Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 71

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 16

“Will Your Left Hand Still Work?”

  Ji Linxi saw Ke Li’s cheeks bulging like a puffer fish and was amused for a while. She continued to cut and trim her nails leisurely until they were perfectly rounded. 

  Ten slender fingers were really beautiful.

  Ke Li defiantly walked over, stretched out her slender ten fingers and boasted: “Look, my nails were already cut and trimmed. I don’t have to spend time to maintain it. You wait a moment and honestly appreciate them.”1Pretty sure she means accept my fingers in you.

  Since they were determined to bend, she had the habit of giving herself manicures.

  “Is it a big deal just because you don’t have to have a manicure? Can’t I just cut it now? It won’t affect you if you just lie down and wait for me.” Ji Linxi deliberately spoke vaguely as she continued to give her fingernails a manicure with her head bowed. She even worked on her little thumbs and seriously acted as if she was making a work of art.

  At the beginning, she was really just giving her nails a manicure but even if it was slightly crooked, it was well-hidden.

  Now after Ke Li said this to her face, her manicure suddenly had special meaning. It seems that Ji Linxi was really preparing herself for the evening and immediately became more serious.

  ”…” Ke Li leaned on Ji Linxi’s shoulder, pretending that she has never been bent, moved her fingers and proudly said: “Why isn’t it a big deal? It shows that I have a lot of foresight. I knew you would bend early on.”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  ”Okay, you’re the best and have the most foresight.” Ji Linxi took the initiative to admit defeat. She didn’t care about such little matters like Ke Li, they will discover the real truth in bed later.

  Ke Li smiled and got closer. Ji Linxi sniffed the fragrance of body wash from her and couldn’t help but lean in to kiss her kips. However, she retreated after a brief contact.

  Ke Li naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. Just when she was about to catch her, Ji Linxi stretched out her hand to block her mouth and clearly said: “Anxious pervert. I know you’ve been thinking about doing this all day. As expected, you really can’t wait.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  “If you want to kiss me later, I won’t let you kiss.” To prove that she wasn’t lustful, Ke Li sat at the head of the bed with a stoic expression.

  She was wearing pink pajamas, her hair was wet, and the temperament of her body was completely inconsistent with the asceticism that she wanted to project on her face, it was very contradicting.   

  Ji Linxi reached out and shook her hand in front of Ke Li’s eyes but didn’t get a reaction. She took the nail clipper, grabbed her hand and tried to butter her up: “Come on. I’ll give your nails a manicure so that you’ll have a chance to save yourself from hiding and sulking as if I was bullying you.”2Give her a chance to try to be “very good” at fingering compared to her so she doesn’t sulk and hide when they do the deed in bed.

  “You’re just going to bully me.” Ke Li said reluctantly and extended her other hand. She felt very pleased in her heart and didn’t even have to cut her nails.

  Ji Linxi carefully looked at Ke Li’s two hands. They were white and tender. Her nails were really short, and she knew they were often trimmed from a glance. She raised her eyes and looked at Ke Li and suddenly suspected that she planned this.

  Ke Li urged: “You should concentrate. Don’t be half-hearted about this, these are my hands.”

  Ji Linxi return to her senses, glared at Ke Li, grabbed her finger and carefully trimmed it. She blew off the fine cut nails as she trimmed, then said, “Don’t worry. I’m very skilled. I won’t cut off your fingers.”  

  “Don’t be the crow’s beak.”3crow’s beak is a person who makes an inauspicious remark Before Ke Li finished speaking, she felt sharp pain from her fingertip. She suddenly gasped and scowled miserably: “Stop…stop.”  

  “Did I cut flesh?” Ji Linxi hurriedly stopped and saw Ke Li’s middle fingertip on her right hand was bleeding. She looked at Ke Li with a guilty expression.

  Ke Li: “Are you deliberately bullying me?”

  “I didn’t know it was your fingertip…” Ji Linxi took Ke Li’s finger apologetically, held it in her mouth and sucked it. The tip of her tongue swept over Ke Li’s fingertip and she could taste the blood. It seemed that it was quite serious.

  ”…” However, Ke Li blushed and turned her head away from Ji Linxi. She concentrated on the moist sensation on her finger.

  Ji Linxi realized afterwards that this was too erotic. She pretended to casually release Ke Li’s finger and took out a paper towel to wipe off the saliva, then said, “It’s only a small injury, it’s okay.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  The more she rubbed, the more it seems she was doing something indescribable.

  Ji Linxi noticed that Ke Li’s face was still red, and it seems that she was too stimulated. She got out of bed to look for a band-aid and changed the topic: “Will your left hand still work?”

