Facing You – Chapter 10

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Proofread by Nesryn

Stumbling Blocks

A new life begins today! As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Lin Xi lying on my bed! Why is the sunshine so beautiful today! Why is the air so fresh! Why are the flowers so beautiful!

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Young couple in love, looking at each other, stickily and naughtily. Shen Beibei was late, but what’s the matter of being late when she can go to the supermarket with her family’s Lin Xi tonight, right! Cooking…

Zhang Wei saw Shen Beibei “glittered with springtime”, so he leaned over and asked, “What happened that’s so good?”

“Something happy.”

“What happy event do you want to share with us?”

“Scram, go away, go away!” Shen Beibei pushed him. She’s in a relationship now. 

Zhang Wei frowned, continued to smile and said, “Don’t be so stingy and tell everyone…” 

“Why are you so annoying? I already said everything that should be said. Don’t make me repeat myself!”

Zhang Wei glanced at the other colleagues. He lost face and left sullenly.

When the colleagues saw Zhang Wei leave, they kindly reminded, “He’s related to the President. Don’t offend him.”

“Don’t be stingy! This is a matter about love…”

“It’s hard to say but I think he’s very fond of you.”

Dr. Shen shrugged, “Forget it. I don’t care about him.”

After work, a young woman stood at the door of the hospital smoking. Shen Beibei ran to the entrance with a smile plastered to her face.

Lin Xi glanced at her and teased, “Who’s that woman who smiles so ugly.”

“Your woman!”

“There’s no such woman in my family.”

“Now you have one.” Shen Beibei hooked her arm into hers. The two laughed and had fun. But Zhang Wei saw this from a distance, and it left a bad taste in his heart.

A while later, a bunch of roses appeared on Shen Beibei’s desk. For a week, Zhang Wei showed up beside Shen Beibei with roses. The staff of the entire hospital along with the President knew that Zhang Wei was chasing her and even joked about their future.

Lin Xi took her home as usual, but someone got in their way.

“Beibei, can I take you back?” Zhang Wei smiled at the two holding hands.

Shen Beibei frowned, “Don’t you see someone is taking me?”

Zhang Wei showed a cunning smile: “Her, who is she ah?”

“She’s my girl…” She said but was stopped halfway by Lin Xi, “I’m her friend.”

“Friend oh! You don’t have a car, why don’t you ride with me!”

Lin Xi said with a smile, “We don’t want to trouble you. We have other plans. It’s not convenient for men to participate.” Then took Shen Beibei away.

After walking for a long time, Shen Beibei asked angrily, “Why didn’t you let me talk just now!”

“Fool! You forgot that we were…just now, there were so many people at the hospital. What would you do if they accidentally heard?” Lin Xi didn’t care, but she cared about Shen Beibei.

“I don’t care!”

“En, I know.”

Although Shen Beibei was angry, she couldn’t do anything about it. The two held hands tightly and had the comfort of each other’s temperature and wanted to stay like this for a long time.

After getting off work the next day, Zhang Wei was planning to steal a few words from them. But unexpectedly, Lin Xi appeared at the hospital with a million-dollar luxury car. Even Shen Beibei was at a loss.

“Hey! Do you have a car? If you don’t feel comfortable, I can take you back.”

Zhang Wei looked around and pointed at himself, me?

Lin Xi nodded and winked at Shen Beibei.

Zhang Wei’s blue veins suddenly bulged. He turned around and left. I’ll give you a taste of what a man tastes like!

When Lin Xi drove, Shen Beibei looked around in the car and asked like a child, “Where did you get this from?”

“I borrowed it from the boss.”

“What about a driver’s license?”

“I took the test after graduation. In short, just enjoy it!” With that, Lin Xi stepped on the accelerator and enjoyed the speed.

The next day, Shen Beibei was blocked early in the morning by Zhang Wei. He said with a smile, “It’s almost your birthday! I prepared a surprise for you!”

“That’s enough! I’ve already said it so clearly! Stop pestering me! If you do this again, I’ll resign.” Shen Beibei’s voice echoed in the entire corridor. She was almost driven crazy by the clueless Zhang Wei who couldn’t understand words! The hospital was full of gossip about them. And the more it spread, the more out-of-control it became. There were even some that said her achievements were given by Zhang Wei. Obviously, she clearly didn’t know him when she published her thesis and made those report. Why should her success be attributed to a man?

Zhang Wei sincerely looked at her, “Okay, okay. Don’t be angry. I promise that I won’t bother you anymore if you attend this party. Will you give it a chance?”

Shen Beibei had no choice but to do so. She had Lin Xi accompany her.  

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