Facing You – Chapter 11

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn


On the day of the birthday party, the room was more than 100 square meters and was simply decorated with a few balloons. The loud music kept ringing the entire time. The room was full of people that Shen Beibei didn’t know. She found Zhang Wei and angrily said, “What are you doing? I don’t know any of these people and they aren’t from the hospital!”

Zhang Wei narrowed his eyes, shaking the red wine glass, he replied, “Don’t worry. We will all get to know each other soon.”

Shen Beibei was speechless, “Forget it! I’m leaving. I’ll remember what you said.”

“Hey~ Don’t worry ah. I made it especially for you.” Zhang Wei took her arm.

“You let me go! Let me go!” Shen Beibei felt that there was something wrong. Her body was grabbed by two men. Lin Xi! Come save me!

Zhang Wei looked at her proudly, “Your girlfriend? Hahaha, she can’t even save herself!”

“You’re talking nonsense!” No matter how much she kicked or hit them, the people holding her were motionless. And she didn’t know when the girls in the room left.

Zhang Wei got up and slid her fingers along her clothes into her underwear, “I especially prepared this for you. What’s so good about women? Look at these men. There’s so many, which one do you like?”

Shen Beibei’s nails were embedded in flesh. She could only stall. Lin Xi! You better be okay! Wait for me!

“Hehe, what’s the point? Aren’t you the manager of fishing nets?”1Referring to that reference she said to him at the dinner date after the movies.

“But I like the fish that the fishing net can’t catch!” Zhang Wei’s fingers unbuttoned her buttons one by one. Under the eyes of everyone, those strange men’s eyes stared at her body. Shen Beibei was about to faint. The music was so loud that Zhang Wei’s complacent eyes magnified her fears infinitely. She wasn’t strong and now she couldn’t move like a wastrel. She let Zhang Wei’s hands undo her clothes and she couldn’t make a single sound. Tears blurred her eyes as she looked at the ceiling as if she could see directly see the sky in Lin Xi’s clear eyes. Lin Xi! Lin Xi! Lin Xi!

With her internal calls, the door opened and Lin Xi rushed in. The black suit she was wearing was soaked with blood and there was a knife in her hand dripping with blood. She saw Shen Beibei with half her clothes opened and her aggrieved eyes. This caused Lin Xi to lose control of her emotions, as if a beast angered by its injuries. She rushed to Zhang Wei but was stopped by several men. She was pressed onto the ground, her face pasted against the floor and her mouth saying something. The knife in her hand scratched the floor over and over, as if trying to break free from the restraint.

Zhang Wei squatted down and grabbed Lin Xi’s hair, “Bitch, you’re pretty good? But I want to see if you’re good enough?”

“No! No! No! I beg you to let her go! I’m willing to do anything, I’m willing to do anything!” Shen Beibei watched Zhang Wei stab the knife in Lin Xi’s arm. Blood spewed out and slowly spread along the cracks in the floor. Even though she shouted until her throat went horse, he still didn’t stop the knife.

“What qualifications do you have to negotiate with me? Today, you are all my crotch dogs. There’s one good thing, whoever shouts the loudest, I’ll give more punishment to. Hahaha!”2crotch dogs is a humiliation thing where a person is forced to act like a dog and crawl under someone’s crotch. Like that person as a crotch dog is beneath the person

“Help! Help! Who will save her!” Shen Beibei’s eyes were glued to Lin Xi. She would do anything! I’m begging you God, please don’t let her die!

Zhang Wei was very satisfied with the current situation and thought bitterly: What shit relative! All day long, he looks up from above in such a remote place! Now these people are listening to him, he has power over life and death. “Hahaha, no matter how much you scream. This building belongs to the hospital! No one lives in it except for me. Blame this stupid bitch who doesn’t know how to get help!” 

As soon as he finished speaking, a large group of people rushed into the room and suppressed all the men. Leaving him alone to watch the situation unfold.

As soon as Lin Xi’s restraints were removed, she dragged her arm and rushed towards Zhang Wei. As if she was possessed by evil spirits, Zhang Wei looked at her with trembling legs and yelled, “Who will save me?!”

After being rescued, Shen Beibei directly collapsed onto the ground. She watched Lin Xi rushing over and tried to stand but failed. She could only anxiously cry out, “Lin Xi, stop! Stop!”

When Chen Ke saw Lin Xi’s eyes, he knew that it was useless to stop her. It was the kind of eyes in the fights that kept her calm. At that time, she only had to be beaten. But this time, she knew what she had to do, she had to kill him.

