Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 66

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 11

She will Take Care of This Demoness

  Ke Li couldn’t stay still in bed; should I just directly confront her?

  But if Ji Linxi didn’t feel that way towards her, she would be embarrassed. Even if she does, she wants Ji Linxi to go through the process of self-awareness. After all, their relationship as best friends was ambiguous.

  Hearing Ji Linxi come into the room, Ke Li turned over and sat up. She suddenly got out of bed to find a hairdryer, and said very attentively: “I’ll blow dry your hair…”

  Ji Linxi looked at her strangely: “I didn’t wash my hair.”

  She had already taken a bath. This time, she only washed herself to lower her body heat.

  ”…” Ke Li put the hairdryer back without any embarrassment. The advantage of being best friends was that everyone knows everything, so there wasn’t the need to be pretentious.  

  Ji Linxi seemed as if she hadn’t watched the video. She looked very natural when she came out. She just laid on the bed and was ready to go to sleep. Ke Li climbed onto the bed, poked her arm, and deliberately asked, “Aren’t you going to review?”

  ”No.” Ji Linxi wasn’t in the mood to review. She knew that as long as she reviews before sleeping, Ke Li will take the opportunity to convince her to watch more clips.

  Ke Li really did have this in mind. She played with Ji Linxi’s hair and thought it smelled good. She said, “Didn’t you take a shower so you’ll be more awake?”

  As Ji Linxi’s hair was being played with by Ke Li, she could smell her body’s fragrance. Her body suddenly felt hot and had the impulse to apply the same methods she saw to Ke Li.

  Ji Linxi had such a crooked thought because of a moment of curiosity. She looked at Ke Li’s lack of vigilance and retorted: “Didn’t you say that watching the videos would make me more awake?”

  Ke Li giggled and moved closer to Ji Linxi, and said, “That’s different.”  

  Ji Linxi tried to ignore the softness on her arm and said, “What’s the difference?”  

  It was a scam; Ke Li made her view videos that she would have never watched alone. Now, it’s all that preoccupies her mind.

  Ke Li didn’t seem to notice her burden and misunderstood her. She said with a smile, “I did it for you. Otherwise, how would you learn so much information? Watching these little videos is very up posture.”1up posture is slang which is similar to “long knowledge”. People have long-term insight and opened their eyes. The action of couple’s bedtime activities is jokingly called this as well.

  ”…” Ji Linxi’s restraint disappeared in an instant. She stepped forward, pinched Ke Li’s face, and said, “You’re a girl. Can we be purer? Shut up and don’t talk about such things.”

  Before high school, she was so pure that she didn’t even know what people did when getting married. Anyways, she didn’t object since her views were broken by Ke Li.

  Ke Li disagreed and said, “Isn’t that just pretending?”

  ”…” Ji Linxi was speechless. She reflected and blamed herself for proposing to watch lily videos. She also didn’t believe that Ke Li hasn’t secretly watched it before, or even other types of pornography.

  At the thought of this possibility, Ji Linxi felt a little uncomfortable. Maybe for the first time, her three views didn’t match with Ke Li’s.

  Although these were only her thoughts, it still affected her mood. A girl can be a strange creature who loves to overthink and have a brain hole.

  She turned around and closed her eyes: “Do whatever you want; Just don’t open that yellow cavity with me in the future.”2Yellow cavity is porno

  ”I haven’t even driven, ah?” Ke Li was a little confused. If this was a yellow cavity, then isn’t Doudou’s brain a little train filled with yellow waste?3The joke with driven means she hasn’t even done sexual acts before. Cause ‘old drivers’ are called experienced people. So she isn’t even an old driver AKA know how to drive/do sex yet

  Doudou: […]

  “Don’t talk anymore. I’m going to bed.” Ji Linxi pretended to be busy sleeping. She could talk about this problem all night, but she would rather discuss other things. In fact, she wasn’t actually sleepy at all.

  Ke Li, however, wasn’t willing to let go of such a good opportunity. She must let Ji Linxi recognize her own sexual orientation. She poked Ji Linxi’s back and said, “Ji Linxi, how did you feel before?”

  Ji Linxi felt that her back became limp and numb. She finally couldn’t resist and turned around to block Ke Li’s mouth.

  ”…” After being briefly surprised, Ke Li took the initiative to relax her mouth. Ji Linxi refused to enter. She just nibbled her lips and seriously said, “That’s what it feels like.”

  Ke Li looked at her dumbly and said, “Like how I’m feeling?”

  Ji Linxi shook her head and corrected: “No, I like how you feel.”

  ”…” Ke Li licked her somewhat sore lips and thought, the female lead was finally able to see the moon clearly and was actually enlightened.

