Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 70

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 15

You…Do You Have Long Nails?

  Ke Li seemed to know what Ji Linxi was thinking. She teased her hair and said with a smile: “People of Buddhist belief pay attention to what they see in their hearts. Just now you must be thinking about me being perverted, which also means you’re perverted.” 

  ”…” Ji Linxi said quietly: “Can I be perverted like you?”

  She didn’t say certain words with her mouth. Although she already personally did the deed, even her perverted self was hidden.

  Ji Linxi also adjusted her hair and suddenly smelled the lingering weird odor on her fingertips. The memory from last night suddenly surfaced. Those images of temptations appear in her mind. She quickly retracted her hand under the quilt and acted nonchalant.

  Ke Li, who was also in bed, saw Ji Linxi’s action, then pulled the quilt down a little exposing their clavicles. She went to sniff Ji Linxi’s body fragrance and frankly admitted: “But I’m only perverted towards you.”

  They both weren’t wearing clothes right now. The red marks on their necks were mottled. It can be seen that although they didn’t take the final step last night, for them who were still young, this was enough to temporarily satisfy their thirst and curiosity.

  ”…” Ji Linxi rolled her eyes at Ke Li. After last night’s intimacy, she knew that she couldn’t fight Ke Li in regard to this matter. Otherwise, she will snatch the quilt and do other things in bed.

  Anyway, last night they were both courteous, and all the things they should have done were done. So, with this thought, Ji Linxi suddenly became more relaxed. She sat up calmly, put on her pajamas, glanced at the laptop that laid on the floor all night and urged: “Get up and take a bath.”

  ”I can’t get up. My legs are soft.” Ke Li pretended to be pitiful for a second, then finally resigned herself. Now, she wanted to sleep in and be lazy. Anyway, this was her home and she didn’t have to worry about being laughed at because she got up late.

  ”I listened to you yesterday and just rubbed… didn’t go in, why are your legs soft now?” Ji Linxi said, and her voice became smaller and smaller and her face flushed.

  After all, this was her first time doing that kind of intimate things with Ke Li. It was embarrassing to say. But Ke Li had thicker skin than her, so she could only make her skin thicker, otherwise Ke Li would be in control.

  “Still ask but already know the answer. Rubbing can make the legs go soft, so it makes sense.” Ke Li took Ji Linxi’s hand, held her arm and said, “Let’s sleep a little longer. I’ll definitely obediently follow you back later.”

  Ji Linxi had to lie down again. She also felt that she slept late last night. Anyway, there’s no class today. So, it was okay to indulge Ke Li occasionally, but she still warned in advance: “You’re not allowed to do anything to me.”

  Ke Li raised her hands in surrender and eloquently said: “It’s okay to just move your mouth.”

  ”……” Ji Linxi pulled her cheek and said, “You’re not allowed to run your mouth. Otherwise get up and take a bath.”

  “Just don’t run away. Then, I’ll be very obedient.” Ke Li likes to hold the warm fragrance in her arms after the deed. If she doesn’t do anything, she can just talk or hold her quietly. Anyway, it was more comfortable than waking up.

  Ji Linxi reluctantly believed Ke Li’s words. They held each other. Her face pasted against Ke Li’s naked skin and she felt her temperature getting really hot. Her mind began to wander and she said, “It’s better if you put your clothes on.”

  Ke Li doesn’t want to move at all right now. She just wanted to go back to sleep and casually replied: “Anyway, I need to take a bath later, so I’ll have to take my clothes. This way I don’t have to take it off again.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi was speechless, but she wasn’t going to stop herself from eating tofu when it’s delivered to her. Anyway, Ke Li didn’t want to wear clothes.

  After holding for a while, Ke Li still didn’t feel sleepy. She leaned over to kiss Ji Linxi’s mouth and moaned: “Ji Linxi, I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to go to school. I only want rub | rub, just don’t go in…”  

  “…” Ji Linxi knew that Ke Li had always been bold and dared to say anything, but she didn’t expect her to mention it now. She reached out and covered her mouth with her hand, then gave her a sharp warning: “Be careful, else I don’t want to be your girlfriend and dump you to sleep on the street.”

