Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 5

TL Note: The alternate title is Ivory Moonlight as per the previous translator, but this is the real translations of the actual title.

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  Early in the morning on the next day, after all the others left, Ye Sangsang sat on the table and began to write a letter. Qing Shui Mountain is very fertile. The villagers, team leader and the fellow educated youths all takes care of me and so on. After writing the letter, Ye Sangsang thought about it and added a paragraph about Lin Xia at the end.  

  She mentioned that Lin Xia is the daughter of the leader and how well she treats her. These days, although the country recognizes same-sex marriage, most people still chose to marry the opposite sex and have children, so even if Ye Sangsang praised Lin Xia as a flower in her letter, The Ye parents won’t have any other ideas, they will just assume that their daughter made a good friend.  

  The reason why Ye Sangsang wrote this was to pave the way for her to be together with Lin Xia later on. Otherwise, if she didn’t shock her parents to death by saying they were together out of the blue, they would strongly oppose it instead.  

  After writing the letter, Ye Sangsang put on an old cotton padded winter jacket and took out three pieces of various banknotes given by her parents before she left. Ye Sangsang set out for the county town with money and the letter.  

  When Ye Sangsang wrote the letter, Lin Xia had just been pulled out of bed by her mother. Her hair was messy, resembling a chicken coop.1You know, a chicken coop usually is lined with hay so it’s easy to clean out the poops and stuff, so her hair is like messy ass hay She brushed her teeth and washed her face lazily, then sat at the dining table sleepily, yawning a lot.  

  Lin Xia’s three older brothers and two sisters-in-law had already gone to work. Her third sister-in-law was seven months pregnant, so Father and Mother Lin stayed at home temporarily to take care of her.  

  Although she already had breakfast, the pregnant woman had a big appetite, so she took advantage of the opportunity when Lin Xia was having her breakfast to eat again.  

  Lin Xia didn’t care. The Lin family was rich and doesn’t lack another portion for her. After drinking the millet porridge, Lin Xia peeled eggshells from a boiled egg while listening to Mother Lin’s nagging.  

  “You’re no longer a young girl anymore. All day long you are sloppy and hang around doing nothing productive. There’s no girl like that. What kind of man will marry you? You are going to worry us to death.” Mother Lin’s face and voice was full of worries.  

  Lin Xia said indifferently: “Why do I have to get married? If I marry, I want to marry a woman.” 

  She was born to be her own person. She really couldn’t be like those other little girls. She didn’t want to stay in a kitchen all day, serving a man. If she really married into a relationship like this, she will definitely be suffocated to death, it’s better to marry a pretty girl.  

  Thinking of marrying a girl, Ye Sangsang’s delicate and pale beautiful face flashed in Lin Xia’s mind, and a foolish expression slowly appeared on her face. 

  If she wanted to spend a lifetime together with someone, Lin Xia would want to marry Ye Sangsang the most, but the social status between them were too different, so she can only dare dream about it.  

  Thinking of this, Lin Xia couldn’t help but feel depressed. Even the hair on her head was a little droopy, like a little puppy who had been hit by 10,000 points.  

  Seeing this, Mother Lin felt unsettled. She couldn’t help but feel that what she had said just now was a little heavy. She didn’t want to attack her daughter again, so she kept silent.   

  Before Ye Sangsang left the village, she saw a young man who usually hung out with Lin Xia. When he saw her, he immediately greeted her enthusiastically, and Ye Sangsang nodded indifferently in reply. 

  The young man was rather content with himself. In the past, when people in the village saw him, he would be greeted with disgust and contempt. They would try to avoid him every time, so how would he get a response to his greeting. Although Ye Sangsang looks cold and indifferent, it was only her temperament.   

  But looking at the direction Ye Sangsang was going, that was the way out of the village ah. The young man’s first thought was that Ye Sangsang was going back to the city, then what about their big sister ah?   

  So, the young man who excessively thought too much, immediately caught up to and asked Ye Sangsang where she was going. She looked at the young man’s nervous appearance doubtfully, then said: “I’m going to the Tang County Town to buy things.”   

  The young man was immediately relieved, waved his hand embarrassedly and ran off.   

  Ye Sangsang: “??????” 

  When she quickly approached the village’s entrance, she met Lin Xia, then suddenly understood why the young man had run off. 

  Lin Xia, with calm pretense and a cold face, asked: “What are you going to do?” 

  Ye Sangsang slowed her pace and looked at Lin Xia, who pretended to have a chance encounter: “I’m going to the Tang County Town to send a letter, then buy things at the supply and marketing agency.”  

