Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 89

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 15

Shut Up and Go to Sleep

  Due to Liu Chun’s anxious expression, Ke Li didn’t even have time to tidy herself and went to Xin Tu with her hair scattered. As a result, the atmosphere in the room was a little ambiguous.

  As soon as Ke Li arrived, Xin Tu became extremely vigilant. As if she was coming to take advantage of her. Ke Li turned around and asked Liu Chun, “What’s going on?”

  Initially, she guessed this incident was related to her relative visiting but concluded otherwise after seeing her.1They use relative instead of grandaunt or the other many references of periods The wound on Xin Tu’s shoulder oozed dark red blood, but her hand was clutching the quilt at her abdomen. Her teeth were tightly clenched and the blue veins on the back of her thin hand bulged. This wasn’t a simple cause of menstrual pain.   

  “She was okay at first but when I wasn’t paying attention…she suddenly became like this. As if the water you spoon-fed her accidently spilled on her wound.” Liu Chun added hesitantly, “It’s unlikely that her menstruation came. Also, she wasn’t moody, right?”

  Ke Li: “…”

  This was her initial thought as well. But as the author mother, she never wrote about Xin Tu’s menstrual pain ah.

  Ke Li saw that the wound on Xin Tu’s shoulder was shedding more blood, but Xin Tu was still moving because of the pain. Ke Li didn’t care about anything else. She stretched out her hands and held her shoulder, warning in a low voice: “Don’t move!”

  Her warning was quite domineering like an overbearing president. Xin Tu suddenly resembled a frightened little white rabbit and didn’t move. But just when Ke Li loosened her hands, a warm object was pasted on her left shoulder without warning along with intense pain.

  ”…” Ke Li immediately bared her teeth and wanted to swear from the pain. However, when she opened her mouth, she couldn’t swear. Her shoulder was held captive by Xin Tu’s warm lips and teeth and her body was tightly hugged. Her bones felt it would break, but she could feel Xin Tu’s cold trembling body.

  What’s going on?

  “Liu Chun, go and get another quilt.” This discovery made Ke Li temporarily forget the fact that her left shoulder was being bitten.

  She felt that what she was holding wasn’t a person but rather a piece of ice. She was so cold that she was shivering. After Liu Chun added another quilt, Ke Li felt more comfortable. However, this was a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure. Gradually, Xin Tu showed signs of lethargy.

  Ke Li laid in bed with Xin Tu to comfort her then said, “Go and get Dr. Gu.”  

  “Dr. Gu has gone out to the clinic. I’ll ask A’Da to find him.” Liu Chun said hurriedly and left.

  The room was quiet for a moment with only the sound of Xin Tu’s chattering teeth. Ke Li thought for a moment and rubbed Xin Tu’s back.

  She warmed her up with the friction from her palms then tentatively reached into the quilt. She wanted to put her hand on Xin Tu’s abdomen. But before she could reach it, she noticed that Xin Tu was stiff, and she was struggling with her hands. Ke Li whispered, “Don’t move. My shoulders hurt whenever you move.”

  She said then exhaled sharply to match her image to her words.

  Xin Tu’s mouth was still attached to Ke Li’s shoulder. Although they were separated by thin clothing, Ke Li wasn’t wearing “proper clothing” this time. The clothing wasn’t as thick as usual and didn’t act as a barrier at all.

  When Xin Tu became drowsy, she tasted something salty on the tip of her tongue. Her eyes were heavy, and she began to calm down.

  “You probably have… Palace Cold illness. My hands are warm.” Ke Li said and placed her hand on Xin Tu’s abdomen. This time, Xin Tu didn’t stop her.2So uh this is the Chinese medicine tradition name of this illness. Common western words is actually inflammation of the uterus but there’s no direct translation since it can be many different things.(This is similar to a broad diagnosis term)

  Xin Tu didn’t have any excess fat on her abdomen, but Ke Li sighed due to her good figure. She rubbed her thoughtfully and became more cautious after noticing that Xin Tu relaxed.

  The two held each other in a strange position along with Ke Li’s hand in that ambiguous place.

  Xin Tu had always been strong, but her recent experience forced her to admit that she had a weak side. Now she was unconsciously holding Ke Li like she was a heater and was reluctant to let go.

  Half an hour later, Xin Tu fell completely asleep. Her body was still very cold, but Ke Li wasn’t as warm as before. Fortunately, Dr. Gu returned.

  Ke Li didn’t dare to move at all. She just moved Xin Tu’s arm so Dr. Gu could feel her pulse then asked him to use the needle on Xin Tu to help with the diagnosis. This gave her the opportunity to get out of bed. She rubbed the goosebumps on her arms and said, “How’s her condition?”

  “Her body is weak and there are signs that the cold invaded her meridians. She also had a high fever before. Now that she alternated between hot and cold, her body can’t endure it. So, don’t wake her up and let her rest for a while.” Dr. Gu said and pierced Xin Tu with two more needles to aid in sleeping deeply.

