Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 65

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Fries at 2am

Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 10

    Ji Linxi knew that Ke Li would watch porn from time to time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be necessary to often remind Ke Li to watch less R-rated things; but they never watched it together. After all, it was too shameful and there would be unusual emotions.

    But now I have a strange feeling in my heart. I’m even more curious, and I want to have a look. Besides, Ke Li already logged into her account, saying that it’s hypocritical if she didn’t watch with her.

    Ji Linxi silently found headphones but discovered that they needed to share, so she replaced them with earbuds.

    Ke Li was on her account and looked at the categories in front of her. For a while, she had a big headache. Although it was categorized, she didn’t know what to select. She couldn’t recall the titles, so she didn’t know which one she already watched and what she hasn’t. She didn’t know which were high or poor quality.

    Ke Li opened one casually and asked Ji Linxi: “Which type do you want to watch?”

    Ji Linxi turned her head, not looking at the device as much as possible. She didn’t like watching adult videos. This was only because Ke Li invited her to watch. She replied softly: “What types are there?”

    “Male and female, female and female, male and male, and there are some that are transgender.” Ke Li recalled.

    Ji Linxi raised her eyebrows and stared at her: “Have you seen all of these?”

    Otherwise, how else would you know so well?

    “…” Ke Li touched her nose and sincerely said: “I’ve seen a few. We are all adults, and it’s not against the law. Basic sex knowledge is good for teenage growth. It can’t be said the Internet doesn’t allow early love for high schoolers. However, as soon as we graduate college, we are rushed into marriage. If we don’t secretly research and study, doesn’t that mean we wouldn’t know what to do on the day of marriage, what do you think?”

    Ji Linxi: “…”

    She was too lazy to correct Ke Li’s excuse for watching these films but reminded: “You aren’t an adult until after National Day.”

    Ke Li coughed twice and said guiltily: “…. I am more or less.”

    It was less than ten days away anyways.

    Anyway, the topic has already been put forward. Now, it was just a matter of watching it. Ji Linxi sat up, glanced at the small video on the screen, and said, “Just watch it. Don’t think about it. Let’s look at the more common videos.”

    Ke Li wasn’t an adult, but Ji Linxi has been an adult for several months.  

    Their age is on the older side among the seniors. Ji Linxi wasn’t in good health as a child, so she was delayed one year before attending primary school. Ke Li was fond of playing, so she didn’t like learning and was quite pampered. She had to repeat kindergarten for another year before going to primary school.

    The two happened to be in the same class by chance. It can only be said that fate was always wonderful.

    “Okay, then.” Ke Li found one that had no plot and was more direct. Then leaned on the head of the bed, to share the earphones with Ji Linxi, attempting to keep her mood steady.

    If it’s another person, she can really be expressionless or unfeeling, but with Ji Linxi sitting beside her, she purposely became shy and uncomfortable.  

    The background music sounded, and the prelude passed. Ji Linxi hasn’t seen this type of clip. When she sees the picture on the screen, she frowned and said: “This is too spicy for the eyes.”

    Simply, every aspect is blinding.

    “I also don’t like it either. Let’s change it.” Ke Li even felt her eyes were spicy and could use this opportunity to probe her sexual orientation.

    The small videos on the Internet were originally mixed. Some were good quality while others bad. Some were legally filmed while others were illegal. Ke Li carefully looked for one in the professional category and finally found an eye-catcher.

    This one had a plot. After a few minutes of boring plot, the background music started to become passionate and the most important part of the little porno clip began.  

    Ke Li didn’t pay attention. Most of her attention was on Ji Linxi. She wanted to see how she reacted and what she thought about this kind of thing.

    Ke Li listened to the gasping and moaning through the earphone. She turned to look at Ji Linxi, only to see her eyebrow wrinkle subconsciously and her face was expressionless. This wasn’t the shyness of ordinary people when they watched little porno clips at all. Instead, it looked like she wasn’t satisfied.

    Ke Li opened her mouth and wanted to speak. But suddenly heard Doudou’s voice in her mind: [This man’s thing is too ugly. Host, you need to change it.]

    Ke Li: “…What are you doing here?”

    Doudou lost face and covered his face: [You continue, pretend that I don’t exist.]

    “…” Ke Li said to Ji Linxi: “Should I change it to another one?”

    “En.” Ji Linxi really couldn’t imagine that when she marries later, she would need to do such a thing with her future husband. Men do these kinds of things… she doesn’t know why, but suddenly she lost interest in watching.

    Ke Li can understand this kind of feeling very well. Before she became bent, she also watched some little porno clips. At that time, she didn’t feel anything but thought it was a normal physiological reaction. However, since she realized that she was bent, her eyes were only focused on the women and she never looked at the men.

    Ke Li changed it several times. All the women had good figures while the men gave them spicy eyes, like their beer bellies.

