Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 10

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Nesryn

80’s Happiness (10)

   Ye Sangsang saw her bright eyes covered with mist due to anxiety and tension. She felt that if she didn’t speak, the woman would definitely be wronged to death. She couldn’t help but laugh ‘pfff’, gently blink her eyes, and say with a smile, “Okay.”

  Lin Xia’s mouth was half-opened, and couldn’t believe her ears. 

  Ye Sangsang agreed?

  She agreed?

  She didn’t refuse?

  Lin Xia was surprised, and the joy in her dark eyes was about to condense into substance. She dashed over, holding Ye Sangsang’s slender waist in her hands, holding her up, and spinning in circles with her.

  Ye Sangsang was startled by her sudden action. Her hands reflexively held her shoulder. She listened to her yelling happily and quietly said, “Quickly let me down.”

  But Lin Xia’s mind was full of Ye Sangsang’s promise to marry her. She was so excited that she couldn’t hear her talking or feel her prodding her. It was like being injected with heroin. Not to mention spinning her around in circles, she could run thousands of meters in one breath.

  This is the gate of the educated youth courtyard. How embarrassing it was for her to be seen being held by this fool so excitedly!!

  Ye Sangsang pinched Lin Xia’s ear, tugged it fiercely, and said with a stern face, “Did you hear me?”

  The pain from her ear finally brought Lin Xia to her senses. She then realized what she did and quickly stopped. She placed the person on the ground and looked at the angry Ye Sangsang. Her dark eyes were full of panic, and she cautiously said, “Are you angry?”

  Ye Sangsang gave her a sideways glance, “What did you say, can’t you see where we’re at. People come and go. I’m not as thick-skinned as you.”

  Although Lin Xia was told she was thick-skinned, she wasn’t angry at all. She scratched the back of her head foolishly and clearly apologized, “I’m sorry, I’ll pay attention next time.”

  Although my apology is very shameless, but sweetheart, what is face? Is it something I can eat? No!!

  Ye Sangsang wasn’t really angry. Also, Lin Xia looked at her pitifully like a little puppy. Thus, she couldn’t get angry. She changed the subject and said, “Although I promise you, we can’t hold the wedding right away. I have to write to my parents and mention it to them.”

  Lin Xia nodded heavily and agreed, “If you want, you must tell our mom and dad.”

  The corners of Ye Sangsang’s mouth twitched. This woman is really shameless. Before she even met her parents, she already called them her mom and dad.

  Lin Xia wanted to go to the county photo studio later that afternoon to take photos. So, Lin Xia rummaged through some boxes until she found a new, beautiful dress to change into. Then looked at the mirror for a long time.

  It was the first time that Mother Lin saw Lin Xia’s scrunched-up face. Then she asked her if she looked good. Naturally, she couldn’t help but rejoice, “Oh, so nervous and beautiful! Are you planning to go on a date? Ah!”

  Mother Lin casually said this, but Lin Xia actually nodded and replied, “En, I’m going to take a picture to send to her parents.”

  Mother Lin almost choked to death on her saliva. She deeply inhaled and said, “You…you…you what did you say?”

  Lin Xia beamed, “Sangsang promised to marry me, but we have to tell her parents.” When she mentioned the last part, Lin Xia’s smug face became anxious. She said, “I’m really worried that her parents won’t like me. What if they don’t let her marry me?”

  ”Wait wait wait wait.” Mother Lin didn’t understand her words, “Do you mean that educated youth Ye promised to be with you?”

  Lin Xia nodded triumphantly, “That’s right.”

  Mother Lin’s mouth twitched. She didn’t care when her daughter said she liked Ye Sangsang earlier that morning. Nine out of ten men and women in the village liked Ye Sangsang. But Ye Sangsang looked like a person who had high standards. Thus, it was speculated that she wouldn’t marry the villagers. Could it be that her daughter was talking nonsense due to a fever?