  Her eyes strayed and she was a little nervous for a while. However, Ji Linxi’s next sentence broke this trance: “What do you want? I was just kidding.”

  ”…” Ke Li pouted. She didn’t want to deal with Ji Linxi, this scum with no interest.

  “Mo Qi said it’s normal for best friends to have such a close relationship. It’s not like we haven’t kissed before and I’m not in love with you. Don’t be so angry.” Ji Linxi applied all of Mo Qi’s words to herself. Yes, in fact, there has always been a strange emotion in her heart. 

  ”…” When Ke Li heard this, she felt a strange sense of loss. Ji Linxi pressed herself and said, “They look like a pair, but Mo Qi fooled you.”

  Ji Linxi has no experience in love. Does a couple need to “confess” to each other based on their feelings to the concerned person before it can be love? Now, it’s a bit annoying to think of it that way. She laid on Ke Li’s soft chest and felt very comfortable, then asked, “What about Zhou Lingling?”

  Zhou Lingling has a boyfriend, but she was a girl that also kisses girls mouth-to-mouth. Isn’t this couple’s intimacy strange? What’s the difference between playing with other girls who have a boyfriend and cheating?

  Ke Li resisted the itchy feeling and said with disgust: “She’s different. She likes to kiss people when she sees them. She often kisses young ladies and little sisters since she was young, but she still likes men.”

  Zhou Lingling was probably the kind of straight woman that all lesbians do not want to meet. She unintentionally flirts and is unaware of it.  

  Ji Linxi continued to analyze: “Then what about us?”

  “As for us, ah. I feel that I’ll become bent by you when you kiss me without warning.” Ke Li said innocently, without any awareness that she was already a mosquito coil and pushing all the pots on Ji Linxi.4Pots symbolizes “blame”

  Ji Linxi stared at Ke Li in a daze. She wanted to see some evidence of lying on her face, proving that what she said was a joke. But Ke Li had a serious face the entire time.

  She thought about it for a moment and seriously said, “We’re just good best friends. We’re different from them.”

  They were so familiar with each other in regard to their habits and hobbies. Even if they thought about living together in the future, it wouldn’t be as lovers – lovers who could do anything because their love would be passionate and vigorous.

  Now the green plum suddenly said she bent her. Ji Linxi was a little flustered. Although she wanted the green plum to fall from heaven, she also didn’t want that to happen. It was a contradiction.5So the green plum is a childhood female friend. And once they fall from heaven that is your fated true love. She’s not sure about her sexual orientation right now, so she wants it, but doesn’t want it.

  Worried about Ke Li’s rebuttal, Ji Linxi analyzed with her nonexistent emotional experience: “They became lovers first then pretended to be best friends. But we are really best friends.”6Think she is referring to Mo Qi and her best friend as lovers first

  Ke Li: “…”

  What’s the difference? The results are the same anyway.

  “To twist words and force logic, there are so many slots.7Meaning, there are so many holes in her reasoning that she doesn’t know what to point out first. Ji Linxi, aren’t you afraid of pulling up your pants then turning around and falling out with someone. You don’t recognize others. After bending people, you leave and don’t care. You’re very bad.” 

  ”…” Ji Linxi looked up at Ke Li’s eyes, and carefully said: “Are you bent?”

  Ke Li shook her head, then waited for the moment when Ji Linxi relaxed to say: “I don’t know. I like you anyway.”

  ”…You’re serious.” It may be false if it was said once, but say it twice, is it possible that she’s probing me?

  Ji Linxi was a little confused, but she didn’t want to break this balance; Mainly because she hasn’t experienced this kind of relationship.

  “Ji Linxi kiss me. I’ll be responsible for you as I promised before.” Ke Li kissed Ji Linxi while she was dazed and didn’t let go for a long time.  

  The flame that Ji Linxi just pressed down emerged again. She wasn’t sure if Ke Li was serious. They often joked, but this time Ke Li seemed to be serious.

  Ji Linxi felt Ke Li touch her lips. She felt a sensation she never experienced before. She wanted to press her lips against Ke Li’s. Have her body pressed onto her softness. These thoughts made Ji Linxi’s self-control slowly fade as she gradually parted her lips to welcome Ke Li’s tongue.

  Ke Li was surprised and pleased. They kissed each other deeply, then looked at each other. They were prepared to go to the next step. After all, it was just kissing, and this bed was more than qualified for other things.

  Ji Linxi looked at Ke Li’s face and was engrossed in the feeling of lust. She was slightly addicted. However, she blocked the hand that reached towards her and whispered: “Give me some time.”