  ”…” Ke Li casually extended her tongue and licked Ji Linxi’s palm, then grieved: “But my legs are really soft, and my waist is so sore.”

  Ji Linxi looked as if she was stung by a bee. She suddenly retracted her hand and said, “Let’s sleep for a while and get up at 10:30.”  

  “You’re so kind.” Ke Li was so happy that she went to kiss Ji Linxi again. Ji Linxi stopped her for fear that she would be addicted to kissing then said with disgust: “No kissing. You haven’t brushed your teeth yet.”

  Ke Li pouted: “I like you.”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  Two people fell asleep and woke up at 10:30. They found that the laptop on the ground was out of batteries and automatically turned off. Ke Li picked it up and walked to the bathroom naked to take a bath.  

  Ji Linxi went to Ke Li’s closet and skillfully found her underwear and prepared it for her after her bath. She realized that they were very intimate this entire time and even help pick out each other’s clothes.

  After they took a bath, they both quickly blow dried their hair. Suddenly, Ji Linxi felt a little guilty and didn’t dare let Father Ke and Mother Ke find out they took a bath this morning. 

  When they came downstairs, it was already time for lunch.

  ”Good morning, mom and dad.” Compared to Ji Linxi’s home, Ke Li was more at ease here. After all, she was the treasure that everyone loves.

  Mother Ke scolded: “It’s now noon. Come and eat with Linxi.”

  Ke Li smiled and said: “Good afternoon.”

  Ji Linxi also greeted the two elders. For the first time, she felt helpless but didn’t show it. Because of those things they did last night, she was worried that Father Ke and Mother Ke would see through her at a glance, then interrogate her.

  “They usually study until they’re tired and came back late yesterday. It’s normal for them to sleep in today.” Father Ke shielded her. In his heart, his baby daughter could do no wrong.

  Mother Ke understood and didn’t say anything. She told Ke Li to help herself and take all the food out to table. After being home for several days, she will be returning with Ji Linxi. Although she can study anywhere. 

  Ji Linxi said: “Auntie, I’m going back early today.”

  Ke Li added, “By the way, I’m going back with her.”

  “If Linxi was a boy, I suspect that you’ll be her wife. You’ve been away from home since the beginning of high school and follow behind Linxi’s butt, just like a little wife.” Mother Ke complained that her daughter was someone else’s little padded jacket. Her little padded jacket didn’t care or worry about her.

  ”…” Ke Li looked at Ji Linxi without a word.

  ”…” Ji Linxi now believes in Murphy’s law at this moment. Before she was in a relationship with Ke Li, she thought everything was normal and they were ordinary friends. Now, they feel that they were going to open the closet by accident and started to worry whether some of their interactions were too intimate.

  “We should be glad that the children have a good relationship.” Father Ke was very optimistic about Ji Linxi. Among Ke Li’s friends, the one he felt most ease about is Ji Linxi. He immediately saw that Ji Linxi was getting more and more uncomfortable.

  “I’m going back to study hard with Linxi. We plan to go to the same university together.” Ke Li cleverly made an omnipotent excuse.

  As soon as she mentioned studying, Father Ke and Mother Ke felt much more at ease, but Father Ke suddenly worried: “Linxi, did Yu Yu secretly fall in love with someone at school?”

  ”…” Ji Linxi glanced at Ke Li whose face didn’t change and said, “No, she’s been very good recently. We sit at the same table now, so I’ll watch over her.”

  “That’s good. Since she was a child, she likes to put on makeup. She used to wear a face full of powder and have a bunch of mischievous friends. They are nothing like you. Now you can supervise her study and watch over her at school. Now I can feel more at ease.” Mother Ke said with great confidence.

  Ji Linxi nodded as if she received the imperial edict: “En, I will.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  After eating, Ke Li teased Ji Linxi for lying to please the mother-in-law, then suggested: “Ji Linxi, let’s secretly go on a date later.”

  Ji Linxi thought for a while and said, “Where do you want to go?”

