Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 90

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn

Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 16

    “Shut up and go to sleep.”

    After Ke Li finished, she fell asleep again. Xin Tu wanted to say something but was too late. Even though she wanted to do something, she only felt her face heat up, and all kinds of emotions surged in her heart. She even felt embarrassed looking at Ke Li.

    So… could that kind of thing be handled so casually? 

    The most embarrassing part was that Ke Li even said it so bluntly.

    Xin Tu had to distract herself with other things, but now that her body was so weak, she couldn’t even get out of bed. She could only roughly examine herself. The wound on her shoulder was re-bandaged and based on the knot, she knew it was Ke Li. Fortunately, her clothes weren’t changed.


    Xin Tu glanced and saw the light, red teeth marks on Ke Li’s shoulder. She recalled the strength of that bite from that time and didn’t know what to say for a while. Finally, she simply copied Ke Li and fell asleep, pretending that nothing happened.


    This was the only dream Ke Li had since coming to this world.

    In her dream, there was no Xin Tu, a ruthless biting maniac. Or Doudou, the spicy chicken system that always plotted against her. Instead, there was the gentle and intellectual Shi Jin and Shen Qing, who always urged her every day to marry.  

    What a familiar life ah. Ke Li felt that her entire body was liberated like never before.

    In the dream, Shi Jin gave her a big white bear pillow. As for why she gave her that, she didn’t know. Although she didn’t want it, naturally she was extremely happy.

    It was a soft white pillow. When sleeping at night, you can have a good night’s dream. The only downside was that…the chest area was a little small?

    No, besides little Doudou, it’s as flat as an airport runway, which is flatter than her airport runway.

    Ke Li hugged the pillow and unconsciously “measured” the cup size with her hands. She kept doing so until she felt hot air hitting her chest and felt that her chest was a little stuffy. She almost kicked the useless white bear pillow out of the bed on the spot…

    “…” Ke Li didn’t think that there would be such heavy consequences of sleeping deeply in her whole life. She didn’t know that there was a person in her arms and her hands were still on her chest. Although her chest was basically flat…but it still feels like a chest.

    She moved her fingers one by one like a thief in the night. She was very eager to withdraw her fingers from this place that she didn’t want to be at but was worried about waking up the person in her arms. If she woke up, it would be a messier situation that she will have to clean up.

    When Ke Li returned her right hand back to her normal position, she was sweating. Her left hand was resting behind Xin Tu’s head acting as a pillow.

    Her next reaction was to feel if her clothes were still on. Then she sighed afterwards, Her…her tofu was eaten!

    Although, she didn’t suffer.

    Despite this, Ke Li was still stiff and didn’t dare to get up. She was afraid of accidentally touching Xin Tu’s wound and waking her up. If she woke up, she would ask why she was holding her. If she couldn’t explain herself clearly, then the situation will worsen. What’s more, she didn’t know how Xin Tu was in her arms.

    Ke Li decided to act preemptively right when Xin Tu opened her eyes. She reclaimed her left hand from behind Xin Tu’s head as quickly as possible, sat upright, and solemnly said, “Say, how did you escape from Guan Lixian? If you confess, I’ll be lenient, otherwise, I’ll be strict.”

    Xin Tu was somewhat dumbfounded: “…”

    Then her cheeks heated up uncontrollably.

    Ke Li was shocked at the sight of Xin Tu’s heated face. She was afraid that she was under the impression that she was “ravaged and defiled” by her. But in reality, Xin Tu didn’t find any faults and her flushed face was normal after waking up. What wasn’t normal was dishonestly sleeping on Xin Tu inappropriately and even burrowing oneself on her chest.

    Ke Li gulped and cleared her throat and explained eloquently, “You can cure the disease once knowing the root cause. This is what Dr. Gu told me before he left. I’m not concerned about you. Don’t even think about it, let alone be sentimental.”

    “…” Xin Tu’s face gradually became normal but didn’t speak. Instead, she just placed her hands on the side of the bed. It looked like she wanted to readjust herself by sitting up and laying back down. Then she quietly stared at Ke Li, as if she saw something strange in her eyes. 

