Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 74

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Tinker

Arc 4: Fireproof, Burglarproof, Friendzone Proof – 19

Sleep Quality is Worrisome…

  As Ji Linxi said, she could really see with her fingers, moving as if they had eyes. They come and go freely in the dark night. It played with people’s souls. They couldn’t help but sing at the top of their voices.

  When the lights turned on again, the bed was in a disarray and the clothing wasn’t where it should be. Ke Li grievously turned her back to Ji Linxi. There were still tiny tears flowing from the corners of her eyes.

  It was cold and Ji Linxi was afraid that Ke Li would catch a cold. She covered her with the quilt, then embraced Ke Li who was facing away from her and softly asked, “What’s wrong?”

  Ke Li: “……” Still asking while already knowing the answer!

  Ji Linxi kissed her scattered hair and smiled. She carefully said: “Are you uncomfortable?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  “That’s why I turned on the lights just now.” Ji Linxi likes to talk with Ke Li after doing the deed. She always finds some unexpectedly entertaining anecdotes. “Actually, I wanted to have the lights on to watch you perfectly blossom. But if the lights were on, you won’t be able to do so and this effect that just happened wouldn’t have been achieved.”

  “…” Ke Li became angry and turned around to bite Ji Linxi’s shoulder, but then she slowly kissed it.

  She didn’t want to talk to Ji Linxi at all. Just now, Ji Linxi deliberately told ghost stories to her. This magnified her fears of being in the dark. Also, because she was naked, she collapsed from beginning to end, losing all her face.

  Ji Linxi put her hands behind Ke Li’s head, letting her vent out her emotions. She felt the wonderful feeling of her tongue sweeping her skin. She smiled and said, “I won’t bully you next time.”

  Ke Li softly humph: “You saying you won’t bully me next time is as credible as letting me be on top tomorrow.”

  ”…” Ji Linxi hiccuped and guiltily said: “Then, shall I let you bully me now?”

  Ke Li turned away and said, “I’m not interested in you now.” She was so soft that she didn’t want to move. How could she do such gentle and charming things. It was just okay to move her mouth, but never count on her to do such task.

  Ji Linxi: “But I’m very interested in you. Don’t be angry. I’ll definitely let you bully me next time.”

  Women are more emotional creatures. Ke Li didn’t say anything and actually really liked this feeling of being pampered and protected.

  But she wouldn’t admit that she was coaxed, and replied: “It’s too late. Even if you lie down for me later, I won’t bully you. I’ll just let you be dissatisfied.”

  ” …” Ji Linxi hugged Ke Li’s body in defiance, then forced her to face her. She suddenly kissed her fiercely. When she saw Ke Li’s face changed, she said, “That’s your taste. Since you won’t bully me, then I’ll do my best to bully you.”

  ”…” Ke Li’s face was hot. Obviously, Ji Linxi wanted to do more bad things with the lights off. She wanted to avoid that special taste but felt that Ji Linxi’s kisses were soft and not aggressive, so she went along with her.

  After the soothing kisses ended, Ke Li felt her lower body was leaking again. She whispered: “Ji Linxi, I want to take a bath.”

  ”Then let’s take a hot bath.” Ji Linxi stretched out her hands and tried to carry Ke Li, but her hands slid against the smooth skin and lost its grip.

  ”…” Ji Linxi clenched her teeth and tried again, then finally had to compromise: “Honey, you’re too heavy. It’s impossible to princess carry you in this life.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ji Linxi patched her words in time: “But I promise you that you don’t have excessive meat at all. I like it very much.”

  ”…” Ke Li was in Ji Linxi’s service. They soaked in the hot bath to relax. After a while, Ke Li fell asleep in Ji Linxi’s arms.

  The next day, when Ke Li and Ji Linxi got up, it was about 11 o’clock. In the winter, the days were short while the nights were long. It was normal to sleep a lot. However, Ji Linxi who always had self-discipline failed to get up, so Mother Ji thought deeply about it.

  When the two came down in their pajamas, Mother Ji carefully found that Ke Li had strawberry marks on her neck again. After many surprises, she got used to it now. She was worried that the youths were full of sap and didn’t know how to control themselves which may cause harm to the body.

  While Ke Li was playing with Ji Wendong again, Mother Ji sincerely said: “Linxi, you still have… have…”

  Ji Linxi’s heart was hung on Ke Li and replied absentmindedly: “Mom, what’s wrong?”

  Mother Ji said with embarrassment: “You need to restrain yourself a little. It’s good to be able to be together day and night to study but this kind of thing can be excessive in the evening. It may cause harm to the body.”

  Ji Linxi: “…”

  They didn’t do it during the day! They just got up a little late.

  Ji Linxi blushed and clarified: “We didn’t.” At least not during the day.

