Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 61

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 6

There’s an Excessive Amount, There’s No Shrinkage.

  ”…” Ke Li changed her posture and laid on her stomach. She grabbed Ji Linxi’s face, then stared at her. Gazing into Ji Linxi’s eyes attempting to see if there was something wrong.

  Is this really a straight woman?

  When she was straight, she never thought of trying to kiss others. Although she was also curious at that time.  

  Ji Linxi said doubtfully: “What are you looking at? Do I have something on my face?”

  Ke Li’s eyes didn’t see anything wrong, then repeatedly asked for affirmation: “Ji Linxi, are you really a straight woman?”

  “En?” Ji Linxi was a little confused at first. After a moment, she reflected upon Ke Li’s meaning and said abruptly: “Are you suspecting that I’m bent? You thought I wanted to try and take advantage of you, right?”

  Ke Li pretended to be very straight. She held her chin and said: “It’s very possible. After all, I’m so good-looking and have a good figure. If you like me, it’s not a loss. Don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field.” 1 proverb to keep the goodies within the family.

  ” …” Ji Linxi immediately knew that Ke Li was joking, but still seriously said: “Then don’t try, otherwise you’ll be bent unknowingly and that wouldn’t be good.”

  Ji Linxi likes to think things through. She never imagined that she would like women. What’s more, Ke Li is a straight woman in her eyes. She couldn’t bear the responsibility of bending her. The most important point is that she also doesn’t have any sexual interest in women right now.

  One of the inevitable conditions for the existence of love is to have passion and desire for each other. She was very confident that she was still straight.

  Ke Li: “…”

  After all, of course, she couldn’t advise her. Ke Li said, “Don’t worry; You have bent long ago. You don’t need to especially bend. Not to mention kissing doesn’t break the law. Besides, aren’t you as curious as me.”

  Ji Linxi was actually very curious. Since Ke Li said that, let’s give it a try. Anyway, they were both straight best friends. They don’t have to worry about those superfluous things.

  ”Then come closer. I’ll try to save you from your curiosity, so you don’t look for others in the future.” Ji Linxi said with a very serious attitude, it sounded very magnanimous.

  ”…” Ke Li moved closer and closed her eyes.

  In fact, she was very nervous because from the moment she came to this world, she felt very subtle and hazy about Ji Linxi. She could even accept all intimacy without any emotional basis.

  She started to wonder if she was born with a disease that causes her to fall in love with the female lead once she comes to a new world.

  Ji Linxi saw Ke Li’s lips trembled as if she was nervous. She hesitated for a moment, lowered her head, and kissed her. Her head suddenly exploded like fireworks, which was completely different from how she felt when she kissed her arm.

  The place where the lips met was crisp, obviously from the skin contact. It was almost similar to when they applied lipstick before, but with a breathtaking effect. The longer they continued, the more it developed into a strange direction.  

  Ji Linxi didn’t dare to mess around anymore and just gently kissed her.  

  Ke Li’s skillful teaching techniques didn’t help her in this indifferent situation. Instead, she was treated as a guest. She grinded her lips against Ji Linxi, and finally tentatively probed with the tip of her tongue…only to feel that the intimacy in this world came too soon. 

  Ji Linxi felt Ke Li was probing her mouth with her tongue and knew what she wanted to cross the boundaries. She pushed Ke Li away and said, “You, you are not allowed to stick out your tongue.”

  ”……” Ke Li shrank back with a guilty conscience then looked at Ji Linxi. How can this be a kiss without using your tongue? Their lips were pasted against each other.

  When Ji Linxi saw through Ke Li, she no longer intended to continue to kiss. She licked her lips and felt it was very erotic. She said with a straight face, “How did it feel? Are you still curious now?”

  “Feels like nothing.” Ke Li reflected, threw her face away, and said, “I’m curious but you won’t let me try.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi was at a loss and didn’t speak for a long time. This was really different and if they tried again an accident would surely happen. In order to appease Ke Li, she rubbed Ke Li’s head indulgently.

  ”Let me lean on you for a while.” Ke Li put her chin on Ji Linxi’s shoulder. From a distance, it looked like they were hugging each other. She turned her head and looked around. The couple who were messing around before was no longer present. There were only the two of them here. She wasn’t sure if their act of kissing was discovered.

  ”Let’s go back to reading.” Ji Linxi suddenly felt hot and uncomfortable. She was thankful that she prevented Ke Li from sticking out her tongue in time. Otherwise, she would have really suspected that she was gay.

  Ke Li was reluctant to miss this opportunity. At least she needs to question the straight girl about how it feels to kiss a girl. She asked mysteriously: “Ji Linxi, how do you feel?”

