Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 8

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Arc 1: Escaped Woman x Escaped from Marriage – 08

Deliberately Seduce Her

When Shi Jian decided to part with Ke Li, her heart was much more comfortable, and her lips were unconsciously bent.

  As she walked all the way to the front hall, she saw the Marshal and a jade man circling about. Jiang Guo Shizi’s son was dressed in a gorgeous, modest and courteous manner, but his eyes imperceptibly showed impatience.  

  How can such a person be worthy of Ke Li when their heart and mouth differs?1 Heart and mouth differ – idiom for keeping one’s real intentions to oneself; saying one thing but meaning something else Moreover, he is only a son of Jiang Guo Shizi.

  Shi Jian frowned, she completely forgot about Ke Li’s deception. She ceremoniously greeted them and stood there, listening to them.

  ”Isn’t it inappropriate to conclude that I kidnapped your fiancée without any evidence?” The Marshal’s tone didn’t budge.

  ”If not, would she have come here herself?” Jiang Chi’s face looked normal, “I’ve come to pick up my newly married wife this visit. But Marshal doesn’t give face, isn’t it the same as not giving face to Jiang?”

  This is a serious statement. The Marshal and Jiang Chi spent half a day arguing about it. He couldn’t tolerate him falsely accusing others. But with the thought of forging good relations between the two countries, he treated him with courtesy and solemnly said, “Child be careful!”

  ”It’s rude.” Jiang Chi apologized, but the tone and demeanor weren’t good. On the contrary, there was a sense of arrogance.  

  Basically, Shi Jian sees the person’s virtues and was very glad that Ke Li had escaped from marriage. She said coldly, “Shizi’s son is worrying too much. Sister Qu is not married to you now and you have no right to care where she is. Besides, I have a good relationship with Sister Qu. Our family will protect her thoroughly and spare no effort in the world.”

  Jiang Chi wanted to directly refute her statement but saw a beautiful woman. From the bottom of his heart, he had tender feelings for the fairer sex, he smiled and warmly said, “What Miss Shi said, it’s not right. If you think about it, I have a marriage contract to Ke Si Qu since I was a child. Sooner or later, she will become Jiang Chi’s wife. Logically, I have a reason to protect her.”

  Shi Jian didn’t take it seriously, “Marriage matters, she herself needs to agree to it. If she had personally admitted that it was okay, but she didn’t. Shizi’s son is unreasonable and looking for trouble for no reason and not afraid of losing face for your country.”

  Jiang Chi examined Shi Jian carefully again.

  Originally, he lost face because of Ke Si Qu’s escape from marriage. He couldn’t even raise his head in public. He wanted to find trouble with Ke Si Qu’s family, but her family status was unshakeable.  

  Besides, he really likes Ke Si Qu, who was a first-class beauty.

  Therefore, he asked for her whereabouts and earlier found out that she was in Yeguo. In order to show his hard work, he promised to bring her back in front of the Ke father and mother.  

  There was a flicker in his eyes, and he said, “She will recognize our marriage which is a family affair. Don’t you bother with this, please invite her out, otherwise…Don’t be rude.”

  At this moment, a cold voice suddenly came from the door, “Joke, I’m a guest at Sister Shi Jian’s house and being controlled by an outsider? What about the marriage contract since I was a child? As long as there is no marriage, you can retire, even if we were married, you can stay away!”

  Ke Li walked over as if nothing had happened. She had known that someone had come to the mansion. She guessed it was this disgusting male cannon fodder. Suddenly, she regretted giving him good skin, but the inside was slag. It was really useless.

  She said that while going to Shi Jian’s side, she looked well-behaved, as if those bold and straightforward words were not said by her.

  Jiang Chi was choked by her remark. He wanted to be angry and take Ke Li back with him. He said in a warm voice, “Si Qu, father-in-law and mother-in-law are worried about you. Come back with me. We got married a year ago, I will personally accompany you anywhere you want to go.”

  His words were sincere, if they were ordinary people, they would have been fascinated. But Ke Li is his creator, she knows what this person is thinking and said in a cold tone, “I have written home and explained the situation here. But, will still play here for a while, Shizi’s son please go back.”

  Jiang Chi’s face was iron-blue that he couldn’t get his act together, he tried to look humble and polite before others, but you can’t always slap your own face.

  When Shi Jian looked at her father’s face, she said, “Uncle Zhang, see off the guest, Shizi’s son walks slowly.”  

  ”Very Good.” Jiang Chi said and left.

  Shi Jian turned to Ke Li, she had never seen Ke Li so unreasonable, strong and overbearing.

  This is the wind that opened the door. From this point alone, Shi Jian appreciates Ke Li.

  But somehow, she prefers Ke Li’s soft appearance in front of her. At that time, she was so delicate and charming that people couldn’t help but have a strong protective desire to protect her forever.

  ”Shi Jian?”

  Shi Jian suddenly returned from her thoughts and didn’t expect that she would go so far for her and it wasn’t practical. She guiltily replied, “Father.”  

  ”You talk to Miss Ke, father has to go first and do other things.” The Marshall wanted Jiang Chi to take Ke Li away, but she said she wanted to play here for a few days. The old man was not comfortable with her here and it was better for her to leave.

  When the Marshal left, Ke Li and Shi Jian stared at each other.

  Ke Li knew that what she had done was suspicious and completely out of character. According to Ke Si Qu’s temperament, even if she knew Jiang Chi’s conduct was not good, she would still call him “Brother Chi.” After all, this was the standard for a vicious woman, that is, dressing up and being coquettish.  

