Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 12

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80’s Happiness (12)

   Father Ye and Mother Ye were furious when they read Ye Sangsang’s letter saying that she wanted to get married. They knew that she was suffering in the countryside and was afraid that their daughter would be cheated by others because of the hardship. But her future wasn’t over. Hence, they spared no effort to send money and food tickets to their daughter just to make her life better and also so she wouldn’t be taken advantage of by others. But they didn’t expect that what they worried about the most actually happened.

  After getting angry, Father Ye and Mother Ye felt that it was useless to write a letter to stop them. So, without a second thought, they bought tickets to go to the countryside.

  When they first got on the train, they thought the moment they met Ye Sangsang, they definitely wouldn’t let her get married, even if it was a man and definitely if it was a woman.

  But after a long time on the road, their anger gradually dissipated. Only then did they seriously think about it. If Ye Sangsang’s spouse-to-be was really good towards their daughter, the spouse’s family wasn’t difficult to get along with, and the conditions were good, they wouldn’t object. 

  After all, they still don’t know when she would be able to return to the city. It’s been nearly ten years since the first batch of educated youth were sent to the countryside with no news of return. They can’t let their daughter become an old maid. In any case, if she can’t return for a lifetime, it would become even more difficult to find a good match once she became older.

  However, their daughter actually fell in love with a woman. Father Ye and Mother Ye were very worried. They weren’t discriminate against women, rather they were afraid of the effort required to do farm work in the countryside. They would become tired and bitter from the hard work. How could two girls be able to do heavy manual labor together? After a while, it wouldn’t be easy to live. Otherwise, why not introduce their daughter to a man?

  After great difficulty, they built a cooperative mentality for their daughter. But as a result, as soon as they entered the village, they encountered a group of gangsters. The leader was a woman who nearly scared Father Ye and Mother Ye to death.

  When they initially signed up their daughter to go to the countryside, they formed countless connections in order to ensure their daughter was able to be assigned to Qingshui Village, which was very fertile and close to the county. They thought their daughter in a well-off village wouldn’t suffer too much, and the environment and public safety would be good as well.

  As a result, they didn’t expect to see these gangsters here. Their daughter is so good-looking, what if she was being bullied by them?

  But they never thought that their daughter’s significant other was this female gangster!!

  Father Ye and Mother Ye almost fainted in front of her eyes. But when they saw such a fierce woman’s sleeve was grabbed by their daughter and didn’t dare to move. Now, she was ready to run away, but this was hindered due to the relationship between them and their daughter. She stood there obediently with her head and ears drooping, just like a pitiful big dog who was being bullied. Father Ye and Mother Ye wanted to laugh.

  In the kitchen, Ye Sangsang was chopping vegetables while wondering what Lin Xia would talk to her parents about. So, she secretly stretched her neck and looked out of the window, only to accidentally cut her finger.

  Ye Sangsang threw the kitchen knife to the ground from the sudden pain and inhaled sharply from her injured finger.

  Suddenly there was a ‘clang’ that sounded from the kitchen, which scared Lin Xia and Ye parents outside. The Ye parents were about to raise their feet to rush in to check the situation when Lin Xia passed by them like a tornado.

  She vigorously pushed open the door, and her face immediately changed when she saw the red blood oozing from the delicate white fingers Ye Sangsang held.

  Ye Sangsang’s fingers were slender and fair. The bright red blood rushing out was a sharp contrast with those white tender fingers, which looked terrifying.

  ”What’s the matter?” Lin Xia held Ye Sangsang’s hand, anxiously looking for something to wrap her wound. She touched her pocket, only to find her only handkerchief that she used to wipe herself this morning, which wasn’t clean.

  Lin Xia gritted her teeth and lowered her head to suck on Ye Sangsang’s finger.

  Except for the slight stinging sensation and the cut, it was nothing serious. It could be casually bandaged and wouldn’t bleed after a while.

  But Ye Sangsang was cutting hot peppers just now. Hence, her fingers were full of the hot pepper flavor. The knife broke her skin, and the pepper juices from the blade went into the wound. This was also the reason why Ye Sangsang remained motionless after cutting her finger. She didn’t want to cover the wound with her other hand, which would worsen the pain.

  ”Don’t…” Ye Sangsang was about to stop her, but her fingertip was already warm with Lin Xia sucking on it.

  Lin Xia froze as soon as she tasted it.

  So spicy! !

  Unprepared, tears welled up in Lin Xia’s eyes. She subconsciously opened her mouth and spit out the finger, now blood was oozing out again.

  Ye Sangsang said helplessly, “I was about to tell you to stop, but you moved so fast. Now let go and help me get a handkerchief.”

