Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself – Chapter 98

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn

Arc 6: The Real World – 2

Only Her Underwear Was Left to Pull Off

  Shi Jin was her so-called girlfriend. This was something she suspected before. Thus, she wasn’t too shocked when she heard this.

  However, that moment when Shi Jin introduced herself, it was as if she heard it before. There was a ‘clang’ in her head along with a blank memory. She was stunned and didn’t know how to react.

  “Don’t you want to meet each other again and get to know each other?” Shi Jin shook her right hand, which was hanging in the air, then softly said, “I’m not an ex-girlfriend, do you have to be so heartless?”

  ”…” Ke Li sat up like she woke up from a dream. She stretched out her hand and held Shi Jin’s delicate and slender hand. Her skin was soft and felt like someone else was holding that hand. Not to mention she had that legendary electric shock from contact.

  Ke Li was relieved. After holding her hands for two seconds mutually, she was ready to retract her hand. However, Shi Jin couldn’t restrain herself any longer and suddenly reached out to hug her.

  Ke Li remained motionless in Shi Jin’s arms. She could hear Shi Jin’s quick heartbeat and her breathing, which rate significantly increased.

  Although Shi Jin was excited, Ke Li could still feel her worries. So, her hands weren’t too tight, and there was a certain safe distance between them.

  Internally, there was a battle between man and heaven. After about ten seconds, Ke Li gently pushed Shi Jin’s shoulder and said, “I’m sorry. I want to be left alone for a while first.”

  Shi Jin was startled then reluctantly let go. She hooked her hair behind her ear to comfort herself. Ke Li just found out about this, and there was nothing wrong about wanting to be left alone.

  She also saw Ke Li staring at Shen Qing as if asking for help. Her eyes dimmed, and she thoughtfully said: “Sister Qing, I want to leave and buy breakfast first.”

  Afterwards, Shi Jin left.

  “Speak, you deliberately drove people away. What’s the matter?” Without the anticipated questions, Shen Qing relaxed a lot. She thought it would be troublesome and that Ke Li would be hysterical. She didn’t expect her to be so calm.

  Ke Li replied, “I want to know everything.”

  Over the years, she always thought she lived life clearly. It never once occurred to her that her memories were missing, and she wasn’t aware of it at all.

  ”You want me to tell you everything?” Shen Qing verified.

  Ke Li firmly replied: “En.”

  “Silly child, it wasn’t me who fell in love with you. How could I know what happened between you? Besides, you want me to tell you about your own memories? Why don’t you remember them yourself?” Shen Qing said seriously.

  Ke Li: “…”

  Of course, she wants to remember her own memory, but how can she remember ah! Doing tasks for no reason, being bent for no reason, losing memories for no reason, having a girlfriend for no reason. She was also very confused and distressed.

  Shen Qing saw that Ke Li didn’t reply and defended Shi Jin, “It’s not that I’m doubting you, but are you worthy of Shi Jin with the way you are right now? If you hadn’t taken the initiative to court her, a social elite, would she have looked at you? A college student who only knew how to write code?”

  “…aren’t I still your daughter? It’s not against the law to write code.” Ke Li returned to her senses slowly and said with surprise, “I fell in love with her in college?”

  Then how old was she back then? How old was Shi Jin?

  When Ke Li was young and ignorant, she felt that she could accept an age gap of within 20 years. After all, she was still young, and her partner would be 40 at most. It was a time when she was full of charm. Back then, she was straight and infatuated with handsome uncles.

  But now that she matured, she knew that age difference not only shows differences on various physiological levels, but also in the outlook on life and values.

  For example, when a college student falls in love with a working person in society. They stay in an ivory tower for a long time and only know how to study. They blindly pursue romance but don’t know the heavy work their partners do. Naturally, their ideologies would be different.

  But now Shen Qing told her that she fell in love when she was in college. She remembered what Shi Jin said before that she was a freshman while Shi Jin was already a junior. Obviously, she was either working or about to start working. While she was beginning to fail her studies.

  Shen Qing frowned and asked: “Do you think she’s old?”

  Ke Li hurriedly shook her head: “How can that be?”

  She just didn’t expect that there was no generation gap between them.

  Shen Qing said, “In short, listen to your mother’s words. You will remember it better than what anyone else can tell you. That’s a memory only you have. When you get older, you will find that there are only memories left in life.”