  She also felt uncomfortable for a moment. She looked up and cried softly and pitifully said, “Sister Shi Jian…”

  Shi Jian was still immersed in what she has just seen and heard, and has been staring at Ke Li. She didn’t know who was the real Ke Li and absently answered, “Hmm?”

  Ke Li explained: “I have nothing to do with him.”

  “Oh,” Shi Jian said, “I know.”

  Ke Li looked at Shi Jian as though she was thinking about something, she sounded helpless and happy, and said, “Sister Shi Jian, I have something to tell you.”

  It sounded like a farewell message. Shi Jian looked dimmed and said, “Let’s return to the room and talk later.”

  Shi Jian went ahead with Ke Li following closely. Although she guessed that Ke Li’s martial arts skills were not weak, Shi Jian habitually slowed down to accommodate Ke Li.

  Ke Li was happy and as usual, held Shi Jian’s hand.

  The hand was soft and boneless, and the skin smooth and tender, it was like a fine work of art. When Shi Jian held it, she suddenly felt uncomfortable. All her heat was concentrated on the palm and her palm produced a thin layer of sweat.

  In contrast, Ke Li was still the same as before.

  She had become accustomed to having contact with Shi Jian and had no conflicts in her heart, so she felt that everything was natural.  

  When they arrived in the room, Ke Li suddenly cautiously asked, “Sister Shi Jian, do you think I’m strange?”

  Shi Jian didn’t understand why she had said that and replied, “What?”

  ”It’s about me liking women.” Ke Li brewed for a while, then opened her eyes and said, “In fact, since I was a child, I like to be close to women. I think that they look good but smell good. They are soft and most of them have a gentle temper.”

  She does think that women are thousands of times better than men, but still feels straight, because she has never been attracted to other people regardless of gender. So far, the only person she has ever admired was the male god.

  While thinking about this, Ke Li couldn’t help but sigh. She also longed for love and Prince Charming, but she wasn’t a princess. She shouldn’t be so emotional, she only wanted to write stories but didn’t expect to suddenly do tasks.

  Doudou sighed as well: [Host, how good that you bend directly, all day long and you’re in trouble.]2 Subtle joke – Doudou says that she went and directly announced that she was bent and says basically how all day long she’s bent and she’s in trouble because Shi Jian is eating vinegar.

  Ke Li: “…”

  She turned to Shi Jian and thought that this heartfelt passage would gain some affection.

  However, Shi Jian’s eyes suddenly slipped and squinted at Ke Li and her tone was icy and cold, and she said, “You’ve not only smelled other women? And also touched their bodies?”

  Ke Li: “…” How does it sound like criticism?

  She was wrong. She shouldn’t have farted a rainbow. She just wanted to insinuate what she liked about women so that Shi Jian could accept easier. But she forgot that Shi Jian was a natural vinegar jar.

  Ke Li smiled and said, “No, I’ve just made an analogy.”

  Shi Jian didn’t speak and still looked at her.

  Ke Li busily explained again, “Sister Shi Jian, you have to believe me, I was born bent, didn’t smell others and didn’t touched others.”  

  It’s true that she touched her little niece. She not only touched but smell and hugged her. She was small and very soft and had a milky fragrance. She loved to pee in her arms, but she didn’t dare talk such nonsense.

  ”Oh, it’s none of my business.” Shi Jian deliberately teased Ke Li, but at that moment her heart was still depressed, there was an illusion that she could no longer control Ke Li, and then curiously asked, “By the way, what does “born bent” mean?”

  ”No… nothing.” Ke Li was afraid that Shi Jian would keep pressing the question and quickly shifted the topic, “Sister Shi Jian, do you think I’m strange because I like women?”

  She’s going step by step, first to bridge the gap between herself and the female lord, then spread the knowledge of lilies before developing the rest.

  “No” Shi Jian replied without thinking.

  Ke Li was so excited that she was about to speak, but Shi Jian stared at her again and said, “Whom you like has nothing to do with me, but I remember that you have to “repay kindness in the future” and have yet done so.”  

  Ke Li: “…” She just said it casually.

  Seeing Ke Li’s meager appearance, Shi Jian finally relaxed physically and mentally. She went out for whatever reason to explain to him Ke Li’s presence and told him not to bother Ke Li.

  In the evening, the two slept in the same bed, they usually held each other directly. But today, she found out that Ke Li liked women and Shi Jian suddenly became cautious.

  At that time, Shi Jian wanted to sleep separately from Ke Li, but she thought to herself and remembered what she had said to Ke Li. Now, if she proposed that they sleep separately, wouldn’t she had slapped her own face?  

  But she’s extremely uncomfortable.

  Although Ke Li said that she was bent, but didn’t bend, so she forgot about it and fell asleep in Shi Jian’s arms and rubbed against her softest parts.

  Shi Jian’s body trembled fiercely, as if there were feathers scratching at the tip of her heart. With the candlelight in the room, she looked at the side of Ke Li’s face which was a rough outline and suddenly suspected something.  

  Since Ke Li likes women since she was young, plus that seemingly accidental but intentional horse falling incident, didn’t she in fact, deliberately seduce her?  

Author’s Notes: The truth, and then squeeze…little leather whip waiting (* ̄ 0 ̄ )

  1. Heart and mouth differ – idiom for keeping one’s real intentions to oneself; saying one thing but meaning something else
  2. Subtle joke – Doudou says that she went and directly announced that she was bent and says basically how all day long she’s bent and she’s in trouble because Shi Jian is eating vinegar.

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