Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 72

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Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 17

“Have You Done It?”

  Although she knew that Ji Linxi was talking nonsense to relax her, Ke Li still wanted to be devious. She suddenly suspected that her three views were wrong; otherwise, how could she look forward to the life that Ji Linxi mentioned?

  However, Ke Li was more distressed about Ji Linxi’s face. She withdrew from Ji Linxi’s arms and went to find ice for her face, then said, “My dad just told me to come home.”

  The originally warm place was now cold. Ji Linxi lightly snorted comfortably, then frowned and said, “Do they also know?”

  “They should. I really didn’t think we would be forced to come out, nor do we know who did such a good thing!” Ke Li was angry at the thought.

  “If you wanted to come out of the closet, this would have happened anyway. At least the current situation is much better than I expected.” Ji Linxi touched Ke Li’s face and said, “But don’t get hit and don’t hide it. When you need to give in, then give in. Don’t be stubborn, you’re not allowed to be a stupid cow.”

  Ke Li understood this but when Ji Linxi said this, she had another taste in her heart. She dully said, “You know I already know this, but how come you didn’t hide it yourself?”

  “I didn’t hide because my father wouldn’t have let me.” Ji Linxi held Ke Li in her arms and said, “You understand the trick of injuring yourself to gain the enemy’s trust?”

  Ke Li’s eyes grew uncontrollably hot and slightly sobbed, “Ji Linxi you’re so good.”  

  Ji Linxi didn’t know what happened, but when she faced Ke Li, she always wanted to bully and protect her.

  “Then you know that I’m okay. Remember to not get hit. Also, remember to take your money and phone with you, just in case.” Ji Linxi had secretly searched for posts related to coming out of the closet before; but was afraid that Ke Li would be worried, so she never mentioned it to her.

  Ke Li made a sound of acknowledgment then said, “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see you for a while. I don’t want to go back.”

  “No need to be afraid this is a one-time fix. Don’t sneak around in the future.” Ji Linxi reassured, “And we have class tomorrow so we’ll still see each other.”

  “Then don’t be stubborn with your father; otherwise… be careful that I’ll dump you.” Ke Li told Ji Linxi that she will go back safely and pretend that she didn’t know anything. As soon as she left, she sat next to Father Ke and forced him on her team.

  Father Ke: “…”

  While Mother Ke wasn’t in the room, Father Ke was busy exchanging information with Ke Li to discuss how to deal with Mother Ke. He whispered, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t fall in love before?”

  Ke Li’s face didn’t change: “I’ll talk about it later.”

  Father Ke choked and thought of Ji Linxi’s promise to himself before and angrily said: “That’s how Ji Linxi helps me look after you?”

  Ke Li busily said some good words for Ji Linxi: “Dad, didn’t you always think she was the most reliable? Now that I’m with her, I think this is the best way to look after me.”  

  Father Ke: “…”

  Ke Li continued: “For example, this month’s exam, our teachers said that my grades have improved significantly which shows that the right love doesn’t affect learning. It was a better choice to fall in love with Ji Linxi since it improved my learning.”

  Father Ke was speechless for a while. He used to be fond of pampering Ke Li, now he couldn’t move his mouth and could only desperately stare at her and said, “You still have a reason?”

  “I didn’t know until I tried it. Dad, mom is here.” Ke Li immediately counseled him, shrank behind Father Ke’s back, and didn’t hesitate to use him as a shield.

  Father Ke: “…”

  Mother Ke looked at the father-daughter pair and sat down on the sofa. She was originally a university professor. Naturally, she wouldn’t say anything unpleasant. She just sat there quietly, but you could feel the surrounding pressure was very low.

  Ke Li saw that no one spoke for a long time so she could only step forward and shake Mother Ke’s hand. She had a very good attitude when admitting her mistake: “Mom, I was wrong.”

  Mother Ke raised her eyelids and looked at Ke Li. Finally, she rubbed her temples wearily and coldly said: “Where were you wrong? You’re entirely right. It’s me and your father’s fault. We shouldn’t have given birth to you, to begin with.”

  Father Ke: “…” What does this have to do with me?

  Ke Li: “…”

  Although Ke Li’s initiative to admit her mistakes made Mother Ke’s face much better. Ke Li struck the iron while it was hot: “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have lied to you that I didn’t fall in love.”

  Mother Ke didn’t speak, but her face was visibly better.

  Ke Li continued: “I was wrong… I should have taken the initiative to come out.”

  ”…” There seemed to be ice forming on Mother Ke’s face.

  ”…” Father Ke put forth the effort to meaningfully wink at Ke Li, hinting at her to stop being clever and just humbly admit her mistakes.

