Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 11

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80’s Happiness (11)

   Father Ye was also frightened by these ferocious thugs. But he was a man, so even if he felt flustered, he had to be calm on the surface. He held Mother Ye’s hand and comforted her, “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

  At the same time, Lin Xia and the others had already walked up to Father Ye and Mother Ye. Lin Xia stood in the middle of the group with a fierce temperament. She raised the pole with her right hand and supported herself with it lazily. The others that were lined up behind her separated and surrounded them. Lin Xia looked like someone who shouldn’t be provoked.

  “This is our boss. What do you want from her?” Father Ye and Mother Ye asked this young man previously for her before. He stepped forward in a thuglike manner, raised his jaw slightly, and questioned them proudly.

  This group of people were waiting to engage in battle. As soon as Father Ye and Mother Ye said they were looking for trouble, they would rush in to join the chaos.

  Lin Xia felt something was wrong. Although the couple was old and had some white hair, both their faces and clothes were clean. The woman was wearing a nice blouse and black slacks. She looked like a well-dressed city dweller.

  Moreover, the couple looked familiar. Also, they looked at them warily and didn’t look like they wanted trouble.

  However, Lin Xia racked her brains to recall where she had seen them but couldn’t remember.

  Father Ye said in a deep voice, “Do you have an educated youth named Ye Sangsang here? We are her parents.”

  With a ‘bang’, Lin Xia’s pole fell to the ground. Her body stiffened, and her head buzzed.

  Ye Sangsang’s… parents!!

  It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over! At this time, Lin Xia only had these words in her mind. The young people she brought with her also looked at each other. Then secretly glanced at Lin Xia’s face, especially the person who reported the news before. They all felt it was thundering.


  They turned out to be educated youth Ye’s parents, they’re finished!!

  Lin Xia’s head crashed momentarily. Suddenly, she threw away the pole in her hand, turned around, and ran away. It looked like there was a ghost chasing after her. Father Ye and Mother Ye were taken aback for a while.

  The youngsters with Lin Xia didn’t expect their big sister would perform such a coquettish scene. They looked at each other, then ran away along with her one after the other. However, they didn’t throw the pole away and still held it.

  The group of people soon disappeared. Father Ye and Mother Ye were dumbfounded and looked at each other blankly.

  Mother Ye looked confused, “What’s going on?”

  Aren’t we just Ye Sangsang’s parents? Was that so powerful that these people…

  Father Ye shook his head in confusion.

  Father Ye and Mother Ye continue to walk towards the village together and finally caught sight of others. Under the guidance of these kind villagers, they walked towards the field where Ye Sangsang was.

  Lin Xia ran thousands of meters in one breath, as if she was being chased by wild beasts, and heard Ye Sangsang’s voice at the edge of the field the entire time.  

  Ye Sangsang sat under the tree and waited for a long time before Lin Xia brought water. She stood up and looked for her out of fear. But suddenly saw Lin Xia running wildly and was surprised.  

  As soon as Lin Xia heard Ye Sangsang’s voice, she stopped on conditional reflex. Her face was still daze when she saw Ye Sangsang approaching.

  “You didn’t get the water yet, what happened?”

  Lin Xia finally recovered from what happened just now. She listened to Ye Sangsang’s concerned tone, but Lin Xia wasn’t happy at all. Instead, she squatted on the ground in pain, holding her head in her hands, tugging on her curly hair.

  Ahhhh, I’m going to die. I met my father-in-law and mother-in-law for the first time and made such a huge mistake!!

  Her image, her wife-to-be, sob sob. Lin Xia deeply felt that she wanted to fly away!! 

  Ye Sangsang: “…”

  Ye Sangsang was about to ask what happened when she saw the group of youngsters, who were helping them water the field, rush over. They immediately stopped panting once they saw them.

  “Educated youth Ye.” This group greeted with a very guilty conscience. Their eyes swam, and didn’t dare look at people.

  Ye Sangsang was a little depressed, why did they behave and look so guilty??

  “Didn’t you guys go to fetch water? Why are you all empty-handed?” The most important thing was that there were two buckets on each pole when they left, but why are the poles bare now??

