Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 91

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 17

    The clothes beside the bed were messily thrown. The indescribable activity on the bed continued. The two seemed completely immersed in their own world. Even though someone entered the room, they were still obsessively being indescribable.

    Ke Li used her previous experiences in “bed” work to her fullest. Her long hair covered most of their faces. The rapid up and down movement made people unable to look at their faces.

    This unique position also effectively covered Xin Tu’s face. In the eyes of others, her entire upper body was slanted, going along with Ke Li’s flow. This was a blood pulsing scene.

    “Damn it, this cripple is having a good time!” The follower’s eyes couldn’t move. He wiped the trail of dripping saliva from his jaw, eagerly rubbed his hands, and hoped to replace the cripple on the bed. Then boldly said, “Come and take a seat on me.”1Implying that sex position of the dude sitting on the couch or chair while the girl rides him reverse/cowgirl style…lol well Ke Li is in cowgirl position but with the cripple laying down…

    “…” Ghost Grandma heard Ke Li’s voice as soon as she approached. In fact, she heard these noises a lot in Xin Tu’s room before. Fortunately, the people who came here were Guan Lixian’s close aides and, naturally, not the ones who previously served Xin Tu.

    The sense of familiarity increased when she saw her seamless silhouette. But Ghost Grandma nearly sighed and wondered how Ke Li could be so unlucky that she couldn’t escape from Xin Tu’s palm.

    She meaningfully glanced at the two people who were still working vigorously. Then looked at the rough men who were fascinated by this scene and said with a sullen face, “Having fun watching, wasting time! Shouldn’t you go look around? Do you want this old lady to do it herself?”

    The lustful people who were immersed in watching the spring scenery immediately straightened their waists at the warning. They looked at the stunning scene on the bed, then began to scatter about to find if others were hidden in the room.

    But the two on the bed seemed to have just heard the movements and became quiet. Like waking up from a dream, a panicked ‘ah’ scream echoed as they hastily stopped. She pulled the quilt to cover their bodies, and even their faces were hidden.

    “Grandma, there’s no one else in this room.” After witnessing such a live erotic scene, the searchers weren’t in the mindset of conducting a detailed search. They were entirely hooked by the previous scene they had witnessed and immediately despised the thought of the cancelled live entertainment.

    “Let’s go and continue the search tomorrow. Let’s return to town to rest for the night.” Ghost Grandma said and took the lead to exit the door first. Then meaningfully looked at the pair crowded on the bed with deep interest. She never expected them to reunite.

    From her perspective, since the practice has already begun, it wouldn’t be long until the actual combat began.2Implying they are practicing their sex and will perform real sex soon

    Ke Li waited for the sounds of footsteps to disappear, and the sound of the door closing, before her heart relaxed. She stretched out her head from the quilt, panting, and took in a deep breath of fresh air. She felt that she recovered some years.3She’s no longer as stressed as before so she won’t have to die earlier. Recovering health means you regain those lost years you would have lost otherwise for whatever reason

    The bed scene was too full of activity, so not only was her waist sore, but she was strengthless. She could only fall down on Xin Tu’s body softly. Through her thin inner garment, she felt the hot sweat of the other person. Compared with her naked body, she was a lot cooler…

    Ke Li felt that her face was hot, and her heart was pounding. She never had such a large-scale audience or starred as an actress in a porn film before. Obviously, she wasn’t, but she had to pretend to be… that.

    After Ke Li gasped for breath, she quickly climbed up to check Xin Tu’s situation. Just now, Xin Tu cooperated very well. Besides not slowing down, they drove together on the express train. But she noticed that the wound on Xin Tu’s shoulder reopened, and her breathing was very unstable. As if she would faint from “doing” it at any moment.

    Fortunately, Xin Tu’s situation was good. Except for the flushed face from suffocation, she was just gasping for breath. Ke Li was relieved, then helped her readjust onto a pillow and said, “How do you feel?”

    She was now half kneeling in front of Xin Tu. She forgot the fact that she was scantily dressed because she was anxiously concerned about Xin Tu’s physical condition. Of course, there was another reason. She got used to wearing this much.

