Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 64

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Messed around by Snacks – “I just want to drink yours.” ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 9

98 Yuan for the Whole Package

  Ji Linxi looked at Ke Li with a stern expression. She was eager to express herself, but it was difficult to do so. She could only restrain herself and ask, “What do you prefer?”

  Ke Li swallowed the words that reached her throat and seriously replied: “I prefer the normal thermos. This nipple is too childish.”

  Ji Linxi looked at the thermos in her hand. Although it had a nipple, she couldn’t see what aspect of it was childish. Most importantly, she had bought it for someone who stated that this type of bottle was convenient.

  Now you say you don’t like it?

  Ji Linxi glared at Ke Li, took back the thermos and pretended to rinse the nipple that Ke Li used with water. Then coldly said, “Since you don’t like it, I’ll use it.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  She indeed prefers that kind of thing, but it shouldn’t be affected by her using this, right? Ke Li wanted to fight back for it, but Ji Linxi didn’t give her the chance.

  People who are good at learning have planned their time well. People who are bad at learning always run out of time without noticing and end up rushing for extra time to study.

  Ke Li doesn’t want to be a late learner. She was prepared to work hard to be at the same pace as Ji Linxi.

  When Ke Li returned to the room after washing, Ji Linxi was on the bed reading a book, drinking milk from the hard to look at bottle. This seemed like a deliberate set up.

  Ke Li reminded: “Reading on the bed hurts your eyes.”

  “Using your phone in bed hurts your brain. Why do you use it on the bed every day?” Ji Linxi continued to drink milk through the silicone nipple without lifting her head.

  Ke Li looked on with surprise and curiously, she discovered that she actually even thought that Ji Linxi looked very seductive drinking milk from that bottle.

  Maybe it was because the milk was white.

  Ke Li climbed into bed and said with a shy face, “Give me a sip.”  

  ”Go downstairs and get your own.” Ji Linxi didn’t move. Her eyes were fixed on the book and continued to sip on the bottle.

  Ke Li came closer and said, “I just want to drink yours.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi raised her eyelids. She really didn’t understand, Ke Li was very disgusted with this bottle before. Now, she wants to drink from the same milk bottle she drinks.

  She bit the nipple bitterly and felt it was very stretchy and suitable to grind her teeth on then said, “Drink it if you want.”

  “Of course.” Ke Li took a sip and bit the nipple as well. It was really elastic. She was reluctant to let go of it and wanted to keep it.

  ”Where did you buy it? I’m going to buy one tomorrow too.”

  ”The sea-side boutique next to the school.” Ji Linxi said as she took the thermos back and looked at the tooth mark on it. She continued to read and took a small sip from time to time. It was really convenient to drink from.  

  Sometimes you don’t even need to hold it to your mouth. You can just take a sip anytime if you want to drink.

  It’s rare to see such a female lead. Ke Li secretly took a picture while playing with her cellphone. 

  Ji Linxi had natural intuition and felt something wasn’t right. When she looked up, she saw Ke Li putting away her cellphone with a cheeky smile on her face, like she needed to be taught a lesson.

  Ji Linxi pretended to be relaxed: “Show me.”

  Look, I won’t delete them all for you.

  ”No,” Ke Li turned around and continued to edit the photo.

  ”…” Ji Linxi came over to grab the cellphone. Ke Li moved around to avoid her. At last, Ji Linxi subdued her on the bed by laying on top of her. She held the cellphone tightly and said, “I’ll show you when I’m done.”

  Ji Linxi didn’t speak. They were so close now that their breaths mingled. It has been several days since their last kiss. She almost forgot what that feeling was like.

  Ji Linxi couldn’t help but lean over, catching Ke Li’s lips and kissed her. One kiss wasn’t enough. Then another kiss wasn’t enough. In this latest kiss, she almost stuck out her tongue.

  Ke Li was tormented by Ji Linxi’s casual way of kissing because whenever she wanted to deepen the kiss, Ji Linxi calmly retreated. She angrily grumbled: “Ji Linxi, you have to be responsible for me.”

  Ji Linxi woke up like she was in a dream, looked at Ke Li’s full and moist lips and softly said, “En, I’ll be responsible for you.”

  She didn’t know how to kiss.

  After Ji Linxi said that, she turned over and sat down to continue reading. When she drank milk from that bottle again, she felt that the taste wasn’t as good. It wasn’t as soft as Ke Li’s lips which made people want to devour it.

  ”…” Ke Li touched her lips that had been ravaged, her eyes were sad and unfocused.

  After taking a bath in the evening, Ji Linxi didn’t strip and change her clothes in front of Ke Li for the first time. She was suddenly confused about their relationship. Were they just really best friends? Are there other best friends that were like this?

  But as soon as she saw Ke Li’s simple-minded appearance, these questions were suppressed by her.  