  “I’ll try my best.” Ke Li curiously added, “How did you know that I lost my memories?”

  Shen Qing held her arm and replied, “That’s a long story, and I don’t intend to make it brief. Anyway, it’s not suitable to know in your current condition. The doctor said that your brain nerves are fragile right now and shouldn’t be stimulated. It’s suitable for you to slowly recall it. When you slowly remember it, everything will become clear.”

  Shen Qing didn’t intend to say it, and Ke Li knew that she could only slowly remember things on her own. Was it something that was difficult to say?

  The two chatted on about various superficial topics. Then Shi Jin returned with hot breakfast, which was obviously purchased from a 24-hour fast-food restaurant. 

  Only then did Ke Li realized that the sky was still dark, and she paid for it. Suddenly, she felt guilty.

  “I’ll leave first. You two take your time and talk.” Shen Qing, the unwanted third wheel, tactfully replied, then speed-walked away without hesitation.

  ”…” Ke Li didn’t even have time to tell her to stay. She could only shift her eyes and try not to look at Shi Jin.

  “Why won’t you look at me? I don’t eat people.” When Shi Jin spoke, it seemed like the waves in her eyes rippled. Plus, with her tall figure and slightly curly hair, it had an attractive charm. The whole person could be mistaken as a scenic view.

  ”…” Ke Li, like a schoolboy who was caught, couldn’t find an explanation at that moment. She could only honestly say her true thoughts: “I’ll try to remember it.”

  ”En, I believe you can.” Shi Jin said softly.

  After ten o’clock, Ke Li fell asleep again. After taking care of the discharge paperwork, Shen Qing took this opportunity to leave on a date and left them alone.

  Shi Jin packed everything up and said, “I’ll take you home.”

  Thinking that she was going to return to her single apartment, Ke Li nodded and said, “Okay, thank you.”

  They went to the car together. Ke Li sat in the front passenger’s seat and took a nap. She didn’t want to speak and didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, Shi Jin didn’t ask her too many questions.

  She thought that if it was her girlfriend who lost her memory and ignored her love, she certainly wouldn’t be as calm nor patient as Shi Jin.

  Ke Li had all kinds of brain holes filling her mind, such as how to answer Shi Jin’s questions, and whether she should take the initiative to leave Shi Jin. But she suddenly heard Shi Jin said: “Actually, we’ve met before.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  They used to be girlfriends. Not only have they met, but they may have done it too.

  Ke Li didn’t say a word. She thought that Shi Jin was going to start talking about the past. So, she planned to listen and think about it. However, after listening to Shi Jin, unfortunately, she continued with, “But you didn’t recognize me every time.”

  ”When did it happen? “Ke Li suddenly opened her eyes. She was quite accustomed to getting along this way. She didn’t recall the past, so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Thus, she was more interested in chatting with her.

  Shi Jin casually replied: “During your blind date.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Shi Jin raised his lips and steadily said, “Sister Qing would make you go on blind dates. Every time you went on a blind date, you would be very impatient. In the beginning, you will introduce yourself like a robot, then eat in boredom. Whenever you were asked about your expectations for life after marriage, you would frown and say that you’re full. Then take that opportunity to leave, isn’t that right?”

  ”How do you know?” Ke Li exclaimed in shock as if her life was being monitored.

  Shi Jin turned to look at her face and said with a smile: “Because every time I happened to be near you, and you were too loud. And I was never able to enter your eyes.”

  ”…” Every time Ke Li went on a blind date, she would make the blind date angry, then leave immediately. When would she have the time to care about the people nearby?

  However, as soon as she recalled her tragic blind date experiences, Ke Li suddenly wondered if Shen Qing deliberately selected some repulsive dates to wear down her self-confidence and then let her bend naturally?

  Ke Li didn’t speak anymore but could feel that the atmosphere relaxed. Shi Jin seemed to be in a good mood and drove smoothly. However, it seemed like they weren’t headed towards her apartment, and they were about to reach the destination.

  ”Aren’t you sending me home?” Ke Li was nervous.

  ”This is your home too.” Shi Jin drove the car into the community’s underground garage and turned off the car. “We’re here.”