  A few of them looked at each other, and one of them lightly coughed. They racked their brains to think about how to word it, but were interrupted when they heard a nearby village shout: “Educated youth Ye, your parents are here.”

  My parents are here?

  Ye Sangsang was confused for a moment. After these youngsters stepped aside to make way for them, they saw a middle-aged couple walking towards her.

  Lin Xia was still squatting on the ground full of pain but stood up suddenly. She looked at Father Ye and Mother Ye, who were getting closer, and her face changed greatly.

  It’s over, it’s really over.

  Ye Sangsang was surprised, but she thought about it. She told her parents that she wanted to get married, so it was very possible for her parents to come here. After all, Father Ye and Mother Ye truly cared about the original Ye Sangsang and wanted to be a part of such a big life event.

  She was about to turn her head and talk to Lin Xia to see if she wanted to go and greet them together. But when she turned around, she saw her face full of panic and fear, then quickly turned around and ran away again.

  Ye Sangsang: “??”

  Ye Sangsang was stunned for a moment and looked at the other youngsters. But discovered that those youngsters also disappeared in the blink of an eye…

  Ye Sangsang had no choice but to greet them alone. Mother Ye was very excited when she saw Ye Sangsang. She grabbed her arm and looked her up and down several times. She discovered that although her daughter was still fair and clean before going to the countryside, she became thin. She hugged her and sobbed quietly, “how is my poor daughter” over and over.

  Ye Sangsang’s mouth twitched. During this time, with Lin Xia’s help, she ate meat and vegetables every day. Although she didn’t eat rice, she had white flour or corn flour every day. In short, although she had a difficult time in the countryside, she wasn’t thin.

  However, all parents were like this. Ye Sangsang was used to her parent’s attitude in her past life, so she didn’t push Mother Ye away.

  Father Ye stood on the side. Although he didn’t act as emotionally as Mother Ye, his eyes were red, and he stealthily wiped tears from the corners of his eyes with his thumb. Obviously, he was very happy.1Jeez, the original Ye Sangsang is such a piece of shit to FORCE such loving parents to abandon her in the end with her ungratefulness and haughtiness!!! Original timeline, she was abandoned by her family by being too much and ended up working as a maid until she grew old and ugly.

  However, this made Ye Sangsang suddenly feel a little depressed, recalling her real parents.

  She fell from the bed. According to the system, she became a vegetable and was in danger of dying at any moment. Her parents only had one precious daughter. She knew they were very sad once they found out.

  After Mother Ye barely managed to calm down, Ye Sangsang brought her father and mother to the educated youth camp. Although it wasn’t time to leave work, she was allowed to leave early to take her parents to rest at the camp.

  Ye Sangsang led Father Ye and Mother Ye to sit on the chairs at the dining table in the yard. Then poured some boiled water for them to drink.

  Under Father Ye and Mother Ye’s concern, Ye Sangsang softly spoke about her days after coming to the countryside. All these things were interesting and positive. As for the suffering she endured, she didn’t mention it.

  In fact, Father Ye and Mother Ye wanted to ask more about her partner, but they were afraid it would cause conflicts with how they first met. So, they could only reluctantly restrain themselves.

  When it was almost noon, Ye Sangsang stood up and said it was time for her to cook. When she lived in the city, Mother Ye was always busy and tired, but always seldom asked Ye Sangsang to help her. Now that they were in the countryside, her daughter has to cook. Even if she knew that it was necessary, she still felt heartbroken.

  Mother Ye wanted to cook by herself but was pressured by Ye Sangsang. Although Qingshui Village wasn’t far from the county, it wasn’t well-developed and was several generations behind in terms of technology. Her parents traveled all the way from their home to here, so how could she allow Mother Ye to cook?

  In fact, Mother Ye and Father Ye wanted to ask Ye Sangsang something.

  Ye Sangsang was about to enter the kitchen when the door was suddenly pushed open. The woman, Lin Xia, was like the wind. She walked in with her right hand carrying duck, pork, and vegetables.

   Father Ye and Mother Ye stared at Lin Xia with widened eyes as soon as they saw her.

  Wasn’t this the woman who looked like a gangster earlier?

