Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 81

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Proofread by Nesryn

Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 7

Played Until Broken by the Sect Leader.

  Since she hid Ke Li in the stone chamber inside her room, Xin Tu said goodbye to her previous monotonous and boring life. After she finished her sect affairs every day, she secretly practiced for a while then went to make trouble for Ke Li.

  Ke Li attributed this to the fact that the ancients didn’t have electronic devices and went to bed early every day, so Xin Tu had excess time and energy to torment her.

  ”Are you here?” Ke Li spoke cautiously, it was more cautious than licking blood on the edge of a knife. She had no way to fend against Xin Tu’s knife-like temper.

  Xin Tun snorted ‘en’, roughly glanced at the things in the stone chamber and said, “It’s cold in the stone chamber. You come out with me at night then come back during the day.”

  Ke Li thought Xin Tu was being considerate and almost burst into tears. Then she felt that she was thinking about it too much. There certainly wasn’t such a good thing, so she secretly became vigilant.

  Xin Tu didn’t know what Ke Li was thinking and didn’t speak anymore. Instead, she maneuvered the wheelchair out of the stone chamber and returned to her room.

  Ke Li was a little confused at first. Then after reacting, she reluctantly followed behind Xin Tu, not knowing what she was going to do.

  “Shower and change.” Xin Tu really did use Ke Li as a servant. However, compared with other servants, she would secretly pay close attention to Ke Li’s various reactions. Of course, what she wanted to see most was when Ke Li is reluctant at first, then finally forced to compromise.

  Ke Li: “…”

  Now that she was a large mosquito coil, Ke Li was really surprised. But right now, she had no feelings for Xin Tu and ought to exercise self-restraint.

  Ke Li took a deep breath and walked right behind Xin Tu. She heard the slight sound of a gear turning, then the back of the wheelchair automatically flattens, leaving enough space for Ke Li to undress her.

  Ke Li untied Xin Tu’s clothes layer by layer like peeling onions. Because she was sitting in a wheelchair, all her clothes were stacked on her waist, and her beautiful white jade-like back was exposed to Ke Li. However, although her back was white, it wasn’t flawless. There were scars of different sizes on it and even a small hole, which should be an arrow wound.

  Xin Tu only had a protective umbrella when she came to Yuelan Sect. Before that, she was on her own to escape. She suffered countless injuries, small and large.

  At the thought that these wounds were afflicted on a 12-year-old child, Ke Li wouldn’t be able to bear it and was even relieved of the small scar on her face.

  ”What are you still doing?” Xin Tu’s cold voice sounded with a lot of dissatisfaction and intimidation.

  ”…” Ke Li suddenly felt that she was still too much of a Mary Sue. Because Xin Tu was the female lead of her own novel, she could wash away all the bad things she had done to her, but it wouldn’t be washed white!

  Ke Li pushed Xin Tu to the bathtub that was prepared with hot water but didn’t know what to do next. Because Xin Tu deeply despised her, she certainly wouldn’t be willing to be carried in by her, so she was motionless.

  “Dumb again? Or do you really want to be dumb?” Xin Tu felt that once she met Ke Li, her patience quickly eroded, but that impatience lasted for a moment and instead became more talkative with her monologues.1It’s a monologue most of the time since Ke Li says the bare minimum…lol…

  ”No.” After saying that, Ke Li started to sweat. Fortunately, this time her words went according to her will. She discovered that the speech mechanism was confusing because it didn’t follow any set patterns or rules.

  Xin Tu also wasn’t used to being naked as this makes her feel insecure. Not to mention that Ke Li, the enemy, was watching, so she said: “Turn around.”

  ”Yes.” Ke Li strived to answer Xin Tu’s question or command. Then immediately turned around and consciously closed her eyes.

  Xin Tu stood up and took off all her clothes and entered the bathtub. They were silent. She was enshrouded, in the hot water. Her legs, which were stiff for an entire day, were finally liberated. She took a hot bath comfortably.

