Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 69

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 14

You Can’t Go In

  Ji Linxi paused when she heard the sound of the device falling to the ground. She only tilted her head, then continued to kiss Ke Li.

  She seems to have become addicted. She has never been so addicted to something before as she was now. It was only after her body started to embrace and kiss Ke Li that her brain realized what she was doing.

  Ji Linxi was very enthusiastic and Ke Li didn’t back off either. They gradually mingled together until their breathing became short and their lungs were oxygen-deprived. Ji Linxi released Ke Li’s lips and tongue and laid on Ke Li’s shoulder, gasping lightly.

  Ke Li’s brain also lacked oxygen, but she sat laid upright with swollen red lips that were just devoured.  

  Ji Linxi looked at her and wanted to love and cherish her, but also wanted to ruthlessly trample her. At last, she gently bit Ke Li’s earlobe, intending to let her realize that she couldn’t fight against her in this battle.

  ”…” Ke Li trembled for a while, feeling her toes curl up and unintentionally shrank her neck. Then clasped Ji Linxi tightly with her hands, trying to neutralize her body’s reaction so that Ji Linxi could continue more easily.

  However, after a while, Ji Linxi stopped suddenly.

  Ke Li’s breathing wasn’t steady and her pajamas were long gone. She looked up at Ji Linxi and said, “Wh… What’s wrong?”

  ”It feels too fast.” Ji Linxi’s five fingers were still resting on Ke Li’s chest while slightly blushing. Clearly, she was used to normal intimacy before but now she suddenly felt that she didn’t know where to start.

  The current Ke Li made her feel anxious now. After all, she was older and likes to shoulder most of the responsibility herself.

  Is it too fast? Ke Li was already an old driver, so she has been waiting for Ji Linxi to act. Now, she suddenly said it was too fast, but now she remembers that they were just high school students who just became adults.

  Ke Li reached out and grabbed Ji Linxi’s neck, blocked her mouth, and kissed her. She smiled: “We’re already in the car. Do you think we can still slow down?”  

  ”…” Ji Linxi also returned Ke Li’s kiss then pulled up the quilt to cover Ke Li’s body. Then she stroked her cheek with her fingertips and said with curiosity: “You don’t seem to be shy at all.”

  Normal people were always shy but Ke Li’s reaction to her initially was shy, then she got better and became impatient until finally, she was a little overbearing.  

  ”…” Ke Li froze for a while and tried to shrink into the quilt. However, she couldn’t move since Ji Linxi was pressed on her. At last, she could only look at Ji Linxi and say, “Our relationship has always been so good. We’ve done everything we should have done. Of course, I won’t be shy, so you don’t need to be shy.”

  Ji Linxi: “…” What have they done?

  Ji Linxi didn’t have time to be shy. She just hasn’t adapted from being best friends to a couple. She couldn’t continue for a while. Besides, she feels that they need to communicate now to clarify. 

  Ke Li continued: “Actually, you just need to think about what you did with your best friend. Didn’t you do it smoothly before?”

  ”…” Ji Linxi rolled her eyes at Ke Li. At that time, she had no other ideas in mind. She was able to easily do anything without feeling guilty. But now their relationship has changed, her state of mind was naturally different.  

  She said: “We’re not ordinary best friends, so it’s impossible to surpass that feeling of just being best friends, how could that be the same feeling.”

  ”Actually, I think we’re almost the same as before. We aren’t as restrained when we were together and the way we get along is the same.” Ke Li continued, “By the way, you haven’t said you like me yet. If you don’t say it, then I won’t know if I’m more than just a best friend.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi didn’t want to talk to Ke Li right now. She already did so much, how come she couldn’t see that she liked her?

  She said with a stern face: “If I didn’t like you, then why am I kissing a pig? And so intimately too.”

  Ke Li ‘hehe’ then turned over and sat up disregarding her nakedness. Wrapping her arms around Ji Linxi’s neck she said: “Are you admitting that you’re my girlfriend now?”