    Ke Li moved uneasily. She recalled the dream she just had and felt even guiltier.

    Fortunately, Xin Tu’s attitude of ignoring others includes not being interested in questioning others. She really didn’t care about others. Ke Li said, “Okay, it doesn’t matter if you won’t say it. Anyway, it’s none of my business. So, just stay here and continue resting on your own.” 

    Her tone was initially normal at first, but the more she spoke, the higher the volume. Ke Li didn’t know why she was so angry.

    She didn’t want to admit that she was the only one who cared about this matter from beginning to end, but Xin Tu didn’t say. Anyway, Xin Tu wasn’t her.1Ke Li is confused about her feelings, she’s mixing this incident up with still wondering if Xin Tu is her girlfriend in real life. Also, what she really wanted to know about/care about as well is how Xin Tu escaped from Guan Lixian. She just had a dream and happened to appreciate an airport runway as well. Who doesn’t have an airport runway? Besides, I don’t have to take any responsibility for touching it. I was the one buried in her chest!

    The more Ke Li thought about it, the angrier she got. She angrily got off the bed. When she was putting on her shoes, she tripped over her robe and decided to walk to the door barefoot. Instead, she simply held the edge of her clothes and walked towards the door barefoot. She wanted to stay as far away from this evil woman Xin Tu.2LOL molested the evil woman Xin Tu now running away from responsibility

    “There’s a deep pool behind your stone chamber.” Xin Tu spoke faintly as if to clarify.

    Ke Li’s figure froze for a few seconds. After a while, Ke Li opened the door and walked out with large strides and closed the door with a ‘bang’.

    “I…” Xin Tu looked at the trembling door. Her lips moved, and her hands clenched the lapel on her chest. But she turned her back against the door and closed her eyes…

    Liu Chun was very worried recently due to Ke Li’s sudden thoughtfulness towards Xin Tu. She may face unemployment anytime, anywhere. So, when she heard Ke Li woke up, she suddenly had an epiphany. In a moment, she planned to discuss with Ke Li about taking care of Xin Tu. In the future, her actions will be gentler, and she will take care of Xin Tu like she is a mistress.

    As a result, she heard a loud bang before she could clearly word her thoughts. Then saw Ke Li with the hem of her clothes raised high and an angry face. She walked towards her barefoot like a hoodlum.

    Liu Chun suppressed all kinds of messy speculations in her heart and went forward to greet her. She was shocked and said, “Master, it’s freezing now. How can you come out without shoes?”

    Ke Li felt that her mood was much brighter now that she wasn’t in the same room as Xin Tu. She kept walking forward indifferently and replied, “The shoes don’t fit. You can get rid of them.”

    “Then I’ll ask A’Da to buy new ones.” Liu Chun said quickly and followed Ke Li like a competent little servant.

    Ke Li didn’t answer. She walked to her door, suddenly turned her head, and said, “Oh by the way, when she wakes up, give her something to replenish blood and qi. Let her leave early. Anyway, those things aren’t worth much.”

    “Yes.” Liu Chun responded and heard Ke Li muttered, “If I had known earlier that I saved a white-eyed wolf, I would have left her in the mountain to be eaten by wolves.”

    The last sentence was said full of flavor.3Not sure why authors like to use taste/flavor to describe people’s feelings? They make the readers interpret or assume Ke Li’s feelings and doesn’t describe it outright…

    “…” Liu Chun scratched her hair blankly. She didn’t know what happened in the room during her absence. She immediately recalled Xin Tu’s current situation and said in a hurry, “Her menstruation just began. It’s inappropriate to give her something to replenish blood.”

    Otherwise, she will have to wash the sheets every day.4All that replenish blood just gonna gush out onto the sheets!! LOL

    Ke Li’s expression stagnated, then said, “If that’s what makes you happy,” and returned to her room. Liu Chun was left behind to guess about what happened in the room just now. However, the next thing, she discovered something incredible— Ke Li and Xin Tu started an unprecedented cold war.

    “A’Da, what can I do?” Liu Chun paced around A’Da like a spinning top. “Master and that bad woman haven’t spoken to each other for two days. They were good before…”

    A’Da replied, “Having no relationship, isn’t this right? Xin Tu isn’t a good person. Sooner or later she will hurt Master.”

