Facing You – Chapter 6

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn


Two weeks later, the doctor discharged her and let her leave the hospital with a slight limp: It’s fine, go back! She thought about going home this time. This time, she wouldn’t act out.

The man and woman were asleep in bed, as if they were accustomed to only them in the house. Then, the woman woke up when she heard the door opened. She came out and saw Lin Xi, covering her mouth, and crying out in grievance, “Where have you been? You don’t want this home? Don’t you know how anxious we were?”

Lin Xi took off her shoes expressionlessly, stood at the door, and said, “I’m going back to the mental hospital.”

“Are you crazy?! What good is that place? What will we say to your uncle and grandpa?”

“That’s your business,” Lin Xi just said when a slipper came ‘flying’ followed by a slap which made Lin Xi see stars. Then vulgar words gradually sounded in her ears, “Fuck your mother’s cunt! You white-eyed wolf! You bitch!” Then he stared at the woman fiercely, “Cry cry cry, you only know how to motherfucking cry. I dick you down like you wanted but you gave birth to that.”

Lin Xi coldly snorted, “Trash!”

“You motherfucking say that again!” The man’s eyes glared at her like copper bells, looking at Lin Xi threateningly.

The woman hurried over and pulled Lin Xi’s arm, “What are you saying ah! Apologize to your dad!”

Lin Xi looked at the woman and laughed. Then said to the man, “Trash! Only knows to be meek and civil in public, but be a tyrant at home! If others say two words about you, you wouldn’t act so trashy! Being trash is too good, you’re more like…” Before she finished, she was slapped several times until her eyes turned black. She stood unsteadily and fell onto the ground, staring at the man’s face with a smile and said, “Bereaved dog.”1This refers to a dog that has lost its owner and its family. It’s usually a metaphor for people who has nowhere to run, so they run around and become homeless.

“Fuck your mother, laozi can’t cure you anymore.” The man ran to the kitchen and took out a kitchen knife to put against her neck, “You motherfucker, you don’t have anything else to say?”

Lin Xi frowned and rubbed her eyes. Her eyes were wet with tears, and said, “I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I don’t dare next time.” The man nodded with satisfaction and was about to take back the knife when Lin Xi’s expression changed, “Do you think I’ll be the same as before? Or be the same as her?”

The man followed Lin Xi’s gaze and looked at the woman who shrank on the side. Then said, “Motherfucker you, I returned your love. And to think you gave birth to laozi’s enemy!”

Lin Xi stood up and supported her trembling legs. The man wanted to continue hitting her, but she pulled out her cellphone and said, “I called the police. This time, there’s evidence!” The cellphone illuminated her red and swollen face, along with the bleeding cut from her chin.

The man’s mouth still swore, but his eyes gradually became fearful. He scared the woman a few more times before he returned to the room angrily.

The woman saw him return to the room, and tentatively asked Lin Xi, “You can’t call the police! That’s your dad!”

“Yes.” In fact, she didn’t.

“You’re crazy! What good does this do for you! What will the neighbors think when they see! Won’t we starve? Do you know how much money we spent to raise a good-for-nothing like you?”

If it was the past Lin Xi, she would be in tears and be overcome with emotions. Then, will eat with them like usual tomorrow, buy gifts for the man, accept the man’s insults, and flatter him like the respectable “dad” he is. But now, Lin Xi smiled and said: She’s the lunatic, ah!

“Didn’t I pay you back? Or it wasn’t enough? I paid you the mortgage, the car loan, and every month I gave you money. I didn’t even use a single penny from you when I went to college.” Lin Xi carefully thought about it, then whispered in the woman’s ear with a smile, “You know? He probably used all that money to go out and find women.”

“What nonsense are you spouting! How can you say that about your father! Are you resenting me because I didn’t get a divorce? What good is there for a divorce?! How can you be so vicious!” The woman’s face was incredulous.

