Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 68

Translated by Novice Translations

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 13

Corporal Punishment……

  Everyone in the room knew that this corporal punishment wasn’t as it seems.

  Ke Li didn’t know when Ji Linxi became so direct. She hasn’t even established their relationship. Is it possible that she waited until she officially became an adult?

  When she thought of this possibility, she felt that Ji Linxi was a scheming little girl. She didn’t confess to her, but waited for others to directly exposed them, then directly confess, she really was awful.

  ”Fuck fuck…” Zhou Lingling was so shocked that she said ‘fuck’ repeatedly. She just wanted to tease these two girlfriends. In fact, even after they kissed for a long time, it could still be interpreted as sisterhood. At least, she always thought so. She really didn’t expect Ji Linxi to really admit it.  

  She looked at Ke Li’s coquettish appearance again; where was the carefree evil spirit that used to play with her? 

  Zhou Lingling said with a face of gossiping: “Are you really together? When did this happen?”

  No wonder Ke Li was so disgusted with her kiss before. She was worried that Ji Linxi would be jealous, ah. Zhou Lingling thought that she was right to kiss her before. After all, she wouldn’t have a chance in the future.

  The friends heckled together: “I think it’s really true.”

  The second friend: “Linxi doesn’t look like she’s joking.”

  Zhou Lingling saw that her boyfriend hasn’t spoken yet and glared at him fiercely. Even if it wasn’t true, she’ll make it come true. She likes to be busy the most.

  The boyfriend: “I think it’s also true.”

  Zhou Lingling, like an interrogated, said with a smile: “Be honest, is it true? When did this happen? Am I the legendary assistant?”  

  “It really is true. Do you think everyone is like you, who knows to kiss people casually?” In this case, Ke Li pretended that they’ve been together for a long time. She became even more brazen by nestling in Ji Linxi’s arms. Anyway, she should take advantage of this chance.

  ”I’m not like you. I like boys.” Zhou Lingling also nestled in her boyfriend’s arms and firmly refused to eat the dog food that Ke Li sprinkled. She explained herself: “I only love girls to appreciate them. I’m just curious about how you feel, where you like…”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Curiosity killed the cat!

  She suddenly had some sympathy for Zhou Lingling’s boyfriend and saw that he was expressionless. Before, she was afraid that they wouldn’t accept them, but now she felt that straight men were pretty cute.

  She seriously asked: “Don’t you think it’s strange?”

  She almost forgot that this world wasn’t open to same-sex marriage, someone will point them out.

  ”Of course not.” Everyone said the same thing. Except for Ji Linxi, the others weren’t good students according to their teachers and parents. They often frequent bars and night clubs. Not to mention, this is the year 8102 now. There weren’t so many prejudices about their sexuality.1Dude if this was year 8102 in real life, I’ll be disappointed, no advancement in technology, and basically stagnant for 6,100 years! I’m anxiously waiting for the day of a Sword Art Online for us real humans…

  ”That’s good.” Ke Li continued to nestle comfortably in Ji Linxi’s arms.

  Because of the news, their game of Truth and Dare didn’t continue. Under her friend’s questioning, Ke Li disclosed her affairs with Ji Linxi little by little. Of course, their private matters weren’t revealed at all.

  “It’s getting late. We won’t stop Linxi from going back home and giving corporal punishment to someone tonight.” Friend #2 looked meaningfully at Ji Linxi and Ke Li.

  Ke Li leaned on Ji Linxi’s shoulder and refused to accept this statement: “Who will punish who in the end.”

  Anyway, she was the one who pursued her first.

  ”…” Ji Linxi didn’t argue with Ke Li about that. Her ears were a little hot and she knew she said something implicitly.

  Zhou Lingling looked at the excitement and was busy. Originally, she planned to stay here to sing all night. Now with this relationship in the open, she hoped Ke Li and Ji Linxi would continue here. She didn’t have ambition, rather she was just curious.

  “You only have one 18th birthday in your life. Now you two won’t look at your lecherous friends. Lao Ke, I’ll tell your mom that you’re secretly in love.” Zhou Lingling understood this matter couldn’t be said casually. There were always people who have prejudices about them; it wasn’t easy to come out of the closet. She just wanted to scare Ke Li.  

  ”…” Ke Li had no choice but to call Zhou Lingling ‘Lao Yu’, while she called her ‘Lao Ke’ for some time. Lao Ke felt she had a big headache, but she was thankful that her family’s surname wasn’t ‘Gong’ right now.2I’m not too confident what it means, I speculate based on my readings that ‘gong’ is a common title given to eunuchs in the palace.

  Ke Li played with them until 11 o’clock. At last, it was late, and she was worried that it would be dangerous if they left any later. So, they finally left.

  ”Ji Linxi, let’s go back to my house.” Ke Li had been staying at home for a few days. In addition, Zhou Lingling, who was her childhood friend, naturally lived close to her house. So, the KTV she chose was farther away from Ji Linxi’s house.

  Ji Linxi raised her eyebrows and said, “Are you sure?”

  “En, I’m sure, I’m sure.” Ke Li drank some fruit wine. She couldn’t drink in reality coupled with Ke Yu’s constitution, she became drunk from the wine. She blushed and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll give you corporal punishment tonight when we go home.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi didn’t expect Ke Li to take her words so seriously. She wasn’t initially a person who was impetuous, but as soon as she saw Ke Li’s blurry eyes. She felt if she took another glance, she would sink into them. So, indescribably she agreed.  

  But her heart said when the times comes, the punishment will be a different matter.