  Ke Li acted as if she didn’t notice these winks and continued: “I was wrong. I should have said that Ji Linxi and I were lovers instead of telling you that we were just friends. So, that you wouldn’t have found out like this.”

  She refused to admit that it was wrong for her to like girls. Instead, she obscured the facts and stealthily switch the concept. Mother Ke didn’t know what she was trying to do. Feeling both angry and ridiculous, she still stubbornly said: “You’re right.”

  Ke Li invariably said: “I was wrong.”

  ”You’re right.”

  ”I was wrong.”

  ”You’re right.”

  As soon as Ke Li’s eyes lit up, she didn’t hesitate to climb up the pole to say: “Actually, I also think I’m right. So, I’m officially announcing the message: I’m in love and my girlfriend is my best friend, Ji Linxi.”

  Mother Ke: “…”

  Father Ke: “…”

  After Ke Li finished speaking, the room was silent for a while. Father Ke touched his pocket, wanting to take a smoke but restrained himself as Ke Li kept staring at Mother Ke.

  “When?” Mother Ke has never been an old-fashion person, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been played by Ke Li just now. Unexpectedly, her daughter came out of the closet, so she couldn’t adapt for a while. She also wanted to let her daughter walk the easier path in life. 

  Ke Li didn’t play any tricks this time and honestly answered: “It was during National Day.”

  Her tone seemed to be very regretful. She regretted saying it was during National Day. Before Mother Ke spoke, Father Ke narrowed his eyes and said, “Before I asked if you were in love?”  

  Ke Li: “En.”

  ”……” Father Ke didn’t want to stand up for Ke Li at all. He immediately sat on Mother Ke’s side and left Ke Li to fight on her own.

  ”…” Mother Ke was very ashamed of Father Ke’s behavior. She directly stood up and sat next to Ke Li. Then she asked in a good tone, “Are you going to break up now?”

  Ke Li shook her head decisively and answered: “No.”

  There was another silence in the room. When Ke Li thought it was easy to come out of the closet, Mother Ke stood up, took Ke Li to her room, and suddenly asked: “Then have you done it yet?”

  Ke Li’s face was a little hot: “Don… done it.”

  Mother Ke was surprised by the results and took it for granted. Now it’s December and they lived together every day. It seemed impossible for them to have not done it yet.

  She couldn’t control Ke Li’s behavior since the child is older now and has her own ideas. She just reminded her: “If next year’s college entrance exam results aren’t satisfactory. I will tuck you back into my stomach and make you regret coming into this world.”

  “…” Ke Li shivered, feeling chilly and full of goosebumps everywhere, but this result was quite unexpected. She promised: “My performance will be ideal.”

  “You can do what you want.” Mother Ke sighed softly and rubbed her brows, “Go to sleep early. Don’t make me sad.”

  Ke Li kissed up to Mother Ke and ran to massage her temple, then hurried back to her room.

  The first thing she did was video chat with Ji Linxi to tell her the situation here and to draw a vivid picture of what just occurred. So, those who were left in the dark know about the situation.

  Ke Li held the iPad to her face, lowered her collar, and said, “Ji Linxi look. I didn’t get hit.”

  Father Ke and Mother Ke who was eavesdropping outside the door: “…” both regretted not hitting her just now.

  Ji Linxi looked at Ke Li as if she was pretending. She knew she was trying to reassure her so she said with a smile: “It’s okay if you haven’t been hit. But now you really need to be hit.”

  Ke Li wasn’t satisfied with her small win and wanted more: “Then come and hit me Ji Linxi.”

  “I’m reluctant to hit a flowery jade-like face. I just want to nibble it.” Ji Linxi never thought they would be able to calmly video chat after coming out of the closet. They thought there would be a huge wave before, but they discovered it was just a small splash of water. If they bear it, it will be peaceful afterward.

  “I’ll let you nibble enough tomorrow.” Father Ke and Mother Ke looked at each other and quietly crept away when they heard Ke Li was running the show. They thought their daughter was the one that was bullied, but they didn’t expect Ke Li to be like this.

  Ke Li and Ji Linxi whispered a few more words before ending the video call. She went downstairs to find Father Ke and Mother Ke and asked how they found out about their relationship. Finally, she found out it was the second-year girl who did it.

  The next morning, Ke Li’s alarm clock didn’t work. But she woke up naturally and quickly got ready.

  Before leaving, Father Ke confessed: “I called Linxi’s dad last night and discussed with him that the teacher should change your seat. Otherwise, the old guy might think too much about it and transfer Linxi to another school. Then you won’t even have the opportunity.”