  This was a big deal and Ke Li return to her senses.  

  Ke Li angrily said: “What did you say?”

  She wasn’t left-handed!

  ”Okay, I won’t bully you today. I won’t bully you until your finger is better.” Ji Linxi took a loss and carefully applied the band-aid on Ke Li.

  She didn’t expect her plan to be hindered due to a nail cutting mistake. If she knew this beforehand, she wouldn’t have cut Ke Li’s nails.

  “That’s what you said.” Ke Li completely leaned into Ji Linxi’s arms like she was seriously injured.

  “En, I said.” Ji Linxi blew air on Ke Li’s finger like she was coaxing a child. “Is it still painful?”

  “Painful, really painful.” It was originally a small wound, but Ji Linxi still asked this question. Ke Li followed her lead and pretended it was very painful. Anyway, she liked the feeling of being protected.

  Ji Linxi blew it again for Ke Li, then finally felt she was being naïve. She noticed that Ke Li was secretly laughing in her arms.

  She immediately gloated: “It sems that God doesn’t want you to do it tonight. Fortunately, my fingers are still good.”  

  Then she proudly shook her fingers in front of Ke Li. Ke Li readily moved forward to try and bite her and furiously said, “Scum, shut up!”

  Ji Linxi retracted her hand and ran off to take a bath, leaving Ke Li depressed alone in bed. After taking a bath, she sat on the bed, patted the space beside her and said: “Come here and read a book before going to sleep.”

  Ke Li leaned on Ji Linxi’s arm with a sad face. They could have done more than rubbing today if it wasn’t for Ji Linxi cutting her fingernails…4So, they are sitting next to each other, and her boobs are on Ji Linxi’s back/arm.

  Ke Li thought about it and felt she was really perverted, but she has already admitted she was perverted, and she wasn’t breaking the law by being with the one she likes. Then, she felt this posture wasn’t satisfying and wanted Ji Linxi to lean in her arms.

  Ji Linxi rested on Ke Li a lot. Her back felt the hot soft masses. She couldn’t stay calm while reading the book. She struggled for a long time and said, “Let me hold you.”

  Ke Li answered unwillingly: “No, let me hug you instead.”  

  “It’s better to leave reading and the questions for school tomorrow ah.” Ji Linxi thought it was unreasonable to fall in love since it affects learning. For example, just now, her mind wasn’t focus on the book, instead it was on Ke Li’s body.

  If they continued down this path, they would probably kiss each other on the bed again. Afterwards, the situation would be out of control.

  That’s what Ke Li was waiting for. She threw Ji Linxi down, help up her finger with the band-aid and pitifully said: “I want compensation.”  

  “Compensate.” Ji Linxi took the initiative to kiss Ke Li but because of the hand issue, it was still only rubbing.


  On the last morning of the National Day holiday,5National Day holiday lasts for three consecutive days Ji Linxi said to Mother Ji as usual: “Mom, we’re going to school to review today. We won’t be back for lunch this afternoon.” 

  They’ve been going to school to review these past few days, then try…to go to bed early.  

  Mother Ji replied: “En, you shouldn’t be too stressed. You must balance out work with enough rest…”

  ”Okay.” Ji Linxi listened to Mother Ji’s nagging in a good mood. Before, she didn’t have the patience to listening to her nagging, but since she established her relationship with Ke Li, her patience has improved a lot of many things were changing.  

  For example, she will take the initiative to play with Ji Wendong. Probably knowing that she would never have her own child, so she subtly improved her relationship with this younger brother who was 17 years younger than her.

  Ke Li carried her schoolbag, held Ji Linxi’s hand, and said, “Auntie, we’re leaving.”

  “Oh, yes.” Mother Ji seemed to have saw something, and her face slightly changed. “Wait a minute.”

  Ke Li and Ji Linxi were confused and waited for a while.  

  Mother Ji went back inside and brought out a black and white scarf. She put it on Ke Li and said: “It’s getting cold. Be careful of catching a cold.”

  ”Thank you, Auntie.” Ke Li looked up at the sky when she left the door. She looked at the sun and wasn’t sure how the scarf was justified and asked: “Ji Linxi, do you think it will get cold today? I think it’s almost the same as before.”

  “It should get colder. My mother often has nothing to do but watch the weather forecast.” Ji Linxi’s voice suddenly soured, “She only cares about you and doesn’t care about me.”

  Ke Li exploited the opportunity and asked: “Are you jealous?”

  Ji Linxi refused to admit it: “Little guy, my mother is your mother. What vinegar do I have to eat?”