Lin Xi shrugged and didn’t speak. She went out with a beat-up face. Just like in university, she attracted many people’s eyes. Her heart didn’t have a single ripple. She just went to the park to sit on the bench, lit a cigarette, and looked at the sky.

The wallpaper on Shen Beibei’s cellphone was a photo of Lin Xi taken at the hospital. Even though she was still resting her table after her shift ended, she had no strength to cry. She was so angry with her lack of willpower and repeating the same mistakes. But what could be done? As long as Lin Xi called her, she wanted to rush to her side immediately.

“I felt that she looked familiar last time. That person is from my university.”

Shen Beibei was startled by the sudden sound. She quickly placed her cellphone on her chest, then looked at Zhang Wei and said, “Why didn’t you knock on the door!”

Zhang Wei looked at the open space on the right, “I knocked and thought you heard.”

“Oh, and you mentioned she’s from your school?”

“Finance Department! She was in our well-known Finance Department, which is ranked top ten in the country.” Zhang Wei finally remembered her just now. Then smiled and asked, “How do you know her? She has quite the ‘capital’ now. But wasn’t she at the movies? She was with a pretty girl.”

Mention the pot that doesn’t want to boil!2This means to touch a sore spot Shen Beibei’s mouth became flat but listened to the description of Lin Xi’s past. She didn’t look like a person with a tendency to have depression ah! There must be a reason.

Zhang Wei thought she was jealous and misunderstood him. He quickly said with a smile, “She’s not as cute as you.”

Shen Beibei rolled her eyes, “Has she ever dated anyone before?”

Zhang Wei froze for a moment: “It couldn’t be your patient…right?! She has good looks and was popular. But you have to say she was a bit…”


“My roommate said she was gay. At that time, he was just dumped by her…unbelievable.” Zhang Wei suddenly remembered a lot of things from university and even vaguely recalled that person’s surname was Lin. It seems that she was really famous back then.

“What?!” Shen Beibei was startled and a little happy. At least she didn’t have to travel across a mountain to chase after a straight girl. But could it be because of this…no, she still has to go and see. She didn’t know whether if she was okay or not…

“You’re scaring me. Why are you so excited? Isn’t she your patient!” Zhang Wei patted his chest.

Shen Beibei didn’t answer, took off her white coat, and ran out in a hurry. Zhang Wei looked at the figure and narrowed his eyes: She’s so anxious…

Shen Beibei had a difficult time sitting at the park bench she met her at last time. Her eyes gleamed. It seemed that she mentioned before that she didn’t drink…she thought about dialing the number.

It was late. There was a pile of “cigarette butts” on the trash can beside Lin Xi. She was about to smoke another cigarette when her cellphone rang. She looked at the screen with the cigarette in her mouth, touched her face, and softly said, “Hello? Where in the park? Okay, I’ll be there soon.” After hanging up, she ran to the public bathroom to wash her face. She looked at the mirror, and the swelling on her face mostly disappeared. It wasn’t noticeable if she wasn’t looked at carefully.

Shen Beibei waited for about 5 minutes? She thought it was an illusion when she saw Lin Xi approaching within those five minutes. She stood up to greet her, but Lin Xi stopped. So, Shen Beibei took a small step towards her but then stepped back and said, “So fast.”

“It could have been faster.” Because Lin Xi was originally on the bench on the other side of the park.

Lin Xi’s hair in front was a little wet on a few strands. Shen Beibei didn’t ask and suddenly said politely, “I’m sorry that I disturbed you.”

Lin Xi glanced at her, stepped forward and said, “En… I wanted to see you. I still haven’t thanked you when you helped me at the hospital.”

“It’s nothing.”

Novi’s Notes: Haha this is the most verbally abusive CN novel I ever translated. This is not from JJWXC, but a small writer’s site. They don’t have to be as careful with censorship.

Also, “flatter him like the dad he is”…author used flirt…so maybe hinting that she was molested or sexually abused to but doesn’t explicitly state it. I used flatter to make it flow better.

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