  Lin Xia’s eyes lit up, and her pair of dark eyes were full of pleasantries. She looked like a little puppy: “What a coincidence. I also plan to go to the county town as well. Let’s go together.”  

  Ye Sangsang resisted the urge to expose her hidden intentions, instead she nodded and quietly replied: “Okay.”  

  Although Qing Shui Village wasn’t far from the Tang County Town, it was still some distance on foot. Ye Sangsang’s frailty combined with the hot weather, she had to rest after walking for a while. Fortunately, there were some big trees providing shade to the road from time to time, which made people feel better.   

  Lin Xia looked at the sweat on Ye Sangsang’s forehead and the fatigue on her face. She secretly regrets that she didn’t ride a bicycle in order to get along with Ye Sangsang. 

  If she rode her bicycle, Ye Sangsang can sit in the back of her bicycle. Although she couldn’t avoid the heat, if she rode fast, there will be wind and Ye Sangsang will definitely be cooler. 

  But it’s useless to regret. In order to make Ye Sangsang better, Lin Xia took off the straw hat on her head and used it as a fan while they walked. It appears that she was fanning herself, but if you look carefully, you could see the angle of the fan was aimed at Ye Sangsang. With her great strength, Ye Sangsang benefited every time.  

  Because of her selfless dedication, Ye Sangsang was much more comfortable, but she still suffered a lot. The sun was shining directly on her, and the sweat on her body flowed nonstop, as if she was sweating like rain. 

  Ye Sangsang didn’t notice her little trick.2The trick that other people sees her fanning herself, but actually fanning Ye Sangsang, she’s unaware of this maneuver At first, she was gratified that Lin Xia, a considerate attacker, would care for her. No wonder Ye Sangsang from the original story acted as if her eyes were above her head. 3Having eyes above your head means your arrogant and think you’re better than everyone else. Snacks- imagine someone tilting their head “pridefully” back, their eyes are pretty much at the top of their head. It’s a pity she wasn’t a good person: “Don’t fan me, put your hat back on.”  

  She cares about this woman, but when she suddenly heard the other person had an emotional outburst, she didn’t want to be outdone. “What, fan you? I’m hot myself, so I’m fanning myself.”  

  In this way, it looked a little like a small puppy having an emotional outburst. It wasn’t her usual rebellious appearance. Ye Sangsang said with a smile towards Lin Xia’s panicked little eyes: “Naturally I imagine that one’s love is reciprocated.”4Means to shower affection on an uninterested party – so Sangsang was worried about her, but her worries weren’t reciprocated. 

  Lin Xia’s heart tightened, she was afraid that Ye Sangsang was angry and was suddenly cautious. She carefully looked at Ye Sangsang and saw her bright shiny pair of eyes, then was suddenly relieved when she confirmed she wasn’t angry. 

  It was noon by the time the two walked into the Tang County Town. Lin Xia stopped and asked with concern: “We are here, do you want to eat some food before running your errands?”   

  Ye Sangsang also felt hungry, so she and Lin Xia went to a nearby state-run restaurant. Ye Sangsang used to go to restaurants in the past, but this was the first time she went to one after wearing her host.  

  The state-owned restaurant wasn’t big. It was no different from an ordinary small restaurant later in the future. If there was a difference, it was probably that the waiter in the state-owned restaurant was a little lazy and his eyes were above his head. In order to eat a meal, not only was money required, but also food stamps.   

  This year’s food stamps are so precious ah. At the supply and marketing agency, food stamps can buy one month worth of cornmeal and also some meals, so not many people can afford to go to the state-owned restaurants to eat.  

  Lin Xia asked Ye Sangsang what she wanted to eat. The menu was written on the wall, but Ye Sangsang who looked at it this entire time thought it was too expensive. It’s better to go to the supply and marketing agency to buy some goods to make it yourself as it was much cheaper. So, she ordered a simple stir-fried vegetable dish while Lin Xia stood up and went to the window silently. This movement seemed to hide the fact that she had sneakily gone to pay the money and meal tickets.  

  After a while, the waiter served the dishes. Compared to his previous laziness, he was very attentive at this time because Lin Xia not only ordered the stir-fried vegetable dish that Ye Sangsang wanted, but also ordered two meat dishes and a soup.  

  This kind of big spender, the waiter has seen very few.  

  Ye Sangsang was also shocked by the dishes Lin Xia ordered. Firstly, there were only two people who couldn’t eat so much and secondly, although the conditions of the Lin family were good, but to be able to eat such a generous meal, it would also dig into the family’s fortune.  

