Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 83

Translated by Novice Translations

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 9

Preparation of Changing One’s Fortunes…

  Xin Tu used to be an ordinary person. If that accident hadn’t occurred, she would probably comply with her parents’ expectations to find a husband and get along with his family. She wouldn’t have to mingle with blood and death for the rest of her life.

  However, due to the conspiracy of the current emperor and Ke Li’s actions, she began to bleed from the knife’s edge. She still remembered that day after her Master saved her. She was then taught to be cruel and ruthless to others and herself.

  So, she was forced to kill a traitor who cried and begged her for mercy. At that time, she was only 12 years old. Her tiny body was soaked in blood. When she killed, her legs were soft, and she had nightmares that night.

  But in the past eight years, her hands have been covered with the blood of countless people. Killing one more person was just a trivial matter for her now. The reason she didn’t kill Ke Li before was because of her Master.

  Xin Tu increased her strength and at the same time, she could feel Ke Li’s life passing away in her hands. She didn’t hear a single word begging for mercy, even her eyes were stubborn…

  She began to wonder if this really was the National Teacher who puts personal profit before everything else?

  ”Junior martial sister is good.” A voice suddenly sounded, accompanied by claps of applause.

  Guan Lixian, who hasn’t appeared for a long time, appeared unknowingly. Her slanted eyes were like the peach blossoms blooming in spring. She was very attractive but the whole person was much thinner.

  Xin Tu didn’t care that Guan Lixian appeared. She still held Ke Li’s neck, but didn’t continue to exert anymore force, instead she just shouted: “Leave!”

  Ke Li suddenly seemed to inhale fresh air and broke away from Xin Tu’s shackles. She covered her neck and violently coughed on the bed. The feeling of suffocation that just occurred still lingered in her heart. She felt that her lung would be coughed out of her throat at any time.

  She was scared. This was the first time she came so close to death.

  She wasn’t the real culprit, she wasn’t Ke Chen. So, why should she die on her behalf? And to choose to die in order to avoid someone who has nothing to do with her sounded so stupid and ridiculous.

  Even if she regarded this as a virtual world, she doesn’t want to die. Of course, if she continues to be humiliated by Xin Tu, she felt that she would rather die.

  Sometimes she discovered that her backbone was quite sturdy. This was probably because she knew this was just a mission world.

  Guan Lixian didn’t ignore the change in Ke Li’s eyes. She raised her lips and was silent. She turned to the side and ignored Xin Tu’s expression that was freezing cold. She said with a smile, “Sect Leader, junior martial sister, not only did you keep a mistress, but she happens to be our deceased Master’s daughter. Today, senior martial sister’s life is hanging on the line. As Master’s first disciple, how can I ignore this?”

  The senior martial sister she mentioned was undoubtedly Ke Li as she is older than them. Guan Lixian affectionately called her former love rival “senior martial sister” even though she was eager to kill her. She said those words so naturally there wasn’t a feeling of violation at all.

  ”…” Ke Li was too lazy to meddle with their affairs. If it wasn’t necessary to die, she wasn’t willing to die. Anyway, so long as she can leave Xin Tu, she will be able to leave this world.

  Xin Tu didn’t say a world. She was tired. Over these past years, she paid a lot for revenge. At first, she fawned in front of Master and pretended to be pitiful. Master often thought of her long-lost young daughter and thus regarded Xin Tu as a daughter. She naturally took the Sect Leader position that should have belonged to Guan Lixian.

  However, the enemy that was difficult to catch was actually Master’s daughter. Even if she wanted to kill her, she couldn’t. She could only appease her desire to kill her by torture. In fact, there was one thing Ke Li was wrong about, she wasn’t the only target. She didn’t only target the National Teacher who destroyed her family, but also secretly sent people into the Imperial Palace to poison the Emperor.

  The question of whether it was right to kill one person in order to save one hundred has always existed. The Emperor didn’t only sacrifice her, but he didn’t even save one hundred. All of this was due to his own selfish desires. The world needed to be saved but her family shouldn’t have been sacrificed.

  ”Junior martial sister, have you learned to become a mute since you haven’t said a single word?” Guan Lixian laughed wildly but there wasn’t the slightest warmth in her eyes.

  “You don’t need to worry about this matter. I’ll give way to you soon. This position of Sect Leader was supposed to be yours.” Xin Tu finally opened her mouth, but she pointed and also added, “But she must be mine.”

  “You can’t say such nonsense. Senior martial sister is the Master’s daughter. She is the most qualified person to become Sect Leader. Besides, you often torture her. Our Master in Heaven certainly won’t be happy if she follows you.” Guan Lixian looked at Xin Tu as if she knows everything.

  She didn’t want to admit the fact that Xin Tu fell in love with someone else, so she didn’t think much about it. After deeply pondering about it, she finally discovered her doubts.

