Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 94

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 20

Her Body is Restless

  “Since that’s the case, let me take your shoulder and waist measurement first…” Ke Li rubbed her hot face and took out the measuring tool she prepared beforehand. “By the way, Liu Chun said that your bust needs to be measured as well.”

  ”…” Xin Tu initially thought Ke Li was just saying that but didn’t expect her to be prepared. She raised her eyebrows and really wanted to go against Ke Li’s wishes. She replied: “No, I’ll just wear your old clothes.”

  How can this be done? Absolutely not.

  “The size won’t be right. It will be uncomfortable to wear.” Ke Li was telling the truth. Ancient people’s clothing had a distinctive feature, they were wide. Sometimes it would be very cumbersome to wear. If it doesn’t fit, it would be even more cumbersome.

  Xin Tu raised her eyes and looked at Ke Li, who was determined to measure her bust. She finally sighed, sat up, and openly said: “Measure.”

  Ke Li tried to slow down her breathing as much as possible. She held a wooden ruler against Xin Tu to measure her shoulder, then wrote down the numbers. Then she pulled out the prepared string to measure her waist and bust. She was about to use the wooden ruler to measure the length of the string when Xin Tu said: “Is this all?”1The way Xin Tu said it was like an Emperor exiling someone. It’s a specific Chinese word but it doesn’t have a real English translation..haha

  “Okay, I’ll go prepare the clothes first. If you’re sleepy go to bed.” Ke Li quickly took the wooden ruler and string, then returned to her room. She took out all the men’s clothing she wore previously and carefully looked at them.

  At this time, most men wore scarves and leather boots. The clothes they wore had more variety in both colors and styles.

  Ke Li carefully selected a few pieces of clothing in various colors and styles for Xin Tu. Then took them to Liu Chun for her to take to a clothing store for alterations. However, she secretly wrote down the measurements. 

  Three days later, Liu Chun went to the clothing store to fetch the clothes. Ke Li asked Xin Tu to try on the men’s clothing. Sure enough, she’s definitely is the female lead. She looked good in both women’s and men’s clothing.

  After Ke Li sighed, she continued to accompany Xin Tu in the yard for rehabilitation exercises, along with giving leg massages.

  “This is what Dr. Gu explained to me. It’s good for both blood circulation and for your leg recovery.” After explaining, Ke Li stretched out her hand on Xin Tu’s calf and lifted her pants to reveal her fair calf.

  As soon as Ke Li’s hand made contact, her calf became crisp and numb. When she gently massaged with her fingertips, she felt very comfortable. Xin Tu bit her lips and said, “There’s no need to press those acupoints. I can press those before bed.”

  Ke Li didn’t answer and naturally didn’t stop. Normally, she was very idle. She didn’t have anything else to do except accompanying Xin Tu. So, she spent a lot of time thinking about the acupoints on her legs before. Naturally, she needed to use this knowledge properly. 

  Just like this, after walking every day, there was a simple massage for a quarter of an hour. Xin Tu can stand and walk for longer periods of time, but time was also slowly passing. From early spring to midsummer, then to fruitful golden autumn. It seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye.

  Ke Li sleeps with Xin Tu on the same bed, eat together and walk together these days. During this period, there wasn’t much intimacy between them. Every time they were intimate, it ended up them getting along like they were relatives.

  ”It’s time to get up.” Xin Tu reluctantly pushed Ke Li’s arm.

  As the old saying goes, spring and summer are full of fatigue, while autumn is hibernation. Since Xin Tu’s legs were almost the same as a normal person, Ke Li fell in love with sleeping in. If she doesn’t wake up naturally, she wouldn’t get up unless Xin Tu personally called her up.

  She also unknowingly liked the feeling of being woken up by Xin Tu. Sometimes when she wakes up first, she waits for Xin Tu to wake up. But of course, she was sleepy at this moment.

  “Sleepy…let me sleep a little longer, just…for a little while…” Ke Li held Xin Tu’s outstretched hand, mumbled twice, and continued to sleep. Regardless of where the hand was at and what it was touching.

  ”…” Xin Tu felt her fingertips were pressed against a soft area and her face became hot.

  She precisely knew her curvy Ke Li’s front was and understood why Ke Li tries her hardest every day to be considerate towards her. Besides making up for her injuries, it was also because…

  At the thought of this, Xin Tu suddenly pulled her hand back. Ke Li snorted discontentedly when her arms were empty, but it didn’t affect her sleep.

  Xin Tu sat beside her helplessly, looking at Ke Li’s face and wondering what choice to make. When she saw Ke Li’s eyelashes flickering, she recollected her thoughts and said, “Did you forget that you negotiated with A’Da to go to the city early to see the shops?”  

  “Oh, I really forgot about it.” Ke Li opened her eyes, but her eyes were glazed. She touched her messy hair in confusion and embarrassment. “How long have you been waiting here? Have you had breakfast yet?”

  Xin Tu stood up and replied, “Not long.”

  Only half an hour.

  “That’s good. Actually, you should have woken me up earlier.” Ke Li said, then sat up and began to get dressed.

  Xin Tu didn’t speak and slowly walked towards the door, avoiding suspicion.2Suspicion of watching her sleep for 30min… Although her legs could walk normally, she still couldn’t do high-intensity activities such as running. So, she has been walking very slowly.

  As soon as she got to the door, she heard Ke Li suddenly said: “Wait.”

  After thinking for a moment, Xin Tu turned her head and saw Ke Li already put on her coat and was about to get out of bed, then asked: “What’s the matter?”

  ”This.” Ke Li pointed to her own eyebrows.