    Seeing that Ji Linxi wasn’t interested again. Ke Li turned around and bluntly said: “Ji Linxi, if you watch anymore. You will become frigid.”

    I strongly request to change to women only!

    “…” Ji Linxi looked at the picture from beginning to end and quickly saw she was becoming frigid. She always felt that the women in the clips were only pretending to enjoy themselves the entire time.

    She knew what it meant if she rejected such activities between a man and a woman. She wanted to save herself and seriously said: “Let’s try anime.”

    Perhaps someone with a higher face value can save her. Although she already had a vague answer in her heart.1Save her from becoming frigid aka have no interest in sex.

    “I’ll find one.” The number of hentai was even larger. The tentacle tag was very common. Women have become a tool for venting in hentai, or they took the initiative for bed activities.

    Ke Li tried to find something normal. The effect of hentai was much better. At least it had a better visual impact plus the idealization of certain parts. It was indeed very pleasing to the eyes but soon they lost interest in watching.

    Ji Linxi concluded: “It seems that human nature tends to like repetition. Similar to machines, which can only do the same thing repeatedly.”

    “…” This summary is too brilliant. Ke Li didn’t speak. She wanted to see how heavy Ji Linxi’s curiosity was. Anyway, she didn’t want to expose herself first.

    Ji Linxi’s curiosity is really heavy now. She had no interest in men. She directly passed over the categories that included men and transgender. After hesitating for a moment, her face was slightly hot and asked Ke Li: “Have you seen only women?”

    They were all girls. It was more or less suggestive, but they were best friends. This should be normal, they were just curious.

    Ke Li’s face wasn’t red nor was her heart jumping as she lied: “No.”

    She hasn’t watched it in the real world, but she has seen it in the second world. After all, she was married to her wife and wanted to seek passion for their entire lifetime.

    Ji Linxi picked up the corner of her mouth and leaned closer to Ke Li. She said with twinkling eyes: “Are you curious now?”

    “…” Ke Li looked at Ji Linxi’s expression and surrendered immediately. She was curious; how could she shake her head, and reply that she wasn’t curious? She busily nodded her head and said: “I’m still a bit… curious.”

    “Since you’re so curious, then let’s take a look at the females only.” Ji Linxi said as if it had nothing to do with her. Patiently she waited for Ke Li to put on a clip of females only.

    “…” Ke Li chose a real-life lily video with a plot. It was a combination of European and American ladies, both of which had good figures and looks.

    When watching men and women, she was impatient with the plot. She couldn’t wait for the scene to directly change into the key moment. After the video was changed to females only, she was suddenly patient. They watched the plot a little and she thought the romance was realistic to a real-life romance. Suddenly seeing this between females, Ji Linxi thought this was rare.

    Forty minutes later, the plot was only halfway done. There were many bed scenes, including slight S&M, but overall, the porno was good.  

    Ji Linxi and Ke Li’s heads were touching each other. It was hot and the temperature was higher than usual. Especially when the characters in the clip were entangled.

    “Ji Linxi, I… I’m a little hot…” Ke Li rubbed Ji Linxi’s shoulder impatiently. She was an adult but was unable to exert self-control. Now she just wanted to get closer to Ji Linxi.

    Ji Linxi saw the blush on Ke Li and knew she was affected by the clip. When she thought of the lily video they had just watched, she felt guilty and said, “It’s not good for the body, so let’s stop watching.”

    As she spoke, she took off the earbuds and paused the video.

    The picture stopped at the scene where the two women kissed. Ke Li gazed at it for a long time. Now, they were in such an ambiguous place on the bed and wanted to do something.

    “Ji Linxi, every time you kiss me, I also want to return the favor.” Ke Li said as she tried to kiss her.

    “Kiss a ghost. You should go take a bath.” Ji Linxi reached out to repel Ke Li’s mouth and pushed her back.

    If there’s a reaction, take a bath. If I help her by kissing her, what other videos can I watch?  

    “…” Ke Li was aggrieved as she went to take a bath. She could only give Ji Linxi some time to understand her heart. At least today wasn’t unproductive, Ji Linxi, now knows she doesn’t like men.

    After Ke Li left, Ji Linxi uncomfortably pinched her legs. Packed the crime-inducing tool from the bed and dazedly looked at the book she originally wanted to review.2She packed away the phone which could have induced a crime between them.

    Why did they suddenly watch those clips?

    It’s probably because of lewdness.

    When Ke Li exited the bathroom, Ji Linxi went into the bedroom with her pajamas.

    Ke Li stopped her halfway and smiled: “You also felt that, right?”

    She thought Ke Li wanted to tease her and didn’t want to admit that she preferred watching the females only clips. Ji Linxi raised her chin and proudly said, “Dang it, you went to take a bath and still haven’t woken up from your lewdness?”

    They watched this kind of video, but couldn’t have a normal physiological reaction? She wasn’t made out of stone.

    It’s just that they both had a reaction, so why did they have to be so ambiguous?  

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