Facing You – Chapter 9

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Living Together

The two ran out of the community in one breath before stopping. Lin Xi looked at her hand in a daze for a moment before she suddenly smiled and said, “Crazy.”

Shen Beibei’s palm was red from the strength she used in that slap. She held Lin Xi’s hand and said with a smile, “Actually, I’m shaking. After all, it’s a man. I’m afraid, but I got so angry. I rather have both sides suffer than to feel wronged.”

Lin Xi felt her hand trembling slightly, spread open her palm, kissed it gently, and said, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt… hurt…en hurts!” Shen Beibei was a little flattered, so soft! She kissed me! Rounding up en ah!1This is a reference to a host that said on TV for a show. We have 55 million hits on Weibo. Comrades, what’s this, 1 billion! So, the joke is in reference to that, is that Shen Beibei is acting like she was kissed on the lips and “rounded up” although it was just on the palm.

The two held hands and got on the bus together. Lin Xi suddenly said, “Now, I have nowhere to live.”

Shen Beibei hadn’t recovered yet and asked foolishly, “Do you want to come to my house?”

Lin Xi looked at the window and raised her lips, “Okay ah!”

Shen Beibei almost died of suffocation. This slap is so good ah! Can I slap a few more times!

Lin Xi came to Shen Beibei’s home for the first time. It was a one-bedroom apartment. The living room was decorated in a simple but exquisite way. There were fresh flowers on the table. Thus, the air was full of fragrance. The bedroom was also unexpectedly clean. Lin Xi smiled at her pink princess bed.

“What are you laughing at ah?” Shen Beibei was a little ashamed. She wasn’t like this on the outside. That little pink princess bed was something really embarrassing to see.

“No, it looks good. It suits you.”

Lin Xi walked to the bathroom and suddenly asked, “Does your house have a bathtub?” She looked back at Shen Beibei and continued, “Can I brush my teeth?”

“En? Of course, you can ah!”

Lin Xi smiled and said nothing.

“That’s right! Let’s go to the supermarket tomorrow! Buy some things.” Shen Beibei was a little excited at the thought of living together.

“Okay ah! But you only have one bed…”

The little beast roared in Shen Beibei’s heart: Thousands of years of cultivation can sleep together ah! She calmly replied, “We’re girls, what are you afraid of!”2The actual phrase is ‘a hundred years of cultivation able to get together and thousands of years of cultivation can sleep together’. So Shen Beibei waited for a long time to get together, and 10x longer to have sex.

Lin Xi held her arm and approached her step by step, then said with a smile, “What are you hiding from?”

Shen Beibei’s eyes dodged her gaze and landed on the wall. There was no place to put her hands, but you’ve studied abroad for 6 years ah! Open!3Shen Beibei talking to herself in third person, she studied abroad for six years and learned her sexuality so she’s open – out of the closet. “I didn’t hide!”

Lin Xi raised her chin, looked at her face, and slowly approached.

I’m going to die suddenly today! Shen Beibei thought that when she put her head against her. Lin Xi lowered her eyes and said, “Let’s have a drink!”


After a while, a box of beer was delivered to them from the store downstairs. The two sat on the sofa and watched TV. Just after drinking two cans of beer, Lin Xi was lying on Shen Beibei’s leg in a drunken state.

Shen Beibei patted her on the back, “Cry if you want to!”

Lin Xi didn’t know whether this sentence was magic, or she held her emotions inside for too long with nowhere to go. This was the first time Lin Xi cried so sadly. She laid on her knee, sobbing and crying. Shen Beibei bent over and hugged her tightly. After a while, her cries gradually calmed down. Lin Xi buried her head against her lap, stretched out her hand, and took out a piece of tissue. She wiped the tears from her face, then raised her head again.

Shen Beibei resisted her urge to laugh. Those two swollen eyes really looked funny.

“Laugh if you want to!” Lin Xi said this in the same way. Lin Xi was somewhat helpless, but much more relaxed than before. Looking at her smile, Lin Xi felt that she found the motivation to keep living.

The two faced each other cross-legged. Shen Beibei smiled and suddenly kissed her.

Lin Xi accidentally said, “I have a strange temper, okay?”

“It’s not easy, you know?” She had her heart broken by her so many times before. Was it cheap of her to throw herself into her arms?

“When did you like me?”

“Who…who said I liked you?” Shen Beibei didn’t want to admit that she liked her.

“But I like you.”

Don’t look at me so directly ah! Shen Beibei couldn’t endure it anymore. She wanted to say she liked her a ten thousand times. She asked, “When did you like me?” 

“Just now.”

“Scram! I liked you since you were hospitalized!” Shen Beibei puffed and glared at her.

Lin Xi had an exaggerated expression and couldn’t help but smile, “Oh! Really?”

“I’m angry. I won’t be easily coaxed.”

Lin Xi hugged her, “Really?”


“Really?” Lin Xi kissed her cheek.


“Really?” Lin Xi bit her earlobe.


“Really?” Lin Xi kissed her neck.


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