Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 82

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn

Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 8

Bully the Weak…Fear the Strong, Scum…Scum!

  Broken by her?

  Ghost Grandma’s ambiguous words really attracted Xin Tu’s attention. These days, she really had been playing with Ke Li. To be precise, torturing her mentally and physically.

  Instead of being alone, she was forced to cry out in pleasure in front of her in bed. This was not inferior to the extreme shame and humiliation Han Xin felt from being forced to crawl under someone’s crotch.1Records from an ancient text – Han Xin lost his parents when he was very young and mainly made a livelihood from fishing. He was often given alms by an old lady who washed silk clothes. He was repeatedly discriminated and given the cold shoulder by those around him. Once, a group of evil thugs humiliated Han Xin in public. A butcher said to Han Xin: “Although you are big and tall and like to walk around with a sword, you’re actually very timid. If you have the ability, do you dare stab me with your sword? If you don’t dare, just crawl under my crotch.” So, in front of many onlookers, he crawled under the butcher’s crotch.

  Xin Tu originally thought that Ke Li wouldn’t endure it sooner or later and would beg her for mercy. However, she didn’t expect that Ke Li not only didn’t beg for mercy but also cried out in pleasure very realistically.

  The reason why demon sects were called demon sects was that many people following the correct path saw that they were people whose three views were questionable. Among them, there were some people with strange temperaments and different characteristics, such as Ghost Grandma. She really liked male homosexuality and the older she became the more she liked young people. Undoubtedly, in the eyes of people following the correct path, it was shameful, but in the sect, it was just her own interest and hobby.2I guess Ghost Grandma is like a fujoshi and probably has one of her discipline rapes the prisoner as a pastime or something. So Ke Li lucked out!

  Xin Tu also knew that in addition to Ghost Grandma, there were other people who were extremely addicted to bed matters. Some people thought that pair cultivation could strengthen the body and enhance their skills.3Pair cultivation is when 2 cultivators have sex Therefore, she often heard a lot of obscene and crazy screams and bed sounds in the past. It could even be said that it was possible to hear it anytime, anywhere.

  However, since Xin Tu became Sect Leader, she began to rectify these trends, and many things that were previously apparent gradually began to happen behind the scenes.

  But from those who cried out in pleasure, most of them could be summed up with one word: fake.

  However, Ke Li cried out in pleasure very well as if she was very experienced. Every time she knew where to adjust her cadence and where to pause when in reality, she wasn’t doing the deed.

  At the same time, Xin Tu treated it like she was grading homework. Xin Tu listened to her moans and watched Ke Li’s face and red ears every day. She also enjoyed Ke Li’s humiliating expression which gave her a strong sense of fulfilling her revenge since she couldn’t directly handle Ke Li. It was a sense of accomplishment, so…

  ”She can’t die.” This was Xin Tu’s first words after being silent for so long.

  Ghost Grandma wasn’t sure what this meant. There was a transitional period in most common cold cases. Now Ke Li was clearly in the critical period which affected her life and death. Of course, there was no shortage of highly skilled medical practitioners in the sect, so it was easy to keep Ke Li’s life, but…

  “She has a fever now and her whole body is burning hot. It’s easy to save her life but if we don’t treat it immediately, she may burn out and become stupid.” Ghost Grandma seriously said and couldn’t understand their relationship. At first, they were enemies and a few days ago they were angry when they saw each other. Recently, they suddenly changed their sexuality and sang songs at night together. But now, she was very indifferent towards her.

  Young people were really troublesome, it would be much simpler if they were straightforward! If you can’t conquer, then you will be able to conquer over time and finally be able to hold the beauty.

  “Let Sun You go take a look, be sure it’s optimistic.”  Xin Tu wasn’t as anxious as Ghost Grandma, but her eyebrows frowned slightly. She decisively said, “It doesn’t matter if he knows her identity. If he does finds out, just discreetly imprison him together with her.”

  ”…” Ghost Grandma withdrew and went to find Sun You.

  Sun You is a doctor in the sect under the direct command of the Sect Leader. Not only did he have medical expertise, but he was also tall, young, handsome, and easygoing. Thus, he had many people chase after him which could be somewhat terrifying.

  After Ghost Grandma retreated, Xin Tu gripped her fingers tightly on the edge of the wheelchair. Her face was serious, and her whole person seemed to have been frozen by the cold wind.

  How could she let her enemy die so easily? What she wanted was to slowly torture her, so that even if Ke Li wanted to die, she could only die by her hands!


  Ke Li felt that after meeting Xin Tu, she had another nightmare. In the nightmare, she was in a cage, her hands and feet were bound. She was unable to move and surrounded by ruthless flames. She was in the center and could only be burned and devoured by the flames.

  She tried to swing her limbs to escape the burning fire, however, she couldn’t escape at all. On the contrary, she faintly heard someone talking but the voice was too small and too vague. She only heard a few voices clearly, such as her desire to survive isn’t strong.

  Ke Li’s brain gradually became muddled. The voices became smaller and smaller until finally, her brain was in chaos. She knew that her heart was excited because she always wanted to leave this place.

