Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 84

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ElainaWalker

Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 10

Was She This Kind of Top?

  Guan Lixian held Xin Tu in her arms and placed her on the bed. Her movements were very gentle. However, Xin Tu felt sick and uncomfortable.

  Guan Lixian looked at Xin Tu’s fierce eyes which made her look like a wary little wolf. Her eyes contained indescribable softness and suddenly appeased with a softened tone, “Junior martial sister, don’t worry. Senior martial sister won’t bully you.”

  Xin Tu: “…”

  Guan Lixian ignored Xin Tu’s eyes full of knives, instead she rubbed Xin Tu’s legs and feet.

  She kept rubbing her until she heard someone was looking for her from outside the door. She bent down to kiss Xin Tu’s face but hesitated because she was afraid that she would hate her even more. Instead she touched Xin Tu’s forehead and said, “Wait for me.”

  Ghost Grandma came over because she felt something was wrong.  

  “Ghost Grandma you came just in time.” Guan Lixian pointed to the stone chamber next door and said, “Sect Leader, junior martial sister’s maid was carelessly toyed to death by her. Ghost Grandma please take care of it.”

  Ghost Grandma subconsciously looked towards Xin Tu but couldn’t see her figure. Instead she cautiously said, “Where is the Sect Leader?”

  Guan Lixian played with her clothes and was in a good mood. She replied, “Junior martial sister suffers from an old injury and is resting in bed now. It’s not suitable for her to see people.”

  Ghost Grandma’s face slightly changed, but in the end didn’t make a fuss. She just went to the stone room and found Ke Li who had fallen to the ground long ago. Dark black blood flowed from the corners of her mouth and nostrils. After a closer look, she could see there were some tiny eggs in the blood.

  Ghost Grandma breathed a sigh of relief and secretly treated Ke Li.


  Ke Li felt dizzy. She thought she was about to return to the real world and was full of excitement. This was the only hope in her heart since she knew it meant the nightmares would end. However, she didn’t wake up.

  When her eyelids were barely opened, Ke Li thought that she was about to see either Shen Qing or Shi Jin. She even had an impulse to tell them about her experience in that mission world. Instead, she saw an antique ceiling and her heart was at a loss for a while.

  ”Master, are you finally awake?” An excited voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

  Ke Li: “…” This sounds like the first line from a script about transmigrating into a novel.

  Ke Li reluctantly turned to look at the little girl who spoke. This little girl turned out to be a complete stranger. She immediately became vigilant and said: “Who are you?”

  ”This servant is Liu Chun.” The little girl was flustered. She looked about fifteen or sixteen years old and very good-looking. Ke Li’s first thought was that she transmigrated into another mission world, so she hurriedly dragged Doudou out.

  Doudou raised its forehead and said: [Host, don’t worry. This is the original mission world. Congratulations on the host’s survival from unbearable hardship. There will be a blessing in the future for your hardship. It’s estimated that the host will become the top.]

  ”…” Ke Li looked down at herself. She still wore men’s clothes, so was she Ke Chen? But wasn’t she already dead?

  Ke Li touched her face and was puzzled. The raised scar was still there. This was proof that she was still alive in the original mission world.

  Ke Li stared at the nearest person— Liu Chun, trying to make sense of the situation. But the little girl suddenly blushed. Only then did she remembered that she was dressed in men’s clothing, so she looked away in embarrassment.

  ”Are you Liu Chun, the one from Ganzhou?” Ke Li said with some uncertainty.

  Although she didn’t know why she was maintaining her false persona, but this person was undoubtedly sent by the Emperor to protect the National Teacher.

  Over the years, most of the servants were taken care of by Ke Chen. Now they were either dead or no longer belong to anyone. After all, the Emperor’s words were the most untrustworthy. Not to mention, her existence was also special.

  From this perspective, the reason why Ke Chen was captured by Xin Tu last time was entirely due to a moment of negligence. Ke Chen didn’t expect that he provoked people from the Demon cult.1This one is hard since Chinese uses ‘genderless’ pronouns. Ke Chen was originally a man but when Ke Li transmigrated became a woman, so assuming it’s a ‘he’ here.

  Liu Chun was startled by Ke Li’s sober and confused state. After hearing Ke Li’s question, she immediately replied: “This maidservant is Liu Chun from Ganzhou. Master has finally returned. After suddenly disappearing last time, A’Da and the others searched for a long time, only then did they discovered that Master was taken by the Yuelan Sect. They were trying to prepare a way to rescue Master, but they didn’t expect that Master was secretly returned, just…”  

  ”Just what?” Ke Li suddenly had a bad feeling.

  “It’s just that Master’s seven orifices were bleeding and at that time, there were numerous little black bugs crawling out from there. It was terrifying.” Liu Chun realized that she said bad things about Ke Li, then changed her words with a stutter, “Actually, it…wasn’t terrifying.”

  Her face crinkled when she said this.

  ”…” Ke Li felt a little queasy. She pinched her fingers and strongly restrained the building nausea in her heart. Then asked, “So…then what happened?”

  “Then Dr. Gu induced Master to vomit the little black bugs until there were a pile of black eggs.” Liu Chun stammered, “And that pile was still moving.”

  Ke Li: “…” She guessed how she was able to survive, but this method of survival was too disgusting. Besides, she would rather die than live at that point if she was conscious.

  Liu Chun was still a little girl. She’s been taking care of Ke Li for a few days and she finally woke up, so she wanted to continue talking to her. She repeated what Dr. Gu said to her: “But Dr. Gu said because Master was originally poisoned by the Western Gu insects. So, when Master was poisoned, it looked like Master was dead at first. But what actually happened was that poison was used to fight poison. The Western Gu poison killed the insects in Master’s body. Now that both poisons are eliminated, this can be regarded as a blessing in disguise.”

