Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 75

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 1

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   Ji Linxi’s sleep quality was worrisome, but it was the best chance for Ke Li to play tricks. She sometimes blindfolded Ji Linxi or did it while Ji Linxi was asleep. In short, she played many kinds of tricks.

  Ji Linxi also let her be as she thought it was a little fun.

  Their nightlife was full of flavor and their daily life was also colorful. After they went to attend college far away, Father Ji finally began to recognize their relationship.

  Ke Li was able to walk the path of youth again alongside Ji Linxi. This time, she was able to participate in all the activities she wanted to take part in and also able to participate in some school competitions that made university life fulfilling.

  When they came back for the holiday, Zhou Lingling changed her previous appearance of being ignorant and incompetent. However, Xu Fei was always around her. Ke Li couldn’t help but CP1CP – couple to pair them romantically them in private then Ji Linxi would roll her eyes at her. It could be clearly seen that their life were simple and very comfortable.


  Shen Qing held a virtual iPad2It’s not physical, this one is a virtual projection like in those sci-fi movies and walked to Ke Li who was lying down. Then inputted the data on the display and said: “She’s in good condition and also begun to doubt the female lead inside. I believe she will be fully recovered soon.”

  Shi Jin couldn’t hide the joy on her face, then felt that she didn’t know how to face the completely recovered Ke Li and blamed herself, “This is all my fault.”

  “The past has already happened. It’s more important to cherish the present.” Shen Qing pouted at Ke Li again, then carefully asked, “How are you going to explain that glass of water from before?”

  Shi Jin’s face flashed a little unnaturally and said: “I have my own way. Sister Qing, please go first.”

  Shen Qing understood and said: “Then I won’t disturb the two of you getting alone together. Remember to take this little kid home for me later. Don’t let her get into trouble again.”

  Shi Jin understood: “Don’t worry. I won’t let her affect your date.”

  Shen Qing: “…”

  After Shen Qing left, Shi Jin carefully lifted the quilt off of Ke Li, climbed on the bed and held Ke Li in her arms. She seemed a little tired and soon fell asleep with Ke Li.

  When Ke Li woke up, she thought she was in Ji Linxi’s arms. So, she didn’t open her eyes and kissed her nose, but found the scent and taste wasn’t right.

  Ke Li: “…”

  She suddenly opened her eyes and found that the person she just kissed wasn’t Ji Linxi, but Shi Jin.

  Also, she and Shi Jin were face to face. Ke Li’s heart was at her throat, then remembered that she tricked her into drinking drugged water to do the task. She wanted to ask her, but Shi Jin was asleep, and she was still in her arms.

  Ke Li’s face burned with embarrassment. She was so close that she could smell Shi Jin’s unique fragrance, the rich fragrance of roses.

  She crept back and found that Shi Jin’s hands were on her waist. She couldn’t move at all. She could only move her head away as far as possible. She could see Shi Jin’s entire profile, her long eyelashes, her slightly open lips, and her elegant neck.

  Ke Li looked at her twice then stopped. She exerted all her strength to call Doudou in her mind. She was just with Ji Linxi but suddenly returned to the real world. This time, it was so sudden, and she wasn’t ready to come back at all.

  Doudou was used to it and said: [Don’t worry. The female lead won’t look for you.]

  Ke Li was stupefied for a while, then return to her senses and asked: “Do you mean there will be a substitute that will replace me?”

  [The entire task is completed by the host’s spiritual power. The characters inside the worlds are composed of their background, appearance, personality and other attributes. The host only provides the most basic elements, so the person present inside the vessel is you, the host. To be precise, their identities are the host’s doppelganger.]

  ”…” Ke Li was shocked and said: “Then why did I have to complete all those tasks before I could return? But this time, it was too sudden, and I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

  [Does the host regret that she wasn’t able to spend the rest of her life with the female lead?] Doudou had a knowing look. [In fact, now you already experienced those things before, so it will be the same experience if you did it again. But the concept of time in the task world is different from the real world, so there will be a time difference.]

  ”…” Ke Li was really regretful. Now, there was the shadow of Ji Linxi in her heart and it was very deep. It’s obvious that Shi Jin hadn’t administer the emotional separation for her yet, so she was unable to let go of Ji Linxi at all.

  ”I want to go back.” Ke Li’s hands gently opened and moved Shi Jin’s hands. She wanted to get up, but felt she was being held down. She paused, her tone became cold and said: “You weren’t asleep at all?”