  “Sect Leader, this little one is incompetent. She did have signs of waking up just now, but she suddenly lost conscience. Now I fear that I’m unable to turn around a hopeless situation.” Sun You said while cold sweat broke out on his face. If he had known earlier that the person that needed to be rescued was the previous Sect Leader’s orphan, why would he take on this hot potato?

  Xin Tu didn’t say anything, but her face became more and more gloomy. It wasn’t known what she was thinking but she just sat in her wheelchair and looked at Ke Li, as if she wanted to see a trace of her pretending to be sick.

  Sun You looked at her being silent for a long time, then looked at Ke Li who laid on the bed and continued to analyze: “She’s been injured before and her body is weak and she has been under a lot of stress from being wary all the time. She spent a lot of time carefully considering the words she spoke for a long time. Naturally, she would be weak. Now she has a high fever and I fear that the situation isn’t good ah.”

  “This lord doesn’t care as long as you save her.” This was Xin Tu’s only request and the pressure was bottomless. 

  Sun You resolutely said: “This little one will do his best.”

  If it was an ordinary common cold, he still had great confidence in his medical skills, but it seems that Ke Li didn’t want to wake up. Also, Ke Li’s identity was a little too much so his hands and feet were tied in this matter.4I guess he would force her wake up but didn’t want to be rude.

  Xin Tu was dissatisfied with this answer and coldly replied, “If you can’t save her, then just go and commit suicide.”

  ”…” After Sun You discussed with Ghost Grandma, he realized that Ke Li, the person who needed to be saved, wasn’t just the previous Sect Leader’s orphan but also the soon-to-be Sect Leader’s wife. He had no other choice but to put more energy in his abilities to save her.

  In this way, for two consecutive days, Ke Li was in a comatose state. Her body was cold and hot, she would have a high and low fever for a while. Xin Tu came to see her for a few times then continued to work on her own affairs. It seemed that she didn’t even care about the possibility that Ke Li may become stupid.

  It wasn’t until three days later that Ke Li finally woke up from everyone’s efforts. She opened her eyes dully and the first person to meet her eyes was naturally Xin Tu. Xin Tu’s face was as cold as ever and looked right at her. Ke Li stared blankly back, then quickly turned her back to her, I don’t want to see this scum girl!

  ”How do you feel?” Ghost Grandma kindly went forward to express concern. Usually, Ke Li spent most of her time with her and was the previous Sect Leader’s orphan. Naturally, she was concerned about her.

  Ke Li opened her mouth and wanted to speak but found that her throat was swollen. She couldn’t speak at all because of the doctor’s magical hands bringing the dying back to life. She nodded to show that she was all right, then pulled the quilt over her head and to go to sleep.

  Now she’s a mute and was undoubtedly afraid to offend Xin Tu. The worst case is that she dies but even if she dies, her mission will fail, and she will be able to escape from Xin Tu.

  As soon as Ke Li woke up, she pulled the quilt to go to sleep, but Xin Tu ignored her and continued to sit by her side.

  Ghost Grandma looked at the couple’s cold war. They resembled a young married couple. However, according to her understanding of Xin Tu, it was impossible for her to fall in love with her enemies, but this was ruled out because her enemy was brewing sauce with her.

  Ke Li just woke up from a serious illness. She didn’t have any energy at all. She just stayed in bed for a while then fell asleep again. When she woke up, she saw Xin Tu again.

  This time her throat was better, and she was able to speak freely. Ke Li said coldly, “Don’t worry. Even if you personally killed me, I won’t call you again.”

  ”…….” Xin Tu’s eyes were fierce: “Do you want to die? I won’t let you die so easily.”

  “Interesting?” Ke Li wasn’t a white rabbit that will be taken advantage of, she immediately retorted: “You said that I’m your enemy, am I your enemy? Don’t you even know that everything was ordered by the current Emperor, the former Sixth Prince? Why don’t you kill him? Instead, you captured me, the little minion, and won’t let me go. If you want to kill, you don’t have to pretend to be compassionate here, let alone worry about other things. Master is already dead but you won’t acknowledge it.”5Implying Ke Li is a replacement for Master in some way

  Ke Li closed her eyes after she finished speaking. At that moment, she wasn’t afraid of Xin Tu. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to clearly communicate. She wasn’t the least bit affected by this incident at all.

  She wasn’t the original Ke Chen, but still the scapegoat. In those previous worlds, she chose to integrate herself with the original characters, then let the female lead accept the real her. But in this world, she has no other choice but to be like this. She should clearly say the things that need to be said, and then… go from there.

  As soon as Ke Li closed her eyes, there was a cold hand on her neck. It was so tight that she seemed to almost have crushed her neck. She gritted her teeth and grinned, “That’s all you can be, cowardly and suppressing, bully the weak…fear the strong, scum…scum!”

  Xin Tu’s heart seemed to be hit by her words and her hand strength increased more and more…Ke Li felt that she was about to return to the real world and see Shen Qing and Shi Jin.

Author’s Notes:

Unexpectedly, I actually feel very sad, if only our Ke shou6shou means receiver while gong is attacker – it’s like the uke/seme you see in yaoi but for GL shakes m, the female lead shakes s… and… the reader shakes m, the author shakes s


anyway, the plot is based on people… …

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