  Ke Li: “Anywhere you want. Anyway, we don’t need to go home immediately. This should be my birthday gift.”

  Ji Linxi also wanted to go out and agreed. She was still curious about dating. In fact, she wished she could do all the things other couples did with Ke Li.

  “Then I’ll apply light makeup for you later.” When Ke Li returned to their room, she applied makeup on Ji Linxi. She felt a sense of accomplishment when she made the beauty even more beautiful with her own hands.

  After that, Ke Li and Ji Linxi took some pictures and posted it on Space. It was too dangerous to post it anywhere else since their circle of friends included their family members. So, they can only display their affection on Space. This was a photo of the two with their makeup on.  

  As soon as Ke Li posted it, she received a cheap reply from Zhou Lingling: “Tsk, is this really corporal punishment for one night? Did you use makeup to cover up your dissatisfaction?”

  There was also a reply from one of her friends from the party: “It seems that last night was very exciting.”

  Ke Li was glad that some of her friends didn’t notice or had a clue. They only thought the first two replies were jokes.

  There was another reply from Mo Qi: “Congratulations.” Obviously, she guessed their development based on the previous replies.

  Ke Li began to browse through her Space happily, then suddenly frowned, “I really want to whole world to know about our relationship, but I also want our identities as best friend to hide it. It’s really conflicting to be a human.”

  Ji Linxi understood that feeling and comforted: “It’s okay. We will slowly try to tell them in the future.”

  Ke Li replied: “En.”

  The schedule of their date was visiting famous scenic spots nearby to take photos. Ke Li couldn’t imagine that Ji Linxi, who usually doesn’t take selfies would be so enthusiastic about taking photos when they were there.

  “When we go back, let’s develop these photos then put them in an album to reminiscent later.” Ji Linxi suddenly felt it was meaningful to go out at this time.

  Ke Li nodded and agreed. She saw that it was getting dark, pulled Ji Linxi’s sleeve and said: “Tomorrow we will get the photos developed. Let’s go to that Haidilao in front of us.”1Haidilao is a franchise of hotpot restaurant.

  ”Eat Haidilao tonight?” Ji Linxi looked up at the shop, then lowered her head, bit Ke Li’s ear and said, “I felt you were really fat last night and your belly isn’t as flat as before.”

  ”…” Ke Li glared fiercely at Ji Linxi and said: “No way. You’re just imagining it.”

  “Well, I’m not fat anyway and fat feels better too.” Ji Linxi and Ke Yu went to Haidilao after all. Because of the large crowd of people before them, they waited for half an hour but before they could enter, they met the second-year schoolgirl — Xu Fei.

  Ji Linxi followed Ke Li’s line of sight and said with a strange tone: “Did you see an acquaintance?”

  Ke Li shook her head, then nodded: “It’s just the second-year girl from before. I feel like I’ve seen her before when we were at the square. It seems that her hostility towards us deepened again.”

  Ji Linxi said quietly: “You mean she might know about our relationship?”

  Although they weren’t too intimate in public, if difficult people detected them on their radar, they can notice that there was something between them at a glance.

  Ke Li glanced at Xu Fei again and said, “I’m not sure, but I’ll take care of her.”

  This incident didn’t affect Ke Li’s good mood. The date was successful, and they returned to Ji Linxi’s house. Ke Li’s legs weren’t weak like before. She took a bath and came out to see Ji Linxi looking serious while intently clipping her nails with a nail clipper.

  ”…” Ke Li was stunned: “You…do you have long nails? Why didn’t I notice yesterday?” 

  Ji Linxi filed her nails and said, “Maybe you were too focused and didn’t notice.” 

  Ke Li: “…”

  It’s still like that today, there’s no way you can go in!

Author’s Notes:

Happy New Year everyone, the number of words on the list is 0/58382JJWXC Chinese writing platform, you can make it on the popularity list for each genre and this author has never made it to that list so she’s sad. It might have been her New Year’s resolution last year or something for her to mention this.

T^T I can’t imagine the day when I’ll be on that list.

There are about two or three chapters left in this world

-from the always short author Jun

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