Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 93

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 19

I’m Not Suggesting That You Have A Small Chest

  “If there’s nothing else, I…I will go back first.” As soon as Ke Li sat up, she felt that the bed became warm. But she couldn’t stay during this embarrassing moment, so she didn’t miss the warmth of the bed and worried about the clothes that were thrown on the ground.

  I knew I shouldn’t have wiped my hair just now.

  ”There are people outside.” Xin Tu suddenly said.

  ”En?” Ke Li shook the clothes and tried to make it drier. After reflecting on Xin Tu’s implied meaning, Ke Li looked at Xin Tu in a daze, and her heart was a little ecstatic.

  Xin Tu moved inward again and added: “But you’re not allowed to put your hands on me.”

  “I promise not to.” Ke Li immediately returned to the bed. Naturally, she didn’t do anything. She was extremely honest because she couldn’t understand Xin Tu. She just stared at the back of Xin Tu’s head in a daze.

  It turned out while I was changing, Xin Tu was also secretly changing?

  In this way, there seems to be a spark between them. Basically, they couldn’t escape from the task. Now she was relieved that it was okay to attempt the task. Besides, who told her to fall in love with the female lead and that she can only leave this world when she dies. 

  After Ke Li thought about it, she gradually fell asleep to the smell of Xin Tu’s light medicinal fragrance.

  Xin Tu turned around and looked at Ke Li’s face in the dark after she heard the shallow breathing behind her. She softly sighed.

  The next day, when Ke Li woke up, her arms were empty. Void of the warm fragrance that she imagined. Naturally, she didn’t think much about it. She just wanted to immediately find Dr. Gu and ask about Xin Tu’s condition.

  Ke Li glanced at Xin Tu and saw that she was still asleep. She put on yesterday’s clothes. Her hair wasn’t combed, thus it was scattered everywhere. As soon as she looked up, she saw Xin Tu turning over and quietly looking at her.

  ”…” Ke Li casually fixed her hair and greeted awkwardly: “Good morning ah.”

  ”Good morning.” Xin Tu replied faintly. Then began to sit up, but her movements were very slow as if she was afraid of irritating the wound.

  ”Do you want me to help you?” Ke Li asked but already approached to support Xin Tu’s waist. Xin Tu was about to utter “no” but didn’t have the chance to do so. Thus, she could only lightly say, “Thank you.”

  Ke Li smiled and said, “It’s nothing.”

  The bland and strange conversation made it seemed as if nothing happened yesterday.

  After that, Ke Li returned to her room to wash and change her clothes as fast as possible.

  She was nervous. Although Dr. Gu always said that Xin Tu’s internal injuries were serious, she was in denial. She always thought that Xin Tu had the halo of being the female lead, so her body wouldn’t have many problems. But now that she personally witnessed it, obviously, Xin Tu’s body had major issues.

  Dr. Gu seemed to have predicted this day beforehand. The day when Ke Li will seek him, so he wasn’t surprised. He checked Xin Tu’s pulse as usual then began to talk about her condition along with the Emperor’s condition.

  Ke Li frowned and impatiently said, “He’s going to die painfully. Quickly talk about the other serious matter.”

  This world and Xin Tu had nothing to do with her. But according to Doudou’s words, they were doomed to be a cp. Thus, she slowly was accepting this fact. Although Xin Tu’s attitude towards her was still very cold.

  Dr. Gu sighed. He felt very helpless towards Ke Li’s words that implied that she didn’t care about the world’s major affairs. He touched his beard and said, “It’s normal.”

  ”That’s good.” Ke Li said and sighed with relief internally. She thought that she was poisoned when she was a child, like in those TV series. As soon as she saw someone coughing up blood, she always associated that with a dying person.

  Ke Li turned to look at Xin Tu and told her with her eyes that it was okay and to not worry. As a result, Xin Tu didn’t see her and didn’t appreciate it at all.

  After Ke Li was completely relaxed, Dr. Gu said to Xin Tu: “It’s normal for you to have such injuries. Not only did you hurt yourself in your earlier years practicing martial arts, but your five internal organs were damaged. Now that your qi that used to protect your heart and lungs is no longer there. Also, with your exposure to the extreme cold, you will naturally cough up blood. Presumably, you must also be aware of your own physical condition.”

  ”…” Ke Li hadn’t fully basked in her joy just now when she heard the news. She was caught off guard for a moment and was shocked by Xin Tu’s next words.

