Facing You – Chapter 4

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The next day, Lin Xi’s cellphone had two more numbers, the manager and Chen Ran.

The manager was playing a mobile game in the lounge and said, “It’s more convenient to have a cellphone. Fortunately, you’re not late and obedient. Otherwise, I won’t be able to contact you if there was an accident.” That is, you’re boring and don’t talk much.

“Sister Lin Xi, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Lin Xi nodded, “Manager, I’m getting off now.”

“Go, go, I’ll finish this game, this SB!1Curse word ‘you fucking dick head’ The towers are gone! Go home!” The manager waved his hand and immersed himself in the game.  

At night, people in the hospital are constantly entering, like a black hole. Fortunately, she wasn’t the main doctor, otherwise, she would be busy. Shen Beibei got up from her chair and stretched her waist. She didn’t see her for long today. 

“Dr. Shen, I’m here.”


“Dr. Shen, take a break tomorrow and watch a movie with me!” Zhang Wei said and laughed ‘hee hee’ then sat in a chair.

“No.” Boring, Shen Beibei wasn’t polite.

“You agreed to go out with me next time.”

“To eat.”

“But you didn’t say that ah? So, what about a movie?”

Shen Beibei frowned. She needed to return the favor from earlier, so she replied, “That’s fine! Okay, I’ll pay this time.”

“OK, see you at Wanda tomorrow at 9.”

Wanda Cinema.

On Sunday? There were a lot of people. Shen Beibei came early. She looked around and saw a familiar figure that was about to enter. She rubbed her eyes, again and again, Lin Xi! Who’s that girl beside her? It’s the one she works with! Oh, look at that delicate makeup on her face!

“Shen Beibei, I’m sorry that I’m late! I was stuck in traffic!” Zhang Wei appeared in time, restraining Shen Beibei’s impulse to go up and talk to them.

“It’s okay. What time is the movie?”

“Now! Quickly, let’s go!” Zhang Wei hurriedly pulled her in.

The movie theater was pitch-black because the commercial just finished. They just happened to come just in time. Shen Beibei lowered her voice and asked: “Which seat ah?”

“Row 6, seats 11 and 12.”

Shen Beibei groped about the darkness and apologized as she walked to the sixth row. She couldn’t see clearly and had to bend down. Then her feet happened to be caught against something. Right when she was about to make a fool of herself, her waist was caught, and she looked up to see… Lin Xi. The position next to her…ah! 11, 12…

“What are you doing? Sit down in front of you, ah!” Zhang Wei hurriedly urged when he heard the voices of dissatisfaction behind him. Then he glanced at Lin Xi. Shen Beibei regained her senses and sat down. Zhang Wei also sat down. The people behind him were able to sit down and watch the movie peacefully.

Your mother, how can I feel at ease! Why do I feel like I was caught in adultery! How can I have this kind of feeling when meeting Lin Xi again, ah! My heartbeat is so fast! Why won’t she speak? Didn’t she see? Shen Beibei peeked at her and at that moment, Lin Xi happened to be looking at her when she placed the popcorn beside her. What does she mean? Let me have some? You’re not a mute. Speak ah, Lin Xi!

Lin Xi’s eyes were watching the film absentmindedly: Two people watching a movie together, has their relationship developed into lovers?

She wasn’t paying attention while Chen Ran, who sat beside her, was already in tears. She took out a tissue from her bag and handed it to her. She really envied that she could cry when she wanted to cry.

Chen Ran took the tissues and gratefully thanked her. She stealthily approached her, even if it was just contact between their clothes.

When the movie was over, the lights in the theater turned on, and the credits rolled. Shen Beibei sat in her chair motionless and snorted softly, “I can’t watch if you’re being intimate.”

“Dr. Shen I haven’t seen you in a long time.” Lin Xi stood up and pretended to be surprised.

Chen Ran was nervous, hid behind Lin Xi, and asked, “Sister Lin Xi? Do you know each other?”

“En, an… old acquaintance.”

What ah! She doesn’t eat people, why is she acting that way? Shen Beibei looked at Chen Ran discontentedly and said with a smile, “We know each other well.”

“Your friend?” Zhang Wei looked around. The more he looked, the more he felt that he had seen this woman before.

Lin Xi narrowed her eyes and looked at Zhang Wei, then said with a smile, “Since we all have company, we’ll talk next time.”

Shen Beibei wanted to go up and drag her away right now. But she endured, gritted her teeth, and replied, “Okay, let’s talk next time.”

After that, the four people separated. Lin Xi only promised Chen Ran to watch a movie with her. She didn’t say anything else, so Chen Ran’s plans were all in vain.2I guess eat a meal together and shop after the movies? Basic date plan lol. Dam, Lin Xi ditched that girl real quick.