  Ke Li frowned: “Isn’t this an ordinary Palace Cold illness?”

  Dr. Gu shook his head and replied, “This is an illness that can only occur after traveling through extremely cold places. Long term exposure to these extremely cold places is harmful to a woman’s body. In light of this, her monthly affairs will be irregular. At worse, she may become infertile and even her appearance will be prone to aging.”

  This was a really embarrassing, but important topic. Fortunately, Ke Li was a modern person. She didn’t waste time being embarrassed but thought about how Xin Tu suffered. Then asked in a daze, “Can she be cured? What can be done?”

  “This is difficult to say. The best thing is to pay attention to recovery and I’ll prescribe medicine. Also, she will need to avoid the cold from now on.”

  Because Xin Tu hadn’t woken up yet and Dr. Gu was still there, he saw that Ke Li was asking on Xin Tu’s behalf and was always gentle when she handled her. He couldn’t help but wonder: “Before when you were taken away, there was also news from inside Yuelan Sect. The Sect Leader Xin Tu is interested in women and often sang3This is referring to the crying out in pleasure thing with a woman every night. Is this true? And was this woman you?”

  Doctors were mostly categorized into two types. One who likes to follow the rules and be conservative, while the other likes to be eccentric and unconventional. Undoubtedly, Dr. Gu belonged to the latter.

  ”…” Ke Li denied it immediately, “Isn’t it her business if she likes women? How does that involve me?” Even if she was involved, it was forced, okay?

  “I don’t think you’re that kind of person, but your attitude towards her is really suspicious.” Dr. Gu smiled and laughed ‘hee hee’. Then touched his beard and his expression suddenly changed. He looked a little uncomfortable and said, “How’s Ghost Grandma?”

  This question was really unexpected. Ke Li was very interested and bluntly asked, “Is she your old friend?”

  ”…” Dr. Gu coughed embarrassingly and pushed out the curious Liu Chun next to him. “Predestined short-lasting love. Young people shouldn’t say such things so coarsely.”

  ”…” Ke Li was looking for gossip, but Dr. Gu was unwilling to continue, so she said, “Ghost Grandma took care of me a lot this time. I’m very grateful to her. After I left, she should be fine.” If she isn’t involved with Xin Tu.

  Dr. Gu smiled and replied: “That’s good.”

  Ke Li said: “Although the past is over, you can still chase her.”

  “Don’t mind it. That was the time in the past.” Dr. Gu looked up and sighed. He lamented, “At that time, I was young and vigorous. We didn’t agree and had to walk our separate ways. Now that I’m old, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s a pity that many of my good years were wasted.”

  Dr. Gu usually pays attention to self-cultivation and nature, thus he was very spiritual. His face was red, and he really couldn’t bear the fact that he was getting old. And even if he lives a long life, he didn’t have much to live for.

  ”…” Ke Li was really taken aback by this elderly cp pair. Also, she saw that Dr. Gu wanted to remind her of some things. However, talking about Xin Tu was out of the question.

  At most, she treated Xin Tu a little better because she was the author mother. Also, she had nothing to do here and was idle most of the time. She thought it would be better to take care of the female lead she worked hard to conceive. This was her justification, and it was something that needed to be done.

  “Today I heard in the nearby village that someone was looking for someone. The person was an old lady. I suspect that she’s a member of the demon sect. You should be careful and try not to go out these days.” After reminding Ke Li, Dr. Gu wrote a prescription for Liu Chun and left in a hurry.

  Ke Li: “…” That’s not Ghost Grandma, right? No wonder he suddenly asked how that old lady was doing.

  Ke Li looked at Xin Tu thoughtfully and finally treated the wound on her shoulder. She cried when she felt the wound on her shoulder.

  “This woman is really a tigress. Master, don’t save her next time…” Liu Chun said while applying medicine on Ke Li. She recounted all of Xin Tu’s crimes and talked meaningfully nonstop.

  Ke Li also agreed with Liu Chun’s words. She also felt that she brought a “tigress home”. But it wasn’t good to speak ill of others. Especially when Xin Tu was still in a coma, so she replied, “Okay. You leave and I’ll deal with the rest.”

  Liu Chun could only leave but before leaving, she recalled all the bedding she had to wash these days. Then fiercely cursed Xin Tu in her heart.


  When Xin Tu woke up, Ke Li was asleep beside her bed. She was still wearing the white robe with her hair casually scattered. Xin Tu was slightly surprised. When her memory resurfaced, she recalled that cold sensation from her lower body that was completely gone. She froze and stuttered, “I…”

  “I took care of it for you.” Ke Li craned her neck and yawned. She said with her eyes closed, “Shut up and go to sleep!”

  This time, she will fight 300 rounds with the God of Dreams.

  Xin Tu: “…”

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      Actualy there is no justifying Xin Tu’s actions, but Ke Li seems somewhat detatched, possibly from viewing her time in this “world” as transient and not as important as the real world, so these might influence her decisions. Certainly she admits to feeling some level of responsibility for Xin Tu.

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