Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 95

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Arc 5: Spring is Coming – 21

Pretending to be Confused

  The night’s breeze was gentle with the bright moon in the sky.

  A’Da was sitting on the roof with a sword in his arms. He looked serious and said to the others who came along with him: “When I just went to check the surroundings earlier, I heard from the shopkeeper that there were rapists in the city recently and that they target beautiful women. We should be more careful tonight.”


  Inside the room, Ke Li still felt her body was hot and that it was getting hotter. There was a fire in her chest that wasn’t comfortable unless it was extinguished.

  Is it a cold?

  Ke Li lifted the quilt a little to let the cool breeze in. As a result, her body’s heat still didn’t subside. Instead, she was itchy all over. Like her skin was suddenly thirsty and starving, she longed for her body to be touched, and a bold idea occurred to her.

  “Do you feel uncomfortable?” Ke Li gently pushed Xin Tu’s arm, trying to make her tone normal. As a result, when she spoke, the voice was soft and heated.

  ”No.” Xin Tu sensed Ke Li’s strangeness, turned around, and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

  ”No… Nothing.” Ke Li said this with difficulty, but her unstable breathing betrayed her.

  Xin Tu was suspicious and got up a little. She turned on the only lamp in the room and saw Ke Li’s glazed eyes, tightly clenched lips, and flushed face. This was obviously a sign of aphrodisiac.

  ”You…” Xin Tu stopped talking. She didn’t have time to think about how Ke Li was drugged. She quickly got out of bed and brought a basin of cold water. Then wet a towel and wiped Ke Li’s face and asked, “How are you feeling?”

  Icy, icy cold. Of course, it was very comfortable, especially when Xin Tu’s fingers accidentally brushed her cheek.

  ”It’s… it’s okay.” Ke Li only felt that her limbs were weak and barely sat up to breathe. This medicine worked very quickly, and it was very potent. It absolutely shouldn’t be used to spice things up.

  Xin Tu couldn’t see how Ke Li can be okay. She knew that she was enduring it and said, “You endure it first. Dammit, I’ll find A’Da.”

  She said, but her hand was caught by Ke Li. She felt that her skin was boiling hot. Then she saw that Ke Li’s eyes swirled with tears, and her forehead was covered with sweat. She blushed and said, “I’m afraid that I can’t endure it.”

  Xin Tu’s brain couldn’t comprehend for a while but finally was able to understand what Ke Li meant. She jerked her hand back, and her eyes flashed slightly. She talked faster than usual and said: “Endure it first. There must be a way.”

  But in her heart, she became a mess due to Ke Li’s words.

  “But I don’t want to endure it.” Ke Li said boldly and reached out to hook Xin Tu’s neck. She felt that the flame in her heart was burning hotter and hotter. She couldn’t help but lean on Xin Tu, “You don’t want me to endure it, right?”

  Xin Tu warned, “We’re enemies.”

  Although she said that, she reached out to catch Ke Li’s upside-down body and immediately felt the hot lips stick to her neck.1Ke Li was on the bedside talking but caught her neck…then eventually fell over on her and is now upside down (across Xin Tu’s lap I assume) They are still on the bed Her heart couldn’t stop trembling, and her stiff body was frozen.

  “You always remind yourself that I’m your enemy. Are you worried that you’ll accidentally forget? Then fall in love with me?” Ke Li casually hooked Xin Tu and fell together on the bed. Her skin was so comfortable that she deeply inhaled. It was like she was a person who had finally encounter rain after a long drought.

  ”Nonsense!” Xin Tu said as if her secret was revealed. She reached out and pressed Ke Li’s lustful hand and said in a hoarse voice: “This is what you want. Don’t regret it.”

  “No regrets.” Ke Li said and immediately raised her head and pasted her lips across Xin Tu’s lips. It was as cool as always, like the spring water from the mountain streams and the melting snow in the winter. In fact, she has always wanted to do this since long ago.

  Sometimes she admitted that Doudou was right. The more she experienced, the more tortuous the mental journey was, the deeper her feelings were, and the more reluctant she was to give them up.

  Without this opportunity, she doesn’t know when they would be able to achieve the right results.

  Xin Tu closed her eyes and responded to Ke Li carefully.

  Their lips and teeth touched each other, and the tip of her tongue moved inward. They exchanged body fluids, and her body was restless again. Ke Li no longer had the heart to express her feelings. She only cared about being intertwined with Xin Tu.

  ”Will you regret it?” After three hundred rounds of war, Ke Li felt sober. Her trace of consciousness returned and asked this with her arm around Xin Tu’s neck.

  Xin Tu’s eyes were reddish, and her lips were shiny. She hugged Ke Li, shook her head, and sincerely answered: “I don’t know.”

  Ke Li took advantage of her strength and finally stopped thinking about being considerate. She reversed her position with Xin Tu, held her chin, and said: “You don’t know? You don’t know how to lie about love? Or are you reluctant to say it?”

  Xin Tu’s emaciated body was forced to bear Ke Li’s overbearing gesture. Her chest fluctuated for a moment, and she slightly gasped for breath: “I don’t lie. I just don’t want to say it and let you down in the future.”

  She paused and whispered, “Just take today as an accident.”


  Ke Li’s shiny eyes suddenly dimmed, then said with a smile, “It’s nothing. Of course, it was an accident. Older sister is upright and ruthless. It’s normal to have some physiological needs. This was my first time, and it was quite novel. The technique was passable, as people can see through it. There wasn’t enough sweet talk, no feelings.”

