Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 62

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 7

I Want to See If I’m Bent

  Although it’s normal for girls to touch each other, Ji Linxi still withdrew her hands in time after she touched her. Her fingertips still have a residual touch, she felt softness similar to her lips.

  Ke Li really didn’t want Ji Linxi to withdraw like this. She hugged Ji Linxi unexpectedly and caused her to be stunned. Then she pressed her down onto the bed. She tilted her head up proud of herself.

  ”Ji Linxi, you also lost weight recently. You’re not as soft as before. Let’s go eat delicious food tomorrow.” Ke Li looked at Ji Linxi with a pure face even though her actions resembled a little fiend. 

  ”…” Ji Linxi ignored her body’s special reaction, adjusted her clothes’ neckline, and ignored what just happened. Who told her to have a cheap hand and touch her, was this retaliation?

  She said: “What do you want to eat? Let’s go out today.”

  Ke Li collapsed on her stomach, laid her head on Ji Linxi’s soft chest, and shook her head: “I forgot to tell you. I’m going home this weekend and can’t stay at your house.”

  ”Ai…when you talk, can you stay still?” Ji Linxi pushed Ke Li’s restless head, only to feel that her chest was stuffy and flustered. Her breathing was unsteady. “Then you can go back after breakfast. Remember to come back early tomorrow so I can take you out for a big meal.”

  ”Okay.” Ke Li laid on Ji Linxi’s body for a while. She was afraid of Ji Linxi retaliating. In one breath, she got down, rushed to the bathroom to wash, and pretended to be very busy.

  ”…” Ji Linxi sat up and patted her chest. She felt that Ke Li’s intimacy was getting bigger and bigger recently; she couldn’t stand it.

  Afterward, Ke Li didn’t dare mess around anymore. Soon after eating, she left Ji Linxi’s house with her schoolbag on her back.

  Without Ke Li around to make trouble, Ji Linxi felt that she could review better at last. Otherwise, Ke Li always likes to talk and distract her. Ji Linxi is like an invisible person at home. She only goes downstairs to eat and talk to Mother Ji about her studies. She never paid attention to her younger brother who cries.

  Her father’s thoughts were traditional, he believed that his son should take over his company. Her mother was weak and gullible and has been a housewife all these years. She knew that before, she thought of being a person who would share her father’s burdens. Now, she just wants to be herself. It wouldn’t matter anyway since her father has a son.

  Ji Linxi finished studying. She laid in the big bed bored and swiped open Weibo. Finally, she opened WeChat and saw several messages, all from Ke Li.

  ”Ji Linxi, I’m here.”

  “How can you ignore me? Your only companion will be studying in the future. Don’t come looking for me to warm the bed in the winter [worry.gif]”


  Ji Linxi opened the photo and it was an image of a table full of food.

  Ji Linxi: “Looking makes me hungry.”

  Ke Li: “Then come home with me next week.”

  Ji Linxi: “Let’s talk about it next week.”

  Ke Li: “Okay.”

  The reason why Ke Li spent most of her time at Ji Linxi’s house was because after they became best friends in junior high school, Father Ji and Father Ke gradually became friends. Ji Linxi’s house was close to school and studying in high school was intense. So, Ke Li has been staying with them. 1 Remember, according to my sources who studied in China, normal students in high school studies up to 6 days a week from 8am to 9~11pm at night…

  When Ke Li came home she would be pampered relentlessly. Father Ke worked as an official for the Food administration while Mother Ke was a university teacher. She was doted on since she was a child and was raised as a little princess.

  This meant that Ke Li’s circle of good friends wasn’t limited to just Ji Linxi. On Sunday morning, Ke Li got up to pack her clothes. She was prepared to go with Ji Linxi to have a big meal but one of her childhood friends called her to go shopping together.   

  Ke Li only hates that she was currently a signal generator for straight women, all of whom gathered around her.

  When she went shopping her legs were sore and saw that her childhood friend wasn’t going to stop at any time. So, she said: “Lingling, our school forces us to wear school uniform. I’ll have no opportunities to wear these clothes if we buy them. Let me go back.”