  The location is excellent, and transportation was convenient, and this was just the garage. Ke Li felt like a social elite. When they arrived at Shi Jin’s home on the 18th floor, Ke Li really felt the difference between their homes. But since Ke Li was already here, she could only try her best to calm herself down.

  It was a typical three-bedroom with a gym and balcony. The decoration was also in-line with Ke Li’s taste. It was a modern minimalist style. Even the few plush dolls on the sofa in the living room were Ke Li’s favorite.

  “I used to live here before?” Ke Li really had no face to directly ask Shi Jin if this was really her home, so she could only ask tactfully.

  Shi Jin said: “En, we have lived here together for two years.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Lived together for two years? Then, we must have done it before.

  Shi Jin saw that Ke Li didn’t speak, so she didn’t continue the topic. She went to the kitchen to cook while Ke Li pondered.

  She had to admit that Shi Jin was a very interesting person. Shi Jin could accurately grasp the degree of everything she does. Although the relationship between them was a little too difficult to describe, Ke Li surprisingly didn’t feel nervous. On the contrary, she was very relaxed. 

  Shi Jin treated her like a friend, so she didn’t ask any bizarre or pretentious questions. Although she knew that it was normal to ask, Ke Li still preferred how they were getting along now.

  After eating, Ke Li asked on a whim: “Do we have any pictures together?”

  She couldn’t believe that she had such a great girlfriend without seeing something tangible.

  “Wait, I’ll get it for you.” Shi Jin turned to the study and returned with a thick photo album.

  In the album, it was mostly photos of them taken together, from their daily life on campus to graduation. It included all kinds of life activities, including those in the kitchen, bedroom, and sometimes even the Shi Jin’s office at the company.

  In Ke Li’s mind, she saw a glimpse of these events, but she couldn’t firmly grasp the memories. Just like the visual effect in psychology, she always felt a familiarity towards it but couldn’t specifically recall it.

  Ke Li noticed that Shi Jin was paying close attention to her as if she wanted to see a reaction. Ke Li regretfully said: “I just had a vague impression in my mind, but I don’t remember it.”

  Shi Jin smiled and said, “It’s okay, take your time.”

  Originally, Ke Li was the one who wanted to comfort Shi Jin, but it was Shi Jin who comforted her. She suddenly felt a bit embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

  At this moment, Shi Jin’s cellphone suddenly rang. She glanced at it and apologetically said: “You take a look at it yourself. I have to answer this call.”

  ”En.” Ke Li’s attention shifted from the photo album to the phone. During this time, every time Shi Jin received a call, she never picked up. This was the first time she saw her answer.

  Ke Li eavesdropped with her ears pricked up, but she didn’t understand the conversation much. It was regarding the company’s affairs, project meetings, and so on with professional terminology mixed in.

  A few minutes later, Shi Jin hung up the phone and turned around to the sight of Ke Li’s ears pricked up, eavesdropping her. She couldn’t help but explain with a smile: “I can’t ignore the big boss’s phone call. Otherwise, there will be no money to support this family.”

  “You still work in your old company?” Ke Li felt that all her cognition was refreshing. She heard Shi Jin mention that she was the Vice Minister of the Department of Life Experience. She thought Shi Jin had resigned from her previous job and didn’t expect her to work both jobs.

  Shi Jin replied: “I took time off and didn’t have to go to work. So, I have only been getting a small salary.” 

  “You still have a salary if you don’t go to work, and it’s small?” Ke Li casually joked.

  Unexpectedly, Shi Jin seriously thought about it and said, “It’s not very high. Every day is exhausting. My annual salary is barely six figures, plus a small dividend in the low millions. Compared with our big boss, I can only be regarded as an ordinary wage earner.”

  Ke Li: “…” I’m sorry for dragging you down.1Ke Li is a freelance writer so she doesn’t even make anything to begin with. Plus, Shi Jin has been on almost unpaid time off to take care of Ke Li and could have been making more. Haha

  Shi Jin saw that Ke Li was staring at her in a daze and joked: “Do you think I’m a bit like an overbearing President? Although the salary isn’t much, I remember that you used to like to write about these types of plots before.” 

  “…” Ke Li’s reaction was utter shock, so much so that she could hardly close her mouth and asked, “Have you read my novel?”