  Give her some time to figure out whether they were just best friends or more than that. Otherwise, she will feel very uncomfortable. There was a feeling that she swindled this woman with big boobs but no brains.8Slang for bimbo too

  ”Okay.” Ke Li, who was forced back withdrew her hands and slept in Ji Linxi’s arms. She wanted Ji Linxi’s heart to transition to avoid her collapsing. She needed to admit that they weren’t only damn socialist girlfriends.

  When she woke up the next day, no one mentioned last night’s absurdity. She washed her face and brushed her teeth as usual then finally they went to school together to take the exam.

  After arriving at school, Ji Linxi subconsciously observed the interaction between Mo Qi and her best friend; which was similar to her and Ke Li. Their feelings as best friends were originally vaguely defined, it was above friendship but not as lovers. But now she wasn’t as sure.

  She turned to look at Ke Li again. They were having weekend exams and weren’t required to wear their uniforms. Ke Li’s outfit was very conservative, but Ji Linxi wished she could add another layer on her to cover her exposed arms and legs.

   The exam rooms were arranged according to student numbers. Ke Li sat in the back and saw Ji Linxi looking at her, so she returned a big smile.

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  She turned her head and waited for the teacher to pass out the exam paper. In the morning, they had a language test. Ji Linxi handed in her exam five minutes early. As soon as she left the classroom, she saw that everyone was busy discussing their answers. Many people asked her what she selected for certain questions.

  ”I don’t know.” She was dizzy all morning and couldn’t calm down. When she saw the questions, all she could think of were the things in the little videos. When she saw a boy, her mind shook and thought of things she shouldn’t think of. She somewhat felt she was starting to become a color woman9color meaning porno/perverted girl and had no interest in boys.

  Ke Li wasn’t good at Chinese, especially composition. Although she often wrote and had a large vocabulary, writing novels wasn’t the same as writing an essay. Moreover, she types on the computer and doesn’t handwrite.

  She managed to fill the paper with the required word count with great difficulty but found there were some tricky questions. She added a paragraph of text to the questions in a hurry which made her seem artificial and pretentious. Then went to Ji Linxi after she handed in her exam.10artificial and pretentious because she’s answering the questions so fast like she knew the answer but it was really all bullshit answers she wrote.

  Apart from last night’s events, another reason why Ji Linxi didn’t like boys was that when she turned in her exam. Some people said that Zhao Li and Shao Yixuan were fighting over her.

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  She didn’t have anything to do with them.

  Ji Linxi, ‘oh’ and said, “Go tell the teacher.”  

  There’s no point telling her.

  Ji Linxi didn’t care about that at all. She said to Ke Li, who just turned in her exam, “How was the exam?”

  “Not bad, but I didn’t do well in the composition portion.” Ke Li held Ji Linxi’s arm intimately and talked about the problems she encountered during the exam making Ji Linxi somewhat uncomfortable.

  ”…” Ji Linxi was very depressed. How can Ke Li be so natural today after asking her that question last night? She wondered if Ke Li really just wanted to try that kind of exciting thing with her.

  The relationship between Ke Li and Ji Linxi didn’t change at all. She had always regarded Ji Linxi as her best friend and didn’t act any different.

  What Ji Linxi struggled with was that she always treated Ke Li as a best friend. Now her best friend suddenly says that she likes her. She suddenly remembered that Ke Li informed her before, but she didn’t believe it at the time.

  “Let’s go eat, we have an exam this afternoon.” Ji Linxi and Ke Li went to the cafeteria. There were fewer people on the weekends, so it was easy to buy food and find seats.

  Their school’s cafeteria was well decorated and gave off a petit-bourgeois feeling. The little noble, Ji Linxi, caught a glimpse of Mo Qi together with her best friend. They were feeding each other over there.

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  She was blind before when she thought the two were genuinely best friends, right?

  But when she thought of her relationship with Ke Li, she was a little confused. Even if she was given time to think about it, she still felt that she and Ke Li were just best friends.

  Finally, Ji Linxi decided to let it go. Ke Li pretended that nothing happened anyway, so she decided to follow her lead.

  After a lot of self-reflection, the exams went smoothly. Ji Linxi was in a good mood. That Sunday afternoon, she took Ke Li out to have a big meal.

  As soon as Ke Li heard that she was going to eat a big meal, she stared at Ji Linxi like she was a bad guy and angrily said: “I want to lose weight. Aren’t you deliberately raising me to be fat, to then say that you don’t like fat people?”

  ” ……” Ji Linxi didn’t think of that all, but now she thinks it’s a good idea. When she thought of Ke Li’s fat appearance, she restrained her smile and thought she was a ridiculous person. She seriously replied: “Exercise is the right way to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you should exercise. It has nothing to do with what you eat.”

  Ke Li looked at her leisurely: “Do you mean exercise in bed?”