  ”Anyway, just pay attention to it.” No matter what Ji Linxi’s reaction was, Mother Ji expressed her concerns. She went to the kitchen to cook more porridge that nourishes the body.

  ”…” Ke Li was so embarrassed that she shrunk behind Ji Linxi while she ate. Wasn’t this equivalent to telling the world: she was at the bottom again?

  She decided to allow Ji Linxi to do whatever she wanted in her own home. In short, she was determined not to do it at Ji Linxi’s house. 

  Three months after the college entrance exam, it was the freest time of a student’s life. During this period, they could do whatever they want.

  Ke Li and Ji Linxi were no exception. They were anxious at first because they were waiting for their test results. Later, they thought that as long as they finished the exam, and that they didn’t have to retake it, they became relieved.

  They went to all kinds of student gatherings. For example, it was very common for them to create a relationship with XX classmates and invite them to go out to eat. Although it was very formal, Ke Li felt she had experienced youth again. 

  Of course, in addition to these things, there was one more thing, that is, they were halfway into society and no longer bound by schooling. Ji Linxi and Ke Li met up to get haircuts, and also buy some high heels. They also called the recently single Zhou Lingling.1So, I guess they are going to do internships/CO-OPs right when they go into college and are buying their professional outfit. That’s why they consider themselves halfway into working society…

  However, when Zhou Lingling came over, Ke Li couldn’t help but poke her arm: “Why did you call her here too?”

  The second-year schoolgirl, Xu Fei followed Zhou Lingling. She was also totally different from before. When she followed behind Zhou Lingling, her eyes were still timid, but there was excitement. Ke Li didn’t know what the hell she was excited about.

  Zhou Lingling was helpless about this, and said, “How can you say such unkind words? Since you ran away that day, she’s been relying on me. She comes to pester me every day.”

  Ke Li joked: “It can’t be that she fell in love with someone else, does she like you?”

  The love that second-year students like Xu Fei had was all tied to impulse and intuition.

  “Come on, this older sister doesn’t like girls, let alone a little loli.” Zhou Lingling said and thought with her hand on her chin, “Even if I like girls, I would like the kind that is beautiful, dominating and aggressive.”2She’s listing Linxi!!

  Ke Li: “…”

  Zhou Lingling roasted: “In short, rabbits don’t eat the grass near their nest. So, I’m not like you.3So, she became lovers who she’s close to aka her best friend and got roasted by Lingling But what I can secretly tell you is that what I desire the most is to have the exciting 419.4refers to a one night stand ~ 4-four (for), 1-one, 9-nine (night). Also, although Lingling had many boyfriends, she’s still a virgin Then, I want to fall madly in love afterward.”

  ”…” Ke Li didn’t understand Zhou Lingling’s view of love. She raised her head and sighed, “Just be happy. Also, we call it ‘don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into other’s fields’.5She’s arguing that she isn’t the rabbit that eats their nest grass, instead, she labels it as to keep the goodies within the family Naturally, we are best for each other.”

  When they finished speaking, Xu Fei came over to greet them, “Hello big sister Ji and big sister Ke.”

  ”…” Ke Li and Ji Linxi looked at Zhou Lingling one after another: How did she become this way? Could people really change this much?

  Zhou Lingling proudly raised her chin: “I’m the one who dominates, isn’t it good to do things right?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Four people picked out high heels, and they had a haircut together. During this time, Ke Li reminded Zhou Lingling many times not to lead Xu Fei astray, and remember to instill positive energy often. Zhou Lingling rolled her eyes at her words.

  After that, things went smoothly. After the college entrance exam results were announced, there was still a gap between Ke Li’s and Ji Linxi’s score, but they still chose to attend the same university.

  As for Zhou Lingling, she had to repeat her senior year in high school because she played around for a year. She was ignorant and incompetent as she didn’t learn anything at all. She could only listen to her family’s advice to repeat a year and focus on her studies. 

  The cycle of life consists of being divided and being combined, there were always people that comes and goes. Fortunately, they would always be together. Ji Linxi and Ke Li had embarked on the same path of life together.

  Doudou, who hadn’t appeared for a long time, came out to remind her of its existence: [Host, interview question, what is it like to fall in love with your best friend?]

  Ke Li looked at Ji Linxi’s impeccable face and replied: “The advantage of falling in love with your best friend is that you already know them. You don’t have to worry about their personality, but…the sleep quality is bad.”

  Ji Linxi’s sleep quality could be described as worrisome. If Ke Li didn’t quietly use some means, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the position of being on top.6Basically, Ji Linxi’s quality of sleep is terrible since Ke Li is always sneak attacking her since that’s the only time she’s on top.

  Doudou: […]

Novi’s Note: So…I finished translating this with last week’s translations but I had no proofreader…haha. Still looking proofreaders for my yuri translations.

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