  ”About what?” Ji Linxi pretended to be stupid.

  ”How did you feel when we kissed?” Since Ji Linxi is fearless as a straight girl, then there shouldn’t be any psychological burden of pretending to be a straight girl, right?

  Ji Linxi thought about it very seriously. When Ke Li thought she was about to say something provocative. She smiled and answered: “There was no feeling. It’s the same as eating pig’s trotters.”

  Ke Li: “…” Scum!

  Ke Li stood up and walked forward, intending to ignore Ji Linxi for the rest of the day.

  Ji Linxi rushed to catch up with her and wanted to hold Ke Li’s hand. Ke Li shook her head sullenly and didn’t speak. The heart is really young ah. If her age was different, this would become hypocritical. At this age of 17 or 18, it’s normal to lose your temper with your friends.

  Ji Linxi tried several times without success, so she simply grabbed Ke Li’s arm and said, “Don’t be angry. Although the feeling of kissing wasn’t good. I swear I only wanted to do this with you. I can’t bear the thought of kissing someone else.”  

  Ke Li asked doubtfully: “Really?”

  What if she doesn’t like it yet? Am I a special existence? It’s no wonder that Ji Linxi was so angry after she discovered that her best friend set her up in the original plot.

  ”Really, you are my best friend. My best friend for the rest of my life.” Ji Linxi rarely defined a relationship so emotionally.

  “Humph, next time if you say I taste like pig’s trotters, I’ll come beat you to death.” Ke Li can’t enlighten Ji Linxi right now and she can’t let Ji Linxi know her intentions. Anyways, there are plenty of opportunities later.

  When the two went back, there was only Shao Yixuan in the classroom who was playing a mobile game.

  The class they were in was classroom 1 for seniors. The students of class 1 were dedicated to studying. There weren’t many handsome boys in this class. Most of them are good at mathematics and chemistry and wore thick glasses. So handsome boys like Shao Yixuan were really noticeable.  

  After all, this is the male lead that she created. After Ke Li looked at him with appreciation, she stopped looking.

  But Ji Linxi has never liked to look at others. Naturally, she does her own thing. At this moment, the discomfort between her and Ke Li due caused by the kiss disappeared.

  Ke Li laid on her desk like before while Ji Linxi wore headphones while studying.  

  ”Dong dong dong.”

  Ji Linxi frowned slightly and raised her head. She saw Shao Yixuan was smiling very brightly in front of her. It has to be said that the smile was very dazzling and his small tiger teeth were also very bright. But what bothered Ji Linxi most was that he disturbed her while she was studying and Ke Li was sleeping beside her. The knock just now must have woken her up.

  Ke Li was awakened just after falling asleep. She looked up uncomfortably and saw a playful smile on Shao Yixuan’s face. If it was the original Ke Yu, she would have blushed on the spot but now…

  Ke Li directly ignored Shao Yixuan. She saw that there were only a few people in the classroom, so she deliberately ignored him. Leaned over to Ji Linxi’s neck and directly fell asleep on Ji Linxi’s shoulder.

  Ji Linxi indulged Ke Li and continued to ignore Shao Yixuan.

  Shao Yixuan failed to strike up a conversation for the first time. His eyes had a tinge of interest towards Ji Linxi and now even more so. Turning around he whistled and returned to his seat to play a mobile game.  

  ”…” Ji Linxi looked at Ke Li’s face that was close to her. She can only sit up straight and stop writing. Instead of reading books and studying, her favorability value towards Shao Yixuan in her heart plummeted.

  Of course, Ke Li didn’t fall asleep. She leaned on Ji Linxi’s shoulder peacefully and inhaled her calming body scent. Then said: “Doudou, this world’s intimacy must be very high, right?”

  After all, they slept in the same bed and kissed. What normal best friends do such exciting things?

  [The intimacy value has been hovering around 90. Host fight on.]

  ”That’s good.” Ke Li has a hunch that this task will be easier to complete and that the male lead will appear from time to time.

  As a result, while they were talking while walking home from school, they heard frivolous whistles coming from behind followed by Shao Yixuan’s slightly magnetic voice: “Do you want me to give you a ride?”

  Ke Li looked at the bike with a backseat. She remembered when she was a student, she had fantasies about love. It’s said that some people prefer to smile while sitting on a bike than cry in a BMW. They thought that sitting on a bike was romantic, but this fantasy was a fantasy after all. Ke Li’s heart was no longer young and only thought Shao Yixuan’s behavior was naïve.

  She bluntly said: “Can you take three people at the same time on your bike?”

  ”Isn’t it enough to ride one by one?” Shao Yixuan said. He had one foot on the ground that showed off his long legs and smiled proudly, “If you’re in a hurry, I can ask one of my brothers to help you.”  