  Lin Xia looked at the bright red blood and thought that she wasted too much time. The spiciness made her scalp go numb, but Lin Xia took a deep breath and tried to endure that spiciness.

  As soon as Father Ye and Mother Ye came in, they saw Lin Xia holding their daughter’s hand. Mother Ye’s eyebrows jumped and said worriedly, “Did you cut your finger?”

  Ye Sangsang nodded helplessly, “I accidentally cut it chopping peppers.”

  Peppers, Mother Ye glanced at Lin Xia. She wasn’t the one who cut the peppers, but her mouth was filled with the taste of spiciness. Even if she waited for dinner, that taste wouldn’t go away. She didn’t dare to casually move her eyes, afraid that it would tear up from the spiciness.

  This Lin Xia…

  Lin Xia didn’t pay attention to Father Ye and Mother Ye, who were standing at the door. She loosened her lips and saw that the wound wasn’t bleeding much. She finally breathed a sigh of relief and said with a distressed look on her face, “I’ll go, I’ll go find a handkerchief to bandage you with.”

  She said, then went to find a handkerchief. She moved quickly and came back in half a minute. She wrapped Ye Sangsang’s wound with a serious face, then drove people out and said, “You go outside and rest. I’ll cook.”

  Ye Sangsang hasn’t seen Lin Xia cook before, and curiously asked, “Can you do it?”

  Of course, Lin Xia can’t. But how can she lose face when her future parents-in-law were here!

  Lin Xia tried hard to repress her sullen expression into one of self-confidence and said with assurance, “I will, so you go rest.” She had never cooked before and had never been in the kitchen with the exception of being with Ye Sangsang. But it was possible for her to conduct the many cooking steps.

  Ye Sangsang saw that she was being very stubborn, so she went out with the Ye parents. Father Ye and Mother Ye had a complicated expression on their faces and talked to Ye Sangsang about Lin Xia.

  Initially, they didn’t have a good impression of Lin Xia but based on the things Lin Xia brought and her performance just now, they could see that Lin Xia was very good towards their daughter.

  She even tasted the spiciness from her hand that even Father Ye wouldn’t do personally. And according to Ye Sangsang’s words, Lin Xia was stronger than the average man and could do all the fieldwork without any help at all.

  There were so many good qualities that Father Ye and Mother Ye had a difficult time finding faults with Lin Xia, but they were still hesitant…

  Lin Xia cooked for the first time and discovered her newfound talent. Although her cooking wasn’t as delicious as Ye Sangsang, it was edible.

  Lin Xia sat down with Ye Sangsang trembling with fear, eating with the Ye parents. Her movements were as stiff as a robot. She couldn’t pick up the vegetables several times. The more nervous she was, the more likely she was to make mistakes. In the end, a cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

  Ye Sangsang couldn’t help but help her pick up a piece of meat, “Eat slowly, don’t worry.”

  Lin Xia’s hands holding the chopsticks were covered in cold sweat. Ye Sangsang’s action was full of warmth, and she almost cried with joy.

  In the evening, Mother Ye stayed in the home for female educated youths. The house was large, and there were many vacant places to sleep at, even with the many female educated youths. Father Ye stayed in the home for male educated youths.

  However, they arrived in a hurry and didn’t think about sleeping arrangements at all. Fortunately, Lin Xia provided two futons, towels, washbasin, drinking water cups, etc. from her home. In short, she was very attentive.

  Father Ye and Mother Ye were still a bit repulsive towards Lin Xia, but Lin Xia’s attitude towards their daughter finally softened their hearts. After staying for two more days for observation, they discovered that Lin Xia was really good. Although they were still worried that Lin Xia would be different after marriage, by then, it would be too late, and they couldn’t stay forever.

  Two days later, Father Ye and Mother Ye were finally ready to leave, which made Lin Xia almost jump with joy.

  Of course, it was impossible to talk to Lin Xia, a little kid, about marriage. After Lin Xia told her parents, Mother Lin and Father Lin came to the education youth area with some snacks while all the educated youths were working. They sat at a table in the courtyard and met with Father Ye and Mother Ye.

  After some exchanges, Father Ye and Mother Ye felt that Lin Xia’s parents weren’t gangsters nor wicked parents-in-law. Lin Xia’s parents also felt that Father Ye and Mother Ye were polite and were good people. Both sides got along with each other and talked about the wedding date.

Novi’s Notes: So, this is a new short yuri that I’ve completed: <<Stupid Cup>>. This is the same author as <<Next Door There’s Memeda>> and <<My Discipline Consumes Too Much>>.

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