  The days passed normally until this Monday. Ji Linxi discovered that she began to consciously care, she found that her intimacy with Ke Li was too close.

  For example, while they slept, Ke Li will always cuddle into her arms. When walking, Ke Li always took the initiative to hold her hand and they hand fed each other while eating. Also kissing, what’s the difference between them and ordinary couples?

  The only difference was probably that she wasn’t coquettish in front of Ke Li and Ke Li didn’t flirt with her.

  This discovery left Ji Linxi in a daze during class. When Ke Li cast her eyes full of inquiry at her, she hurriedly replied that she was fine. There will be another monthly exam this weekend and it would be difficult.

  There were few classes on Friday. After class, Ji Linxi waited in the corridor for Ke Li to go to the bathroom. When she saw her former desk mate, Mo Qi, she suddenly had doubts, but it wasn’t easy to directly ask.

  She didn’t know how to approach her. It wasn’t until she saw a girl approach Mo Qi. They looked very intimate before the girl left. She asked: “Mo Qi, that’s…”

  She didn’t know why but as soon as she thought about the unclear relationship between Ke Li and herself, then Mo Qi and that girl, she began to think wildly. She always felt that the way Mo Qi and that girl got along was very ambiguous.

  Mo Qi stared intently at the girl’s back then heard Ji Linxi talking to her. She replied with her mouth slightly raised, “That’s my girlfriend.”

  Ji Linxi hesitated for a moment, as if asking some academic questions, and seriously asked: “What do you think is the most normal way of getting along with your girlfriend?”

  ”It’s just normal to get along…” Mo Qi paused and gave Ji Linxi a meaningful look. “Be more specific, what do you mean?”

  Ji Linxi has never talked about her own matters with her classmates. She was somewhat embarrassed and answered: “Are there any intimacy beyond friendship between normal girlfriends?”1So, I’ve been substituting best friend cause girlfriend makes it so confusing. Mo Qi actually means a real girlfriend but Ji Linxi means a best friend this entire time, so easy to lead to misunderstandings.

  Mo Qi thought about it while holding her chin, then replied: “What do you mean by intimacy? Kissing | touching | cuddling? French kiss? Or after touching and hugging, you can’t help but want to French kiss then everything else that needs to be done?”

  ”… “Ji Linxi suppressed the shock in her heart and calmly said: “It hasn’t reached that point, but almost.”

  Mo Qi’s eyes brightened again, and she said with a smile: “I think it’s quite normal. We are all girls. We don’t have to be on guard as much as boys. Otherwise, how can you be girlfriends? Anyway, my girlfriend and I often do the same things.”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  What things have you done?

  French kiss? Or everything else that needs to be done?

  Ji Linxi was eager to ask Mo Qi how close she was with her girlfriend. But at this time, Ke Li already came out, still shaking off the water droplets from her hands.

  Mo Qi: “I’ll go first. We will talk later.”

  ”En.” Ji Linxi’s mind was still filled with what Mo Qi said. She took out a tissue and gave it to Ke Li while staring at Mo Qi’s back in a daze.  

  Ke Li stood in front of Ji Linxi, waved her hand, and said, “Why are you looking for her?”

  Ji Linxi came back to her senses and said: “It’s nothing. Let’s go back quickly. We have to review tonight.”

  Ke Li nodded and agreed: “Yes. Go home and eat a big meal, sleep, then review.”

  Ji Linxi quietly said: “I feel like you’ve gotten fat recently.”

  ”…” Ke Li touched her face incredulously and felt loveless. “Did I really get fat?”

  Doudou kindly reminded: [The person who has the physique that can’t get fat no matter what she eats is the female lead. Host, you still have to take it easy. Don’t ruin Ke Yu’s original good figure. You will never return from the road of being fat at this rate.]

  Ke Li resisted the urge to curse XX. She tried to calm down and said: “The male lead became scum and aren’t I still the still the supporting female lead? In the previous few worlds, I didn’t notice getting fat after eating so much, ah.” 

  [But you were the supporting female lead in the beginning. Now, you are the vicious supporting female lead who becomes envious of the female lead.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  When Ji Linxi saw Ke Li with a dazed expression again, she reached out and pinched her face. She said with a serious tone: “No, it’s just more rounded. By the way, are we going to have a big meal outside? Or go home and eat?”

  As soon as she heard the word ‘rounded’, Ke Li knew that she was getting really fat. She replied with a straight face: “I won’t eat anymore. I want to start losing weight.”

  Ji Linxi ignored her and continued: “Then let’s eat barbecue? I heard that barbecue at the snack street across the school is particularly tender and delicious.”  

  ”…” Ke Li glared at Ji Linxi fiercely: “Ji Linxi, don’t go too far.”

  Ji Linxi promptly stopped in time: “Then let’s go home and eat porridge.”