    “I…I’m fine.” Xin Tu blankly stared at the two water droplets on Ke Li’s body. Her face burned, and she felt a mass of blood from her chest cavity about to squirt out. She couldn’t help but cover her mouth and coughed violently.

    “…” Ke Li’s sense of consciousness returned and then realized her current state. She wanted to get up and get dressed but suddenly heard a stuffy ‘humph’. She looked at the motionless Xin Tu whose face was unlovable.4unlovable or loveless in the sense that Ke Li won’t have tender feelings or attachment to her cause of her current expression/state…  

    Xin Tu stopped coughing and endured the pain from the cracked wound. She tried to look away from Ke Li and anxiously asked, “What’s wrong?”

    Ke Li simply wanted to hit herself until she died so she could forget about it. But she couldn’t escape reality, otherwise, when will she get it out of her head? She stammered and vaguely explained, “It’s all because I acted too well and the position was too…too complicated, I… I seem to have injured my waist. I can’t move for the time being. It hurts when I try to move.”

    “…” Xin Tu was surprised to be forced to eat a full meal of the sight of a rare beauty. She endured the pain of sitting up and carefully supported Ke Li’s body to lie down. Then covered the bed with the quilt to hide the seductive view. She got up to call Liu Chun to come in and take care of Ke Li.  

    “Don’t call…” Ke Li realized her words sounded ambiguous, then quickly continued, “Don’t call her to come in. I’m fine. Slow down, your wound…”

    She paused for a moment then said, “Let’s lie down first.”

    Xin Tu didn’t refuse and laid down again.

    The two laid on the bed peacefully with each other. Ke Li didn’t think this would be possible and initially thought they would get into a fight with each other as soon as they met. Not only wasn’t this the case, but there was also a tacit understanding between them.

    Now lying on the same bed, everything that just happened was fresh in her mind. It was very difficult to treat her normally. Although the scene was staged, the physical contact between them was very real. According to Doudou, the intimacy value increased a lot, but Ke Li wasn’t happy.

    After about the time a stick of incense burns, Ke Li’s waist felt much more comfortable. She got up with the fastest speed possible and put on her clothes. Then she looked at Xin Tu’s hair and said, “I’ll fix your hair for you first, then let Liu Chun come in and clean up.”

    In order to avoid being discovered, she used this hat. But now Xin Tu’s hair was as messy as a chicken’s nest. Xin Tu, who had always been concerned with her image, certainly wouldn’t want Liu Chun to see her current state.

    Xin Tu couldn’t understand why Ke Li suddenly became so gentle. But she was really feeble and replied, “Okay.”

    Ke Li took care of Xin Tu’s hair as quickly as possible then went to find medicine to reapply on Xin Tu. Then her body and mind were more relaxed. But once her mind idled, she recalled the staged scene and Xin Tu’s physical condition.

    The problem was temporarily solved for the time being. What should be done has been done. Liu Chun also entered to clean up the room. However, the atmosphere between the two was awkward again. They both were trying to pretend that nothing happened.

    “You have a good rest. I’ll be going.” Ke Li didn’t dare share the same bed with Xin Tu anymore. In addition to the discomfort caused by that fierce collision earlier, she was afraid that she would dream again and fondle something she shouldn’t be fondling.

    However, Xin Tu’s flesh was mostly bones. She really needed to replenish her plumpness.

    Ke Li went to the kitchen to find Liu Chun, who was still brewing medicine. She once again told her to improve Xin Tu’s meals. Then discussed with the newly returned A’Da. “You take some time and visit the brothel in town later.”

    A’Da was stunned for a while then quickly refused: “This little one…doesn’t need it.”

    “…” Ke Li held her sore waist and said speechlessly, “Those people led by Ghost Grandma might be staying there. You should recall their appearance earlier. Don’t arouse their suspicions. Once Guan Lixian’s search stagnates, try to lure them away. Do you understand?”

    She didn’t want her waist to be sprain in vain.  

    A’Da: “…Yes.”

    As expected, a woman’s heart is the most poisonous.

    Author’s Notes:

The baby stroller has flipped over.

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