  Mother Lin stepped forward and stretched out her hand to touch Lin Xia’s forehead, and said earnestly, “Mom knows that educated youth Ye is beautiful. She’s beautiful but can’t provide meals.1Meaning that she can’t earn money or do housework at home. AKA useless trophy wife Besides, educated youth Ye’s requirements for finding a partner must be very high. Although our family’s conditions aren’t bad and you aren’t bad, you’re a girl. Daughter, don’t daydream, just honestly find someone…”

  Lin Xia’s eyes and corners of her mouth twitched uncontrollably. Her face was unhappy as she said with displeasure, “Mom what I said is true. She really promised to marry me. You know, you’ll be a mother-in-law.”

  Mother Lin still thought that Lin Xia was daydreaming, but seeing her serious appearance, she was afraid of hurting her feelings, so she could only keep silent.

  After changing her clothes and being satisfied with her appearance, Lin Xia left home to the county photo studio to take pictures. Lin Xia originally wanted to take Ye Sangsang to go get their photos taken, but Ye Sangsang didn’t agree. Anyway, they were going to get their photos taken when they got married. So why waste the money?

  Lin Xia reluctantly agreed. Unfortunately, she couldn’t obtain her photos right away. Thus, she left her home address so that the photo studio could send them to her home once the photos were developed.

  At this time, Ye Sangsang had already finished writing the letter she wanted to send to her family. As soon as the photos came, they were put into the envelope along with the letter and mailed to the county’s post office.

  Lin Xia was both excited and anxious. Thus, she had been restless these days.

  While Lin Xia was anxious, the Ye family also exploded. As soon as Father Ye and Mother Ye saw that Ye Sangsang wanted to marry a woman, they left for Qingshui Village immediately.

  Originally, Ye Sangsang’s elder brother wanted to go, but Ye Sangsang’s sister-in-law had just finished her confinement. So, she had to take care of the child. Also, he still had to go to work. It takes one week to get to Qingshui Village from home. If he wanted to stay in Qingshui Village for a few days, then a third of the month would be gone. Therefore, his job definitely wouldn’t agree with this.

  Now everyone in the family relies on his meager salary to support themselves. So, he could only stay at home at a loss.

  Ye Sangsang didn’t expect Father Ye and Mother Ye to come. However, in the original story, she didn’t tell her parents about her marriage to Lin Xia. Later, after returning to the city after the college entrance exam, she kept this matter hidden. Thus, the family never knew she was married and had a child.

  Currently, Ye Sangsang was sitting under a big tree beside the ridge with a straw hat on top of her head and a cup of cold boiled water in her hand. She took a sip from time to time. Although the fresh autumn breeze still had some heat, it was quite comfortable against her skin.

  Today’s task is to water the cornfield. Ye Sangsang’s and Lin Xia’s fields were separate, but their fields were next to each other.

  Originally, Ye Sangsang didn’t want to let Lin Xia do the work alone. But under Lin Xia’s teasing gaze, she raised the bucket that was only half-filled and was already so tired that her face was red, and her body was sore. So, she could only let her do it and chat.

  She held her cheeks with her hands and watched Lin Xia walk towards her, carrying a heavy pole effortlessly. Both ends of the pole had a bucket of water. These buckets bent both ends of the pole, but her steps were still steady. She walked the entire way without spilling a single drop of water.

  In addition to walking in front of her, she was also followed by her little friends that always accompanied her before. These few little friends used to be idlers in the past. Under her command, they “turned over a new leaf” (very bitterly) and did farm work.

  Ye Sangsang was sluggish while drinking water and put down her cup. When Lin Xia walked up to her, she took out a clean handkerchief from her pocket, “Take a break and wipe your sweat.”

  She carried two full buckets of water. For comparison, ordinary men struggle pulling one bucket from the well water. Not to mention, Lin Xia is a woman.

  The handkerchief on Ye Sangsang’s hand looked old-fashioned but was well-kept. In one corner of the handkerchief was a well-stitched embroidered plum blossom. The faint red was printed on the snow-white handkerchief, like a red flower on snow. It looked very realistic.

  However, what caught Lin Xia’s eyes the most was Ye Sangsang’s hand holding the handkerchief, which was even whiter than the snow-white cloth. The white thumb looked like the whites from a newly cracked egg white with a touch of pink on the fingertip. Her hand holding on the white handkerchief was indescribably attractive.