  ”No, it should be my mother-in-law. It’s said that the mother-in-law likes her son-in-law the more she sees him. So, Auntie gave me a scarf to wear.” Ke Li said with great pride.

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  ”But don’t be sour. I care about you.” Ke Li said and took off the scarf and put it on Ji Linxi. She pasted her face on hers when she saw no one around: “No reward right now?”

  Ji Linxi reluctantly kissed Ke Li and suddenly felt that after she wore the scarf Ke Li gave her, there was a happy atmosphere and her body and mind was warm.

  School was still on holiday leave but there were many students quietly reviewing in the classrooms. Ke Li and Ji Linxi naturally converged in the classroom the entire morning and were busy the entire time.

  At noon, they went out to eat together and unfortunately happened to meet Zhou Lingling who was wandering around outside.  

  Zhou Lingling stared at Ji Linxi and Ke Li as soon as they appeared. The key target was Ke Li.

  Ke Li thought there was something dirty on her body, so she hit Zhou Lingling to stop looking at her, but the next thing she said was: “Are you both always so excited?”  

  Ke Li rolled her eyes, interlocked her fingers with Ji Linxi and said, “Is it exciting for good girlfriends to go out and eat together? I don’t think so.”

  ”Of course not, but it’s very exciting to eat out and plant strawberries ah.”6Eating out the nether regions and make hickies. Zhou Lingling looked at Ji Linxi with admiration and said she couldn’t imagine she was this type of good girlfriend, eating my family’s childhood friend like scum and not leaving anything behind.

  ”…” Ke Li’s face suddenly heated up and looked at Ji Linxi.

  Ji Linxi glanced at her. Sure enough, she saw a clear strawberry mark on the back of her neck. Ke Li’s hair was scattered and she wore a scarf before. So, Ji Linxi never found this strawberry mark that she made. Later, she removed her scarf and this mark was seen by Zhou Lingling.

  Ke Li and Ji Linxi glanced at each other, and suddenly understood why Mother Ji gave her that scarf in the morning.

  Zhou Lingling saw they were both dazed and asked, “What’s wrong?”

  Ke Li told her what happened this morning.

  “It will be unusual for me to come out of the closet. Linxi has always been very good. Her dad must love her, unlike my dad. If I came out of the closet, he would break my leg.” Zhou Lingling blabber on like she was an expert, but when she imagined this scene, she felt some pain.

  ”…” Ji Linxi was really convinced that Zhou Lingling had a loose screw in her head: “It’s because I usually pretend to be well-behaved, so it’s even more unacceptable if I rashly came out of the closet.”

  Zhou Lingling’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe it. “You said you usually pretend to be well-behaved?”

  Ji Linxi: “…” That’s not the point.

  Ke Li said: “Don’t scare yourself. Maybe Auntie doesn’t know about us and thinks it’s a mosquito bite.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi didn’t want to talk to Ke Li right now and said to Zhou Lingling, “Lingling, what about your boyfriend? Why didn’t he come out with you today?”

  Zhou Lingling shrugged indifferently: “Broke up.”

  ”Broke up? When did that happened?” Ji Linxi and Ke Li spoke simultaneously.

  Zhou Lingling thought about this and felt angry, “After we returned from that party that day. He suddenly asked me if I also like girls, why else do I always like to flirt with other girls? Do I look like I’m bent?”7Well your best friend, childhood friend, Ke Li says a lesbian worst nightmare is meeting you cause you flirt then run away! You reverse harem pokemon catcher!

  ”…” Ke Li was also curious about this matter and gossiped: “Actually, I also want to know if you like girls very much. Otherwise why do you hug and kiss them? Sometimes you even directly kiss their lips.”8Strange…she even mentioned that if her dad knows she comes out of the closet, he will break her legs…

  “…” Zhou Lingling fiercely stared at Ke Li. Her eyes stared right at her while she said, “I, Zhou Lingling, is a straight steel pipe woman, I don’t accept retorts!”  

  ”Hahaha.” Ke Li couldn’t hold back her laughter. At that time, she also thought she was a straight steel pipe but now she was bent into a mosquito coil.

  Zhou Lingling looked at Ji Linxi angrily, expecting her to control Ke Li. However, it was no use as they both laughed together.  

  Zhou Lingling waited for them to finish laughing, then said: “That guy even wondered if I secretly gave him a green hat to wear. Does he really think I’m that type of girl to give him a green hat? Scum man!”

  “Yes yes yes, that scum man.” Ke Li noticed that the attitude of Zhou Lingling’s ex-boyfriend wasn’t good towards them that day. Now, she wasn’t surprised to hear what Zhou Lingling said.