  It wasn’t unreasonable for Xin Tu to wear men’s clothing, but she needs to at least do something about her heroic eyebrows. She and Xin Tu were posing as husband and wife. Naturally, Ke Li had to look more feminine than her.

  Xin Tu was slightly surprised and said: “Do you want me to trim your eyebrows?”

  Ke Li said with a smile: “Yes ah. You wait here. Let me wash first, and I’ll be back in a minute.”

  She finished without waiting for Xin Tu’s reply, then returned with a wooden tub.

  Xin Tu has never trimmed her eyebrows and never looked at Ke Li’s face at such close proximity. In fact, Ke Li’s eyebrow shape is very beautiful. The eyebrow peak was slightly raised, which made her look slightly heroic. It looks fine without being trimmed, but she will soften the curves of the shape for her.

  Her sight continued to move up and down the eyebrows to make sure it lined up with Ke Li’s clear eyes. Xin Tu subconsciously avoided looking at the scar on Ke Li’s right cheek. The scar had faded, but its shape could be seen at a glance. She could even recall how she caused it and the blood flowing out of it.

  Xin Tu paused the hand that held the eyebrow knife. Then after a while, reminded her, “Don’t move. I never trimmed other people’s eyebrows. I’m afraid I might accidentally hurt you.”

  Xin Tu finished speaking and felt Ke Li’s dumbfounded gaze.

  The last time she held a knife like this, she slashed it hard across Ke Li’s face. But this time, it was to trim her eyebrows, and she was afraid of hurting her.

  ”En.” Ke Li responded faintly, smelling the pleasant scent from Xin Tu’s body. She closed her eyes at ease and felt the fingertips against her face. All the movements were extremely careful. She even felt moved from the bottom of her heart.

  ”Okay.” Xin Tu put down the knife. “You look in the mirror first and see if it’s okay?”

  “It’s very nice. I love it.” Ke Li looked in the bronze mirror then turned around to find Xin Tu’s smile. But the smile disappeared as if it was an illusion.

  “Let’s go eat first, then discuss the matter of going to the city.” Xin Tu said, then left the room.

  It’s not their first time going to the city to shop. Although Ke Li obtained a huge amount of hush money from the Emperor, she still couldn’t afford to sit on the mountain.3Basically, she can’t afford her current lifestyle with that money…so she reinvested that money so she can live idly. So, she asked A’Da to open several shops in the city and hire a shopkeeper to manage them, while she was the boss behind the scenes and supervises once in a while.

  After eating, Xin Tu suddenly said: “I’ll go with you.”

  “Don’t worry. We will be back soon.” Ke Li didn’t feel comfortable with Xin Tu going with her. “What do you want? I’ll certainly bring it back for you.”

  Xin Tu shook her head and wasn’t interested in material goods. She seemed to know what Ke Li was thinking and said, “I won’t secretly leave.”

  “I know you won’t.” Ke Li worried, “There are so many people in the city. I’m just worried about…”

  “I won’t show my face. Besides, the Yuelan Sect is far from here. There won’t be any danger.” Xin Tu was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to persuade Ke Li. She suddenly stared at Ke Li and whispered, “I want to be an ordinary person.”

  ”…” Ke Li looked at her moist eyes and felt her heart softening. It’s a fact that Xin Tu had never stepped outside since she entered Yuelan Sect when she was 12 years old.

  She replied: “Then… okay.”

  Because Xin Tu suddenly joined, more people were brought this time. But most of them secretly followed them, and only A’Da openly escorted them.

  The carriage was nice to look at, but actually gave people a hard time. Fortunately, Ke Li got used to it but was worried that the irregular bumps would cause Xin Tu discomfort. After all, Xin Tu just recovered her flesh, but it was indisputable that her health was poor.

  “Are you okay? Do you want to learn on my shoulder?” Ke Li looked at Xin Tu and wanted to check for signs of coughing. She couldn’t help but worry and thus was more cautious when she suddenly demanded to go out.

  “I’m fine.” Although Xin Tu said so, she adjusted her body and leaned on Ke Li’s shoulder. She closed her eyes and expressed her poor health.

  ”…” Ke Li subconsciously straightened her waist and wrapped her arm around Xin Tu’s plump waist with the excuse of “making her more comfortable.”

  When they arrived in the city, it was already afternoon. Ke Li went to an inn so Xin Tu could rest while she went to the shops to handle some matters. She tried her best to return home the same day, but there were simply too many things to do, so they inevitably stayed overnight.

  Naturally, there was nothing special about staying overnight. Ke Li had been sleeping in the same bed as Xin Tu for almost a year, and there haven’t been any passionate incidents yet. Thus, she didn’t count on the Heavens to arouse fire.

  Ke Li climbed into bed after washing and said to Xin Tu, who was lying beside her: “Go to sleep early. We have to hurry home tomorrow.”

  ”En, okay.” Xin Tu closed her eyes as she said that with her usual cold tone.

  Ke Li sighed internally, then laid down and covered herself with the quilt. However, her head was filled with inexplicable excitement. She couldn’t sleep and felt a suspicious heat from her abdomen. Her mouth became dry, and her body was restless…

Author’s Notes:

After their change, they became pure 2D children ~( ̄▽ ̄~)~

Oh oh, my maidenly heart! ! !

This is a sweet chapter_(:з」∠)_

I haven’t been so sweet in a long time, and I’m ready to be (it’s not a new year’s red envelope, valid for 24h)4Author is referring to a function on JJWXC platform. Author can give points or currency or something to readers for their own reasons usually to be sweet.

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