Facing You – Chapter 7

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Proofread by Nesryn


The quiet park path was illuminated by streetlamps. Lin Xi and Shen Beibei walked side by side. Shen Beibei’s heart ‘thump’ed the entire time. She was even a little afraid that it was audible. Outside the park was the bustling street, busy traffic, and neon flashing. They chose a barbecue stand that was crowded and sat in a simple tent.

“A dozen beers?” Lin Xi repeatedly confirmed and looked at her suspiciously. What’s this today?

Shen Beibei nodded, return the menu to the server and started planning. Step 1: Chat

“Are you feeling better?”

“I’m good.”

Shen Beibei mumbled, “Your legs aren’t good yet.”

Lin Xi heard her mumbles and chuckled, “Did you return to work?”

Shen Beibei nodded gently, “En.” What else?! You drove me away, I’m not that shameless ah?

Lin Xi said, “I mentioned before on the phone, is there a reason that you’re looking for me?”

“Ah oh, en… I have a friend who is your alumni. I heard that your department is going to hold an alumni party. Your classmates want you to attend, so he asked me to ask you.” No matter what nonsense! Let’s just chat first!

Lin Xi was silent for a while, then suddenly looked at her and said with a smile, “Okay ah!” She still can’t tell a lie.

“Ah?” En? How did you easily agree? According to her personality, Lin Xi doesn’t like to associate with others, ah? Wasn’t this fishy?

“Then I’ll go, I hadn’t seen my old friends in a long time.”

“Oh oh, then… I will tell you the time and place.”

“En.” Lin Xi didn’t expose her lie and secretly wondered: Why was she so anxious to suddenly go out and eat with her?

After a while, the barbecue was ready. Shen Beibei boldly picked up the bottle opener and “popped” open three bottles. Step 2: Drink.

Lin Xi looked at her and began to put things together. First, Lin Xi filled their glasses and thought about her intention…Does she want me to get drunk? But what’s the point of getting drunk?

“This is the first time we are drinking together! Let’s have a toast!” Shen Beibei looked up and said, then drank her cup, brimming with confidence!

Lin Xi smiled and touched her eyebrows. It was like celebrating a hero’s return, so she also finished drinking her cup.

Shen Beibei glanced: Yo! She was quite polite when she said she didn’t drink. Then filled their glasses again.

After a dozen beers, Shen Beibei looked at the blurry Lin Xi in front of her. Didn’t she said she didn’t drink? What’s going on? I can’t endure, I’ll be drunk soon…

Shen Beibei toasted with a glass with a red face and proudly said, “Come! Let’s drink one more!”

Lin Xi sipped her drink, “You’re drunk.” 

Drunk? Lin Xi is drunk, then Step 3: Interrogation!

Shen Beibei patted the table, stood up and loudly said, “Say! Who was that girl who watched the movie with you that day?!”

Lin Xi glanced apologetically to the few glances from the neighboring tables, then quickly supported Shen Beibei who stood unsteadily. Then sat next to her and softly said, “Coworker.”

“Then, do you still keep in contact?”


“Occasionally! You don’t even text me!” Then she hiccupped and said aggrieved, “You say, if I don’t text you, then why don’t you text me?”


“I’m sorry, so useful!” Shen Beibei nodded and looked at her, “Why are you in a hurry to go to your classmates’ party, which woman are you trying to meet again? Don’t you think…that you’re quite popular. You are…so passionate with everyone. Why can’t you see me when I smile at you hee hee…hee hee? Am I not good looking? I have a good figure…super good!”

“Wait a minute!” Lin Xi awkwardly stopped her from unbuttoning her clothes and turned her head away: “Let’s go home!”  

“I don’t… don’t want to, look at me~ look at me~” Shen Beibei hugged her arm coquettishly.

Lin Xi turned her head and stroked it like coaxing a child and said: “Be good, let’s go home.”

Shen Beibei obediently closed her mouth and didn’t speak. Lin Xi settled the bill and they went to the nearest hotel to stay at.

Lin Xi put her on the bed and told her not to move. She took a cold shower in the bathroom: I hate drinking the most. As soon as she put on her bathrobe, Shen Beibei stumbled in and said, “Shen Beibei~ wants to take a bath.”

Lin Xi put the towel on the shelf, stopped her and said, “You can’t take a bath.”

“I want to take a bath! Take a bath! Take a bath!”

Shen Beibei kicked off her slippers. This adult was really making Lin Xi suffer. She was obviously older than her but really acting childish! She finally compromised, raised her hands and said, “Okay, okay, okay, wash!”

Lin Xi supported Shen Beibei’s body while testing the water temperature. What kind of natural disaster is this!

Ready, Shen Beibei went in and fell like a puddle of mud on the edge of the bathtub. Her hands hung from the bathtub, her eyes closed and mouth opened, she muttered: “Take a bath.”1I think this is Step 4…lol

Lin Xi started to help her without permission. After several strokes, she simply pulled the towel off the shelf and threw it into the bathrobe. Then wiped her a few times with the towel-soaked water.

At this time, Shen Beibei regained her spirits. She took the bath towel and wiped herself and asked for soap at the same time.

Lin Xi turned around, held her forehead and exhaled for a long time. She didn’t change her mind. She held her foot and wrist, then said in a deep voice, “Brush your teeth.”

Lin Xi looked flustered and subconsciously shrunk her legs. She turned around, pulled out a smile, brush! She squeezed the toothpaste while Shen Beibei patiently waited with her mouth open.

Lin Xi gently brushed her teeth and suspiciously asked: Shen Beibei, you’re not playing with me, right!”

“Aa oh ah oh wicked.”

She couldn’t say anything while her teeth were being brushed. From her view, she had a lot to drink so her eyes were bloodshot, her mouth en… her body en… forget it.

Lin Xi finished serving the Queen Mother,2This is the nickname of the Empress Dowager… then nodded with satisfaction. Fortunately, Lin Xi had the ability to foresee. As soon as she came out of the water naked, she tightly wrapped a bath towel around her and threw her on the bed. She calmly sat on the edge of the bed but beside her was an “enchantress” ah! Shen Beibei hugged her from behind and said something she couldn’t understand, saying that there were no movement and people fell.

Lin Xi looked back, man! You sleep so well ah! She smiled silently for a while, covered her with the quilt, put on her clothes and stood in the corridor to smoke. She waited for the smoke to burn out before she left.

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    1. Novi

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