    “You don’t know a damn thing!” Liu Chun couldn’t help but have a swearing outburst. She anxiously continued, “Dr. Gu said a few days ago the people from the demon sect have sent people to search door to door in the neighboring village. They are obviously targeting us but still haven’t taken action. Aren’t they waiting to kill two birds with one stone?”

    A’Da was silent for a long time and seemed to be thinking about this matter. Then finally said: “You used the wrong word.”

    Liu Chun: “…” You don’t know a damn thing!

    Ke Li stayed idly at home for a few days in contrast with her previous painstaking efforts to take care of Xin Tu. She continued to ignore Liu Chun’s words and idles about while inquiring about outside news. Naturally, she was thinking about countermeasures since she didn’t want to be stabbed by Guan Lixian’s poison needle again. She couldn’t contend against her, so the best method was to avoid her.  

    As a result, she wasn’t sure if they were hidden enough. The person Guan Lixian sent still hadn’t found them after a long time. On the other hand, Xin Tu’s situation was getting better over time.

    After Xin Tu’s monthly affairs, Liu Chun spared no effort to stew tonic soup due to Ke Li’s special instructions. Xin Tu’s face became plump and gradually became able to move normally. Naturally, all kinds of ideas appeared one after another.

    “Doctor, can I recover?” These days, Dr. Gu regularly sees Xin Tu to check her pulse. Only at this time will Ke Li come to Xin Tu’s room to listen to the situation.

    Xin Tu looked at Ke Li wearing women’s clothing and did a doubletake. She felt that Ke Li looked better in women’s clothing. Unfortunately, Ke Li didn’t even look at her.

    Dr. Gu replied: “It’s possible to repair the broken muscles and veins, but the damage done to your internal organs is irreversible. Not to mention… your legs have been affected the most, right?”

    Xin Tu’s eyes moved to her legs involuntarily as soon as she heard that. Her legs were able to walk but after being traumatized from various situations, she couldn’t support herself while walking after a while. If she stood for too long, her legs would become soft. Now she was sitting in a wheelchair again. Fortunately, she could still stand for a while, which also avoided embarrassing situations such as solving her physiological problems.

    She replied: “I haven’t been able to use my legs before. So, it doesn’t matter.”

    “But it does matter to us. Imagine that you were able to recover to your previous state, it will definitely be detrimental to me and her.” Dr. Gu pointed to Ke Li and continued, “Selfishly, I really hope you stay this way. It would be better to raise a plump good-for-nothing. In fact, you can only maintain your current state at most as well.”

    “…” Xin Tu wasn’t reconciled but still hoped, “Is there really no way?”

    Dr. Gu: “No.”

    Xin Tu: “There’s no way to kill a thousand enemies and lose 800?”5This is a historical war reference based on a book written in the Ming Dynasty. Basically, means to achieve your goals you must do a huge sacrifice. BTW, most sane people would avoid war in order to minimize the human lives lost but Xin Tu is implying the opposite meaning she doesn’t care about sacrifices.

    Dr. Gu: “No.”

    Xin Tu pondered then asked: “Then…”

    Dr. Gu replied: “Truthfully, it’s impossible for you to practice martial arts in your current condition. Unless you want to die immediately in the process.”

    “…” Xin Tu’s hands were tightly clenched in her lap, and she didn’t speak for a long time.

    Ke Li witnessed the entire journey. Xin Tu’s eyes were bright at first. She knew Xin Tu was eager to hear that she could recover. But with Dr. Gu’s replies, the light in her eyes gradually diminished.

    “Let’s go bask in the sun before the sunset?” Ke Li said without hesitation and pushed Xin Tu to the yard. The evening wind blew gently, and the afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on Xin Tu’s face like a layer of gold powder.

    This was the first time that they were alone together since the last time they were unhappy. They didn’t speak and stayed silent. Ke Li’s original intention was to ease Xin Tu’s mood.