  Lin Xia’s throat rolled for a while, and her ears were red. She moved her eyes away in embarrassment and coughed softly, “My hands are a bit sore.”

  The little friends, who were standing behind Lin Xia, heard Lin Xia’s seemingly indifferent tone. But in fact, it was a bit coquettish, and their chins almost fell off.

  Is this still their majestic and ferocious big sister?

  Is this still the boss who can walk for thousands of meters with a big bag of rice?

  Carrying water is indeed really tiresome on the shoulders, but that has nothing to do with hands!!

  Ye Sangsang didn’t doubt it. She also tried to lift a half-filled bucket of water just now, and it was really heavy. When carrying water, she had to hold the rope that strung through the pole that held the two buckets of water. It was very likely that she would have suffered from numbness while doing this task.

  Ye Sangsang stood on her toes, approached Lin Xia, raised her arm, and wiped the sweat from Lin Xia’s forehead with the handkerchief.

  The two were close, and Lin Xia could still smell the faint fragrance of soap on Ye Sangsang, which was very aromatic. Just like her sweet soft lips.

  Lin Xia’s redness spread from her ears to her neck instantly. Then, she suddenly recalled that she was covered in stinky sweat and stepped back involuntarily.

  How could she forget that she was constantly sweating because she was carrying water back and forth? She was used to being stinky from running around and didn’t think much of it. But now it was different ah. In front of her was her wife-to-be.

  The wife-to-be loves cleanliness. She might dislike the smell of her sweaty body!

  Lin Xia snatched the handkerchief from Ye Sangsang’s hand and rudely wiped the sweat from her face and neck. She covered up her embarrassment and fanned herself, “It’s too hot, haha.”

  In fact, Ye Sangsang didn’t dislike Lin Xia’s sweaty smell at all. She thought she looked sexier like this, just like a sexy woman sweating at the gym.

  And although Lin Xia was sweating a lot, she’s a clean person. She takes a shower and changes her clothes every day at noon and at night. So, she doesn’t smell at all.

  But Lin Xia didn’t know this, so she didn’t dare stay in front of Ye Sangsang anymore, fearing that the other person would see that her ears and neck were red. She put away the handkerchief in her pocket, turned her head, and ran to the field with the pole.

  The gourd ladles inside the buckets were used to sprinkle water. The bucket couldn’t be directly poured onto the plants. The water distribution would be uneven, and it was easy for the seedlings to drown to death.

  Ye Sangsang followed along and sprinkled water with another gourd ladle. The two worked together until the two buckets of water were empty. But there were still many parts of the fields that weren’t watered. Lin Xia took the buckets again and ran to the well to fetch more water.

  As soon as she walked halfway, she saw a young man who often hung out with them, running over in a panic. He panted, “Boss, someone is looking for you at the entrance of the village. It seems that the newcomer came with bad intentions.”

  Lin Xia mingled with this group of gangsters. Sometimes, they hang out in the neighboring village or country. This group of idiots offended many people who especially looked down on Lin Xia for hanging out with a group of men. When they walk by her, they would look down on her for being improper. Thus, Lin Xia and her friends turned around to intimidate them or teach them a lesson.

  So, there would be people who come to seek revenge. Although Lin Xia and her friends hadn’t left the village to do bad things in a while, there was still resentment from the past.

  Lin Xia immediately pulled the pole with the two buckets, waved her arm, and coldly yelled, “Go!”

  A group of people suddenly clattered behind them and also held a pole in their hands. They looked so ferocious and evil that it nearly frightened people to death.

  When they arrived at the village’s entrance, they saw a couple standing there. At this time, everyone was working in the field. So, the village was empty and very quiet. Unfortunately, the appearance of Lin Xia and the others startled the couple.

  Mother Ye couldn’t help but grab her husband’s sleeve and whisper, “What’s going on?”

Author’s Notes:

Hahaha, have you guessed who this couple is?

Thanks to the little angels for their landmines. I love you.

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