  Ye Sangsang had great affection for Lin Xia, but this way of picking up girls, she was not at a loss.   

  Having enough to eat and drink, Lin Xia accompanied Ye Sangsang to the post office. As expected, a large package was sent by her family from home. Ye Sangsang planned to return home before opening it.  

  Lin Xia helped her with this large package, then they went to the supply and marketing agency. Although she just had a great meal just now, it didn’t satisfy her, instead it made her miss meat and white rice even more. So she bought some bones, a palm-sized piece of meat, a crucian carp, a little rice, noodles and other vegetables.  

  Although the weather was a bit cold now, the bones can be used the next day once salted, and the meat and fish would be eaten today. Although she wanted to buy some chicken, duck and so on, she didn’t dare as she was afraid it would spoil.  

  She planned to make steam buns stuffed with noodles, cut into pieces and dry them in the sun, this way they can be stored for more than a month.  

  The salesman of the supply and marketing agency watched as Ye Sangsang bought so many things in one visit and the smile on his face was warm. When she was ready to pay, he took out some silk scarves from the cabinet and recommended them with a smile.  

  The scarves were really beautiful, but Ye Sangsang spent almost the same amount of money from her food tickets and she only had about 200 yuan left. But to buy this, a ticket was also required, so she was planning to refuse, however Lin Xia on the side bought it instead.  

  Just having spent a lot of money on a meal, then spending a lot more to buy a silk scarf, Ye Sangsang envied Lin Xia’s ability to spend big money. However, the act of buying this silk scarf didn’t match Lin Xia’s tomboy image, so she immediately thought she was up to something.   

  On the way back, Lin Xia’s hands were full of groceries, Ye Sangsang wanted to take a portion, but Lin Xia only took out two green vegetables and gave them to her to carry.  

  Ye Sangsang: “…” 

  Forget it, this lao attacker5lao is a suffix like Mister/Miss but for the elderly or experienced folks also attacker means gong and often used in gay Chinese novels saying that they are the aggressive ones in the relationship likes to show off her combat effectiveness so much in front of her girlfriend, how can she ruthlessly stop her!!6Meaning, she doesn’t want to be ruthless and poke holes on her attacking image, so she will accept her help  

  Lin Xia escorted Ye Sangsang all the way back to her courtyard. It wasn’t time for people to get off work in the afternoon, so there wasn’t a single soul at the educated youth courtyard.7Educated youth – youths who were sent to work in farms during the cultural revolution in China Ye Sangsang poured Li Xia a glass of water and warned that it was a little hot and to drink carefully. She thought that Lin Xia helped her a lot today, so she had to repay her well for her efforts. She said that she would cook for her.   

  Lin Xia wasn’t polite and agreed.8Most people who are polite would refuse and say there’s no need for repayment She helped her sweetheart so much today, after such hard work and not taking credit, she was treated with a meal.   

  What’s more, her sweetheart personally cooked for her. Lin Xia held the cup of hot water poured by Ye Sangsang, and her whole person excitedly floated, as if stepping on clouds.  

  Ye Sangsang glanced at her happy red face and restrained the impulse to smile. However, the corner of her mouth slightly raised into a small arc. The smile that was strongly self-restrained added some charm.  

  Lin Xia’s ears suddenly burnt red. She felt that she had no face, the woman not only saw her ugly appearance, but also dared to laugh at her!  

  So, she tried to keep her face down and took a sip from the cup of water in her hand as if nothing happened. But she forgot Ye Sangsang just told her that the water was a little hot and to be careful when drinking it. At the first sip, she froze, then after a while, her throat rolled and swallowed the hot water.9So, she froze cause her mouth was scalded, but she didn’t want to be unsightly in front of her crush by spitting it out, having no choice and to save face, she swallowed it. 

  Ye Sangsang was caught off-guard and laughed with a pfff, her black starlit eyes were full of smiles and were charming as it glittered under the sunlight. Lin Xia couldn’t help but get hot all over her body, wishing she could hold her in her arms for a while.  

  Lin Xia felt that she couldn’t stay any longer, or she really wouldn’t be able to control herself. She put down her cup, stood up and left quickly. But before leaving, she didn’t forget to make an excuse: “I’ll run to get some bath water for you.”  

  Ye Sangsang didn’t question Lin Xia. It would be bad if I got her angry. Besides, I’ve been busy the whole day and sweat a lot. I really want to finish cooking dinner and wash up later.  

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