleep with her headphones on.

  Ke Li helped Ji Linxi take off her headphones and said to herself: “I feel like I’ve copied countless answers. I’m afraid that I’ll have to devote myself to her.”

  [Host, you take advantage of her hard work.] Doudou egged on, [Recently, I’ve been lacking in material.]

  Ke Li turned off the lights in the room, leaving only the bedside lamp on, then said, “Isn’t this what I’m supposed to do? That would be done by a lesser person. But I’m an honest person and as the saying goes, an honest person would get what they deserve. This principle should be the same in chasing people.”

  Doudou: […] I can’t see it.

  Ke Li said: “By the way, what material do you lack?”

  [Hic…although its blocked by mosaic, I have been influenced after so many boat scenes.5sex scenes Even if I haven’t had pork, I have seen pigs run.] Doudou earnestly said: [I secretly write some colored things and save them. When there’s no task in the future, this will satisfy my thirst. Host, please don’t complain.]

  Ke Li: “…” Scum soybean!

  The next day was another busy day. Ke Li finally came out of the bedding. After she finished getting ready, they left. Ji Linxi said, “I’ll go talk to the teacher about changing seats. Remember to pretend that you want to be better.”

  Ke Li replied: “…Oh.”

  After the self-study session in the morning, Ji Linxi and Ke Li went to find the class teacher to talk about changing seats.

  ”You guys want to change seats?” The class teacher is a woman in her thirties who teaches Chinese. “I still want to let you and Mo Qi sit together, so that students with good grades can bring up students with worse grades.”

  “Studying is self-attained, you can’t rely on others.” Ji Linxi has always disapproved of this statement. Learning and life is their own, so how can they rely on others.

  ”In that case, you can make the adjustments.” After the class teacher finished speaking, she warned Ke Li, “Ke Yu, when you become desk mates, you’re not allowed to be a bad influence to Classmate Ji Linxi.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  It has to be said that there was a difference in treatment between good students and bad students based on the teacher’s words.

  Originally, they were neighbors by front and back tables. After speaking to the previous desk mate, they soon swapped positions.

  Finally, Ke Li was sharing the same table as the female lead. Ke Li’s mood was very energetic. Although, everything was the same. In the past, Ke Li would be woken up by Ji Linxi with a pen when she was dozing off. Now, she has no opportunity to doze off, even her eyes couldn’t be closed. Thus, dozing was strangled in its cradle.

  What’s worse is that the male lead, Shao Yixuan just appeared.

  Shao Yixuan, as a transfer student is a handsome boy. His facial features were definitely on male god level. However, his family environments caused his three views to be a little crooked and has been very rebellious since childhood.

  Ke Li was the clearest on this matter.

  At first glance, Shao Yixuan fell in love with the quiet Ji Linxi. At first, of course, he was being playful. He always wanted to attract Ji Linxi’s attention by doing bad things. Unfortunately, Ji Linxi didn’t pay attention to him at all. Later, he sincerely pestered her until finally Ji Linxi had a change of heart. He finally won the beauty as a ruffian with a sincere heart.

  Ke Li thought of the plot while holding her face in boredom. She watched as the class teacher introduced Shao Yixuan, then let him further introduce himself. She only thought that this world’s male lead seemed to be very high-quality on the surface. He was a rich kid, however that was his only good aspect.

  When Shao Yixuan introduced himself, he didn’t say anything cool, instead he whistled at Ji Linxi. 


  After a moment of silence, the class erupted in screams on after another. Mostly because of Shao Yixuan’s face value and because of the meaning behind the whistle. It only quieted down once the teacher suppressed the screams.

  While the teacher was still talking about what just happened, Ke Li secretly asked, “What do you think of him?”

  Ji Linxi commented with fairness: “Frivolous, senseless, only has good looks…”

  Ke Li said: “He’s scum on the inside.”

  Ji Linxi was amused by her words as if Ke Li was competing against Shao Yixuan. She followed along: “Yes, ah, you are much more beautiful than him.”

  ”…” Ke Li decided to ignore Ji Linxi first.

  After class was over, it was the same boring break time. Shao Yixuan came over to Ji Linxi to play it cool but was ignored by Ji Linxi.

  “I’m afraid that he’s in love with you.” Ke Li said venomously.

  “I don’t like such a naïve type of person. I don’t like love between an older sister and younger brother.” Ji Linxi is 18 years old. Since she doesn’t like her newborn brother, she felt her future significant other must be a mature stable person. She has never considered this type of love interest. Although she doesn’t know how old Shao Yixuan is, she can feel that he wasn’t a particularly mentally mature person.

  Ke Li was a little relieved. This male lead was indeed relatively insignificant as he was not in line with Ji Linxi’s type.

  But Ji Linxi’s words can only be taken with a grain of salt.  All that needs to be known, is that the true fragrance of seduction exists anywhere anytime. Especially for Ji Linxi, even if she doesn’t like him now, only ghosts will know if she secretly likes him. Anyway, in the original plot, Ji Linxi who didn’t want to fall in love before the college entrance exam and didn’t like this type of love, ends up falling in love.

  After eating at the cafeteria, Ke Li and Ji Linxi took a walk to the playground. They saw Shao Yixuan playing basketball.

  ”It’s so hot here, let’s go to the pavilion over there.” Ke Li said as she turned a corner and led Ji Linxi to the pavilion on the other side.

  Next to the pavilion is a pond with willow trees lining the edges, with a gentle breeze passing through the small grove. It was a holy place for lovers to meet.

  ”This place is suitable for reading. We will come back tomorrow…” Ji Linxi said then stopped. She pulled Ke Li’s sleeve and motion to look at the scene not too far away.

  They saw a couple playing happily under a tree. The sun blazing high in the sky, the ground was hot, and a minute later, thunder struck, and flames ignited.

  Ke Li didn’t expect that people would come to this place to have a good time at noon. If you don’t want to use an empty classroom, you can come to this place to make babies.

  She found a shady spot to sit down and said with great interest, “Do you mind them? We are already here and won’t disturb them.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi also sat down, but with her back to the grove and said, “You’re really interested.”

  Ke Li wasn’t interested in watching others kiss. She turned around and leaned her chin on Ji Linxi’s shoulder. After a while, she suddenly said: “Ji Linxi, are you curious about how kissing feels like?”

  ”What is there to be curious about, isn’t it just…” Ji Linxi thought for a long time but couldn’t think of a suitable word to describe that wonderful feeling.

  In fact, she has never kissed her seriously and properly. But according to her “lipstick” experience with Ke Li, she felt that she could imagine the sensation. In short, it was just lips touching her lips. Nothing special, just like kissing your own arm, but Ke Li’s lips were much softer.

  Ke Li looked expectantly and asked: “What is it?”

  She was going to seize the opportunity so Ji Linxi would give it a chance with her. After so many times, she still doesn’t believe that Ji Linxi doesn’t have any other feelings.

  ”I forgot.” Ji Linxi raised an eyebrow and said. “Why don’t we try it?”

Author’s Notes:

I remember that in high school, in order to attract the attention of the female student behind me, I pretended to doze off. Then I would be poked by a pen, and wake up…hahaha, then we became good friends, best friends…then at last strangers.

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