  Ke Li: “……”

  Back home, they arrived just in time for dinner. Father Ji and Mother Ji were all present. Ke Li subconsciously swallowed her saliva from looking at the table full of delicious dishes, then continued to eat the stir-fried veggies in front of her.

  ”A’Yu, why don’t you eat anything else? Like this sweet and sour pork chop, braised pork, and shredded chicken…” Mother Ji stopped then continued, “Does it taste bad?”  

  ”It’s delicious, I can tell from the smell.” Ke Li swallowed her saliva again. “Auntie, I’m trying to lose weight.”

  Mother Ji solemnly said: “You’re younger than Linxi. You don’t need to diet and lose weight. It’s better to be plump and beautiful.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ji Linxi also added: “That’s right, ah. Being more rounded, looks richer and healthier.”

  Ke Li: “…” Scum female lead!

  ”What fat do you need to lose at a young age? Don’t hurt your body.” Father Ji also said. Even Ji Wendong who was eating the food, babbled as if he was saying that it wasn’t good to lose weight.2Bro, she got schooled by a newborn too lol. Roasted everywhere!

  ”…” Ke Li completely lost the battle. Saying that the reason why fat people become fat was because of the encouragement of their relatives and friends.

  Ke Li: “Then I won’t lose weight.”

  Just eat tonight and start to secretly lose weight tomorrow.

  As soon as she thought she wouldn’t be able to eat tomorrow, Ke Li was very excited and ate more than usual.

  However, after taking a shower that evening, Ke Li said with a depressed face: “Ji Linxi, I really did get fat. I feel that it’s almost impossible to put on my pants.”

  She didn’t know if it was a psychological effect or something, but she felt that she was fat, and her belly wasn’t as flat.3Dude, she’s bloated and doesn’t realized with all the said-oily dishes she ate before!

  ”No, you’re not fat at all.” Ji Linxi looked at her cellphone and replied absentmindedly. She didn’t even look up at Ke Li.

  ”It’s very easy to say that without looking.” Ke Li humph, then rushed over and curiously asked: “What are you doing?”

  ”Nothing.” Ji Lin Xi silently put away the cellphone. Then after being glared at by Ke Li, she took it out, unlocked it and handed it to her.

  ”This person is Mo Qi? Who’s this with them?” Ke Li asked, pointing at the two very close people.4I think, they are looking at a photo on Weibo/Facebook whatever of Mo Qi and the girlfriend

  Ji Linxi replied: “Her girlfriend.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  This is fake girlfriends, right? The feelings between these two people are full of love. It looks like they aren’t just ordinary girlfriends. What she said before was right, Mo Qi must be bent.

  ”Are they really girlfriends?”

  ”Really.” Ji Linxi looked up Mo Qi on a whim. As a result, she found a photo of the two and posts of them going out to the movies and eating together.

  Is this normal between girlfriends?

  Ji Linxi and Ke Li also had intimate photos, but never posted them online. They were all stored in a photo album. When she went to look up Zhou Lingling’s social media, she found that in addition to showing off her boyfriend, there were also images of close girlfriends, and some were the mouth to mouth kissing types.

  Ji Linxi was completely relieved. She doesn’t know about others, but Zhou Lingling was a genuine straight girl. Since she knew her, she had three boyfriends. It seems that she and Ke Li were really just best friends.

  ”Come and read.” After Ji Linxi dried Ke Li hair, they focused on studying.

  Just thinking of the French kiss between girlfriends that Mo Qi mentioned before, she felt her mouth was dry and a little flustered. There was a feeling of haziness.

  ”Hey…” Ke Li was almost able to see Duke of Zhou when studying.5Basically, she’s studying so much she can see the historical figure from back then She lost motivation to even attempting a single question. In her distraction, she noticed that Ji Linxi was fidgeting uncomfortably. She asked: “What’s wrong with you?”

  Ji Lin Xi quickly stopped, yawned and said a half-truth, “I’m sleepy.”

  “I’m sleepy too.” As soon as Ke Li’s eyes lit up, all her sleepiness was gone. She mysteriously said, “I have a way to make your mind feel refreshed.”

  ”What is it?” Ji Linxi now needed something to distract her, otherwise she wanted to do something with Ke Li like other girlfriends.

  ”Watch a movie.”

  Ke Li proudly took out the cellphone. She thought her phone screen was too small, so moved the notebook, logged into the account and said, “98 yuan for the whole package. Everything you can think of is here. People from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, gay, straight, and even transgender. Anything you can think of, you can find here.”  

  She saw that Ji Linxi looked at her as if she was a pervert.

  Ke Li busily explained: “Believe it or not, I haven’t watched it yet. I was waiting for you to watch with me. By the way, don’t get angry. The unscrupulous merchant charged me an additional 98 yuan and didn’t give me a refund.”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  I believe you are evil!

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The female lead is colored.

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