  When Ke Li said this, Ji Linxi remembered that Ke Li was usually careless and reminded her, “Be careful in the future. Don’t let your parents find out about us for the time being. My parents can’t find out either.”

  “I know. We will wait until we’re economically independent before coming out.” Ke Li seriously said, “It’s good that we have a good relationship and they haven’t seen through our intimacy.”

  “It’s good you understand this. So, follow me to study hard tomorrow and earn money to support me later. Otherwise, if I’m unhappy, I’ll dump you.” As soon as the topic touches on learning and their future, Ji Linxi was more energetic and can face Ke Li’s body more calmly than before. She really likes to be in control of Ke Li the most.1Yandere alert! Yandere alert! Ke Li run! Or you’ll be controlled for the rest of your life!

  “That’s what you think.” Ke Li held Ji Linxi tightly. “You can’t get rid of me even if you wanted to.”

  Ji Linxi only felt the tip of her nose was suddenly touching two soft cushions. She could hardly breathe. She called out in a low muffled voice: “Let me go first. Let me see if the laptop is broken.”

  “It isn’t broken. I just heard the audio.” Ke Li said and released Ji Linxi. They laid face to face and continued, “Let’s talk before we sleep, or do you want to take off your pajamas? We can sleep naked.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi was busy looking at the laptop. Anyway, the voices weren’t loud, and it was mostly background music. She stared at Ke Li’s neck and said, “You have a better body. Let me look at you.”

  “You’re not being fair “Ke Li started to pull on Ji Linxi’s pajamas and the two entangled on the bed again. Ji Linxi’s clothing was scarce while Ke Li was naked. It was hard for the two to avoid ‘sexual contact’ which nearly ignited a spark.   

  Ke Li stopped and weakly said, “Why don’t we continue?”

  Ji Linxi knew what Ke Li wanted to say, but pretended not to understand, and replied, “What do you mean?”

  Ke Li’s expression instantly changed. It was very unnatural. She turned her head awkwardly and said: “Just…you can’t go in.”

  She knew what Ji Linxi was worried about.

  ”…” Ji Linxi was stunned for a moment before she realized what she meant. She immediately bowed her head, pulled Ke Li’s cheek, and angrily said, “Tell me the truth. How many videos did you watch behind my back?”

  ”Really…not much.” Ke Li opened her mouth in pain and glanced at the laptop on the ground. “You better check if it’s broken. It’s my only laptop. My dad gifted it to me for my birthday last year.”

  Ji Linxi was still unmoved. She seriously suspected that Ke Li’s brain was only filled with yellow waste and only yellow waste.

  Seeing that it didn’t work, Ke Li quickly changed the topic and said, “By the way, where’s my birthday gift?”

  ”What did you say?” Ji Linxi said, leaning down and asking Ke Li what she meant by saying she couldn’t go in.


  Ke Li woke up the next day and felt her waist was sore and her legs were soft. Although they didn’t take the last step, they were very stimulated before reaching that step.2Maybe they did scissoring only and didn’t do fingering? So, that’s why they are satisfied before doing the ‘last step’.

  She had a deep realization that Ji Linxi only had a very serious appearance but once she starts, she was similar to her. Therefore, when she met with her serious self, she could only recognize defeat.

  Just when Ke Li was daydreaming, Ji Linxi woke up and acted as if nothing happened yesterday and said, “Wake up and get ready quickly. I’m going home early today. By the way, do you want to follow me or stay at home?”

  Ke Li wasn’t fully awake when Ji Linxi woke up. She replied back without thinking about it, “Follow you of course.”

  Ji Linxi was about to be happy when Ke Li solemnly added, “Follow you and there will be meat to eat.”

  Ji Linxi: “…” Perverted girl! 

Author’s Notes:

Your great aunt is here, it’s time to sleep.3Author is hinting why they probably didn’t take the last step cause Ke Li is on her period

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