  Since then, Ke Li has become more and more unscrupulous and had no sense of shame in front of her. Ji Linxi glared at Ke Li and replied: “…You’re not allowed to be such a rogue in front of me. I don’t like rogues.”

  Ke Li: “…” You like to be a rogue.

  Ke Li finally shut her mouth firmly and went to eat with Ji Linxi.

  She wasn’t really fat either. She was only 1kg overweight, it wasn’t obvious at a glance either. As long as she doesn’t show her belly, she can still overeat.

  There were exams on the weekend and tomorrow would be Monday. During this time, Ke Li was busy with exams and didn’t even have time to joke with Ji Linxi. It’s really because the teacher’s speed of administering exams was too fast.

  This time the test results weren’t ideal. Ji Linxi slipped from first to third place in school. The transfer student Zhao Li took first place.  

  After school, the class teacher called Ji Linxi to her office to talk alone. Naturally, Ke Li, who was ranked in the top 20 in class, also came along.

  The class teacher seriously said: “Ji Linxi, have you been in love recently?”

  She knew that Zhao Li and Shao Yixuan in the class had a fight because of Ji Linxi. She said it’s better not to be in a dog blood love triangle. It wasn’t easy to have a student who was obedient and has good grades these years.11?????But author didn’t you place the setting to be #1 school in the district?? Unless the rest of her students are just not obedient?

  Ji Linxi looked at Ke Li subconsciously: “No.”

  “Then how did your grades fall? Your composition was obviously written without a thought. It uses standard methods.”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  Maybe it’s because she watched the videos the day before the exam which caused her to be restless that night. Her spirit was not very good the next day and Ke Li’s sudden confession made her almost fall in love.

  Ji Linxi: “Teacher, my condition wasn’t very good that day.”

  ”Then work harder next time.” The teacher repeatedly warned although Ji Linxi felt she was scolded less than she expected.

  Ji Linxi obediently replied: “En.”  

  The teacher turned and faced Ke Li with a black face: “Ke Yu, your achievements… please take a good look at yourself. You’ve been sitting next to Ji Linxi for so many days. Why aren’t you in the top 10 in class?”

  Ke Li: “…” Why do women give other women a hard time?

  Finally, the class teacher threatened with a smile, “Get into the top 10 by the end of the term or I’ll change your seat.”

  Their class was an honor class and the score difference between each student wasn’t big. Therefore, the competition was greater, Ke Li could only answer in embarrassment: “…Yes.”

  They both left the office, then took a deep breath.

  Ji Linxi saw that Ke Li wasn’t happy with that meeting. She thought it was because she had to make it to the top 10 by the end of the term. She knew that the class teacher was only intimidating her. After all, she was going to graduate next semester and couldn’t do anything.

  She knocked on Ke Li’s head and said with a smile, “You’re not allowed to show me videos before the exam. Otherwise, I’ll fail the exam and the class teacher will blame you for being a bad influence on me.”

  ”…” Ke Li glanced at Ji Linxi lightly, picked up the loophole, and asked, “That’s not something I can show you before the exam? Anyway, I was the one who was wrong and will take the blame.”

  Ji Linxi pinched Ke Li’s palm punitively which made Ke Li’s palm itch, then said, “Go back and give me your XX account. I’ll keep it for you so to save yourself from having yellow waste in your head every day.”

  Ke Li looked at Ji Linxi in disbelief, and said: “You don’t mean that you’re going to secretly research and study by yourself, right?”

  ”No, I just don’t like people who have yellow waste in their heads every day.”

  Ji Linxi saw that Ke Li softened and was secretly joyful from the bottom of her heart. She found that it was very easy to control Ke Li now. Although she knew Ke Li was letting her, she just hopes that it continues like this. She especially enjoys this kind of feeling of having control over Ke Li.

  ”…” Ke Li reported the password of her XX account, then smiled at Ji Linxi. “Ji Linxi, I’ll give it to you for safekeeping later. Don’t think about returning it after seven days without reason.”

  Ji Linxi jotted down the password and shoved her with disgust jokingly; “I want to return it today. Shopkeeper, is there a delivery fee?”  

  “No fee. But if you don’t return the product, I’ll eat and take care of you until you’re satisfied.” Ke Li leaned over again and licked Ji Linxi’s earlobe and mysteriously continued: “It also covers your|sex, oh.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi’s ears were hot, and she shivered. Her legs softened and she could hardly stand.  

  She won’t be benevolent anymore, she will take care of this demoness!

  After all, other people definitely won’t tolerate it.

Author’s Notes:

Let’s determine their relationship in the next chapter_(:з」∠)_

Otherwise, it will soon become a socialist sisterhood.12Two girls who are clearly in love. But instead, they judge it as a friendship.

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