  Ke Li just heard the splash of the water and began to fantasize. This was one of the most common things she did in her spare time. She started to crank her brain with oil and fantasized from the recent events, then added oil and vinegar as needed. Finally, she was able to make an action film on the bed.2So…she takes snippets of her recent memories and tinkers with them until it becomes a hot porno shes fantasizing about…LOL Therefore, she didn’t regard Xin Tu as her enemy, otherwise how would she be able to make up such a film?

  Doudou explained: [It’s because the action film is based on the host’s brain hole. You’re the attacker while the female lead is the receiver. People are always craving for the things they can’t obtain.]

  Ke Li: “…” She was speechless.

  Ke Li stood with her eyes closed for a long time until Xin Tu finished taking a bath. She already came out by herself and quietly sat in her wheelchair. Only when she heard some movement, she regained her senses, then sighed that people’s martial arts were amazing.

  As soon as Ke Li turned her head, she saw that Xin Tu was naked. In order not to be blinded, she immediately closed her eyes again.

  ”Changing.” Xin Tu wasn’t conscious about being naked.

  ”…” Ke Li felt that Xin Tu deliberately asked her to do this. If she can’t control herself and behaved improperly to Xin Tu, Xin Tu might take this as an opportunity to kill her then she would be able to see the previous Sect Leader. Sure enough, this is the principle of accompanying one’s sovereign can be like accompanying a tiger.

  After finally serving ancestor Xin Tu, Ke Li couldn’t wait to return to her stone chamber and have a good night’s rest in her own little nest. The quietness there was much more refreshing than always being fearful here. 

  However, contrary to her expectation, Xin Tu insisted that Ke Li stay and sleep in her room.

  Ke Li pointed to the bed and said: “Sleep together?”

  “A conscientious servant should sleep by his master’s side at night and be ready to serve at any time.” Xin Tu changed the wording, “It’s just that you’ll be sleeping on the floor. Some servants aren’t qualified to sleep in the master’s bed.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Ke Li could only return to her stone chamber and bring her quilt over. The first time she slept on the ground, it was chilly. Unfortunately, she could only look at the bed and sigh. Xin Tu called her out of the stone chamber to let her sleep on the floor.

  After Ke Li wrapped herself into a cocoon, she reluctantly fell asleep. Then she had a dream, a dream of being a spectator. The background of the dream was the third world, the novel with Wei Ming and the immortal doll.

  Ke Li looked at the fat chubby baby that was both familiar and strange, then doubtfully said: “Tutu?”

  Then she completely fell into that world, Tutu became her, and she became Tutu. She was also still intertwined with Wei Ming on the bed, and other sounds inevitably overflowed.

  Xin Tu had always been a light sleeper. When she heard Ke Li sleep talking, she immediately woke up when she called her name. However, her voice was very sticky and extremely soft.

  Most of Xin Tu’s face suddenly blackened. She had been an orphan since she was a child. Even her nickname was given to her by her adoptive parents. Only her adoptive father and mother would call her Tutu. Now, Ke Li, this main culprit, was unexpectedly calling her Tutu!

  When Xin Tu recalled those tragic events from that year, she had murderous intentions towards Ke Li, but then her Master’s face appeared in her mind again, as well as her dying wish. Then those murderous intentions retreated.

  Giving life wasn’t the same as raising life.3So, this phrase means that giving life aka her biological parents wasn’t the same as being raised by her adoptive parents. And she does some fancy word play with these words She doesn’t even know who her biological parents were, so she only knows raising life. However, Master’s life-saving grace and raising life taught her to dispel her doubts. Raising life was equally as important as giving life. Xin Tu has always been struggling with those thoughts these days, so she was always fascinated with Ke Li’s attitude.

  Just when Xin Tu had trouble sleeping, Ke Li in her dream made a sound again after she called Tutu and was moaning with emotion. This was obviously a spring dream.