  Ke Li took advantage of Ji Linxi’s going to the bathroom and mysteriously asked Zhou Lingling: “Can I ask you a very private question.”  

  Zhou Lingling was instantly vigilant: “What do you want to ask?”

  ”Did you two actually ‘do’ that?” Ke Li didn’t beat around the bush.

  ”…” Zhou Lingling eyes swam, nodded then shook her head.

  ”What do you mean? Did you do it?” Ke Li mainly thought of Zhou Lingling’s speed of breaking up, then felt that she did it to protect herself. After all, she was naturally playful, but her heart wasn’t bad at all. She was nervous and was afraid of suffering a loss.

  Zhou Lingling looked distracted, raised her face, and laughed out loud, “Did you two do it?”

  Ke Li: “No… didn’t do it.”

  Since her fingertip was cut last time, Ji Linxi had her great aunt9period. Then they’ve been wandering on the edge of hugging each other but she wasn’t in a hurry.

  Zhou Lingling was stunned and looked up with a smile: “Since you were wandering around outside with hickies, I thought Linxi gave you corporal punishment that night.”

  ”…” Ke Li’s face had black lines: “So what about you?”

  Zhou Lingling suddenly said, “I change out my boyfriends so fast. So, you don’t know but we haven’t gotten to that point yet. But I’m ready to catch a big handsome guy later so I can live with him for the rest of my life.”

  I believe you’re a ghost. Ke Li said: “So what did you mean before when you nodded and shook your head?”

  Zhou Lingling blushed and said in embarrassment: “After all, I’ve had so many boyfriends and had to give some face. But as long as I remembered that I didn’t make it to home run with them, I feel relieved.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  When Ji Linxi returned, Ke Li pretended that they didn’t have that conversation. She looked so obedient that Zhou Lingling couldn’t stand it. She took a few bites then went out to play again.  

  When they returned home later that night, Ke Li and Ji Linxi were debating if they should come out of the closet. Fortunately, Mother Ji didn’t think of that possibility. She just called Ji Linxi aside and asked, “Is A’Yu in love?”

  “En.” Ji Linxi couldn’t deny it, otherwise there was no way she could explain the hickie. They were actually in love, so she didn’t lie.

  “You two have a good relationship. You have to remind her later that she’s still young and in school. She has to learn how to protect herself and don’t…” Mother Ji was obviously very concerned about this matter, but she was thin-skinned and just spoke vaguely.10Protect herself from getting pregnant!!

  ”…” Ji Linxi nodded like garlic getting pounded, then decided to go and tell Ke Li later.  

  When Ke Li heard Ji Linxi’s words, she only felt it was a false alarm. They were in love and every night they embraced each other. So, in the morning, they had another task. That is, to check their exposed skin for visible traces of love making before going to school.

  National Day holiday was undoubtedly a long vacation for senior high school students. So, on the first day of their return, none of their classmates recovered from their holiday mode. Only Ke Li and Ji Linxi acted like they were hit with chicken blood.11Stimulated They carried forward with the spirit of studying hard and made progress every day which lasted until November.12So, about a month since National day is first week of October

  For this reason, the class teacher specially spoke to Ke Li about this and praised her for her great progress, but attributed her achievement to Ji Linxi who sat at the same table.13Poor Ke Li, gets trolled in this novel the entire time. Hey, you made an improvement but it wasn’t cause of your efforts but it was because you sit next to Ji Linxi LOL Face slap too strong!

  Ke Li: “…” Fortunately, Ji Linxi was her girlfriend. If she shared a table with someone else, she would be conflicted. This was such a wonderful class teacher.

  That night, Ke Li successfully made it to home base with Ji Linxi as her reward. In order to compensate for her finger being cut, Ji Linxi also took the initiative which made Ke Li happy for a long time. Although she was attacked again the next moment.

  However, they didn’t expect to be stopped the next day on their way to school by Xu Fei who yelled: “You two perverts!”

  ”……” Ke Li and Ji Linxi looked at each other, and almost thought that there was a camera secretly installed at home and everything they did last night was seen.

  Ke Li came forward with a “good temper” and said, “Child, please go to the hospital if you have any problems. Don’t come to school.”

  Xu Fei ignored Ke Li and just fiercely glared at Ji Linxi and said, “It’s all your fault that Shao Yixuan doesn’t like me.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  Xu Fei continued to say: “I want to tell him that you two are gay.”

  Ke Li saw someone was passing by and that person looked at them strangely. But calmly held Ji Linxi and said to Xu Fei: “What year is it now? Early in the morning you come and cause us trouble. Us being together has nothing to do with you. Not to mention, now you have a better chance to chase your male god. What’s the point of dragging us in the water now?”

