Facing You – Chapter 2

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The next day, Lin Xi went to the hospital to have an examination and familiarly found a seat while waiting to get called.

“Number 4 Lin Xi.”

Lin Xi silently walked by. The doctor only saw four patients this morning, and she was the last one.

She was dumbfounded and secretly hooked the corner of her mouth: old acquaintance.  

“Lin Xi!” Shen Beibei was surprised and felt complicated in her heart. God, grandpa ah! Don’t joke with me. Then she saw the blinding gauze on her neck and nervously asked: “What’s wrong with your neck?”  

“Oh, it’s a trivial thing, how come you’re here?” Lin Xi sat in the chair with her arm against her chin and stared straight at her eyes.

Shen Beibei was a little flustered, her eyes wandering all over the place. Finally, she stood up and went to the water dispenser to get water and said, “It was too depressing there. I couldn’t stand it and I’m so young.”

“Oh,” Lin Xi remembered that she was a top student from Oxford and had published many academic papers. At the age of 25, she was already well-known in her industry. Lin Xi glanced at her high heeled shoes and asked, “Newly bought?”

Shen Beibei put the water in front of her and her expression was a little surprised. She intentionally bought them in order to bid farewell to that place and come to the “new weather” here. She didn’t expect her to notice this: “En, new environment new weather!”

“Red suits you well.”

Shen Beibei couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth to rise. In the psychiatric hospital, she couldn’t carelessly let her heart be stirred by such inadvertent words. Finally, she became indifferent like a basin of cold water poured on her: “How come you’re here again? Do you want to come in?”

“… Isn’t working here the same as the work there?” Lin Xi didn’t answer her rhetorical question.

“It’s okay here, I can also see two patients less,” Shen Beibei said and raised her eyes to look at her. She wasn’t afraid of those kinds of patients but the one in front of her.  


“What about you? Did you ever think about doing something?”


“You’ve been dependent on your parents. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Can’t you be more mature.” Shen Beibei said as if hating iron for not becoming steel.1Idiom – feel resentment towards somebody for failing to meet expectation and impatient to see improvement

Lin Xi swap arms and continued to look at her: “You say, I graduated from a third-rated school and after so many years, how can someone who has done nothing find something to do.”

“Always try! No one succeeds at their first try!” Her previous treatment was a job issue. She wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t communicate with strangers at all. When she does talk to them, she spoke very smoothly.


“Okay? Do you mean you’re ready to work?”

“After all, didn’t you say that?” Lin Xi lowered her arm and said indifferently.

“Hehe, I talked for so long!” She didn’t expect that she would simply agree today! It caused her to move her tongue a lot.

“Have lunch with me?”

“…En.” Shen Beibei looked at the time, crossed her legs, and slightly blushed. This is the first time they are having a meal together! What magic does this hospital have ah!

After they ate, they were busy with their own things and separated. Lin Xi passed by the fast-food restaurant near the hospital and saw the recruitment post at the door and walked over.

“Are you hiring?”

Shortly after, the manager came and glanced at her: “College student? Our internship program is proven to be effective.”

“No, I graduated.”

The manager nodded: “Full-time or part-time?”


The manager briefly introduced the salary and the overview of the work: “If you have no problem, you can come to work with your health certificate.”

“En, I’ll come on Monday.”


The manager looked at Lin Xi being skillful on her first day of work: “You don’t look like you have no experience ah!”

“I had a part-time job in university.”

Lin Xi said a few words and became quiet. The manager nodded and didn’t ask much. It’s better to have experience and save some time.

Shen Beibei and her colleague went out to eat fast food today. The colleague said she had to absolutely come eat the classics here. Even though she didn’t like garbage, she was forced to come… “Lin Xi!” She whispered when she saw the ordering staff’s face and startled. She was very pleased! She loved fast food restaurants!

Lin Xi wore a work uniform and politely smiled: “Hello, welcome. Please order here.”

Shen Beibei’s colleague didn’t even notice anything was amiss: “These two meals and add a side of mash potatoes.”2Wonder if the fast-food restaurant she works at is KFC….

“Okay, do you have a membership code? It can give you points.”

“Oh, yes!” She tapped her cell phone a few times and happily finished ordering. Shen Beibei sat down in a seat that was near the ordering counter and said with a smile, “It’s convenient to get food here!”

Her colleague nodded suspiciously: “Oh? Oh… but whose name did you call just now?”

Shen Beibei picked a spot with the best view, looked at the person who had done a “meritorious deed”3The colleague who did a great deed by suggesting and dragging her to this joint so she can ogle her beloved Lin Xi and shook her head: “No, you heard wrong.”

Lin Xi peeked at them from time to time. She seemed to be doing well at her new job and has a good relationship with her colleagues. She thought with a smile and said: “Number 361, your meal is ready. Please take your meal.”

After the two finished their meal, the colleague mysteriously moved closer to Shen Beibei: “Don’t you think that little sister taking orders is very beautiful?”

“Who?” Shen Beibei glanced over, Lin Xi?

“Her ah! That sense of indifference while wearing her uniform. It’s a bit like… I can’t say, but I feel it’s a very good temperament.” The colleague glanced back a few more times and took out her cellphone to secretly take a picture.

After staying in the hospital for a long time, Shen Beibei thought she was the only one who thought she was beautiful. She bit the straw of her Coke: “Do you think so? I don’t think so.”

“You have no eyes. You see the little sister whose working with her? She’s obviously enchanted by her ah!” Her colleague took several more photos at this time and turned back and forth with satisfaction: “There aren’t many people who can stand the camera quality of an Apple phone. Look at this skin, tsk tsk.”

“Average”, Shen Beibei was angry, and the straw she bit was full of teeth marks.

“Good doctor, your skin is also very good”. The colleague thought she was a little abnormal today. Did the usual “good doctor” care about her appearance?

Shen Beibei didn’t know Lin Xi’s cell phone number now that she thought about it. She worked near the hospital and never mentioned this to her. In the end, she was only one person in her life…a very tiny existence. She bit a big mouthful of her hamburger angrily.

Early morning.

Shen Beibei’s pen slid back and forth on the glass table. Today was Lin Xi’s appointment to come see her, should she ask for her cellphone number?

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