  When Ke Li returned home with Ji Linxi, Father Ke and Mother Ke were still watching TV on the sofa. Ke Li was a child who had no worries since childhood. She didn’t want to spend her 18th birthday at home but insisted on going out. The two were really anxious, plus the worrisome Zhou Lingling would be going. Fortunately, the reliable Ji Linxi went as well.  

  Seeing that they returned, Father Ke and Mother Ke were relieved and went back to their room to sleep. Ke Li and Ji Linxi naturally went back to their room.

  Although Ji Linxi didn’t come to Ke Li’s house often, she would come a few times during the semester. Because she mentioned corporal punishment before and saw Father Ke and Mother Ke, she felt a little guilty. But now that there were only the two of them in the room, she relaxed a bit.

  Seeing Ke Li pestering her like a child, Ji Linxi could only coax her, “Go take a bath quickly.”

  “After I take a bath and come out, will you be punished?” Except for the second world, Ke Li recalled that she never been drunk in reality. So, she didn’t know how attractive she was now.

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  […] Doudou lost face on Ke Li’s behalf and has never seen her have such initiative.

  It tends to feel at ease while writing its own little yellow material. Doudou gathered a lot of material from their life experiences every day. As for the task, the host has become more and more skilled. It was no longer necessary for it to come out for guidance and felt it has fallen out of favor.

  “En, come out after your bath and I’ll punish you until you fall asleep.” Ji Linxi felt very lustful when she said this. She felt like an old pervert, always looking forward to Ke Li’s adulthood, to eat her.

  Ke Li obediently went to take a bath. As soon as the water fell on her, she woke up from her half-stupor state. She thought of what she said while she was drunk, then covered her face and wanted to scream.  

  ”Doudou, you didn’t even remind me.”

  Doudou expressed it was aggrieved and said: [The system has the right to not remind you since this kind of thing is beneficial to the task’s completion.]

  Ke Li didn’t care and replied: “If I’m pushed, then you’re the biggest accomplice!”

  Doudou: […]

  Ke Li found an excuse for her drunk talk then slowly came out afterward. But she didn’t expect that Ji Linxi had already bathed in the bathroom of the second bedroom and was holding a hairdryer waiting for her. She went to Ji Linxi to dry her hair but didn’t say a word during that time.

  After blow-drying her hair.

  ”Ji Linxi, we…” Ke Li and Ji Linxi sat on the bed cautiously. When she was drunk, she was brave enough to say anything, but now she was shy again. She was too shy to continue and didn’t expect that she would be so colorful before.

  ”Let’s watch anime.” Ji Linxi’s looked experienced but she was very nervous. She wasn’t able to blurt out they should go to bed, she had to confirm their relationship first. Now, that she sees Ke Li being shy, she felt a lot more at ease.

  ”…” Ke Li thought she wanted to look at meat. She suddenly felt Ji Linxi was more colorful than her and she felt more balanced. It turned out that she wasn’t abnormal, but there everyone is abnormal. Even if she was abnormal it was because she was influenced by this world.

  “En, watch.” Ke Li leaned against the head of the bed to find the most comfortable position and focused on waiting for the exciting scene in the anime. Then prepared for the thunder and fire to hook up with Ji Linxi.

  However, Ji Linxi was a serious lily that wasn’t moved.

  Ke Li: “…”

  She really was influenced by this world.

  Every episode of the anime had a kiss scene. Ke Li looked at the kiss scene in the classroom from under their clothes, then poked Ji Linxi and said, “We also did this.”

  She thought it was similar to a scene she saw in an anime, but always thought it was from a BG anime.3Boy-girl couple anime

  She didn’t watch lily animes before and always thought she was a straight steel pipe. So, she usually only looked watched hot-blooded youthful men. In the second world, she didn’t look at pure lily animes with Shi Lin Luo. After all, they were already 30 something-year-old mature women. Although it would have been exciting to watch, it was impossible for them to watch anime together after all.

  ”Ah, what’s wrong?” Ji Linxi wanted to kiss Ke Li. In the early plot of the anime, the two female leads didn’t understand their relationship, but they always kiss, certainly making others envious.

  Ke Li shook her head and said, “I’m okay.”

  She just felt that she has seen this anime before, and it was in the real world. At that time, there was a person like Ji Linxi who watched it with her, but she forgot how that person looked like.

  Ji Linxi saw Ke Li was absentminded and thought the anime content wasn’t enough to attract her. So, she approached her and said, “Do you want to try it on a real person?”

  “En?” Ke Li didn’t react but was caught in the next moment by Ji Linxi.

  Ji Linxi’s hot and humid tongue only wandered outside for a while. She couldn’t wait to pry open Ke Li’s teeth and sweep her tongue into Ke Li’s mouth. In the beginning, Ke Li was preoccupied, thinking about the thing she had forgotten.

  “No distractions.” Ji Linxi noticed that Ke Li was absentminded and gently bit her lip as punishment. Then she became even more domineering and aggressively dominated her. Ji Linxi sucked her juices, played with her lips, and nipped at the tip of her tongue

  Ke Li was so stimulated by the sharp pain from the tip of her tongue that she stared at Ji Linxi for two seconds. Then set aside her previous thoughts and concentrated on kissing Ji Linxi.

  The video on the phone set aside also happened to be when the two female leads were entangled. Ke Li so overwhelmed by Ji Linxi on the mattress, the device was then kicked off the bed by her…

Author’s Notes:

Don’t worry, Ke Li won’t stop and will continue _(:з」∠)_

Thank you all for your concern

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