Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 78

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 4

Xin Tu Concisely Said: “□□”.

  Ghost Grandma used to be the previous Sect Leader’s confidant before she followed Xin Tu. Thus, she always had a high prestige within the sect and knew how to judge the situation.

  Now that it was confirmed that Ke Li was the daughter of the previous Sect Leader, Xin Tu naturally wouldn’t do anything excessive. At most, she would scare people.

  Ghost Grandma walked in, bowed her head, and said, “I don’t dare.”

  “Grandma says that she doesn’t dare, is she afraid of this good-looking woman?” Xin Tu leisurely said and glanced at Ke Li with a sneer, “National Teacher didn’t say anything just now, what is Grandma afraid of?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ghost Grandma: “…”

  Ghost Grandma and Ke Li didn’t speak. Xin Tu felt that she was performing a one-man show and became more and more disinterested with them: “National Teacher should be a woman that is 26 this year. Your lifelong freedom is now gone and it’s unknown if your virginity is still intact. So, this beautiful face is in this lord’s hands…”

  Xin Tu deliberately said it in a way that was unpleasant to hear. Ke Li realized that she was an old woman in this world. Xin Tu was only 20 while she was 26. Her heart said that everything was within her control.

  “Whatever you want.” Ke Li said as if her life and death were ruled by fate, wealth is in the sky.1The phrase life and death were ruled by fate, wealth is in the sky is from “The Analects of Confucius Yan Yuan”. It used to mean that people’s life and death were determined by fate and often used as a circumstance in a situation where human’s fates were irreversible. Basically, the situation is irreversible. She wasn’t scared, disturb, sad, or happy.

  Xin Tu liked the quiet very much. So, she didn’t like her noisy senior martial sister Guan Lixian and she doesn’t like those traitors who cry for their parents. However, she had seen many prisoners who kowtowed and begged for mercy. She had never seen Ke Li act that way, instead, she ignored her.

  Xin Tu had even begun to doubt whether Ke Li already knew that she was the orphan the previous Sect Leader left behind. If so, she probably thought she would certainly let her go. She completely threw away the idea of wasting her words on Ke Li and coldly said, “Grandma do what you usually do with traitors against the sect.”

  ”Yes.” The Ghost Grandma took the task reluctantly.

  Xin Tu was aware of Ghost Grandma’s temperament. Although she knows how to judge the situation, she still felt quite nostalgic. So, she specifically added: “No favoritism!”

  Ghost Grandma nodded in a daze. For traitors against the sect, usually, they are ultimately sentenced to death, but first, they would need to yearn death. Then their heads and limbs would be separated. Now that Xin Tu wanted her to do so with Ke Li, she could only have sympathy for her and be obliged to do so.

  ”…” Ke Li really wanted to slap herself to death when she originally wrote this novel. If I had known earlier, I would have written Xin Tu as a Mary Sue who forgave all and not have to suffer from this sin right now.

  She hesitated for a moment, waiting for Xin Tu to turn her wheelchair to the stone gate and asked, “Can I say my opinion?”

  Xin Tu turned and looked up at Ke Li, her eyes seemed to say: Can you still have a say to your opinion?

  “Since you hate me, you came here yourself, why do you need someone else to do it?” Ke Li skillfully avoided the mechanism that would trigger her to say the opposite of her true feelings. She wondered if it would only trigger if she expressed subjective feelings to the female lead, then her mouth will say something unpleasant.

  ”…” Xin Tu’s eyes were narrowed at this time and her eyes were deep. She has never seen anyone who wanted to die so early. If she was in her hands, she wouldn’t care whether Ke Li was her Master’s daughter or not. She would torture people to death.

  Ghost Grandma also looked at Ke Li in confusion. In her hands, she might have everything except freedom, but in Xin Tu’s hands, there may be nothing besides near death. However, this task wasn’t easy to do and she was eager to throw the hot potato and immediately agreed: “National Teacher is right.”

  Xin Tu also seemed to find it somewhat intriguing and said: “Grandma first play with her pretty face then send her to my room.”

  When she sees her face, she would recall her Master who showed great kindness to her. But now her enemy was in front of her, so she should instead be unfaithful, unfilial, and unscrupulous. Letting Ke Li yearn death. She would know what it means to eat rice arbitrarily and not to talk nonsense arbitrarily. 

  ”…” Ke Li touched her face. Her heart started to panic. This was the only way they could develop feelings. She believed that Xin Tu wouldn’t really injure her face.2Implying their relationship starts skin deep lol

  It probably…shouldn’t be.

  Ghost Grandma hesitated for a moment. She held a sharp knife in her hand and gestured it across Ke Li’s face, then whispered to Ke Li, “This is Sect Leader’s temperament. You bear with it for a while.”  

  Why can’t you bear it? Ke Li stared at Ghost Grandma and didn’t talk at all. If she woke up as an ugly person, she would barely accept a few more scars on her face, but now she had to watch her beautiful face have new scars.