  Ke Li said, then lowered her head to cover Xin Tu’s lips. She gently bit, slowly licked her, then kissed harder and harder. Rather than being kissed, it was better described as being defiled. 

  Xin Tu was moved by Ke Li, and something in her eyes was slowly converging, then slipped from the corner of her eyes. She hugged Ke Li’s body and tried to respond. She felt that her heart was extremely bitter but also sweet. This is the first time it’s been so sweet.

  Ke Li passed the night lustfully, and A’Da was also forced to listen to all kinds of inaudible sounds from the roof. And of course, happened to catch a rapist.

  The next day, Ke Li only felt that she had a long dream. She was drugged indiscriminately and had vague memories of last night. She has never been so muddled in her life.

  Ke Li grunted twice, unconsciously reached out, and attempted to hold Xin Tu. As a result, she grabbed air. Her muddled mind instantly cleared and all kinds of possibilities lingered in her heart.

  Xin Tu, did you eat your fill and run away? Or maybe she had somewhere to go before their departure?

  Oh, that’s right, this was equivalent to hook up for a one night stand.

  Ke Li laid on the bed decadent. She took in a deep breath over and over until she threw away all these speculations and finally got up. She hurriedly dressed herself and went out, then saw A’Da guarding the door.

  “A’Da, where’s Xin Tu?” Ke Li pretended to be very calm. She didn’t want to admit her panic, but her tone was extremely anxious.

  “Miss Xin Tu said there was something she needed to buy.” A’Da was a little confused. “Master, what’s wrong?”

  ”She has something to buy?” Ke Li thought of Xin Tu’s scumbag method of eating and running. Her heart felt suffocated, and she choked with anger. She was worried that she was in danger and said to A’Da: “What would you do if you slept with the enemy?”

  ”…” After innocently suffering from this disaster, A’Da thought about calling Liu Chun over but saw that Ke Li wanted an immediate answer. He thought about it seriously and said, “Kill the enemy or find a place to commit suicide?”

  ”…” Ke Li took critical damage from A’Da. In addition to Xin Tu’s departure, she was also worried about this and said, “Then shouldn’t we hurry to find someone?”

  A’Da ceremoniously held his fist then reminded, “A’Li is following that Xin Tu girl.”

  ”…” Ke Li thought to herself she might beat A’Da until he was half-dead. Although someone accompanied her, she wasn’t at ease. She was afraid that Xin Tu would use petty tricks. After all, she didn’t know if it was Xin Tu who drugged her last night. Who told her to be the only one drugged? It’s been proven time and time again that she’s been wronged.

  After Ke Li washed and tided herself up, she took A’Da to find Xin Tu. When she found Xin Tu, she was quietly standing in front of a small stall holding a white jade hairpin with exquisite workmanship and carefully looking at it. A’Li was with her.

  You still have a heart! Ke Li’s heart, which was depressed for a while, suddenly brightened. She slowly walked forward and said, “I thought you…”

  ”Boss, how much is this hairpin?” Xin Tu didn’t seem to see Ke Li and only asked the salesman about the price.

  Ke Li: “…”

  “Gongzi, this is a good product. For the sake of our encounter, I’ll sell it to you at a low price of 15 silver liangs. Furen will look good wearing it…” The peddler said with a smile and didn’t forget to mention Ke Li to help with marketing. However, after seeing the red mark on Ke Li’s neck, he stopped talking.2This is really funny. The joke is, gongzi means young master while furen means madam or lady of the house. The peddler is assuming that Xin Tu is Ke Li’s son.

  Xin Tu asked A’Li to pay for it. Just now, she saw Ke Li. She held the hairpin and looked at it with a sarcastic smile and said: “Did you think I ran away?”

  “Why would I?” Ke Li said with a smile and reached out to take the hairpin from Xin Tu’s hand. As a result, Xin Tu moved the hairpin into her bosom and said, “This is for my own use.”

  Ke Li: “……”

  Isn’t it just a lousy jade hairpin? She can easily buy a basketful of those, what’s rare!

  After buying the hairpin, Xin Tu didn’t wander about anymore, and Ke Li also didn’t want to stay outside. Thus, the group returned to the inn.

  A’Da reported to Ke Li last night’s details. It turned out that the rapist snuck into the kitchen and slipped a drug into Ke Li’s water. After that, he planned to kidnap people that night but didn’t expect to be stopped halfway. The rapist was still tied to the pillar.

  ”Master, how should we deal with him now?” A’Da asked.

  Ke Li looked at the rapist, who was a man. If he was in a crowd, he would stand out as an intellectually handsome man. But when she recalled that uncontrollable lust and release from Xin Tu’s hands last night, she was infuriated.

  Ke Li rubbed her aching waist secretly and said, “He must have harmed innocent women before. A’Da, confiscate his tools and hand him over to the officials.”

  ”…” A’Da obviously saw the rapist trembling violently and sighed. He deserved it. He felt that Ke Li was unfriendly towards the man for a different reason. Sentencing him to death from being too lustful…he confiscated his tools.3The word tool is really the tool used to commit a crime but that is such a long phrase. And also, the tool to commit the crime is his dangling bits down there.

  As for women like Xin Tu, they were indulged in bed then forced to become wives.

  ”…” Xin Tu subconsciously clenched her fingers and touched the hairpin in her bosom.

Author’s Notes:

A real sweet writer _(:з」∠)_ Oh, by the way, I applied for this title to be completed by next week so I’ll work hard to update.

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