Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 87

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 13


  Ke Li walked along the river beside the small bamboo grove. After roasting Doudou, she felt better but she couldn’t relax.  

  She took a seat beside the river and watched the fish frolic. Suddenly, she became irritated from watching, the fish in the river looked the same. Similar to how foreigners viewed Chinese people, they all looked almost the same.

  Suddenly a bold idea flashed in Ke Li’s mind. Could the female lead also be a transmigrator…?

  ”…” Ke Li didn’t dare continue that thought anymore, but once the thought emerged, it was difficult to eliminate. She wanted to ask Doudou for a clear answer, but that stupid system definitely wouldn’t answer. And even if it did, it might not be the answer she wanted.

  Ke Li walked along the river, feeling dazed. She wanted to know more but was afraid to know more. So, she struggled internally for a long time before she called Doudou out. However, she asked an irrelevant question instead: “Does that talking mechanism not work here?”

  When she spoke with Xin Tu today, it went very smoothly. She didn’t say anything contradicting her will.

  Doudou explained: [That’s because the female lead is now relatively weak compared to you. Thus, the mechanism has been temporarily suppressed.]

  Ke Li: “…”

  Wonderful system, wonderful setting, and her wonderful life.

  She pointed to the tip of her nose, a little proud: “Did I successfully counterattack?”

  [Host don’t be proud, it’s only temporary.]

  ”…” Ke Li yawned ‘ha’ and continued her stroll along the river for the sake of distraction. When she thought of Xin Tu, she went to discuss with Dr. Gu about the specifics of her treatment.

  After she finished, Ke Li was confused again. Doudou’s words about giving her a girlfriend in reality kept appearing in her mind. Could a single dog like her still even get a girlfriend?

  In fact, she wasn’t afraid of having a girlfriend and even yearned for it. After all, she had completed those intimate tasks of falling in mutual love. What she was afraid of was suddenly having a girlfriend without knowing about it. Moreover, that girlfriend would know everything about her while she knows nothing about her.

  This kind of girlfriend would undoubtedly be a stranger to her current self.

  The more Ke Li thought about it, the more outrageous it became but also the more likely it was true. Thinking up to this point, she didn’t want to go back to the real world. She picked up some stones and threw them into the river until all the congregated fish were scared away which made her feel more secure.

  Then another question emerged, if the female leads were different in every world, then um wasn’t she forced to be a cheater? Even though her emotions were extracted every time she completed the task, she still cares about this.

  But if all the female leads were the same, doesn’t that mean the female leads were her girlfriend in reality? Then wasn’t Xin Tu also one of them…

  After making sure Ke Li left, Xin Tu turned around and laid flat on the bed, staring at the support beam in a daze.

  She always wanted to ask Ke Li a question but unfortunately whenever she was about to ask, she didn’t know how to ask it. Why did Ke Li saved her? Just to let her escape from the tiger’s den right into the wolf’s den.

  She thought about it thousands of times but couldn’t comprehend why Ke Li saved her. There was irreparable hate between them. Even if Ke Li saved her once, it would be absolutely impossible to change this hatred.

  Xin Tu laid in bed and thought about the real reason why Ke Li saved her and whether Ghost Grandma was safe in the sect, how to extract her from there, how to regain control of the Sect Leader position and revenge…

  She continued her thoughts until Ke Li returned to the room again. Ke Li didn’t return alone. She brought along Liu Chun, A’Da, and Dr. Gu. At this time, Xin Tu was already drowsy.

  Dr. Gu didn’t treat Ke Li like a Master like Liu Chun did, thus he communicated more naturally with Ke Li. He said to Ke Li, “Wake her up. So, she can be at least a little more psychologically prepared.”

  ”En.” Ke Li glanced at the tools Dr. Gu brought and was shocked. She reached out and poked Xin Tu’s arm. Xin Tu didn’t respond and still didn’t respond after trying again. Ke Li looked at Liu Chun beside her who anxiously said: “Master, she must be pretending to be asleep! Let me shake her awake.”

