Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 80

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 6

She’s Not Forbidden Meat

  Xin Tu didn’t want Guan Lixian to see Ke Li’s face. So, she covered her eyes and was now blatantly throwing dog food.

  Guan Lixian hated Ke Li to death but couldn’t do anything about it. She always thought that Xin Tu had no love except for revenge. She also believed in boiling frogs in warm water.1Common idiom of saying the frogs doesn’t know it’s being cooked aka she will fall in love unknowingly with her over time. As long as people were around her, she didn’t care about anything else. She also believed that she would become affectionate towards her over time.

  However, she didn’t expect someone to show up unexpectedly and disrupted this plan. Guan Lixian clenched her fist and her short nails almost pierced her palm. She didn’t anxiously rush out the door in a hurry until she heard a piercing moan in her ears.

  For Xin Tu, this kiss was just to cover up Ke Li’s true identity. She wasn’t polluted with a single ounce of desire. She didn’t even know how Ke Li could moan with her lips sealed by her lips. Just a while ago, she had the appearance of a chaste woman in bed when she cried out. But right now, with a single touch, she became unbelievably…limp.

  ”…” Ke Li didn’t know what Xin Tu was thinking. Otherwise, she would be so angry that she would vomit blood and die. The kiss they shared just now wasn’t a passionate kiss. But in order to make it more realistic, Xin Tu bit her wriggling lips.

  In this world, she was a weak ‘scholar’. Her lung capacity was far less than the martial artist Xin Tu. Of course, she could only ‘humph’ to express that she was about to suffocate.

  After confirming that Guan Lixian left, Ke Li’s lips were finally liberated. She subconsciously looked at the culprit Xin Tu but saw that her face was normal. She wiped her mouth with disgust, then sat down on the bed with a look that said she was waiting for her to serve her. 

  ”…” Ke Li suddenly thought of what Xin Tu said about being her servant, which meant she would have more opportunities to speak. She really didn’t know how to control her mouth that might commit crimes when speaking.

  ”Forget about today’s things.” Xin Tu’s tone was emotionless. As if she was forced to pretend to have Ke Li in her room as a mediator.

  If Guan Lixian knew that Ke Li was the previous Sect Leader’s orphan, she would certainly take this opportunity to kick up a big fuss. At that time, it may be her who would have no freedom. If Ke Li was in her room as a mediator, then the person who will face danger would be Ke Li. Because she was her enemy, she didn’t mind letting Ke Li have another enemy.  

  But in the end, this was just a strategy to stall for time. The sudden kiss just now was a bad strategy! Xin Tu was so disgusted that she wiped the corners of her mouth again with her cuff and looked up at Ke Li.

  ”…” Ke Li felt the pressure and went up to serve Xin Tu, but her service was a hideous mess. The main reason for this was because Xin Tu held the expression that she was about to die. So, she didn’t dare have free rein in her service for fear that one little mistake would cause her death and go to the Underworld.

  Xin Tu also disliked Ke Li’s clumsiness. She pushed her hand aside and sneered coldly: “The National Teacher is really precious. Can’t even do such a small thing. What’s the use of this lord keeping you here?”

  ”…” Ke Li’s mouth moved. She wanted to say to let her go. She didn’t want to do the task. She wanted to go out and see the scenery of this different world. It was like going on a trip, but as soon as she left, she would be killed by Guan Lixian. 

  Looking at Ke Li’s submissive expression, Xin Tu picked up her chin and seemed to have thought of something. She said as light as a feather: “However, National Teacher is fortunate to have good looks and is soft and delicate. You can barely keep this lord’s bed warm.” 

  Ke Li: “…” She’s not forbidden meat!2Forbidden meat – it’s forbidden to touch meat which is said to be the most precious meat that’s exclusive to the royal family. It’s a metaphor for something precious which can only be enjoyed by oneself and now allowed to be touched by others.

  She turned her head sideways and touched the scar on her face with one hand without speaking. She had the gall to say these words but scarred her for a lifetime. She will never willingly warm Xin Tu’s bed in her life!

  The scar on Ke Li’s face was scabbed and it looked off on her fair face. Xin Tu saw that she touched the scar and didn’t speak. Her eyes looked resentful towards her but she felt that she couldn’t understand Ke Li even more. 

  Xin Tu knew that Ke Li wasn’t mute but the moment she opens her mouth, her integrity starts to break down. So, she had no choice but not speak to her unwillingly.

  There were many ways to torture her enemies. One of them was to make them do something they didn’t want to do. Xin Tu suddenly had a new agenda, she straightened Ke Li’s face.

  Ke Li was forced to turn her head back. She was nervous so she didn’t dare look at her, so she kept her eyes on Xin Tu’s chest. 

  Xin Tu’s clothes were a little messy, lined with beautiful curves, people couldn’t help but fantasize.

  Ke Li thought to herself that she was bad-tempered from being bullied like this. She was still fantasizing about Xin Tu but suddenly heard Xin Tu leisurely say: “From now on, if you don’t answer me again, then you’re a mute. I’m not stingy to make you become a real mute.”

  Ke Li: “…” Isn’t this forcing her to die early?