  ”Then how long can I live?” Xin Tu said, sitting in her wheelchair without any fluctuations in her eyes. It was as if the seriously injured person wasn’t her.

  Ke Li was so stimulated by their monotone words that she could only listen quietly. However, her heart was at her throat, and her hands were unconsciously tightly clenched.

  Dr. Gu sighed again, and finally regretfully said: “At most, ten years. And as little as three to five years.”

  Ke Li was stunned and completely in disbelief: “Is there a mistake? How could this be…” 

  In the original plot, although she didn’t write how many years the female lead lived, at least she lived happily together with the male lead after their sadomasochistic relationship.

  Why did Xin Tu’s life become so short as soon as she came?

  Xin Tu was only 20 years old right now. In the real world, most people that age were college students who haven’t graduated from university yet. They still relied on their parents to support them. But now her death would soon come?

  “This estimation is based on regular diagnosis over time. It’s just now that you asked.” Dr. Gu continued, “This old man has always been indifferent to life and death. So, I didn’t take the initiative to tell you about it. Anyway, it was useless to mention it. It will only increase your stress and worries.”

  Ke Li was unclear about how she left Dr. Gu’s room. She just felt her head was buzzing and echoing with Dr. Gu’s words.

  She secretly raised her eyes to look at Xin Tu’s complexion. There was nothing different. It was as if she was prepared for this since long ago. She was the only one who realized this now. She inexplicably felt lost and felt sadness from the bottom of her heart.

  ”I’m fine.” Xin Tu suddenly said, “I’ve just happened to have a crappy life. They say that yesterday’s actions cause today’s results. I’m just unreconciled by being teased by fate.”

  “En, you’ll be fine.” Ke Li didn’t know what she was talking about. She vaguely pushed Xin Tu into the yard and looked up at the eastern horizon. It was emitting a soft light from the rising sun.

  The life that was supposed to be full of vigor and vitality was created by her. Thus, there were no yesterday’s actions, rather, only today’s results.1Ke Li feels awful cause yesterday’s actions implied that Xin Tu did this to herself thus today’s result. But Xin Tu didn’t do this herself thus there is no yesterday’s action. Rather it was due to Ke Li’s arrival that Xin Tu’s fate changed.


  Since that day, Ke Li became an almost frequent visitor in the kitchen. In the past, she used to tell Liu Chun to make medicine and medicated meals. But now she did everything herself. Liu Chun was restless and anxiously said: “Master, let me do these things. Wouldn’t you rather accompany that girl Xin Tu?”

  Ke Li’s face wasn’t good when she called Xin Tu a bad woman last time. Thus, Liu Chun wittily changed her words and treated them as a couple in her heart long ago.

  Ke Li didn’t seem to hear her. She stayed by the stove and slowly fanned it. Her thoughts were unknown, but she suddenly stood up and said, “This one needs to be simmered for a quarter of an hour on low heat. You help watch it for me. Don’t even open it halfway, otherwise, it will lose its efficacy.”

  Liu Chun took the leaf fan and replied, “Don’t worry.”

  Ke Li could now leave with a peace of mind. She has been staying in Xin Tu’s room these days.

  At first, Xin Tu resisted. But when Ke Li kept insisting, she stopped and lightly said: “I don’t need other people’s pity, especially yours.”

  Ke Li recalled that scene, and her pace gradually increased. She came to Xin Tu’s room and saw that Xin Tu was sitting in a daze, slightly frowning with her hands unconsciously rubbing her legs. It seemed that she was especially troubled about something.

  Ke Li subconsciously lightly walked behind Xin Tu, skillfully placed her hand on the wheelchair and pushed her into the yard. After thinking about it for a while, she softly said, “There’s news from the capital, the Emperor has died. Now the new Emperor has ascended the throne, and your great revenge has been achieved. Are you not happy?”

  Xin Tu slowly loosened her furrowed brows, shook her head, and replied: “No.”

  Ke Li didn’t know if she meant that she wasn’t unhappy or that her revenge hadn’t been fulfilled yet, but she wisely didn’t answer her. She just stepped in front of Xin Tu and extended her right hand.

  Xin Tu paused, reached out, and placed her hand in Ke Li’s palm. For a month, she was raised by Ke Li like she was a porcelain doll. She has finally developed more flesh on her body, and even her hands were much plumper than before.