On the other side, under Zhang Wei’s stubborn persuasion, Shen Beibei gave in. After thinking about it for a long time, she sent a message of condolence to Lin Xi while eating. Then, when she finished eating, she proudly wiped her mouth and said, “AA.”3AA – split the bill evenly

Zhang Wei awkwardly took out half the money and threw it on the table.

“Zhang Wei, let me tell you very clearly. If you have other thoughts, I’m sorry. I have someone I like. If not, we can be friends at most.” Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. This is for the best. 

Zhang Wei jumped at this sentence. He looked around and saw no one was nearby. He was shamed to the max today to the point that he almost couldn’t hold it together. He forced a smile and said, “It’s better to be friends. I would be very stressed if I was your lover.”  

“I’m afraid fishnets can’t keep things in!”4There are holes in the net, so you can’t hide them. People will still talk

In the face of doubt, Zhang Wei’s acquiescence may be enough, but… he suddenly squinted and stretched out his hand and said, “Hello friend.”

“Hello”, Shen Beibei smiled, cutting through the mess with a sharp knife. There was only one person who was continuously cut and made a mess.

Lin Xi returned home and took out her cellphone. She stared at the short notification on top in a daze: En…it seems I’m being scolded.

It didn’t take long for her to fall into a dilemma. The more she thought, the more the dilemma became chaotic, and the more unsure she felt. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that she didn’t know what she was doing.

She took out her cell phone and hesitated for a long time before she dialed, “Dr. Shen, I feel terrible.”

Shen Beibei still had shampoo suds on her head, wore a bath towel, was barefoot, and frowned when she heard her voice, “How bad? Is it serious? I’m heading there now! What park? I know.”

A moment later, the two met at the park. Lin Xi sat on the park bench, took out a lighter for Shen Beibei to light her cigarette. They both were silent, watching the evening darkened. Night soon came.

“Hello fragrance ah!” Lin Xi finally said.5Guess she likes the smell of cigarettes

Shen Beibei sighed. She was very anxious and left immediately. Maybe the suds weren’t fully rinsed. You didn’t say directly! Lin Xi, what the hell! She digressed and said, “You wanted me to accompany you to smoke!”

“It feels good to smoke with you. Cures the illness.”

Shen Beibei rolled her eyes, “It wasn’t good for me to smoke so many with you at the hospital.”


What does ‘en’ mean? Her eyes reflected the darkness of the night sky. Suddenly Shen Beibei discovered the problem she was ignoring and softly asked, “Lin Xi, are you keeping something to yourself?”

“Does Dr. Shen say everything?”

“Not everything, but you know what I mean. Have you taken the initiative to see a psychologist?”

Lin Xi chuckled, “The psychiatrist ah…it’s pretty boring.”

Shen Beibei looked at her. She seemed to be a little different tonight, “How can you say that?”

“If the patients don’t say anything, they can’t do anything. I thought they had mind-reading skills like in novels.” If they could see through her and help her at a glance, then things wouldn’t be like how they were now!

“They guide patients to express their confusion. Usually, people who take the initiative to see a psychiatrist are very cooperative in making progress.” Shen Beibei defended her career.6I guess she acted as a psychiatrist in the mental hospital before…

“What if the patient isn’t cooperative?”

“Keep trying to communicate until they are willing to say.”

“Like me?”

Shen Beibei now understood that her problem seemed to be more than just work. She sat and gently said, “Everyone must vent. No matter good or bad, it will only tire yourself. If you’re tired, you can treat me like your trash can.

Lin Xi didn’t expect this. Venting, hehe. She extinguished the smoke and replied, “Have you started the program so soon?”7Talking about psychiatrist’s methods of getting their patient to talk.

“I’m serious!” Shen Beibei was very flustered. She tried to prove that Lin Xi was special in her eyes.

Lin Xi unconsciously touched her hair, “It’s getting late, doctor. Let’s go home today.”

“En, okay!” It’s useless, it’s Lin Xi ah! Shen Beibei gave up her idea of wanting to communicate sincerely. After all, she hasn’t even entered her heart. How could that be possible with the things from these past two days?

There was a forked road that branched left and right. Shen Beibei took two steps and looked back. She always felt that she was going to disappear. Only on this day did she realize that her premonition was so accurate that she was disgusted. The figure from the fast-food restaurant disappeared. The hamburger in her mouth became fake meat made out of additives. Her phone number was recorded in her cellphone, but she didn’t dare dial it. At night, she sent a condolence message to Lin Xi while crying.

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