Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 79

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn

Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 5

    Compared to Ke Li’s indignation and shame, Xin Tu was calm and indifferent. Her hands on Ke Li’s neck didn’t loosen at all. After a while, Ke Li began to gasp.  


    Ke Li didn’t know what was wrong with Xin Tu. She only felt that death was just around the corner. As long as the strength on her neck became a little heavier, she might directly die on the bed.

    “Won’t cry out!” Ke Li would fight to the death with Xin Tu. But she knew that Xin Tu wouldn’t have her cry out in bed for no reason, someone must be coming.

    She hesitated for a moment. Actually, she couldn’t cry out in pleasure unless she was doing it. She wasn’t a porn actress in an AV that could easily cry out in pleasure.

    Xin Tu thought that Ke Li was simply unwilling. Her ears were erected again and the footsteps outside were getting closer and closer. She thought for a moment, then her brows furrowed. Suddenly, one hand covered Ke Li’s mouth while the other moved down and touched the soft meat between Ke Li’s waist.

    “…” Ke Li’s pupils slightly retracted as if she was suddenly electrified. Her whole body trembled, trying to twist her waist to avoid Xin Tu’s touch, but it was useless.

    She never imagined that Xin Tu would make such a move. She even made her itchier since she didn’t comply.

    Xin Tu didn’t have time to care about Ke Li’s feelings. She still tickled Ke Li.

    “En… stop… hand!” Her mouth was covered and because she was overwhelmed by Xin Tu’s movements, Ke Li was stimulated and made a cry that was similar to having pleasure in bed but struggled harder under Xin Tu.

    Combined with the strong audio-visual effects, it was like Xin Tu was on a dog blood drama show.  

    After Xin Tu tickled her again for a while, she whispered in Ke Li’s ear: “If you want to live, shut up!”

    “…” Ke Li stared at Xin Tu desperately under the quilt. She felt that if she continued, her waist will be twisted into a hemp rope. She wanted to cry without tears but nodded grievously. She recorded a mark against Xin Tu at the bottom of her heart, scum girl!

    Xin Tu’s movements stopped and Ke Li was relieved. Then there was laughter that was getting closer and closer until a charming voice said: “Sect Leader junior martial sister has been hiding in the room under broad daylight all day long. Could it be that you’re doing something shameful? And won’t disclose it to your senior martial sister?”1I think she talks this way to be annoying, she calls Xin Tu with her title but adds in the greeting of junior martial sister too to show her seniority…

    “…” Ke Li laid in bed like a dead fish. Her breathing wasn’t stabilized yet. It sounded like gasping after doing the deed. When in fact, she almost got tickled to death.

    Also, she was forced to bear Xin Tu’s weight on her body, Ke Li felt it was more difficult to breathe. Fortunately, Xin Tu turned over and sat up in the next moment while Ke Li continued being covered under the quilt, leaving only a small slit to breathe.

    After Xin Tu sat up, her forehead was covered with some sweat. Her cheeks had a tint of rarely seen blush and was slightly gasping for breath. Her usual neat hair was somewhat messy which it more convincing that she just made love in bed.

    In fact, it was because Ke Li struggled too much, thus she had to move a lot. Also, there wasn’t enough air under the quilt. On top of that, she had been relatively weak these days. Because of these reasons, Xin Tu’s appearance was like this.

    She pretended she was being affectionate and tidied her clothing. Then looked at the uninvited Guan Lixian. She expressionlessly said: “Is senior martial sister so free that you can manage even your junior martial sister’s family affairs?”

    “…” Guan Lixian just casually said that as a joke before. However, she didn’t think she would actually see a bulge on Xin Tu’s bed. Her little junior martial sister seemed to be the one who just attacked.

    She choked. Her eyes revealed a trace of desolation and fierceness but then smiled again: “This senior martial sister was just worried that you are young and didn’t have experience. If you become fascinated with a pretty and flirtatious slut vixen, it would affect your cultivation and damage junior martial sister’s dignity, but also hurt this senior martial sister’s heart.”

    Ke Li: “……”

    Pretty and flirtatious slut vixen?

    She had never been called that in her entire life. Ke Li lifted the quilt to form a small slit from behind Xin Tu and looked at Guan Lixian who was talking.