  “Follow me, this time, try to endure for a quarter of an hour.” Ke Li held Xin Tu and placed her hands behind her so that she could quickly support her if she fell. “If you’re uncomfortable, stop. Don’t overexert yourself.”

  This is a leg rehabilitation exercise. The reason why Xin Tu couldn’t stand for long wasn’t only because of the recurrence of her old injuries but also from long periods of immobility.

  Under Ke Li’s guidance, Xin Tu walked step by step. At first, she was stable, but slowly her feet began to shake, and her forehead also produced some sweat. Before, she spent a lot of time secretly getting off her wheelchair to practice walking normally. But at that time, she had internal strength. Now, her condition was even worse than an  ordinary person’s physique.

  “How do your legs feel? Can you still continue? Do you want to rest for a while?” Ke Li asked thoughtfully.

  “It’s okay. I can walk for a little longer.” Xin Tu said this but was very stubborn. She walked for a long time without stopping until her legs went soft. She almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Ke Li’s reaction was fast. She reached out and held her in a timely manner and even took the initiative to act as her cushion. However, the situation wasn’t good.

  ”Cough…cough cough…” Xin Tu fell against Ke Li’s body and coughed violently. Her breath sprayed on Ke Li’s neck, making her itchy, but Ke Li didn’t have such lustful thoughts at that moment.

  Her hand gently patted Xin Tu’s back and said with a nervous expression: “How are you?”

  “I’m okay.” Xin Tu saw that Ke Li didn’t believe her, so she extended her hand and said: “I’m not coughing up blood, I just choked.”

  She said and was still lying on Ke Li’s body, but her face happened to be on that soft place.

  ”…” Ke Li’s face gradually started to heat up. She hesitated for a moment, then wrapped her arm around Xin Tu’s waist and didn’t speak.2So, to clarify, they both fell down and Ke Li cushioned Xin Tu with her body. So Xin Tu is laying on top of Ke Li on the grass and now Ke Li is hugging Xin Tu in her embrace

  Once again, the two became refreshed from their new posture. At this time, they were still in the yard when Liu Chun just came out of the kitchen and scaring her that she closed her eyes on the spot.

  Ke Li naturally saw Liu Chun but still didn’t move. Thus, Xin Tu took the initiative to step back. She helped her stand up, patted the grass from their bodies, and said to Xin Tu, “Let’s go back, I just stewed chicken broth.”

  ”…” Liu Chun was once again completely ignored. She couldn’t figure out why Ke Li’s temper suddenly changed and started treating Xin Tu so well. However, that was none of her business. She only needs to do her duties well.

  The moment when Liu Chun was still dumbfounded, Ke Li had already helped Xin Tu sit in the wheelchair and took her back to the room. Liu Chun hurriedly returned to the kitchen, brought out the stewed chicken broth, and followed them. But was driven out by Ke Li to prepare more medicated meals.

  ”I’m okay.” Xin Tu turned away from the soup that Ke Li tried to spoon-feed. She was curious like Liu Chun about why Ke Li became more and more considerate towards her in this short period of time. She was so considerate that she could hardly resist it.

  Ke Li frowned and said: “Can’t drink anymore?”

  ”It’s too oily, and I’m a little tired.” Xin Tu wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and said. She motioned to Ke Li to leave without saying anything and that she didn’t have to stay and take care of her.

  After these days of recuperation, her originally pale lips became full and flush. In addition, she just drank chicken broth, and her lips were shiny. Ke Li looked at her aggrieved and couldn’t move her eyes. Then she withdrew her gaze and seriously said: “I have something I want to discuss with you.”

  Xin Tu asked: “What?”

  “We’ve been here for more than two months, and we really need to create identities to hide us.” Ke Li said, and her face was a little unnatural, “I mean, I still wear women’s clothes, and you wear men’s clothes. So, I will be the wife, and you will be the husband. It just happens to coincide with the identity of the crippled husband that A’Da previously fabricated. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you have a small chest.”

  Not to mention, it’s grown quite a lot these days.

  ”…” Xin Tu’s gaze moved to Ke Li. She didn’t take back her eyes until she saw Ke Li’s red face, then lightly said, “Do whatever you want.”

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I will say it _(:з」∠)_

Novi’s Notes:

This is the first chapter in the entire arc that I had the feels for this pairing. Thought it would be a tragic the entire time, but I feel awful. Ke Li’s character growth gives me the feels. Almost done with the novel! Working hard on finishing it~~ Haha…I know been saying this for months now >~<;; feelsbad.

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