Facing You – Chapter 3

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Ever since she went to that fast-food restaurant, Shen Beibei began to feel restless again. She secretly went to see her several times. When she saw her working so seriously, she didn’t want to disturb her. After all, she just overcame her fear of entering society. If she often harassed her, she might lose her job. And in the evenings, she was afraid that she worked too hard during the day. On several occasions, she tried calling out to her, but stopped herself and hid. Her restlessness caused her to chew her nails: What am I doing ah! This is too childish.

As soon as she entered, Lin Xi smiled and greeted her, “Dr. Shen, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Yes ah! How are you?” Her eyelashes are really long… My colleagues have taken several photos of her, but I have none…

“It’s good to hear from you, doctor.”

“Will you not come again?” Shen Beibei’s heart was at her throat when she said this.

Lin Xi took out a note from her pocket, handed it to her, and said, “Maybe not, so…this is my cellphone number. If there’s anything, we will be able to keep in contact.”

Shen Beibei held the note. Should she be happy? Or should she feel uncomfortable? There doesn’t seem to be a reason to call her in the future.

“I’m afraid I still need Dr. Shen to take care of me in the future. After all, my condition is quite complicated. And I may disturb you from time to time.” Lin Xi did a good job at the fast-food restaurant. She was paid a portion of her salary in advance and bought a cellphone with installments. In fact, besides being able to contact her, it was useless otherwise.

“Oh oh…okay.” Why didn’t she think of ever asking about her condition ah!

“There are others behind you. I won’t take up any more of your time.” Lin Xi paused and added, “My illness… if you have time this evening and don’t have to be at the hospital.”1So, Lin Xi happened to be near the door and greeted her right when she walked in. Probably cleaning tables or something. There’s people behind her meaning that there is a line to order food. They are probably standing or sitting, talking near the entrance.

Shen Beibei’s face was like a volcanic eruption. Her brain was filled with countless scenes of “night tutoring”. In the dead of night, two lonely girls were in the same room. After taking a bath, Lin Xi approaches her in a bath towel, kabedon her against the wall, and whispers in her ear: “Let’s do something we don’t do during the day!” Thinking about this almost caused her to have a gushing nosebleed.

“Dr. Shen, Dr. Shen, are you okay?” Lin Xi saw that she was out of it and pushed her hand.

Shen Beibei withdrew her hand and twisted her hair embarrassingly, “It’s nothing.”

“Okay, I’ll be going now.” Lin Xi stood up after speaking. She reached out with her hand to touch her back but stopped because she was afraid of her reaction…that it might be of disgust…

“Lin Xi!”

Lin Xi heard her voice and looked back at her holding her cellphone. She blinked in confusion.

Shen Beibei’s thumb trembled. She swallowed her saliva and awkwardly pulled up the corners of her mouth and said: “Look, do you see how nice my new cellphone case looks!”

“……Looks good.”

“En, hehehehe, goodbye then.”

“OK, bye.”

As soon as she left, Shen Beibei hurriedly patted her chest, small heart ah… this fool! The casual photo she took was very pretty. She touched her cellphone screen as if she didn’t see the person on it enough.2small heart is referencing that her heart was small at the moment and if she became too stimulated, she will instantly die. She had the courage to get her to turn around and snap a picture of her…that’s why she’s scared to death.

Since Lin Xi said that her condition is better, she wouldn’t come to the hospital. Shen Beibei had no choice…

“Miss Shen, please let me go! I really don’t want to eat hamburgers anymore. I’m being wronged. I ate hamburgers for four days this week ah!” The colleague supported herself on the table and cried in pain, her face had acne!

Shen Beibei pulled on her arm hard and said, “Don’t you like to eat it? I’ll treat you.”

“There’s a limit to how much I like it ah! Let me go!” The colleague wanted to cry without tears.

“Why is it so lively!”

“Zhang Wei, you’re here just in time! Hurry up and go eat lunch with Miss Shen! I’ll give you this opportunity!”

Mr. Zhang Wei bowed and said with a smile, “Dr. Shen, give me face?”

No matter who it was, it was just an excuse! Thinking of this, she pulled him to the fast-food restaurant.  

The colleague touched the pimples on her face. Did this fast-food restaurant add additives to their products to make it addictive?

Lin Xi glanced at her watch. At this time, she was looking forward to the sound of the door opening. She was waiting for Shen Beibei…who was accompanied by a man.

“What do you want to eat?” Zhang Wei asked softly.

“Set A.” Shen Beibei replied carelessly. Although it was a different person who helped them with their order, her eyes were fixed on Lin Xi the entire time: Can Lin Xi be engraved in her eyes!

“Then I also want that. I’d like to pay on WeChat.”

“What are you doing! AA!”3This is Shen Beibei yelling at him for paying for the bill. AA means to split the bill.

Zhang Wei didn’t pay any attention to his surroundings. He wanted to hurry and court this flower, “I already paid it. It’s fine, just invite me again next time!”

“Okay! You can’t regret it oh!” Shen Beibei didn’t want to owe anyone anything.

Zhang Wei raised an eyebrow, “I normally remember an agreement with a beauty.”

Shen Beibei shuddered: glib, need to figure something out! I don’t want to eat with him next time.

Shen Beibei sat down in her usual seat. Zhang Wei said something, but she didn’t answer. She looked at the busy Lin Xi, who appeared to have a bad expression. What is she going to do later? Ai? En? Why did you leave? Shift change? But this wasn’t the time to change shifts ah? 

“Dr. Shen? What are you looking at?” Zhang Wei said and looked at where she was staring towards. He frowned and suddenly hit the table.

“It’s nothing.” The sudden sound startled Shen Beibei! But now she didn’t have time to get mad, she was impatient… “Did you finish yet? Let’s go!”

“I finished eating. But you didn’t eat much…”

“I’m full, let’s go!” Shen Beibei got up by herself when she finished talking. She clearly had her cellphone number saved on her phone. But she didn’t know what identity she had to ask her as, a friend? It didn’t seem that they were even friends, and now the relationship between doctor and patient was gone…

Lin Xi and her coworker soon changed shifts.

Today a group of colleagues said in the locker room, “That’s rare ah! Sister Lin Xi, why do you want to get off work early today.”

“En, sorry to trouble you classmates. Please help me say thank you to her.” It wasn’t easy to get a shift change last minute. But fortunately, her manager and colleagues were supportive.

“Hehe, no problem, no problem, I… we are very happy to help you!” Chen Ran blushed slightly.

Lin Xi smiled, changed her clothes, and thought for a while. It appears she was in a bad mood.

Chen Ran hesitated for a long time and saw that Lin Xi was about to leave. She hurriedly grabbed the corner of her clothes: “Sister Lin Xi, I…I have two movie tickets. Can you accompany me to watch it this weekend?”

“How about your classmates?”

“She… she has something to do.”

Lin Xi thought for a while: “Alright then! Contact me with the details.” She said, then left in a hurry.

“Sister Lin Xi… Lin Xi” Chen Ran’s voice became tiny: “I still don’t have your phone number…”

Lin Xi ran to the nearby park, lit a cigarette, and looked at the sun. The sun was dazzling. What’s the point? This way? The cellphone installments are almost paid off. I have to quickly set a goal, otherwise, it will be the same as before.

Novi’s Notes: This seems to be a cute short fluffy story of a stalker x stalker LOL. They low-key are attracted to each other but are both too scared of making the first move.

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