  What is a tragedy? This is a tragedy!

  “Don’t feel aggrieved.” Ghost Grandma still held the knife near her face as if she was looking where to start to cause the least harm. “If it weren’t for you and that dog emperor who plotted to seize the throne, how could our family’s Sect Leader be harmed? Then how would you need to suffer so much now? It can only be said that this is a cause and effect cycle. If there’s a cause, then there will be an effect.”

  ”…” Ke Li turned and stared at Xin Tu, hoping that Xin Tu would spare her this once for the sake of her being the author mother.

  As a result, Xin Tu didn’t speak. She just stared at Ke Li and ignored her. Then she remembered that Ke Li said she should do things personally. Before Ghost Grandma started, she said: “Wait a minute.”

  Ghost Grandma suddenly stopped and was gloomy.

  Before Ke Li had time to be fortunate to keep her face, she felt a cool thing against her face. She suddenly shrank back like she was touched by a snake.

  Xin Tu maneuvered the wheelchair forward expressionlessly until Ke Li was forced into the corner.

  Ke Li looked at Xin Tu’s expressionless face and smelled the faint cool fragrance from her body. She was afraid that she would open her mouth and say something that would stimulate Xin Tu, so she watched Xin Tu and didn’t speak.

  Xin Tu sneered in her heart. She didn’t know where Ke Li’s confidence came from and why she thought she wouldn’t dare hurt her. She pinched Ke Li’s chin and lifted her knife, then there was a terrifying bloody wound on the right side of Ke Li’s face.    

  “This is my first gift to you.” Xin Tu especially enjoyed Ke Li’s eyes, like a mouse who encountered a cat, frightened and terrified of her. She didn’t know when she began to enjoy the feeling of dominating other’s fate.

  Ke Li felt the sticky liquid dripping from her face and the place where she was wounded was very painful. She gave Xin Tu a meaningful glance and suddenly felt aggrieved. No, she had always been aggrieved.

  She knew this was a mission world and that her task was to fall in love with the female lead. So, she treated Xin Tu as her significant other since the beginning but hadn’t developed any real feelings with her yet. But she was always treated as an enemy by Xin Tu. She was abused and mistreated. She was full of grievances and couldn’t even confide in anyone. Tears filled her eyes all at once.

  ”…” Xin Tu actually saw a tinge of sorrow and blame in Ke Li’s eyes. When she saw her weeping silently, her hand holding the knife paused. Her heart was very upset but she said with a cold face, “Grandma take care of the rest.”

  In Xin Tu’s perspective, as long as there was life, all forms of torture were acceptable, even if it was being disfigured. When she was escaping, she only wanted to live, to live at any cost, then take revenge. So, she evaded the pursuers relentlessly even though she starved for several days and nights until she met her Master.

  Now Ke Li’s face had a wound that was as wide as an index finger. Perhaps it was because she viewed Ke Li as the previous Sect Leader’s orphan child that she became merciful. Otherwise, Ke Li would have been tortured to death by Ghost Grandma.

  Xin Tu looked at Ke Li’s messy face full of blood and tears. She spat out an indisputable order and left in her wheelchair.  

  Master is a person of virtue and prestige. She was always looking for her daughter while she was alive. However, she didn’t expect that her daughter would be like this. Not only was she cowardly, but also full of nonsense. Xin Tu felt she was worthless on her Master’s behalf. 

  The wound on Ke Li’s face wasn’t deep and even the size of the wound was completely inconsistent with Xin Tu’s temperament. But because it was on the face, it looked especially horrible. Ghost Grandma stepped forward to help stop the blood and sighed, “Are you afraid of pain?”  

  Faints after two lashes and cries after one knife stroke.

  ”…” Ke Li’s eyes were dull. Under Doudou’s ability to shield pain, her pain was small, but her heart was uncomfortable and couldn’t be relieved.

  Ke Li didn’t answer Ghost Grandma but asked Doudou, “How to fall in love?”  

  She felt that she and Xin Tu could only torment each other. She was fond of her face before she had this wound. Also, Xin Tu probably didn’t like her and still treated her like an irreconcilable enemy.

  Doudou: [Just let it happen. The female lead is already merciful with this knife wound. I thought it would be an imprisonment play for a lifetime.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  Since she left a scar on her face, Ke Li felt that it was peaceful for several days. Xin Tu didn’t trouble her nor seek revenge. She was so happy but still didn’t dare be presumptuous in front of a person like Xin Tu who talked with a knife. She could only take the initiative to stay away.

  However, she didn’t expect Doudou to be a genuine crow’s beak. The wound of Ke Li’s face begun to scab when she was secretly sent to Xin Tu. As for the reason, Ke Li guessed that it had something to do with Xin Tu’s senior martial sister, Guan Lixian, the sect’s Right Guardian.

  Before leaving, Ke Li said to Doudou: “If it’s really an imprisonment play, then I automatically choose to give up on the task.”