  ”Thank you, dad.” When Ke Li arrived at school, Ji Linxi was already in her seat reading a book. There was already someone sitting beside her, it was Zhao Li, the second male lead.

  ”…” Ke Li glanced at Ji Linxi leisurely before finding her seat.

  She was transferred to the group furthest away from Ji Linxi. The table was against the wall and there was a boy sitting there with thick glasses.

  As soon as Ke Li sat down, she smelled the other person’s body which was unique to boys. Although it wasn’t smelly, she didn’t like the smell and prefer the smell of girls.

  The boy was very shy and seemed to be caught off guard by the sudden adjustment. He gave a shoddy greeting to Ke Li with a flushed face.

  ”…” Ke Li simply nodded and turned to look at Ji Linxi. Fortunately, she sat in the fourth row. Although the distance between the two was on the extreme opposite sides of the classroom, she could barely see Ji Linxi.

  Ke Li looked more and more depressed. She poked at the table with her pen until her new deskmate reminded her that the class teacher was outside the window.

  ”…” Ke Li immediately pretended to be a good student. After class, she went to find Ji Linxi. She regretted that she didn’t come early today, otherwise she could have found Ji Linxi and let her know about the situation.

  Boys can never understand the friendship between girls who go to the restroom holding hands between classes. Zhao Li wittily asked Ji Linxi to come out and pushed his glasses. He looks gentle and elegant and wanted to look good in front of Ji Linxi’s best friend. 

  ”…” Ke Li ignored Zhao Li and pulled Ji Linxi out. Of course, they didn’t go to the bathroom but the inconspicuous corner of the balcony and dumbly stayed silent.

  Ji Linxi rubbed Ke Li’s face: “What’s wrong?”

  Ke Li also wanted to rub Ji Linxi’s face but noticed there were still signs of redness and swelling. She was reluctant to touch her and her eyes were sad. She asked, “Why did you just smile and talk to him? It seems you’re not frustrated at all.”

  Ji Linxi understood, and said, “Are you jealous?”

  Ke Li admitted frankly: “I’m eating vinegar.”

  “It’s my fault, but at the thought of just changing seats, I’m not frustrated. But when I think about your angry appearance, I can’t help but smile.” Ji Linxi has always been very good at stabilizing her emotions. This situation was much better than she expected.  

  Ke Li: “…”

  ”Okay, according to my dad’s character, it’s already fortunate that I wasn’t transferred to a different school. Don’t be angry, okay? Also, your desk-mate is a top student too.” Ji Linxi rubbed Ke Li’s hair.

  Ke Li was like a cat that liked being stroked. She rubbed Ji Linxi’s hand and said: “But I only like you, the beautiful and gentle female top student.”

  Ji Linxi: “You’re so superficial.”

  Ke Li: “You like my superficiality.”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  Before they can continue, they heard the bell ring. There were only ten minutes between classes, so they could only return to their respective seats.

  As soon as Ke Li sat down, she saw a small note that was passed to her by her glasses desk mate which read: “I heard that you’re gay? It seems to be true.”

  Ke Li didn’t want to talk to him but now she was idle and bored. Besides, she doesn’t know why she was suddenly forced to come out of the closet and replied: “Why does it matter to you? And how do you know that?”

  Her glasses deskmate: “I’m just curious. All the students in the class know it. It should be said that everyone who pays attention to you knows it. But don’t worry, I understand.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  She doesn’t need an unrelated boy to understand them. When school was over, Ke Li and Ji Linxi walked together on the road. They received all kinds of looks, some were just glancing, some were curious, some were contemptuous, but they didn’t care.

  Some people were idle and liked to express their opinions on things. In fact, the parties involved didn’t care about their opinions at all and still lived a good life.

  Since everything was public knowledge, Ke Li was even more reluctant to hide it. She looked at Ji Linxi’s face and said with heartache: “The red mark on your face still hasn’t completely disappeared. Do you want to come to my house tonight?”

  Ji Linxi replied, “Your house is so far away from the school. Can you come over tomorrow?”

  ”Tomorrow my dad will drive us to school.” Ke Li didn’t want to be separated from Ji Linxi.

  “That will do.” Ji Linxi doesn’t like the repressive atmosphere at home either. Falling in love was her own business and her parents had to intervene.

  But when she thought of seeing Father Ke and Mother Ke soon, she wanted to retreat. It was a similar feeling to an ugly daughter-in-law meeting her in-laws. No, rather it was a son-in-law meeting his father-in-law.

  She is a little nervous.

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