  Since there was already a scar on her face, she had no hope for Xin Tu to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. She was really afraid that she would turn her into a genuine mute. When that time came, it would be unspeakable bitter suffering, then she would really suffer from hardship. So, she had no choice but to answer: “Yes.”

  “You’ll stay here for the rest of your life. You can’t go out without my permission.” Xin Tu said. She took out a small porcelain bottle from her sleeve and beckoned Ke Li.

  They were both still in bed. Ke Li wasn’t far from Xin Tu but knew her good days were over when she saw that medicine bottle. She leaned over and felt like she was an obedient child.

  Xin Tu was very satisfied with Ke Li’s ‘servile’ but became more puzzled. 

  She couldn’t kill Ke Li because of her Master, so she could only torture her mentally. Imagine that the National Teacher who was once high and mighty and was respected by tens of thousands of people became a slave. Her very own slave. It sounds very tormenting, but she didn’t expect Ke Li to do it so well with no resistance.

  Don’t those kinds of people pay attention to integrity and weren’t humble but instead arrogant when facing the enemy? But Xin Tu was relieved when she thought Ke Li used to be a person from the street.

  Xin Tu opened the bottle stopper and poured out a bright white pill. She caught the pill and placed it in front of Ke Li. “This is a mind-control Gu. After consuming it, you must obey your master’s words, otherwise…”

  Ke Li looked at the white ball-size pill and subconsciously licked her lips, waiting for Xin Tu to continue talking. Since Xin Tu wanted to play a master-servant relationship with her, she should be obedient.

  “Otherwise your heart will feel as if it’s being distorted by a knife. You’re better off dead than alive. Your seven orifices will bleed, and you will die from blood loss.” Xin Tu slowly said, “Oh yes, by the way, your blood and flesh will be eaten up by the Gu, the poisonous worms, leaving only a skeletal frame covered with skin. Aren’t you afraid?”

  ”…” This is to ask a question while already knowing the answer!

  Ke Li was worried that her mind was full of fear at this time but was afraid to reply back. She tried to change her mind wisely and hinted in her heart that she wasn’t afraid at all. She was forced to reply when Xin Tu’s vision became sharp on her and her scalp began to tingle.

  ”I’m not afraid at all.”3Her ability of saying opposite of what she actually feels…AKA an ironic statement. Crow’s beak equivalent too OP

  ”…” Now, Ke Li only wanted to beat Doudou into soy pulp!4The real term is okara which is soy pulp, a by-product of making soymilk or tofu. Soybean aka yellow waste bean Doudou~~ This mechanism really had no regulations at all. She looked pitifully at Xin Tu, hoping that Xin Tu could see that she was afraid.

  Xin Tu: “…”

  Ke Li’s answers were always unexpected. Xin Tu frowned and played with the pill. It wasn’t known what she was thinking but she finally placed it in front of Ke Li’s mouth.

  Ke Li struggled for a while before finally deciding to swallow it. Anyway, the final result was to consume it. Instead of being forced to eat it after a while, it was better to be obedient now. She opened her mouth that held the pill and accidentally licked Xin Tu’s fingertips.

  Then she felt her belly became warm. After a while, it felt there was a fire. The pain was unbearable and sweat began to pour out. Then she fainted again and impartially fell on Xin Tu’s body.

  ”…” Xin Tu pushed Ke Li away, called Ghost Grandma, and motioned for her to take care of Ke Li.

  Ghost Grandma looked at the messy sheets and quilt, as well as Ke Li, who was sweating all over the bed. It was difficult to not think too much about it. She brewed for a long time before she asked, “Sect Leader, this is…” After the deed?

  Xin Tu sat down cross-legged without looking at Ke Li. She just ordered, “Take her back to the stone chamber and watch her. Recently, this lord needs to practice martial arts to recuperate. Outsiders are not allowed to disturb me.”

  She originally secretly captured Ke Li, but now she had to be more vigilant. Ghost Grandma was the only one in the sect who knows that her legs were good.

  Although Ghost Grandma had some doubts about the relationship between the two, she still affirmatively answered.  

  When Ke Li woke up, her body returned to normal and there was no Xin Tu around. She wanted to ask Ghost Grandma for some ointment that could remove scars. This extra scar on her face made her very uncomfortable.

  Ghost Grandma replied: “This scar can’t be removed. It also must be kept well, otherwise the Sect Leader will leave you with another scar.”

  Ke Li: “…” Keep it. If one day I can press Xin Tu under me, I must ask for an explanation for my scar, scum female lead!

  Doudou: […]

  Still dreaming just in case, it can be fulfilled?

  In the past few days, Ke Li had been bored in the stone chamber while recalling the original plot settings. But Xin Tu was afraid that Guan Lixian would figure out the truth and come back to trouble with her. So, she had Ghost Grandma spread some news. Later, there were rumors in the sect that Xin Tu didn’t love heroes but loved beauties. The result was that some people believed it while others didn’t.

  People didn’t believe it until someone accidentally overheard the voice of a charming woman in the Sect Leader’s room, which lasted for several days.

  However, the truth of the matter was that Ke Li was forced to learn how to cry out in pleasure. Whether in bed or in front of Xin Tu. The long story short…it’s a pot full of spiteful bluff.

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