  Lin Xia had a guilty conscience when she caught sight of Father Ye and Mother Ye. She didn’t dare look at them, so she could only stare at Ye Sangsang and say with a foolish smile, “You still haven’t made lunch yet, right? This is for you…our…our…your parents rarely visit. This is for you so you can show them some good hospitality.”

  Although Lin Xia escaped Father Ye and Mother Ye’s sight, she couldn’t hide for the rest of her life. It was almost time to eat, and she was afraid that Ye Sangsang didn’t have any ingredients to entertain her future parents-in-law. So, she bit the bullet and forced herself to bring something, hoping that the Ye parents forgot about what happened earlier for her own sake.

  However, the two people stared at her with scorching eyes, and she knew her hopes were dashed. Lin Xia coughed lightly, put down the meat and vegetables, then turned around and wanted to run.

  But this time, Ye Sangsang didn’t give her a chance to run. She grabbed her by the sleeves. Lin Xia could easily pull away her clothes, but she was afraid of accidentally hurting others. Also, she was afraid that Ye Sangsang would become angry. She could only stand helplessly and didn’t dare to move.

  Ye Sangsang dragged her to Father Ye and Mother Ye, then introduced her with a smile: “Mom, Dad, this is the person I mentioned. Her name is Lin Xia, the daughter of the production team leader. She’s very nice.”2Mom, Dad, she’s very nice even though she almost got her crew to gang up and beat you! Lol no idea how Lin Xia is going come back from that first impression.

  Lin Xia quickly buried her head into her chest and wished even more that she could bury herself in a hole in the ground. Father Ye and Mother Ye both looked at Lin Xia, who wanted to run, but because her sleeve was held, Lin Xia didn’t dare to move. So, the two were able to take a closer look at Lin Xia.

  Lin Xia was tall and slender. Although she was slender, she still gave people a sense of oppression. Especially like before, Lin Xia’s face was completely fierce and arrogant. She was like a fierce wolf, but now, she was like an aggrieved bear that was captured and wronged.

  Although it was the same person, she behaved so differently like she was a completely different person.

  Father Ye and Mother Ye were surprised by Ye Sangsang’s introduction. Although they wanted to expose what Lin Xia had done on their first encounter and to strongly refuse this kind of woman to be their daughter-in-law, the current appearance of Lin Xia had their voices stuck at their throat. They couldn’t say a word.

  “Then you go ahead and cook. We’ll have a few words with this girl.” Mother Ye was silent for a while before she started to chase people out.

  Ye Sangsang was a little surprised. She thought that Father Ye and Mother Ye arrived here so quickly to oppose their relationship. She didn’t expect them to be so amiable. But no matter what, it’s better to have a soft parental attitude than having strong rejection. Ye Sangsang didn’t hesitate to leave Lin Xia alone with them to confront the howling wind and torrential rain.3Idiom for difficult/dangerous situation.

  Lin Xia’s dark phoenix eyes aggrievedly watched Ye Sangsang’s back leave and abandon her. It was like the dead leaves desolately rustling in the air during autumn. When the kitchen door closed before her, her last hope was mercilessly cut off.

Author’s Notes:

Haha, this special first encounter destroyed people’s first impression. She offended her future father-in-law and mother-in-law. Our Xia Xia has a desire to die. 

Novi’s Notes: Okay, this is the last of my backlog chapter and now I finally caught up. Next chapter will be next month. (sweats don’t lynch me)

My new main yuri is now <<Willingly Baited>>. Now to work on the backlog of that and start working on updates for that.

Also, for those who read my short yuri story <<Next Door There’s Memeda>> the same author has one other short yuri story called <<Stupid Cup>> that I want to translate. There’s no angst, just pure fluff and supernatural. Just watch out for it, it’s such a short series that I can complete it in one day. Aiming for sometime next week.

Also, unfortunate news for my yuri readers but I’m gonna translate by BG novels again. Haha most of my readers are actually BG (~~70%) and I hadn’t done any in months. Picking up a new BG to reinvigorate my BG audience.

Also, I really like doing short yuri stories. If you guys have any short yuri story raws (like ~50k) leave the link to the raws in the comments or send a message to me. I’m really lazy looking for new content, but I’m not lazy when it comes to fan translations LOL.

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