  Shi Jin slowly opened her eyes and seemed to enjoy this embrace. She continued to hold Ke Li and said: “It’s just a virtual world.”

  Ke Li was hard pressed. Her mouth curved into an arc giving a tint of sarcasm and said, “You guys are really funny. Since you know that it’s only a virtual world, then why did you have me do these tasks? Now, I haven’t finished the task yet, but I was suddenly pulled out? When I’ve just become good at playing?”

  She didn’t slow down at all. With the fact that Shi Jin deceived her before, her tone was inevitably a little rushed.

  Shi Jin didn’t blame her at all and softly said: “Calm down.”

  Ke Li turned away and said: “I can’t calm down!”

  Shi Jin held Ke Li in her arms again, patted her back and coaxed: “Then can you be good?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  She suddenly recalled the scene of being coaxed by Wei Ming when she was a baby. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do with Shi Jin. She continued to turn her face away and didn’t speak.

  When Shi Jin saw this, she smiled and said: “Then you lie down so I can administer emotional separation. You will feel more comfortable after. It’s just a virtual world and you want to live in reality.”

  Ke Li was speechless by her tone of coaxing children. Of course, she knew that she wanted to live in reality. She said: “I want to see Ji Linxi again.”

  Shi Jin wasn’t surprised at all: “You keep lying down. I’ll arrange it for you.”

  Ke Li put on the electronic device that Shi Jin arranged then felt that there was a picture of Ji Linxi and another Ke Li in the virtual world. The person was exactly the same as her. She saw their life together very quickly. Although she knew that they were smoothly enjoying life with no major setbacks, she was still somewhat lost as she didn’t personally experience these things herself.  

  It took Ke Li less than 10 minutes to finish watching the entire life story. She asked: “What’s the time ratio between the real world and mission world?”

  ”I don’t know the specific time ratio, but you can stay in the mission world for at most eight hours.” Shi Jin explained, “If you stay too long, you will become mentally exhausted.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  It turned out after doing so many tasks after a few dozen hours, she really did feel tired every time she woke up, as if… her body was hollowed out.

  Shi Jin seemed to know Ke Li’s thoughts and explained in a timely manner: “It’s been a week since you did the first task, then you will sleep for a long time every time you wake up. So, now you’re very energetic, otherwise your body will be hollowed out.”

  “…” Ke Li backed away from Shi Jin and asked, “Did you also learned psychology?”

  How else would she know what she was thinking?

  Shi Jin didn’t hide it either and said, “I did major in psychology in university, but it isn’t because of this that I know what you’re thinking.”  

  ”Oh.” Ke Li wanted to ask more, but Shi Jin didn’t continue with that topic and said: “Do you want emotional separation now?”

  “Yes.” Ke Li nodded hurriedly and said that it was too tiring to fall in love in the virtual world. Now, she just wanted to have a good rest.

  Shi Jin: “Okay, lie down.”

  After the emotions were separated, Ke Li was a little confused but her brain became clearer. She asked, “You must know why I’m doing these tasks, right?”

  “Sister Qing said it’s for you to learn how to fall in love.”

  “Do you think I actually believe that?” Ke Li knew that Shi Jin didn’t want to disclose this matter so she could only ask Shen Qing face-to-face. Now, she was more curious about Shi Jin and her girlfriend, so she asked, “Can I ask more about you and your girlfriend?”

  Shi Jin was a little surprise that Ke Li would ask this question. She looked at her fixedly and warmly said: “Of course, she was my junior classmate. If there wasn’t an accident, we would have been together for four years.”

  It certainly wasn’t a good thing to hear about an accident. Ke Li didn’t ask what the accident was but was still curious. She wondered if someone as gentle as Shi Jin would chase people and asked, “Who chased first?”

  “She chased me first, for a whole year.” Shi Jin’s tone was nostalgic, “I should have agreed to her earlier.”

  Chased for a year? Ke Li poked her finger and felt she had inadvertently eaten invisible dog food. She pondered about this for a long time, then finally asked the question she wanted to ask most: “Where is she now?”

  “I told you before that I temporarily lost her, but I will take her home.” Shi Jin said and looked at her watch. “It’s getting late. Let me take you home first.”

  ”Okay.” When she found that the car correctly navigated to her apartment, Ke Li carefully examined Shi Jin and asked in surprise, “I didn’t tell you, so how did you know where my house is?”