  “You’re heavy handed. She can’t withstand such torture right now.” After Ke Li finish speaking, she continued to patiently wake Xin Tu. Then, she reached out to check Xin Tu’s breathing, fearing that she died in her sleep.

  Liu Chun: “…”

  Xin Tu vaguely heard Ke Li’s voice in her half-awake state. She tried to open her eyes and was about to ask her why she saved her, but heard Ke Li calmly state why she was here.

  “Remove the rotting flesh?” Xin Tu wasn’t fully awake and was skeptical.

  Ke Li nodded, “En, you need to endure it for a while.”

  Xin Tu froze for a while then replied, “Okay.”

  The way they communicated was too simple. Liu Chun beside them had an incredulous expression, how can they act like this? How is she so calm? Why didn’t she throw a fit? Aren’t they enemies? 

  In fact, Ke Li also wanted to see Xin Tu as her enemy. Even though her brain guessed those various speculations, she still had a grudge against Xin Tu. That obvious scar on her face represented that exclusive feeling. Thanks to Xin Tu, she couldn’t simply forget the past.

  Xin Tu saw Liu Chun standing beside Ke Li with pursed lips. Liu Chun reluctantly spread open Xin Tu’s lapel to reveal the snow-white inner lining. If that was peeled away, then her skin and maybe even her chest would be exposed.

  Even though Xin Tu knew this was for her recovery, she still couldn’t accept the fact that she would be undressed in front of so many people. When she suffered from that humiliation, her face suddenly turned blue and white. Her eyes involuntarily looked at Ke Li.

  When Liu Chun’s hand began to take off her clothing, Ke Li suddenly reached out to stop her and said, “It’s inconvenient for A’Da to be here. Leave first.”

  A’Da had his head bowed in shyness and felt wronged at this time. He further lowered his head and persuaded: “Master, this evil girl is vicious. Master and Dr. Gu doesn’t know martial arts. In case something goes wrong…”

  Ke Li interrupted him and said, “There’s also Liu Chun.”

  A’Da felt awkward and replied: “But Liu Chun doesn’t know martial arts either.”

  “Xin Tu is now a waste like you said before.”  Ke Li cleared her throat and continued, “Anyway, you can leave first. I’ll bear the consequences myself.”

  A’Da had to leave while Ke Li took over Liu Chun’s task of taking off Xin Tu’s clothes. When her skin was revealed, the wound was also completely exposed.

  Dr. Gu took out silver needles and knives that he prepared beforehand and said, “Help her sit up. The wounds on both sides are very serious and the rotten flesh needs to be removed.”

  Ke Li helped Xin Tu up. Out of convenience and saving time, she had her lean against her arms. Suddenly, she felt that Xin Tu was so light that it seemed like she lost weight from more than those two places.1Pretty sure she’s talking about Xin Tu’s flat chest being flatter and now having a nonexistent butt.

  She remembered the time when Xin Tu pressed and teased her in bed. At that time, she felt that Xin Tu wasn’t only heavy but also full of strength. The current Xin Tu was like a ball of cotton that had no weight.

  “In a moment, you’ll have to hold her arms firmly.” Dr. Gu initially asked Ke Li to restrain Xin Tu, then when he was prepared, he took a piece of cloth and put it in Xin Tu’s mouth and said: “It’s okay to grind your teeth to endure the pain. You don’t have to burden yourself psychologically.”

  ”…” Xin Tu nodded. Since she was forced to lean on Ke Li’s arms, she could feel the softness of Ke Li’s chest, thus her body curled unnaturally. However, for the sake of her life, she will endure this.

  Dr. Gu was experienced with removing rotting flesh. He first sealed Xin Tu’s acupoints with the silver needles, then took a knife to quickly and accurately perform the procedure.

  As soon as the cold knife tip touched the ulcerated flesh, Ke Li gulped as if the knife was cutting into her. Her hands reflexively grasped Xin Tu’s arms and at that moment she finally realized how painful this procedure would be. If she wasn’t afraid of affecting Dr. Gu’s performance, she would have probably “hiss-ed” to express her pain.

