Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 67

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 12

“I’ll Go Back and Give Her Corporal Punishment Tonight.”

  Ke Li was interested in licking, and Ji Linxi’s earlobe was fleshy. They were the type that would hurt if pierced, thus they were naturally very sensitive.

  Ji Linxi felt the pores on her ears were dilated and her five senses were magnified countless times. Even her voice heightened: “Loosen… up.”

  Ke Li still caught her and opposed her: “Not loosening.”

  The two people were displaying their intimacy in public. Fortunately, they couldn’t be clearly seen as they were farther away from others. People would assume they were good sisters who were whispering quietly.

  Ji Linxi skillfully pinched Ke Li’s soft fleshy waist and threatened: “Do you not believe that when we go home, I’ll clean you up?”

  ”…Don’t believe.” Ke Li was still messing around with Ji Linxi when she suddenly saw Shao Yixuan coming over in the distance. She quickly gathered her expression and leaned against Ji Linxi.

  Ji Linxi also didn’t expect to meet Shao Yixuan here. Suddenly, she felt ashamed of being caught like she was a thief. Fortunately, she reacted quickly and held Ke Li who was leaning on her with one hand and ignored Shao Yixuan.

  Shao Yixuan’s face was a little red and swollen. They guessed it was from when he fought with Zhao Li before. At that time, the fight was a whim, but Ji Linxi didn’t respond to it at all, so he came to investigate.

  Still smiled like a ruffian, Shao Yixuan displayed a unique youthful vigor. He pretended to meet them by chance: “What a coincidence, ah.”

  ”En.” Ji Linxi responded lightly. She didn’t intend to have a sincere relationship with Shao Yixuan. After the ‘en’, she didn’t say a word. She slowly left with Ke Li, who was still hanging on her neck waiting to watch a good show.

  ”…” Shao Yixuan was completely ignored. Knowing that there was no way to entangle with her anymore, he wanted to undertake a final gamble and said, “Ji Linxi, be my girlfriend.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Shao Yixuan’s confession came unexpectedly, but it was cliche. Ji Linxi slightly frowned, looked at Ke Li subconsciously, and finally said, “I’m someone else’s girlfriend.”  

  Originally, she wanted to say, ‘I have a girlfriend’, but she believed Shao Yixuan was the kind of person who would be suspicious. Following the principle that it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble, she let Ke Li take advantage of her statement.  

  Ke Li looked as if she picked up something cheap. She hurriedly straightened her body and looked straight at Shao Yixuan. Although Ji Linxi rejected him, his heart was unwilling to let go.  

  ”Who is he?” Shao Yixuan was perplexed. An image of Zhao Li flashed in his mind. He was about to get aggravated but listened to Ji Linxi’s cold tone; “Anyway, it’s not you. Bye.”

  Shao Yixuan: “…”

   He was glad it wasn’t Zhao Li either. Though Shao Yixuan didn’t know how to chase people, he and Zhao Li did not like each other. Also, he was very interested in Ji Linxi. He was even more interested now from the rejection, but he would have never thought that she would be a flower.1She’s a girlfriend to a flower cough a fellow lily~

  Ke Li wasn’t happy and said: “Why did you have to explain yourself to him? Just ignore him.”

  She was always worried that Shao Yixuan would harm her.

  Ji Linxi replied: “I gave a clear explanation, so it saves me from the trouble later.”

  ”Okay.” Ke Li covered her mouth and yawned. She proudly said, “Ji Linxi, have you promised to be with me? Promised to be my girlfriend.”

  Ji Linxi feigned stupidity: “Did I?”


  Ke Li: “…”

  She knew that Ji Linxi had thin skin, so she didn’t ask any more questions. She just wanted to return and slowly clarify things.

  When Shao Yixuan left, Ke Li and Ji Linxi chatted about unimportant matters when suddenly a random second-year schoolgirl came over to them. Then she looked at Ji Linxi foolishly and declared her ownership over Shao Yixuan.

  ”You stay away from my male God!”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Is this an authentic fangirl of the male lead?

  She replied on Ji Linxi’s behalf: “Hey, my mom doesn’t let me play with fools and her mom doesn’t allow it either.”

  The second-year schoolgirl snorted twice, pointed at Ke Li, and finally said, “You wait for me!”  

  Then she angrily left.

  Ke Li had no choice but to spread her hands. She was still a little impressed with this supporting role. Her name is Xu Fei. She is the super fangirl of the male lead. She was so fascinated with him that she could ignore all of the male lead’s black history. She could find a speck of white in a pile of black.

  Xu Fei left angrily, while Ke Li and Ji Linxi were still as unhurried as before.

  When they returned home, Ji Wendong babbled on the sofa as if he was able to speak a word or two.

  Ke Li played with him for a while, then went to create an opportunity to get along with Ji Linxi alone. She always thought Ji Linxi would confess to her after returning.  