    When the sun gradually sank, the horizon slowly faded, and the surroundings became dark. Xin Tu loosened her clenched hands on her lap and said, “I, last…”

    Ke Li didn’t know what she was thinking when she suddenly stopped. Her mouth curled into a self-mocking arc, “Last time I wanted to make it clear to you, but now there’s no use saying it. Anyway, watching the enemy get away and living outside…happily…cough…cough cough…”

    Xin Tu said, covering her mouth and coughing violently. As Dr. Gu said, her internal injuries were serious. Anyway, to squander her time for nothing, just to die prematurely.

    When she mentioned the last thing, Ke Li’s first thought was the dream. That flat airport runway pillow that was someone’s chest. She wondered if she was fleshier there now…

    When she heard Xin Tu’s cough again, Ke Li’s line of thought was disturbed. Then her face slightly changed when she heard an owl’s cry and quickly pushed her back into her room.

    Xin Tu gulped the moment they entered the room, then stopped coughing, but her face was still red. Ke Li felt that her lips were much rosier than before as if it was soaked in blood.

    This thought made her very uneasy, but she didn’t have time to clarify because the owl they heard was a signal from A’Da. It meant that Guan Lixian’s people were going to search their compound.

    “Are you okay?” Ke Li said, then picked up Xin Tu without waiting for an answer. She overestimated her arm strength and nearly dropped Xin Tu on the ground.

    On conditional reflex, Xin Tu clung to Ke Li’s neck and trembled while being carried to bed. By this time, she already noticed that something was wrong. However, she didn’t talk about it and didn’t know Ke Li’s plan. She could only suppress her urge to cough.

    Ke Li didn’t even have time to breathe, so she began to take off her clothes until she was naked. Then she looked ashamed and said, “Listen to me.”

    Xin Tu stared at the curves of Ke Li’s chest. Before she could answer, she felt that her hair was crumpled into a ball, and a hat was placed on her head. Her clothes were taken off while Ke Li’s soft body was pressed onto her…

    “Grandma, this small one inquired about it. This is the last family in this village. The man is a born crippled while the woman is surprisingly beautiful. They are ordinary farmers.” The follower presented the entire way.

    “We must search carefully. When the rebel Xin Tu escaped, she was seriously injured. The Sect Leader ordered: Bring her back dead or alive, don’t return empty-handed.” The closer Ghost Grandma got to the courtyard, the more uneasy she felt.

    She knew that Ke Li relocated. Her only worry was that Xin Tu and Ke Li were together and those two people will be more easily recognized by them. Therefore, she always conducted her searches in great detail, which naturally was slow.

    Follower: “Yes.”

    Liu Chun was the only person left in the yard since the others already hid themselves elsewhere. Thus, when Ghost Grandma and her entourage entered the courtyard, they only saw Liu Chun alone.

    The follower couldn’t help but be doubtful. After a group of people pitter-patter’ed around to search, there was only one room that wasn’t searched yet, “Who’s there? Don’t you hear the sound? Why don’t you ask uncle to personally come in and check? Could it be…”

    “It’s my lord and his wife.” Liu Chun panicked and said, “They are resting, and my lord’s legs are crippled. It’s inconvenient for my lord to come out.”

    “Since his legs are crippled, then how can he plow the land. Let the woman come out then.” As soon as he said that, the follower walked to the door. Halfway there, he was worried that the person inside would be the person they were looking for, Xin Tu. The martial arts skill of the person who was the previous Sect Leader naturally wouldn’t be weak. Then he had an idea and waited for Ghost Grandma so that they can push open the door together. But once opened, he was fascinated by the spring scenery inside the room.

    On the bed, he saw a pair that plowed the fields and also the rarely seen position of the female on top of the male, with a room full of moans…6Oh Ke Li, plowing that field huh?

Author’s Notes:

Ke Li: Yamete7They are using the Japanese word for “Don’t”

Xin Tu: Fuck HP is almost at 0 (fighting in a bloody battle)8Suppose to actually be the blood tank is empty but its some internet slang that is referring to game mechanics of being almost dead from losing HP.

Ghost Grandma: I told you not to come in

There was a typo in the last chapter. To others, Ke Li is dead.

P.S. Today’s hard-working author Jun (*/ω\*) will also be hard-working in the future

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