  Ke Li’s childhood friend’s name is Zhou Lingling. She brought her boyfriend along with her who was nicknamed “Coolie”. Naturally, Ke Li couldn’t say anything. She can only pretend to be a single dog and who was forced to eat dog food.

  Zhou Lingling took a look at her face, reached out, and probed Ke Li’s forehead: “Old Ke, are you sick? Wasn’t your favorite thing before shopping? Every day you would clamor about buying new clothes and cosmetics.”

  Ke Li: ” ……I changed for the better.”

  “That’s a lie. No one believes you.” Zhou Lingling saw good-looking clothes and went to the fitting room to try them. She ignored Ke Li for the time being.

  ”…” Ke Li took out her cellphone and chatted with Ji Linxi. She recounted her experience and explained the reason why she couldn’t meet up with her earlier.  

  Ji Linxi: “Where are you now? I’m in the city library.”

  Ke Li happily provided her GPS location.

  Ji Linxi: “It’s nearby. I’ll come to you.”

  While Ke Li was waiting, she went shopping in the mall again. She currently doesn’t like shopping, but she still wanted to leave with clothes. She looked around and finally found a good-looking dress.

  Ji Linxi reviewed all day yesterday. Today, when she woke up, she didn’t want to study anymore. Also, she knew that Ke Li likes to sleep in late, so she went to the city library earlier to find some books. But she didn’t expect that Ke Li would get up early and go shopping.

  When Ke Li saw Ji Linxi appear, she quickly picked up the apricot-colored windbreaker she selected and placed it in front of Ji Linxi: “Ji Linxi, do you think this windbreaker is suitable for you? It looks so nice.”

  Ji Linxi honestly replied: “It’s not very suitable. I think it’s more suitable for you.”

  “I think so too.” Zhou Lingling changed her clothes and came out just in time to hear their conversation. She looked at the extremely popular Amway clothing they were talking about.

  ”Go go go, don’t talk to us single dogs.” Ke Li jokingly pushed Zhou Lingling over and said to Ji Linxi: “Why did you suddenly go to the city library?”

  Ji Linxi took the windbreaker, looked at it, and said. “I was bored, so I came over to hang out.”

  Ke Li said very diligently: “Okay, do you want to try this on?”  

  “En.” Ji Linxi took off her jacket and tried it on. It was a suitable size and style, but she still preferred a darker color.

  She was trying to get Ke Li to try it on when Zhou Lingling came out of the fitting room wearing her clothes. Then she walked in front of Ke Li and suddenly kissed her on the cheek.

  ”…” Ke Li was dumbfounded and saw Ji Linxi’s cold face. She pushed Zhou Lingling to her boyfriend, wiped her face with the back of her hand, and said, “Why are you messing around with me?”  

  She never thought that Zhou Lingling, a straight girl with a boyfriend, would suddenly kiss her.

  “I think it’s suitable to kiss in this dress. Also, I didn’t want you to eat dog food in public, so I kissed you instead. Besides, I’ve kissed you before, just never on the mouth.” Zhou Lingling turned to gossip, “You care so much, is it because you have a boyfriend now? Linxi, do you know anything about this?”

  Ji Linxi looked at the visible lip mark on Ke Li’s face. Suddenly, she felt upset and lightly said, “I don’t know.”

  It’s said that some girls were very possessive, whether it was love, family, or friendship. Although it sounds childish, Ji Linxi still thought this was normal. She only has Ke Li as her best friend, so sometimes, she also hopes that Ke Li only has her as a friend.

  But this wasn’t possible. Ke Li’s circle of friends wasn’t the same as hers. Most of them were superficial friends. For example, Ke Li had childhood friends while she didn’t. It’s said that one of three childhood friends will drift away. Not to mention that she only knew Zhou Lingling through Ke Li.

  Ji Linxi admitted that she was shocked by her possessiveness; becoming more uncertain about her straightness and this affected her current bad mood.

  ”Wipe the lipstick off your face.” Ji Linxi said coolly.

  There were still lip marks? Ke Li looked up at Zhou Lingling’s big red lips and suddenly regretted going shopping. She quickly took out a moist tissue paper to wipe her face while staring at Zhou Lingling: “Don’t kiss me in the future!”

  “Fine, fine I won’t kiss you anymore.” Zhou Lingling and her boyfriend continued to go shopping.