  As a result, Ji Linxi still didn’t clarify their relationship, but she and Ke Li did most of the things that ordinary couples do. They met each other from time to time, but Ji Linxi also said that it was because of curiosity or reciprocity, it wasn’t the final step.2… how do they meet from time to time if they live in the same house during the school year… or she lives there most of the time

  This subtle relationship lasted until National Day. Ke Li’s birthday this year was the third day after National Day. She was asked by a group of rogue friends to have a party.

  So, on her birthday, Ke Li had to reserve a KTV box. Then waited for Ji Linxi to come over.3KTV – karaoke television

  Ke Li went home on National Day so she hasn’t seen Ji Linxi in three days and missed her.

  When Ji Linxi arrived, the box was already crying and howling. Zhou Lingling was singing, while Ke Li was laughing amongst a group of people as if she was tickled at a sensitive spot.

  There weren’t many people who came over for KTV at this time. Apart from Zhou Lingling, her boyfriend, and Ke Li’s two other sworn single friends.

  In fact, Ke Li has other friends, but most of them were fair-weather friends.4Friends you only go out to eat and drink with. While her other friends were traveling, so there were only a few who came.

  Ji Linxi said with an unconsciously sour voice: “It’s very lively, ah.”

  “En, it will be livelier since you’re here.” Ke Li still recalls those intimate things that Ji Linxi and her were doing as a non-official couple every day. Although their relationship was never clarified, because every time she asked, Ji Linxi would use an addictive method to block her mouth.

  ”…” Ji Linxi found a seat and ignored Ke Li.

  But Ke Li took the initiative to come over and continued to whisper: “Ji Linxi, have you studied my little video thoroughly?”

  Ji Linxi: “…” No.

  ”By the way, I’m eighteen today.” Ke Li was a little excited. “Can we consider…”

  Ji Linxi finally moved, nodded, and considered seriously: “En, consider cooking thoroughly before eating.”  

  Ke Li: “…”

  Zhou Lingling finished roaring with a piercing voice, then saw the two of them were still whispering. She leaned over and grudgingly said, “What are you two whispering about over there?”

  Ke Li glanced at Ji Linxi and replied, “Nothing.”

  Zhou Lingling always had a big heart and didn’t care. She continued to play on her own.  

  With it being her birthday and the day she becomes an adult, the cake ordered was relatively large. After Ke Li finished making a wish, she was asked by Zhou Lingling to play Truth or Dare. It was the best time to ask her funny questions.

  “So the question is, Linxi do you currently like anyone? If you don’t answer, you will be given a big dare by default. It’s a very fierce dare, oh.” Zhou Lingling thought she did nothing but eat, so she wanted to involve her.

  Everyone’s eyes were shining, waiting for Ji Linxi to answer.

  ”I’ll choose the dare.” When she thought of Ke Li’s triumphant appearance, Ji Linxi didn’t want to admit this fact at all.  

  “I didn’t expect you to say that. I’ll give you another chance, the big dare is to kiss our birthday star for two minutes.” Zhou Lingling thought this would deter Ji Linxi into choosing the truth but Ji Linxi replied: “I still choose the dare.”

  ”…” Zhou Lingling patted her boyfriend’s shoulder, sighed bitterly, and said, “Then take the big dare. When the time starts, whoever is breathless first will lose. Then, it’s up to the winner to decide who will be the next victim.”

  Ji Linxi got straight to the point. She stepped forward and kissed Ke Li. The suffocating feeling made Ke Li forget that there were others around her for a while. Her hands couldn’t help but move. Ji Linxi held her and continued to kiss her deeply.

  Everyone: “…”

  When they were finished, Zhou Lingling walked forward and said: “Lao 5 it’s like a title to elderly people to show respect Yu, you’re really unfair. When I kiss you, you completely avoid me; but switch it to Ji Linxi and you become sweet and even lean on her, why?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  The other three people also felt there was an indescribable relationship between Ke Li and Ji Linxi.

  ”I see only one truth.” Zhou Lingling copied Detective Conan’s classic pose, then looked at them slyly. Later, she seemed to understand what happened, then said with a smile: “I see how you guys are still deceiving yourselves right now. Say, confess frankly, and resist strictness.”6’confess frankly and resist strictness’ is a criminal policy in China. That is, those who confess their crimes thoroughly and truthfully will be dealt with leniently and those who refuse to truthfully confess their crimes will be dealt with strictly. 

  Ji Linxi uncomfortably touched the tip of her nose and took Ke Li, who was still panting, to sit down. She seriously replied, “Needless to say, I’ll go back and give her corporal punishment tonight.”

  Ke Li: “…”

Author’s Notes:

Sorry for the late update. I’ve been in the hospital today this afternoon and just came back tonight. Plus, my brain is a bit chaotic, so I always make typos. Here’s the release.  

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