    Compared with the nearly conservative asceticism Xin Tu had, Guan Lixian’s clothing was more revealing and voluptuous. With her red dress, her enticing chest was about to burst out. In addition to her sexy face, she was simply a villainess, the reincarnation of Daji.2Daji is a mythical fox spirit and concubine of the last Shang Dynasty Emperor Zhou Xin

    That lord is the pretty and flirtatious slut vixen, right?  

    Ke Li felt that this is her favorite type because she was destined to become one, but Xin Tu’s abstinence seemed more attractive.

    Doudou, who was peeping again: […]

    Guan Lixian is a martial arts practitioner, and her martial arts are still above Xin Tu. So, naturally, she was sensitive towards her surroundings and felt Ke Li’s sight. Her eyes were slightly heavy and dark. She moved her finger in her sleeve and held a silver needle as thin as ox hair on her fingertips. It seemed like she had killing intent, but her face was still indifferent.

    Then she slightly picked up her middle finger and shot the ox hair thick needle towards Ke Li, but it was intercepted by Xin Tu. Guan Lixian showed no signs of being guilty and still looked at Xin Tu with a smile.

    “Guan Lixian, you don’t need to pay attention to this lord’s affairs. You better leave my people alone.” Xin Tu used her dignity as Sect Leader and still sat on the bed without any intention of backing down, but the corners of her mouth slowly dripped with blood.

    Although her legs have recovered, she was relatively weak compared to ordinary martial arts practitioners. Also, she practiced that secret technique which was fierce and caused her great harm. Therefore, she often needed to go into seclusion to nurse herself.

    Guan Lixian was very worried when she saw this and said, “Junior martial sister, hurry and use your ability. I’ll protect you.”  

    Xin Tu didn’t respond. She knew Guan Lixian’s temperament. On the surface, she was playful to others and had a smile. But in fact, she was eccentric and behaved perversely. She would even imprison the person she liked.

    She also knew that Guan Lixian had other thoughts about her, so she was even more worried that Guan Lixian would take her position as Sect Leader. She had to firmly hold onto her power to be at ease. Otherwise, she would be imprisoned like Ke Li and finally forced to compromise.

    Xin Tu indifferently wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and slightly used her ability to suppress the chaotic qi. Then ordered her to leave: “Senior martial sister please go back. She’s afraid of strangers and is fragile. I’m afraid she can’t bear senior martial sister’s anger.”    

    “…” Guan Lixian’s face was full of disbelief: “Just now, she was lively on junior martial sister’s bed. I heard her cry out from afar and it was full of energy. It’s not convincing that she’s frail.”

    Ke Li: “…”

    Ke Li hoped that she would be more implicit. She couldn’t bear to directly hear it. 

    Doudou, eating melon seeds: […]

    Xin Tu didn’t speak. She just tapped her leg as usual, then stiffly raised one of her legs, pretending to be a cripple.

    Guan Lixian’s eyes softened. She had been distressed about Xin Tu’s legs since she was young. But when she thought that her junior martial sister, whose legs were crippled, was just doing that, she felt a pang of pain for a while. Her desire to kill Ke Li grew even more. She also wanted to see what kind of face the villainess had which made her vegetarian junior martial sister eat meat.

    As a thoughtful melon seed eater, Ke Li saw through Guan Lixian’s plan. She pinched her arm hard. Why didn’t she notice how Guan Lixian felt towards Xin Tu? Could it be that she secretly had a lily soul long ago?

    At this moment, the air suddenly became very quiet. Ke Li only felt a kind of pressure on her. Suddenly, the quilt was almost lifted. But she was pretending that she did it with Xin Tu. Naturally, she shouldn’t be wearing clothes right now. She helped Xin Tu again by clasping the quilt tightly with her hands and tightly wrapping herself in it.

    “…” Guan Lixian smiled and disdained Ke Li’s actions. She suddenly flashed to the bedside, lifted her hand to raise part of the quilt to look at Ke Li’s entire face.

    Xin Tu suddenly approached to cover Guan Lixian’s eyes, and kissed Ke Li’s lips…

    “…” Ke Li suddenly blushed.

    Guan Lixian gritted her teeth and her face blackened.

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