  After Ke Li felt that she wiped most of it off, she asked Ji Linxi with a guilty conscience: “Can you help clean it off for me?”

  ”…” Ji Linxi didn’t speak. She took out a piece of napkin to wipe Ke Li. She didn’t stop until there were no traces left, then felt she wiped too much.

  She looked at Ke Li’s red cheek and said, “Would you like to go out with me or go home first?”

  “Go out with you. I have everything with me. My mother told me to study hard. I wish I could go to your house earlier.” Ke Li shook her schoolbag.

  ”Let’s go.” Ji Linxi bought the windbreaker. They left the clothing store after she let Ke Li say bye to Zhou Lingling.

  As soon as they left the clothing store, Ke Li explained herself, “I didn’t want to kiss other people. I haven’t kissed other people before. Don’t listen to Zhou Lingling’s nonsense.”

  Ji Linxi said before that its only acceptable to her if they kiss. She wanted to explain herself so that Ji Linxi wouldn’t get the wrong idea that she kissed someone else shortly after agreeing to her previous declaration.

  Ji Linxi stared at Ke Li for a while and said, “Then this once I’ll believe you. If you do it again, you won’t be allowed to kiss me next time. No, that’s wrong as there won’t be a next time.”

  ”…Then are we still going out to eat a big meal today?” Ke Li was still more concerned about going out to eat a big meal.

  Ji Linxi: “Go.”

  The two went to Hot Pot City to eat a hot pot full of color and flavor until their bellies were filled.

  Ji Linxi was a bit absentminded the entire time. She always felt that her possessiveness of Ke Li was too much, it was beyond being ordinary friends. But she also felt that this possessiveness was normal since they were best friends.

  On the way back from the subway, Ke Li found that Ji Linxi was looking at other people, then strangely said: “Ji Linxi, why are you staring at others?”

  ”I want to see if I’m bent.” Ji Linxi subconsciously said and became more comfortable afterward. Anyway, Ke Li was straight. This could be seen from the fact that she has only been kissed.

  Ke Li thought that Ji Linxi was about to be enlightened. She forced down the excitement in her heart, pretended to be calm, and said: “What’s the result? Did you bend yet?”

  Ji Linxi also thought it was very strange and honestly replied: “No, I just appreciate girls who have a good face and figure.”

  Face enthusiast? Ke Li secretly rolled her eyes and continued to ask, “What about boys? Do you feel anything?”

  Ji Linxi searched for a man on the road and found that there were no men with high beauty value, so she replied: “I still only appreciate good-looking people.”  

  ”…” Ke Li said: “You’re so superficial, you only like the surface but I’m also the same. Who doesn’t like to appreciate beautiful skin?”

  ”…” Ji Linxi hypothesized: “If I said that I don’t like either men or women…”

  Ke Li squinted at her: “What do you like then?”

  Ji Linxi solemnly said: “If I don’t like either men or women, and you don’t either. Then let’s live together in the future.”

  Ke Li thought about it for a while and shook her head. “I don’t agree with this. Later if you find a caring person, what will I do if you were suddenly robbed? Or if I meet someone I like, what will you do? You’re going to suffer.”   

  Although she doesn’t have anyone she likes except Ji Linxi, she can’t let Ji Linxi have the idea that they will always be best friends. They can obviously have a different type of relationship.

  In fact, she always wanted to rant about this. This kind of girlfriend is the most unreliable for a lifetime. Who knows if someone they like will suddenly appear in the middle and pull them away.

  If they really wanted to be together, the most reliable way was to like each other. Of course, this is her family’s words.

  “Naturally, we will talk about it when the time comes.”

  Ke Li jokingly asked, “What if the time is now?”

  “Are you saying that you have someone you like?” Ji Linxi thought about the biggest possibility being Shao Yixuan. Otherwise, they already attended high school for two years already and Ke Li has no reason to keep this from her.

  Since Ji Linxi thought this, Ke Li might as well follow her line of thinking and replied: “Ji Linxi, if I said I like you the most. Do you feel my sincerity?”  

  Ji Linxi: “…” Don’t.

Author’s Notes:

Good night _(:з”∠)_ catching insects, I don’t know what I wrote.

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