Facing You – Chapter 5

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Lin Xi’s eyes were empty. She was out of breath, and her hair was soaked in sweat while listening to the rhythmic ‘bang bang bang’.

“Enough Lin Xi! Drink water.” Someone yelled. Lin Xi stopped, took two sips of water, and said, “Thank you, Brother Chen.”

“I’m scared. You call me brother now.”

Lin Xi looked at Chen Ke’s muscles and sneered, “Are you afraid of me?”

“I’m afraid you’ll die.”

“Die, then die!” Lin Xi was looking for death, but she didn’t want an empty death of suicide.  

“If you die, how do I explain it?”

Lin Xi knew that he was going to sign the “death certificate”. So, he was worried about how to explain it to his family! Thinking about it, she replied, “Should I write a disclaimer first?”

“Scram! Aren’t you afraid that someone will be worried about you?”

“Afraid of me coming to play with this?” Lin Xi pointed to the sandbag.


Lin Xi didn’t answer. She already agreed beforehand to lose in the fight. Thus, all her potential opponents were all ranked on the list.

Chen Ke turned on the TV. The TV broadcast the image of a masked boxer: “You haven’t appeared for a long time. I’d like to introduce you to the newcomer and your opponent this time.”

Lin Xi commented, “The speed of the punches is very fast, and they are all heavy punches. The strength of the back foot is unstable. But it’s over once you’re hit by this fist.”

“…Are you really serious about boxing?” She was very gifted in this aspect, that is…her brain was very intelligent. Thinking about this, Chen Ke was distressed.

“No, no interest.” I just wanted to find the feeling of being alive, so why should I be serious?

“Forget what I said.”

Lin Xi picked up her cell phone and looked at the “condolence” message, then the corners of her mouth rose. After drinking water, she sent a message to quit her job at the fast-food restaurant. She did this because she loses interest in doing things after a while. This was how she fell into deep despair as if everyone else had it good, and she was the only ordinary person in the world. 

A few days later, Shen Beibei received a call and saw her phone lit up and vibrate, and let it ring. God, the lord is against the helpless her. Shen Beibei simply hid in the bathroom: I say disappear, disappear, say appear, Lin Xi you… she thought about it with tears falling, Lin Xi, were you playing with me?1She got ghosted by Lin Xi, she quit her job and never was seen again since that day in the park…she disappears and then suddenly reappears this way. Like she’s purposely toying with her feelings. Also, remember that she transferred hospitals to run away from Lin Xi and the feelings she had for her to start anew and forget about her cause she probably realized she was obsessive…also taboo patient x doctor. Also, right now she’s at work hiding in the bathroom.

“Dr. Shen? Dr. Shen? Are you there?” Shen Beibei wiped her tears from her colleague’s voice and replied, “Yes.”

“Someone called you and said that a Lin Xi was in the hospital and asked for you…”

“Bang,” the door was pushed open with great force and bounced back again, making another loud ‘bang’.

“Which hospital is she in? I’ll go right away.”

“Dr. Shen, you still have…”

“Help me take time off.”

The colleague looked at the figure that didn’t even change her clothes and ran out. The colleague murmured, “Who was it that made Dr. Shen so anxious?”

Chen Ke hung up the phone, a little relieved, “They also said that no one is worried about you.”

“Did you call the family? The patient’s condition cannot be delayed.”

“I’ll call right away.”

Fortunately, this person called “Second Le” came quickly. But unexpectedly, it turned out to be a young and beautiful woman and…her appearance wasn’t calm.

“Dr. Shen? Are you a family member of this patient?”

Shen Beibei looked at the almost unrecognizable person, wrapped in gauze. Tears swirled in her eyes, and her voice trembled, “I am.”

“Then make sure you sign! The patient needs to be observed for a while!”

“Okay! Thank you!” Dr. Shen exchanged some words with the doctor. Then turned her head and glared at Chen Ke, wanting to tear him into pieces immediately.

Chen Ke smiled awkwardly and waved his hand, “No…it wasn’t me.”

“Who was it?”


Good ah you! One schoolgirl wasn’t enough, and an American one appears. Why didn’t I find you so passionate at the hospital! I’ll wait for you to wake up!

“Who is Rose?”

“A boxer.”

“Boxer?” She boxes? I heard it’s dangerous.

Chen Ke nodded, “I still have something to do over there…”

“Thank you for your time.” Shen Beibei wasn’t sure who she really is. When Chen Ke left, she cried more and was sad watching her lying on the bed. I really don’t want you to disappear like this. Wake up, okay?

Two weeks later, Lin Xi recovered enough to be able to speak. She was then transferred to the general ward. Shen Beibei visited her almost every day and asked nothing.

Lin Xi suddenly asked, “Where’s your boyfriend?”

Shen Beibei replied while peeling apples, “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

This was the first good thing Lin Xi heard after she was hospitalized, “What about the hospital?”

“I took leave.”

“For how many more days?”

“When you’re fine, then I’ll go back to work.”

Lin Xi replied, “I’ll never be fine.”

“Pah pah pah, can you say something auspicious!” Shen Beibei put an apple in her mouth.

Lin Xi grabbed her wrist and was surprised that she didn’t dodge this time.

Shen Beibei looked at her nervously, “What are you doing?”

Lin Xi’s heart beat a little bit faster. This was a feeling she never had before. She shrugged and smelled, “It smells like apple.”

Shen Beibei pulled back her hand and lowered her head. She wanted to ask why she was boxing. She wanted to know how she lived before and now. She wanted to know more about her…and decided to take the chance.

“You go back to work. I’m okay.” Lin Xi felt that she was holding her up, so why not go back?

“I said I asked for leave!”

“Then rest.”

“So, I’m useless, right?” Shen Beibei’s eyes were red, and she stared straight at her.

“It’s not…” Lin Xi glanced at the person beside her and whispered, “Forget it.”

When Shen Beibei saw her turn her head away, she scolded angrily, “You bitch!” These words sounded throughout the ward. She stood up and walked away: Fine! Pasting my hot face into a cold butt!2This is a saying that her concerns were seen as annoyance or the person didn’t care about her concerns

Chen Ke passed her by the door at the ward. Before he had time to greet her, Shen Beibei strode away.

He came in carrying a fruit basket and looked at Lin Xi with surprise, “What’s wrong with her? She looks very angry.”

Lin Xi smiled, “It’s okay. Why did you come to see me today?”

“I had time, but this time you were a bit fierce. What happened?” Although she agreed beforehand to lose, this time, she was obviously seeking death. Like a sandbag, she was knocked down again and again. The atmosphere and scene were very good, and the other party was also very satisfied, but the injuries she sustained…


“You’re not afraid of suffocating to death by staying silent?”

“Where’s the money?”

“Stop Lin Xi, don’t your parents care about you?” Even strangers would feel a little moved when they saw her! But he has never seen her parents.

Lin Xi didn’t want to answer and was distraught: Scram! Mental hospitals are better.

Chen Ke shook his head, she was a real lunatic. After they chatted for a while, he left.

The next day, Lin Xi looked out the window at the old reinforced concrete buildings and thought about the greenery and sunlight she saw on the bench. She had an urge to smoke. For the rest of her life, she had no ambitions, she just wanted someone to lean on. If she dies one day accidentally, she would be happy. This way, it wouldn’t be considered suicide. She thought suicide was troublesome. She was waiting for God to give her a chance to die.

No one was taking care of her this day, so Lin Xi could only rely on herself and adapt her body little by little. The people in the ward thought she was very pitiful and occasionally helped her get something to eat.

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