  “I’ve read them all.” Shi Jin gave a very direct answer and didn’t leave Ke Li with any hope.  

  ”…” Ke Li didn’t expect to completely fall off the horse all at once. She remembered that she hadn’t even told Shen Qing her pen name.

  No, if she didn’t tell her, then how could they know about the novels she wrote and how could she enter those novel worlds? Unless…she’s fallen off her horse before.

  Shi Jin commented seriously: “Your works are very interesting.”

  Ke Li: “…”

  Was all the yellow waste in her mind discovered?

  ”I want to go to bed.” Ke Li decided to dodge this out of respect, otherwise, she would even be stripped of her underwear.2Just symbolism of her thoughts or rather her yellow waste being discovered

  “Okay, I’ll take you.” Shi Jin expected this and led Ke Li to the master bedroom and said, “There’s no bed in the second bedroom. Please squeeze in with me tonight.”

  Ke Li looked at the huge bed and was silent. She didn’t have to think about what Shi Jin meant. She wanted to sleep alone, but after thinking about it differently, she concluded that it would be too much. So, she nodded and agreed.

  Shi Jin found Ke Li’s pajamas and went out. Ke Li finished showering at the fastest speed and climbed to bed to go to sleep. She dispelled all her thoughts and planned to fall asleep immediately due to embarrassment. But her mind was full of messy things, so she couldn’t fall asleep.

  When she stretched out her head to breathe, she happened to see Shi Jin enter wearing a white silk bathrobe with a V-neck, exposing half her mounds. The beautiful scenery of the neckline was looming. Thus, she quickly retracted her head into the quilt.

  Shi Jin had a good view of Ke Li’s shy appearance in bed. She lightly climbed onto the bed and turned off the light, leaving only the dim nightlight on.

  Shi Jin felt Ke Li’s tension and gently leaned over, hesitating for a moment and whispered, “Can I hold you to sleep?”

  Shi Jin’s voice was too gentle to refuse, making others unable to refuse. Ke Li hesitated for a while, then muttered: “En.”

  Then she felt her body wrapped within her arms. A familiar feeling, a familiar taste, and a familiar person. After a while, Ke Li also reached out and hugged Shi Jin, resting her face against those clouds with confidence.

  She thought that it wasn’t unreasonable for her to like Shi Jin before. If she can’t remember, then she doesn’t mind falling in love with Shi Jin again, provided that Shi Jin didn’t mind.

  Maybe that was the reason why she slept so much these days. The next day, Ke Li surprisingly woke up early. She squinted her eyes and found that she was still in Shi Jin’s arms, while Shi Jin was still sleeping with a quiet smile on her face.

  In order to avoid the embarrassment of being awake for a while, Ke Li moved tentatively. As a result, Shi Jin extended her long hand and firmly encircled her in her arms.

  Ke Li looked up at Shi Jin’s beautiful jaw curvature. She felt that there was no one else as perfect as this person in the world. Her eyes were full of satisfaction. She was just about to close her eyes and continue to sleep, but she couldn’t.

  Because of the movement just now, Shi Jin’s silk bathrobe slipped down, exposing her rounded shoulders and exquisite clavicle. On her shoulder, there was a nearly circular scar, even on the same location as Xin Tu!

  Ke Li was so surprised that she pushed away Shi Jin and sat up.  

Author’s Notes:

The foreshadowing is over. It will end tomorrow _(:з”∠)_

Let’s have a small event: let’s see who can find the reason (cross out your guesses) the cause of her amnesia. The price will be a small red envelope (100jjb).

Novi’s Notes: THE END IS NEAR!!!

So, a fellow yuri translator reached out to me and offered to collaborate with me on <<Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again>>. We agreed to release this series 1x a week and alternate weeks. So, estimated completion date is around 10 months.

To be honest, since I had a lot of personal issues I’ve been behind on my personal goals for releases. So, after I finish this series I will work on my “backlog” of 3 chapters I owe for that series and we will start the collaboration project.

Yay~ Now that yuri novel can be completed much sooner!! o((^▽^))o

Also, my next yuri goal is to complete this short yuri series I picked up about a doctor x patient. I picked it up before vanishing. Honestly it should be quickly done unless I jinx myself again. <<Facing You>>

Also, do people actually sleep in their bathrobes??

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