Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 88

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 14

Metrorrhagia?1Means abnormal bleeding from the uterus

  The scar on Ke Li’s face didn’t look terrifying anymore. It might have been because of the scar-removing plaster she was using recently. The scar was being treated and showed signs of fading, although it would be impossible for her face to be as perfect as before.

  Xin Tu stared at Ke Li’s scar with complicated eyes in silence and didn’t move.  

  Right now, she only had the strength to wake up. The only thing she could move flexibly was her eyes. Her body was still in a state of extreme thirst. At this moment, her desire for water was like a fish flopping on the shore.

  But she didn’t want to wake up Ke Li. Xin Tu interpreted this feeling as not wanting to ask others for help. Besides, Ke Li’s existence to her was complicated, she was her enemy and benefactor.

  Ke Li didn’t sleep well. Her sleeping posture caused her neck to be sore and uncomfortable. If she slightly moved, her wounds felt like it was tearing.

  ”Hiss…” Ke Li finally couldn’t sleep anymore. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Then twisted her neck then yawned ‘ha’ indifferently. Finally, her hand that was stretched out to cover her mouth was frozen in place.

  She didn’t know when Xin Tu woke up. But that wasn’t the point. The point was that she was staring at her right now…

  ”…” Ke Li sat upright, retracted her hand, and arched the corners of her mouth. But because of the bite, her eyes became a little fuzzy, and tears formed when she comfortably yawned ‘ha’. 

  Ke Li stroked her face in a pretentious manner. She was afraid that she did something that affected her image since Xin Tu kept staring at her. She said naturally with a straight face, “What are you looking at? Is this your first time seeing a beauty wake up?”

  ”…” Xin Tu moved her lips but didn’t say anything. Her voice was like a dried-up riverbed. She couldn’t speak at all.

  ”Hey, why are your lips so dry?” Ke Li poured a glass of water but noticed the water was a little cold. She opened the door and asked Liu Chun to fetch hot water.

  Xin Tu’s lips right now was like those popularly seen on TV dramas, cracked and parched. While waiting for the water, Ke Li reached out to touch Xin Tu’s forehead. Her temperature still hadn’t returned to normal, but it wasn’t as hot as before. At least it was cooling down.

  Liu Chun’s efficiency was very fast. She quickly brought in hot water.

  Ke Li just poured a cup of hot water when she saw Xin Tu gulping. Did she really want to drink water that badly?

  She admits that she was concerned even though she still has a grudge. Her swollen arm still hurt as soon as she touches it, not to mention the one on her shoulder.2When Xin Tu and Ke Li were “hugging” during surgery, Xin Tu was actually biting down on Ke Li shoulder the entire time…. Ke Li slowly waited for the water to cool down. During this time, she saw Xin Tu’s face getting worse and worse with her eyes staring at her more viciously. However, she was still feeling vengeful.  

  “Here, this is the water Liu Chun boiled. You can drink it if you’re not afraid of being poisoned.” After Ke Li finished speaking, she scooped a spoonful of warm water to Xin Tu’s lips and watched the cracked, chapped lips transform into full attractive lips. She couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

   Xin Tu who was currently alive by relying on someone’s charity: “…” 

Otherwise, how would she experience being thirsty but being handfed with water? After her throat was moistened, her throat became much more comfortable. She could probably speak, but she didn’t make a sound. She just quietly waited for Ke Li to finish her mischief.3Xin Tu knows that Ke Li wants to feel high and mighty over her so she’s playing along.

  Sometimes Xin Tu wonders how Ke Li was able to destroy her entire family with her way of scaring people. But still, even children could be evil, not to mention the adult Ke Li. In the face of self-interest, everything else was a joke.

  Ke Li was a little drowsy now, thus she was impatient. After feeding Xin Tu water and asking Liu Chun to watch over her, she was ready to return to her room to go to sleep. However, once she got up, her arm was suddenly grabbed, which caused her to jump in pain.

  Ke Li unconsciously slapped Xin Tu’s hand and angrily said, “You’re sick ah! Intentionally harming others.”

  Xin Tu rubbed her hand against the quilt unknowingly. She knew that the back of her hand was red without looking at it, but this was insignificant compared to her purpose.