  ”No!” Ji Linxi glanced coldly at Shao Yixuan. She always felt that Ke Li doesn’t need to talk nonsense with such a person who was obviously coming over to hit on her then continued to walk forward.

  Ke Li looked at Shao Yixuan’s rebuffed appearance, caught up to Ji Linxi, and poked her shoulder. She said with a smile, “Ji Linxi, I’ll get a bike and take you ah.”

  “Can you ride a bike?” Ji Linxi, like an old mother, said earnestly, “Don’t be fooled by someone on a bike.”

  In Ji Linxi’s perspective, although Ke Li likes to play, her usual temperament tends to be mature. However, she wasn’t clear on some things like her. She was afraid that she would be accidentally deceived, and Shao Yixuan wasn’t a good student at a glance.

  Fortunately, their relationship is iron, this kind of unconventional care is exactly what Ke Li needs.

  “How can I be deceived so easily. Although I can’t ride a bike, I can ride a small electric motorcycle. If I can’t then you can take me.” Ke Li said shamelessly and emphasize on the last sentence.

  Ji Linxi replied: “It’s better to walk to exercise.”

  Her home was close to the school. There was no need to ride a bike. Also, she was worried about Ke Li’s safety.

  Ke Li: “I’ll listen to you.”

  As long as Ji Linxi doesn’t give Shao Yixuan an opportunity; she didn’t care about anything else.

  Ke Li has always been aware of her position. If she has to find a partner, she hopes she can control herself. Her self-control and self-discipline weren’t good. She yearns for freedom and control at the same time. Ji Linxi fits this criteria as she is consistent, but people like Ji Linxi will also be very possessive.

  The study pressure for high school seniors is very great. They expend their brain cells every day. Every three days they will have a minor test while every five days there will be a major test. After all, they still have to take the college entrance exam soon. Ke Li couldn’t bear this and buried herself in studying like Ji Linxi.

  As a result, except for weekends, the other time was spent in class to listen to the teacher’s lectures. Then after class, they will go to cram class and won’t have time to think about those indecent things. Every day they were busy and didn’t get enough sleep.

  Apart from studying and sleeping, Ke Li spent some time watching the male lead’s movements.

  Shao Yixuan was still a rebel at school. He smoked in the corridor, dozed off in class, and openly fought with the teacher… In short, everyone knows he’s a bad student and kept him in mind.

  According to the original plot development, when Ji Linxi happened to be in trouble, Shao Yixuan helped her. This caused her attitude towards him to change. Later, the two gradually understood that many of the things they saw couldn’t be taken to face value. Gradually developing an understanding of each other deeply and fell in love.

  But this time Ke Li won’t give Shao Yixuan this opportunity. Ji Linxi and her were inseparable every day until the end of this week.

  The school clearly emphasizes the combination of studying and rest, so there were no formal cram classes on the weekends. But in fact, it gives teachers more money-making opportunities in cram classes outside of school.  

  Ji Linxi was very confident about the knowledge she mastered. The only thing she needed to work on was to review sample questions. She finally decided to take a break from studying and didn’t participate in any supplementary studies.  

  Ke Li knew that cram classes outside of school wouldn’t be beneficial to her. Not to mention there was a school bully around her. So, she naturally followed Ji Linxi and didn’t attend the supplementary lessons. 

  On Saturday morning, she stood on the electronic scale and exclaimed: “Ji Linxi, I’ve lost weight!”

  She lost 1kg in less than a week. What kind of life did she live during this period of time? Ke Li decided to make up for it this weekend. Anyway, even if the female lead eats, she won’t get fat.  

  Ji Linxi was surprised by Ke Li’s fuss. She walked over and looked at the electronic scale. She was surprised that Ke Li lost weight. It was probably because she didn’t study before and wasn’t under pressure. As a result, when she seriously studied this week under pressure, the changes were too big and caused her weight to quickly drop.

  “Have you lost weight? Let me feel for any shrinkage.” Ji Linxi reached out and felt that she was crossing boundaries again.

  Since Ke Li asked her that day if she was a straight woman, she felt that she was starting to doubt whether she was straight or not. But she was certain that Ke Li was straight.

  Since her hands were already outstretched and there was no reason to withdraw halfway, Ji Linxi easily pinched her face. Then seriously said: “Don’t worry. There’s an excessive amount, there’s no shrinkage.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  The taste is good. There’s an excessive amount and no shrinkage.

  Why did this resemble a review on Meituan Takeout? 2 The app is the same as the USA’s Yelp/Grubhub app. It’s restaurants where you can leave a review on take out food and stuff.

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