  Xin Tu was a dense hot-tempered person. She remembers that when she was younger, Xin Tu was just a little girl. Xin Tu was guarded against everyone, so she had to spend a long time to get acquainted with her. However, she didn’t know when they became separated that Xin Tu suddenly fell in love with a woman with unknown origins.

  She sent someone to investigate this matter and after a long time, discovered the truth.

  Xin Tu righteously said, “Master told me to take care of her. Senior martial sister shouldn’t meddle in our affairs. As for whether she’s being tortured, this is what she should bear as these are the sins she must repay.”

  Guan Lixian’s face changed constantly between red and black. Instead of obeying Master’s last words, she replied: “But you should kill her. After all, senior martial sister is your enemy and you can secretly take care of her. You will still be the Sect Leader and my good junior martial sister.”

  In some respects, Guan Lixian wasn’t as moral as Xin Tu. The deceased is already buried underneath. She will never give up her happiness for the sake of her deceased Master. It was probably because she was born in the Demon Sect and she didn’t have those moral constraints.

  She admitted that the kindest thing she has ever done in her life was liking Xin Tu, so she silently guarded her but now she planned to take this opportunity.

  Ke Li: “…”

  After Guan Lixian said kill, she didn’t waste a single second. She could get rid of this person with a silver needle. It can be seen after she finished speaking, a cold light appeared from her fingertip. Although Xin Tu’s eyes are quick, she still failed to stop her. Ke Li was stabbed in the chest and her lips turned black. Dark blood stains oozed from the corners of her mouth. She looked at Xin Tu blankly then fell back and her breathing was gone.

  Xin Tu said angrily: “Who allowed you to kill her?”

  “Is it possible that junior martial sister likes her? Otherwise, she’s the enemy so it wouldn’t matter who kills her?” Guan Lixian easily said. Now there was only two of them in the room, plus the dead Ke Li. The room was too quiet after she finished speaking.

  Xin Tu forced herself to calm down, but her body trembled: “Guan Lixian, who did you planted to be near me?”

  “Senior martial sister is just taking good care of her junior martial sister. That isn’t important.” Guan Lixian raised her eyebrows and said, “Why is junior martial sister entangle with an outsider and still ignore the person in front of her? If you’re obedient, you will still be my junior martial sister.”

  “No way!” Xin Tu didn’t care about hiding her healed legs. There were all kinds of red flags that showed there was a traitor around her. Her cured leg injury would have been exposed long ago.

  Xin Tu suddenly stood up, regardless of Guan Lixian’s expression. She was ready to sacrifice one hand after using her internal force.

  Guan Lixian was already prepared and took the palm attack but her face wasn’t good. Obviously, she didn’t expect the strength in this attack. She smiled and said: “Junior martial sister’s skills have reached the point of perfection. It’s a pity that…”

  Xin Tu’s face slightly changed after listening. She only felt that her body suddenly became stiff. She raised her hand and saw that there was a little red dot in her right hand that was almost negligible. That red dot was blackening at the speed visible to the naked eye.

  ”Despicable!” Xin Tu gritted her teeth, but her legs seemed to be crippled again. She stood unsteadily and fell straight back.

  Guan Lixian quickly wrapped her arms around Xin Tu’s waist and continued: “It’s a pity that junior martial sister is still a bit young. As long as the results are what I want, what does it matter if the process is a bit despicable? Moreover, if you want to blame someone, you should blame yourself. Junior martial sister you don’t know people well.”

  ”…” Xin Tu was stiff like a hard stone now and even speaking was an issue, but her mind gradually became clear.

  Guan Lixian tightened her grip on Xin Tu’s waist. When she saw Xin Tu’s sullen face, she leaned towards her ear and coaxed: “Be obedient junior martial sister and be a well-behaved Tutu.”

  After she said that, Xin Tu’s eyes suddenly became fierce, as if she wanted to swallow her whole. Unfortunately, her eyes were like a toothless paper tiger that wasn’t a threat.

  Guan Lixian sighed, she affectionately wiped the blood stains from Xin Tu’s mouth with her thumb and changed her words: “Tutu be obedient, so you’ll be a well behaved junior martial sister.”

  At this time, Xin Tu was no longer like a paper tiger, but more like a cat with raised hackles.

  ”…” Guan Lixian didn’t know why Xin Tu’s mood changes so suddenly. Was it because she called her Tutu? Her eyebrows rose in thought. She left the stone chamber and returned to her room without a care. 

  Tutu doesn’t matter, what matters is that Xin Tu is in her arms now.

Author’s Notes:

Congratulations to the Sect Leader who suffered a counter-attack.

I’m a little happy.

Next, it’s time for Ke Li to change her fortune (But still is the female lead’s Ke shou)1shou means bottom

As for the comment section, I don’t dare read it (*/ω\* ), I wish you all a happy new year, I… I’ll come back tomorrow

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