  ”…” Xu Fei thought about it and felt it was reasonable, so she gave a final fierce glare at Ji Linxi before leaving.

  In fact, Ke Li’s legs were still soft. She could only admit that her physique wasn’t as good as Ji Linxi. She leaned on Ji Linxi’s shoulder and said, “It’s just a high schooler kid. Don’t worry about her.”  

  Ji Linxi didn’t care. She was only afraid that this matter would be disclosed at home. Her mouth was slightly raised and said: “Hurry home or I’ll carry you.”

  Ke Li: “……”

  Why was she the only one who had soft legs? This was unscientific.

  [Of course, the female lead’s physique is better. Although this sounds shameful.] Doudou came out in a timely manner to answer her questions. [And if the male lead wasn’t a scum, it would be the female lead who would have soft legs now.]

  Ke Li said speechlessly, “That’s because my legs are soft.”

  This matter came to an end until December. Ke Li almost forgot about it while taking finals but suddenly received the news that she was forced to come out of the closet.

  As soon as Ji Linxi and Ke Li returned home, they felt the atmosphere was heavy. Ji Wendong wanted to talk to Ji Linxi on the sofa but was yelled at and started crying. Father Ji became angrier and Ji Wendong’s cries became louder.

  When Ke Li saw Father Ji’s eyes, she immediately guessed what happened and looked at Ji Linxi. She clearly wanted to comfort Ji Linxi but didn’t expect Ji Linxi to gently smile at her instead. Then she leaned over to her ear and said, “You go upstairs first.”

  ”I…” Ke Li held Ji Linxi’s hand and didn’t finish her words when Ji Linxi said again: “Be obedient and take our schoolbags upstairs first.”

  Ke Li has some experience of coming out in the first world but she was an outsider here. It wasn’t suitable for her to interfere, so she could only go upstairs with the schoolbags.

  Ke Li just went upstairs when Father Ke called her. Compared to the rainy weather here, her family seemed to have a chance of the clouds clearing up to be sunny.14metaphor about home life and general atmosphere

  Ke Li pretended to be stupid and asked: “Dad, what’s wrong?”

  Father Ke heavily sighed and said: “Yu Yu, your mother said she wants to see you. Come home and make things clear with her.”

  The attitudes on both sides were complete opposites. The attitudes of Father Ji and Father Ke were total opposites.

  Ke Li naturally won’t leave now. She paced around the room, wondering if Ji Linxi would be hit. But if she went out now, she would undoubtedly add fuel to the fire and that will be counterproductive. She could only stand and listen to the movements outside with her ears perked until she heard the sound of the door opening.

  As soon as the door was opened, Ke Li saw a red palm print on Ji Linxi’s fair face. A sour feeling rushed up her nose, and she hugged Ji Linxi.

  ”Does it hurt?”

  ”It doesn’t hurt at all.” Ji Linxi said with a smile as if she has always been mentally prepared. As expected, her mother had absolutely no strong opinion of this matter. She just thought she shouldn’t be like this, however she also believes that her happiness should be the most important thing. But her father on the other hand is a traditional person, so naturally he was strongly against this.

  ”It’s strange that you don’t feel pain after being slapped.” Ke Li wanted to let go of Ji Linxi to look for something, but Ji Linxi just hugged her hard and said with a smile, “Then can you guess why I was hit?”

  Ke Li knew very well it was because she was forced to come out of the closet: “Why?”  

  Ji Linxi sniffed Ke Li’s fragrance and said lazily: “My father grumbled on about a lot of things. Finally, he also talked about the issue of raising children to take care of their elders when grown. He said, what’s the reason for two women to be together? Even having children would be a problem, then I retorted saying that I was raising Ji Wendong like I was raising a son, so he got angry at me.” 

  Although they didn’t need her support now, her parents will one day become old, and the burden will have to be on her. But she didn’t want to be honest and obedient after she’s become Voldemort.15metaphor about how she didn’t want to be a good guy after becoming a bad guy, assuming it’s something to do with being honest with herself and not sugarcoating things anymore   

  Ke Li: “…”

  But it’s true that Ji Linxi is 17 years older than Ji Wendong. This younger brother was the same as raising a son, a product of the two-child policy.

  Ji Linxi continued to whisper in Ke Li’s ear, trying to calm her high strung nerves: “And when it comes to raising children, it’s the same as raising you. I don’t mind raising you as a daughter in the future so we can act a pseudo-mother daughter taboo.”

  Ke Li shuddered: “…”

  This person was beyond saving, but this is very exciting. 

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