  Shi Jin paused and said, “Sister Qing told me before that she was afraid that you would disturb her date, so she asked me to take you back first.”

  ”…” When Ke Li returned to her apartment, she felt that she hadn’t come back in a long time. After all, she had lived in different worlds for decades. If she really wanted to accurately measure it, she hasn’t returned for a few lifetimes. [tinker: I don’t understand]

  Ke Li wanted to show Shi Jin around but found Shi Jin was familiar with it. Ke Li didn’t know what was going on and felt a little ill at ease.

  After Shi Jin left, this feeling of being ill at ease lessened. Ke Li laid in her big bed and slept.

  She stayed in her apartment for several days and didn’t go out, let alone go to Shen Qing’s workplace in order to avoid being dragged to do the task. Then she began to update the novels she was working on.

  Ke Li went over all her previous work. When she looked at them again, she couldn’t help changing the male and female cp since she now felt that the male lead was unsightly.

  In fact, Shen Qing used her personal relationships to let her go to the world of fiction to do tasks, this was actually a very high expense.

  The Life Experience Department of the Time Administration provides entertainment experience but only the rich could experience it. She had experienced it four times already which means Shen Qing spent a lot of money.

  Ke Li idly moved the mask until it stopped on a document.

  The female lead of this article was the leader of the demon cult and the male lead was a prince. This article was probably her most sadistic work she ever done. Ke Li was glad that she never entered this world. There was almost no supporting female leads in this world, but the female and male leads were enemies, so the tone of this text was heavy.

  Ke Li went to bed after glancing at it. She just thought she had nothing to do these past few days and felt a little empty. The main thing was that she deliberately hid from Shen Qing and Shi Jin. Not only did Shen Qing ignored her, even Shi Jin ignored her which gave her a bad premonition. 

  When Ke Li was about to fall asleep, she was still thinking about the novel’s plot that she just skimmed over, then finally fell asleep slowly.

  However, when she woke up, she was already in a different world. However, she couldn’t see at all because there was a black cloth in front of her eyes, there was cloth in her mouth and her wrists and ankles were tied with ropes.

  Ke Li’s first thought was that she was kidnapped in her sleep and it wasn’t the time for jokes. She was so nervous that she wanted to spit out the cloth but heard Doudou’s long-lost voice: [Host welcome to the new world.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  Doudou has a strong desire to survive. It waited for Ke Li to ask and said: [I had nothing to do with this. Although the Minister’s rule state that a task can be started when you are asleep, this time it is absolutely because the host is thinking about its sadistic novel while sleeping.] 

  Ke Li: “…”

  Why did she think that it had nothing to do with her sadistic story? Anyway, she was back in the mission world again.

  “I just want to know who I am this time?” Ke Li asked. She felt her chest was tightly restricted, and from her memories, none of her stories had a female who cross-dressed as a man.

  Doudou seems a little embarrassed and said: [It’s from the sadistic story that the host read before going to bed…]

  ”Inside who?”

  [Inside the crow’s beak, National Teacher.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  She remembered that the National Teacher wasn’t only a typical crow’s beak, but also the female lead’s biggest enemy. What’s more, she wasn’t a genuine man. If she actually transmigrated into a man, then she would run and ram her head to death. 

  In order to verify her identity, Ke Li struggled to clamp her legs, then breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there were two things on her torso and no extra parts below.

Author’s Notes:

emm, this world will probably be an imprisonment play.

The next chapter will give background. At that time, our poor little Ke Ke will be imprisoned in a little black house for a lifetime by the female lead

( ’ – ’ * )

Ke Li is a woman crossdressing as a man, not a woman who transmigrated into a man


Novi’s Note: No idea why the author considers last chapter end of arc since I feel like Ji Linxi’s story doesn’t end until this chapter “the first chapter of new arc”. Anyways, should finish this series by end of July *fingers cross*.

About 30 chapters left…so would need to release one a day or 7 per week. I’ll try my best guys! Haha we don’t always accomplished the expected goal, all we can do is plan and aim towards it!~


I know many readers are turned off about this whole Ke Li backstory of the task thing. But the author wrote it this way so Ke Li can QT into her novels and complete these tasks, else we wouldn’t have this story. The author’s excuse for this backstory won’t be revealed until the last three chapters of this story which I don’t even know the complete explanation.

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