  She had dignity too, okay? She won’t be kidnapped and imprisoned and be thoroughly played with by the female lead! If worst comes to worst, she will die. Anyway, this is a virtual world.

  Doudou secretly rolled its eyes and said: [If the host is happy, you can choose to selectively ignore my words.]

  When Ke Li saw Xin Tu, who she hasn’t seen for a few days, she was still sitting in a wheelchair. However, compared with her previous image, her mental state wasn’t good today. It seemed that she stayed up all night.

   Like before, Ke Li didn’t speak to Xin Tu. After arriving in this world, she had said less than ten words to Xin Tu.

  Xin Tu weakly said, “You will live here from now on. You will now have a new identity. It will neither be the previous Sect Leader’s orphan nor the famous National Teacher Ke Chen.”

  Ke Li: “…” She’s not Ke Chen.

  “You are mine now…” Before Xin Tu finished speaking, she covered her mouth and coughed a lot.

  ”…” Ke Li recalled the plot of the novel she wrote. Xin Tu has no martial arts background. In her early years, she relied on her diligence. Although the position of Sect Leader was bestowed by the previous Sect Leader, in order to convince the masses, she practiced a strange martial arts technique. This kind of technique can improve her cultivation in a short period of time, but it also harmed her five major organs.

  As the author mother, Ke Li couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong with you?”

  Xin Tu looked at Ke Li suspiciously. It seemed it was very unexpected that Ke Li cared about her. She just covered her mouth and waited for her coughing to stop. Then said expressionlessly, “You will be my servant in the future. You will be responsible for my everyday life in Yuelan Palace. Without my command, you can’t go out willingly. Otherwise, I won’t simply use a knife to draw on your face, I will give you three thousand knives carving on your body.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Dog bites Lu Dongbin!3The whole phrase is The dog bites Lu Dongbin and doesn’t know the good in people’s hearts. This came from a folk tale – this dog caused chaos in the world and Lu Dongbin was ordered to capture it in a ‘cloth painting’ which he did. He was worried that the dog trapped in it would turn into ashes so he was merciful and released it….then the dog bit him. It’s similar to biting the hands that feed you.

  However, when Ke Li saw that Xin Tu’s disability was because of her, she reluctantly agreed to her request, then unconsciously touched the scar on her face and reluctantly found a spot in the hall to sit down.

  Xin Tu was the leader of the sect. In addition to handling affairs in the main hall, she naturally had her own palace. The place she lived in had almost no other colors except black, it gave off a gloomy feeling, which wasn’t Ke Li’s aesthetics tastes.

  Ke Li looked around for a while, then looked at it with disdain on her face. She said that if this was her own palace, it would be brighter and livelier. As for why she was being so impudent today was naturally because Xin Tu looked very sick right now. Otherwise, she would be unwilling to stay any longer.

  Ke Li wasn’t happy to see Xin Tu and Xin Tu doesn’t like to see her enemies. Seeing that she still ignored her dignity today, she sternly said, “You can return to your room. Your room is still in that stone chamber which is the wall just behind you.”

  Ke Li: “…” Separated by just a wall?

  She became more certain that Xin Tu was being vigilant towards Guan Lixian. Guan Lixian is Xin Tu’s senior martial sister and one of the most suitable successors to become Sect Leader. However, her conduct was too much, so the previous Sect Leader preferred her young apprentice Xin Tu.

  In the original plot, Guan Lixian wasn’t even the second female lead. She was just a supporting character that promoted the development of the female and male lead’s relationship. Over the years, she had been looking for the previous Sect Leader’s orphan.

  As a result, Xin Tu thought that Guan Lixian wanted to raise her prestige and coveted the position of Sect Leader. In fact, Ke Li didn’t know what Guan Lixian’s purpose was. After all, she was just a supporting character with minuscule screen time.

  Ke Li turned her head and looked at the wall. She was about to leave when she heard the sound of the wheelchair moving. Then a black cloth wrapped around her waist tightly.

  Ke Li was shocked. She thought Xin Tu was going to torture her again. She raised her hand and tried to resist. As a result, her body jumped in the air and fell on a soft object, then her head was covered with a cold fragrant quilt.

  Ke Li: “…” Why are we in the bed? This development was completely different from what she imagined.

  “Don’t talk, don’t move!” Xin Tu’s hands pinched Ke Li’s neck. Her ears were perked to listen to the movements outside, then she suddenly whispered to Ke Li: “Cry out.”

  ”…” Ke Li’s neck was pinched so hard that she couldn’t see Xin Tu’s expression under the quilt. She couldn’t guess her emotions or what she was doing. She could only ask, “What?”

  What cry out?

  Xin Tu concisely said: “Cry out from pleasure.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Dammit! Why don’t you do it yourself!

  She can’t do such a thing!

Author’s Notes:

Ke Li (blushing): Although I have the experience of crying out in pleasure, I definitely won’t cry out in pleasure right now


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