  Xin Tu sneered. She had never seen such a big heart. After being imprisoned, she can still have a spring dream while sleeping on the floor and still call her name. A sense of offense spontaneously emerged, and Xin Tu flicked her fingers. A burst of qi rushed to the decorative porcelain vase beside her, then instantly breaks and falls onto the ground with a crisp sound.

  Ke Li suddenly heard a loud noise. She was so startled that she sat up from the ground and dispelled the dream she had of being naked, then saw Xin Tu who looked at her with a bad face and asked, “Do you like to cry out in pleasure that much?”

  ”…” Ke Li knocked on her still dazed head and her intuition had a bad premonition. If she encountered this kind of situation, she would definitely be affected by her speech mechanism.

  She didn’t know what to say at all, because when she opens her mouth, she was confident that she would say something unpleasant. However, she was more worried that Xin Tu, who was angry, would make her into a genuine mute. After comparing these two scenarios, she resigned herself to her fate.

  The result was naturally ‘I like it’.  

  Xin Tu said expressionlessly, “Okay, then you can cry out in pleasure until people get annoyed, or I’ll cut your tongue off!”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Xin Tu’s tone made her feel that she would actually do that. If she doesn’t cry out in pleasure obediently, her tongue would definitely be cut off, but…the point is that she doesn’t even know why she was being punished to cry out in pleasure.

  From then on, Ke Li, under Xin Tu’s tyrannical abuse, began her daily journey of crying out in pleasure, which gave her a psychological shadow in regards to bed affairs.

  At first, Ke Li couldn’t open her mouth at all and even wanted to die. However, this world, the so-called virtual world made the pain too realistic. In addition to being watched by Xin Tu and her poisonous tongue, she was fed Gu by Xin Tu before. So, she could only slowly compromise. 

  Ke Li’s pleasurable cries were quite realistic. It was because she saw a CV4I’m guessing it means course video teaching people how to cry out in pleasure on the Internet before. The course was nothing more than to alternate the use of ‘en’, ‘ah’, ‘ha’, and the breathing length.

  As for the reason why there was such a course, it was probably because of the content of crying out in pleasure can arouse a stronger sexual desire and a sense of accomplishment with your partner, regardless of gender. However, this experience only brought shame to Ke Li. 

  She regarded Xin Tu as her partner while Xin Tu regarded her as a plaything.

  Every time Ke Li cried out in pleasure, she blushed while Xin Tu listened expressionlessly. Like a proctor, she neither scored nor interrupted. She only leaves when Ke Li felt her throat was about to discharge smoke.

  Who made her cry out in pleasure, who made her a plaything!

  Ke Li was eager to leave this world, so when she discovered the common cold was invading her body, she wasn’t nervous at all. Instead, she was very happy. She didn’t want to stay in this world. This world was a nightmare for her. She would rather go back to the real world, even if Shen Qing urged her to get married, and she had to give in.

  By the way, in the real world, there was also Shi Jin who was very gentle. Ke Li compared the ruthless Xin Tu and the considerate Shi Jin and fainted again. This time, she was feverish.

  “Sect Leader, she has the cold.” After she finished, Ghost Grandma secretly looked up at Xin Tu. Everyone in the sect knew that these days the Sect Leader has been singing all night long.

  Although she was Xin Tu’s confidant, she wasn’t clear about this matter. She only remembers that Ke Li always returns to the stone chamber blushing and with a hoarse voice. In addition, she would accidentally leak some moans. It was inevitable that she doubted the real cause for this cold.

  “Will she die?” Xin Tu wasn’t interested in listening to Ke Li’s pleasurable cries anymore. She was planning to let her go today but she didn’t expect her to give her such a show. Naturally, she thought Ke Li was using the trick of injuring herself to gain the enemy’s confidence.

  Ghost Grandma solemnly said: “It’s hard to say, her desire to survive isn’t strong, this matter of being played with the Sect Leader…it’s being played until broken.”

  Xin Tu: “…”

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