  The more the little girl said, the more excited she became, as if it was her that experienced the blessing in disguise during misfortune.

  Ke Li looked at her infectious smile and somehow felt better. This world didn’t only have that crazy female lead, so why should she always be unhappy.

  Ke Li gave Liu Chun a big smile. She thought of something and said, “How many days have it been since I returned?”

  Liu Chun replied: “It’s been ten days since Master’s return.”

  Ten days?

  It turns out she was “dead” for ten days?

  Ke Li wanted to ask more questions, like who sent her back, but suddenly felt dizzy and had a strong sense of nausea from her stomach. Liu Chun quickly put on an appearance of a little adult and said that she was still weak and should quickly rest.

  Ke Li could only rest first. When she woke up, she was still in the cottage in the bamboo grove. Her surroundings were extremely quiet as if she wasn’t suddenly taken away by her female lead.2That’s kind of sad, cause female lead used to lock her in that stone dungeon and its always quiet in there…

  Ke Li was lying on the bed, looking at the support beam, the flickering light and the little girl who was dozing off at her bedside. She suddenly felt an emptiness in her heart, as if she was a helpless ship drifting in the sea aimlessly. No direction, no goal, no idea where to go next.

  She tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. Suddenly, she felt there was something in her clothes. She pulled it out and saw that it was a letter.

  “Miss Ke, as the Sect Leader’s confidant, this old one really shouldn’t have helped you. But this old one still respects the previous Sect Leader and can only help you and leave you here. The poison in your body isn’t completely eliminated, remember to not worry about this too much and don’t think about revenge. Over the years, the Sect Leader never had it easy… now the Sect Leader is being held hostage by Guan Lixian.  I think you’re safe for now. Get away as far as you can from Yuelan Sect.”

  Ke Li stared at the letter which became increasingly distorted. She didn’t know how she felt right now. Suddenly, she was at a loss. In this mission world, Ghost Grandma treated her the best.3Ghost Grandma MVP of this arc. Such a good person in the demon sect. QAQ

  Now that Xin Tu was held hostage by Guan Lixian, Ghost Grandma will certainly eat a loss. She got up and prepared herself to go to the yard. Liu Chun, who was at her bedside, woke up from her daydream and wanted to ask Ke Li about her intentions. But when she saw that her face wasn’t good, she could only follow behind her step by step.

  They lived in a small farmhouse surrounded by the mountains. It was a very secluded location. As soon as Ke Li went out, a man in black appeared. It was the previously mentioned A’Da.

  A’Da reminded: “Master is weak now, it’s not suitable to go out.”

  Liu Chun also echoed: “Dr. Gu said that Master should rest and cultivate.”

  Ke Li was overwhelmed by the huge contrast in treatment she received in this world. Before, she was Xin Tu’s servant, now she suddenly became the Master. The problem was that she couldn’t act strange. She could only reply to them with a straight face: “I’m not going out. I just want to know about Yuelan Sect’s recent situation.”

  A’Da was confused and looked at Ke Li inexplicably, then said, “Master please forgive this subordinate for speaking bluntly. As far as this subordinate know, the elder of Yuelan Sect, Ghost Grandma, likes homosexual males. She sent someone to secretly send Master back. Does Master have connections with her?”

  Ke Li: “…” What’s her connection with Ghost Grandma? Was it possible to cultivate feelings? Even if there was, it would be the feeling of friendship. Respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional Chinese virtue. Can’t she just respect this virtue? 

  Ke Li was speechless and replied: “I have a good personal relationship with Ghost Grandma.”

  A’Da and Liu Chun’s hearts were at their throats when they heard this. A’Da continued: “Recently Yuelan Sect isn’t peaceful. The Sect Leader changed and replaced by the Right Guardian, Guan Lixian. The original Sect Leader, Xin Tu, is missing. Some believe that she’s dead while others believe she’s imprisoned by the current Sect Leader.”

  ”…” Ke Li repressed the impulse in her heart. She didn’t believe that Xin Tu was dead. After all, she was the female lead. She wasn’t an ordinary existence.4Kind of contradictory since all the male leads either died or had a terrible end in the other worlds….

  She asked again: “What about Ghost Grandma?”

  ”Ghost Grandma is naturally Ghost Grandma, the law enforcement elder of Yuelan Sect.” A’Da looked at Ke Li suspiciously, as if asking: Is it just a good personal relationship?  

  “Liu Chun let’s go back to the house. Don’t mention anything about Xin Tu to me again. She loves death so much, so that’s where she’ll go.” Ke Li returned to her room and went to bed. She didn’t think there will come a day where she actually felt she was carved out of Shen Qing’s mold by having a set of underlings as well.5Uhh what about the President arc??? I guess you didn’t feel like you had underlings since your #1 secretary managed it all…

  Ke Li spent half a month in that small courtyard, pondering about Ghost Grandma’s words in the letter. She asked A’Da to go and prepare a new place to live. After all, Ghost Grandma already knew about her residence and it was better to not have any contact with Ghost Grandma, otherwise it would be bad for both parties.

  However, on the day that they were “moving”, Xin Tu, who loves death so much and follows it, suddenly appeared on the route they took. She looked half-dead.

  Ke Li looked at the unconscious Xin Tu with a complicated gaze: “…”

  Is this how she’ll be on top?

  Did the system even ask her if she was willing?

Novi’s Notes: Looking for a proofreader for my yuri series again.

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