Lin Xi couldn’t hear anyone’s voice. She just stabbed the knife into Zhang Wei’s body over and over. His blood splashed all over her. She felt a familiar warmth. She lost consciousness when Zhang Wei’s body was stabbed like a hornet’s nest and laid motionless on the ground. That was when she was pressed onto the ground by the police.

X Psychiatric Hospital, at a bench in a hidden corner of the hospital, two slim figures, one in a white coat, and one in a patient gown. They both had a cigarette in their mouth with the smoke slowly floating upwards ah.

“Dr. Shen, you said I wouldn’t die suddenly!” Lin Xi took a big puff of smoke and everything came back.


“Dr. Shen, you said I can eat curry rice tomorrow.”


“Dr. Shen, you said…”

“Dr. Shen, Dr. Shen, I’m so tired!” Shen Beibei finished smoking first, stood up and glared at her angrily.

On the same day of his death, Lin Xi was sent to the hospital for a psychiatric investigation. The participants were all bodyguards hired by Zhang Wei and were sentenced separately. The President wasn’t related to Zhang Wei by blood. Also, he committed such a crime, so he couldn’t face her. Thus, she was compensated. Finally, she requested to return to the psychiatric hospital.

“Dr. Shen is angry.” Lin Xi said and looked at her. She didn’t escape that day. Just like that straightforward slap that Shen Beibei gave that day.

Shen Beibei glanced at the table and counted down five seconds. After counting, she straddled Lin Xi’s lap, held her face and said, “I’m off to work.”

Lin Xi hugged her and pulled out a small gift box from the side of her pants pocket and softly said, “Shen Beibei, will you marry me?”

Shen Beibei looked at the ring and couldn’t make a sound. Then recovered her senses after a moment, she nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “Yes! Yes!”

Lin Xi chuckled, and the two kissed in the sunset.


Novi’s Notes: This is the end…I don’t have any short yuri on my radar right now…but I do pick them up randomly and like to finish them within one month. Well stay tune for my other translations and perhaps a future short…

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  1. Anonymous

    Not very many comments for some reason, but this was a sort of chinese story that either doesn’t get written often, or doesn’t get translated often. Kind of felt like it wasn’t playing to the tropes, either.

    Lin Xi’s parents are trash, but the truth is they are powerless outside of the hostile environment they created at her home. As soon as Dr. Shen meets them the illusion is broken.

    Dr. Shen has her own challenge at work, but maybe more courageous after that, tells off Zhang Wei publicly, and in the workplace no less. After the resolution his father doesn’t even try to make trouble (though a line about “not his blood son” might have been tossed around which is sorta a cop out).

    At the same time Lin Xi’s mental illness never gets a proper resolution; she just continues to have to deal with it, and at the end, its clear that she is in a better place with Dr. Shen, but she still back at the psychiatric hospital. I don’t know if that was due to the legal events that were brushed over, but it also seems suggestive that she is still fighting depression et. all. And I’m pretty sure she’s still a chain smoker, unless she found a new “oral fixation”.

    Despite the serious themes, it wasn’t particularly angsty, or edgy. Thanks for translating this one.

  2. Tutu

    Yey finally someone comment!!!

    1. Novi

      Well haha, you guys are one of the first to read it, just post it about 12 hours ago.

  3. vivalayuri

    Welp thats a real yandere there. Just started and finished readin today. Its kinda rare to find translated yuri yandere novels. Good job translating this.

    1. Novi

      Thanks. If you noticed, I like yandere main characters lol or at least possessive/black-bellied.

  4. Alter Ego

    This one is a pretty good read. Just glad that they reached a good end. It’s like threading on a thin rope where any point could’ve resulted to a BE.

    Each character was presented in a way that makes sense and correlates to the real world. It’s not very detailed, but it’s just enough for you to get a grasp on their personalities.

    Thank you for picking this up. It means a lot to me.

  5. RozuArison08

    This is so dark and abusive wtf HAHHAHAHA Lin Xi is kind of yandere Luvvit ❤️

  6. Rael

    It was.. ok, not great, not terrible…

    1. Novi

      Yeah the pacing is kind of off on chapter 11 lol it was so sudden, plus I feel like things could have ended at ch9 *safely*. It’s alright, wanted to “finish” this series since it was dropped at chapter 2 (the old translation from previous translator got taken down though??).
      I did find it funny how they were pinning for each other in the beginning. The smoking thing between them was kinda weird how its mentioned so many times, never seen CN GL with smoking.

  7. Moonlight

    Half assed chapter I didnt like how it ended it’s like author gave up on this and just scribbled some bs nevertheles I’m simp of every yuri novels. Thanks for translating this.

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