  However, the person receiving the procedure, Xin Tu, just gritted her teeth and large sweat beads dripped from her forehead. As the tip of Dr. Gu’s knife got closer to the bone, Ke Li could feel Xin Tu’s body tensing tightly and still kept silent.

  ”En…” After the rotten flesh was removed and Dr. Gu began to scrap the remaining rotten flesh from the bones, Xin Tu finally groaned. The hair in front of her forehead was already wet with sweat and her body trembled slightly from the almost unbearable pain. She began to struggle involuntarily.

  Ke Li had to use her right hand to restrain Xin Tu since her left hand was occupied with covering Xin Tu with the nearly fallen clothing.2I guess Ke Li moved the clothing down enough for them to do surgery so she isn’t completely exposed… This action caused Xin Tu to be slightly fatigued. Maybe it was because the wad of cloth was too uncomfortable to bite or revenge that caused Xin Tu to suddenly spit out the cloth and bite Ke Li’s forearm.  

  Ke Li deeply inhaled.

  ”…” She admits that her soft heart is a disease that needs to be treated.

  In the future, even if there’s a peerless beauty who will die in front of her, she won’t be softhearted.

  After removing the rotten flesh from the front and back, Ke Li and Xin Tu were hugging each other. Although the rotten flesh was removed, Ke Li’s shoulder wasn’t spared from being bitten.

  Xin Tu’s condition wasn’t good after the procedure. After bandaging the wounds, she fell into Ke Li’s arms full of sweat. She unknowingly fell unconscious and there was blood dripping from the corners of her mouth.

  Ke Li: “…” I need a rabies vaccination.

  “The next two days will be critical. She must be carefully taken care of during this time. It’s very easy to get an infection and a fever.” Dr. Gu left some medicine to aid in muscle recovery and taught Liu Chun how to bandage. Then he went to bandage Ke Li.

  The wound on Ke Li’s arm and shoulder was covered with cloth, so only bloodstains were seen and the swollen lump. She rolled up her sleeve on the arm Xin Tu bit and directly revealed the bloody wound.  

  When Liu Chun applied medicine to Ke Li, Ke Li’s body trembled with tears flowing from her eyes when the medicine was slightly applied. She greatly wished for Xin Tu to get better soon so she could repay her with a few bites back.

  Unfortunately, Xin Tu’s condition didn’t get better. She didn’t wake up since the procedure and developed a high fever due to an infection.

  Sometimes, Ke Li even secretly thought that if Xin Tu became a fool, she might even forget her vengeance from being bitten.

  With her original intention of taking good care of Xin Tu, Ke Li almost spends every day in Xin Tu’s room. One day, she just wrung the towel when Liu Chun came over and advised, “Master, you’re still injured. Let me wipe her.”

  Ke Li didn’t want to be idle and joked, “You and her are like enemies. It seems that every time you put her hand on her, her life is endangered. This time, you might rub her to death.”

  The aggrieved Liu Chun: “…”

  Ke Li wiped Xin Tu, applied medicine and changed her bandages. Then she yawned ‘ha’ with her head up and fell asleep beside her bed. As soon as she fell asleep, she thought about her shoulder pain. Obviously, the wound hasn’t completely healed. She felt that she wasn’t just taking care of Xin Tu, but also taking care of the other female leads from the other mission worlds, Shi Jian, Shi Lin Luo, even Wei Ming…

  Although her emotions were neutralized, the past still exists and won’t disappear.

  Xin Tu woke up from thirst. When she woke up, she saw a head asleep beside her bed. Her mouth was slightly open and the scar on her right cheek was as wide as an index finger.

  Xin Tu looked at Ke Li dumbly and felt that the scar on her face was dazzling.

Author’s Notes:

The arc isn’t finished yet _(:з」∠)_

It shall continue tomorrow.

To be honest, I never thought that this world would be like this.

In my imagination, this world would be a little black house with all kinds of play.3Usually means some taboo stuff and fetish. For yandere novels, also means being imprisoned in the cage.

As a result…that wasn’t achieved and Ke Li needs to be cheered on.

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