  Her lips moved. But right when she was about to speak, Liu Chun grabbed Ke Li’s hand nervously and sulked, “Master, how is your hand? I said that this bad woman isn’t reliable and has bad intentions. I knew we shouldn’t have saved her.”

  “It’s nothing. She’s already saved so just finish what was started. There’s no need to save on medical expenses.” Ke Li rubbed the bruise on her arm and cautiously looked at Xin Tu, “Were you purposely trying to get my attention? Come on, say it. What trick are you playing?”

  ”I want to see Dr. Gu.” Xin Tu’s voice was very soft and light. Along with her pale and feeble face, it made people want to commit a crime but also created a strong desire to protect her.

  However, Ke Li hoped that Xin Tu could see reality clearly and rudely replied: “You want to see, but Dr. Gu isn’t a person from your sect. Also, with your current physical condition, how can you see a doctor? If you don’t recuperate, you will see your creator.”

  Xin Tu: “…”

  “What are you looking at? Liu Chun, am I wrong?” Ke Li looked at her little fangirl Liu Chun.

  Liu Chun echoed: “Master is right. If someone goes to see their creator, it will save me on time and effort in preparing medicine every day.”

  Ke Li and Liu Chun spoke in union with great enthusiasm. Xin Tu was very angry with this master and servant pair. She could only look at the hot water on the table and wonder how she can see Dr. Gu again.

  Ke Li thought she really wanted to drink the hot water. She scooped the water to her mouth with a porcelain spoon and gently poured it in her mouth: “Drink it. Make sure to take good care of yourself after drinking. I don’t want you to embarrass me when I save you. It happens that my family’s Liu Chun is still a little servant girl who wants to be ordered around.”

  Liu Chun, who was flattered by this unexpected compliment: “…”

  ”…” Xin Tu rarely saw Ke Li’s awkward appearance. Although her teeth slightly hurt from the porcelain spoon, she still obediently drank the water she poured. As a result, she almost choked. She coughed like she was out of breath with glistening eyes.

  Ke Li looked at Xin Tu dumbfounded. Her brain suddenly had an epiphany. Her voice became extremely soft when she strangely said, “What’s the hurry, no one will rob you…”  

  Before she finished speaking, Ke Li froze on the spot when she looked at Xin Tu. She put the bowl on the table and wiped the water stains on Xin Tu’s neck and rudely said, “I can’t solve your physiological problems after you drink too much. Don’t look for me once you need to go!”

  Xin Tu: “…”

  Ke Li wrinkled her nose and said, “The medicine in this room is too strong. I have to leave for some fresh air. Liu Chun, you stay and watch her. Don’t let her run away.”

  ”…” Xin Tu and Liu Chun looked at each other in dismay at the same time. Then both turned away because they didn’t want to see the other.  

  Ke Li was annoyed to death right now. Xin Tu was just a little weak and wasn’t about to die. The damage she caused to her young mind wasn’t easily appeased. 

  Ke Li walked around the small courtyard anxiously. Her hand and shoulder hurt, and she was still drowsy. She directly crossed Xin Tu’s room to return to bed. But before the God of Dreams could take her, she heard a knock on the door.

  ”…” Ke Li’s anger rose and almost caused her to burst into a swearing fit. When she opened the door, she saw Liu Chun with a worried face.

  “Master, she’s bleeding a lot, but she won’t let me touch her. And Dr. Gu happens to be away…” Liu Chun was so anxious that she started to cry. She was always timid and had no resistance towards blood. She felt uncomfortable looking at her. That’s why she can never forget the wound on Xin Tu’s shoulder. Thus, she still felt somewhat guilty now.4Guilty from not giving her medicine and treating her wound daily when they were traveling.

  ”…” Ke Li pursed her lips, suddenly grateful that heaven was fair.5Cause Xin Tu hasn’t suffered as much as Ke Li would like and she’s finally suffering LOL

  “Where is she bleeding at? What’s the situation now? Is she suffering from blood loss?”

  Liu Chun looked embarrassed: “…”

  ”…” After Ke Li spoke, she realized she asked indecent questions. Then Ke Li recalled that this wasn’t the 21st century, and Liu Chun was an ignorant girl. Is it possible that she’s suffering from metrorrhagia?

The author has something to say:

The author doesn’t dare have something to say…6It’s actually translated ‘the author has something to say’ but I use Author’s Notes since its shorter and more professional sounding. I left it this way to leave her pun behind…

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