Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 6

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Messed around by Snacks - This novel’s nickname: The Food Adventures of Sangsang 

80’s Happiness (6) 

  After Lin Xia went out, Ye Sangsang wasn’t in a hurry to cook. She first opened the big package that was sent by her family. There was a bottle of wheat milk powder, two bags of fruit candy, a bag of small twists and other snacks. In addition, there were some food and industrial tickets which were enough to cover a whole month’s worth of living expenses.  

  Ye Sangsang was moved. Her body’s father was a factory worker. But he had resigned in order to let her older brother take over his post and the Ye Mother only earns a miniscule amount by tailoring at home.   

  Before leaving, the Ye parents had given her a lot of banknotes. By all accounts, that had hollowed out the family’s savings. Currently, not only was she full of guilt, but also touched by their actions.  

  Ye Sangsang put away the gifts in the cabinet beside her bed and locked it. She then opened the letter. The contents described the guilt the Ye family felt, and that they were concerned about her life here. It also said that she should use the money and tickets to eat more good food and there was no need to be frugal with them.  

  After reading the letter, Ye Sangsang put it away and went to cook the afternoon meal. 

  The educated youth facility was equipped with two hearths which allowed for quick and convenient cooking. The fires in the hearths weren’t usually extinguished, after all, it was troublesome to get the fire going every time.  

  Ye Sangsang steamed rice on one of the fires and grilled vegetables on the other. She first prepared the crucian carp, washed it then fried it in an oiled pan. She flipped the carps to fry both sides golden brown and crispy. Then poured some water into the same pot and waited for the water to come to a boil, then slowly simmered over low heat.  

  She wasn’t idle as she stewed the soup. She washed and cut tender tofu, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and threw them in the simmering soup. The bamboo shoots for this dish was indispensable. When she used to travel with her family to Zhejiang, there was a restaurant that served carp tofu soup which was really delicious and fresh. The best part of the dish was the bamboo shoots.  

  These bamboo shoots were freshly harvested locally. When it cooked in the soup, it would be cut into large fist-size pieces which would be very delicious. It has a similar yet distinct flavor to the Matsutake mushroom. The best would be winter bamboo shoots, however they had to be transported from the South. Even if it was well-preserved, it wouldn’t endure the water loss. And it was very expensive to purchase.  

  As the small fire slowly stewed the soup, she was busy cutting the pork into smaller pieces, washing and chopping garnishes such as garlic and coriander. After she finished, she paused for a moment. The crucian carp soup had stewed well and turned milky white1When you deep fry fish/fish bones and boil to make soup, the soup actually turns milky white!. Ye Sangsang added some seasoning and white pepper and let the soup continue stewing. After she added seasoning and tasted it, she ladled some soup out into a large serving bowl she had prepared beforehand.  

  After ingredients were prepared, she started cooking the second main dish. It was simpler to make stir fried spicy pork. Once the garlic became fragrant on the hot oiled pan, pork slices were added in. The pork eventually cooked and turned white, she then poured sauce over it and covered the pan for a while. Cilantro and seasoning were added and the mixture was stir-fried for a while. She waited until the flavors were absorbed.  

  Three dishes, two of them were meat while the other was a vegetable dish. After all, a combination of meat and vegetables were good for nutrition balance.  

  Vegetarian dishes were easy to make. Ye Sangsang took two cucumbers and sliced them to have as a side dish. Also, the rice had finished steaming and was ready for consumption.  

  Lin Xia had been preparing bath water for awhile, the hot and cold water mixed to perfect temperature in the bath shed. While waiting for Ye Sangsang to finish preparing the meal and then take a bath, she had quickly bathed herself as well.  

  Originally, she had planned to go home and wash herself thoroughly. However, Ye Sangsang’s cooking was so fragrant that she couldn’t help but want to eat now. Even if the food was not yet ready to be eaten, she was reluctant to leave, so she could only put her sweaty clothes back on.   

  When the meal was ready, Lin Xia asked Ye Sangsang to go wash, as night was approaching and the temperature was dropping. Ye Sangsang wasn’t in a hurry to take a bath. She planned to bath after eating then directly go to sleep.  

  The two brought the prepared dishes to the table in the yard one by one, the fragrance was very good. Whether it was the crucian carp floating in the white soup or the spicy pork, Lin Xia salivated.  

  This woman, not only did she have exquisite looks, but also can prepare a good meal. If other people in the village knew this, they would chase her with all their strength.  

  In the past, although Ye Sangsang was in many people’s minds because of her good looks, but these people merely appreciate it. They didn’t actually want to marry her.  

  After all, this kind of beautiful noble woman was only nice to look at. Most people were still somewhat rational, as their families were poor. What they needed was to marry a woman who could cook a decent meal. At a glance, Ye Sangsang didn’t look like a woman who was able to cook.  

  Lin Xia couldn’t help but feel sadness and jealousy in her heart at the thought that Ye Sangsang would be coveted and possibly marry someone else. She really wanted to punch the face of the future man who will marry her.  

  At this time, Lin Xia didn’t think that she would be the person who married Ye Sangsang in the future. Fortunately, the flag wasn’t set up…2So in a lot of JP otome game genre, they call like events ‘flags’ so the flag of Ye Sangsang marrying someone else wouldn’t ever been set up 

  While they were eating, the other educated youths were returning from work. They smelled the fragrance in the courtyard and saw the fish, pork, and white rice on the table. Their saliva almost fell out and their already hungry stomachs grumbled.  

  However, food was precious. Even if they wanted to eat, they were too embarrassed to ask for some. Luckily for them, Ye Sangsang couldn’t bear to make people who eat bran look at their big fish and meat meal. So, she put aside little for them to have a taste.  

  Some people were sincerely grateful while others were jealous, thinking she was simply showing off. But they weren’t humble at all when eating and openly showed happiness on their faces.  

  After their meal, Lin Xia actively helped Ye Sangsang clean up the dishes and pans, so Ye Sangsang had an easy time. She took a towel and went to take a bath in the corner of the courtyard.   

  After taking a bath, she realized she forgot to bring clean clothes. Just after Lin Xia finished washing the dishes, she called out for her to help bring clothes from her room to her.  

  Clothes? This also includes underwear.  

  Lin Xia’s blood suddenly boiled. Her whole person seemed to have been placed on a rack and roasted on fire. There was smoke coming from her hot head.  

  She walked happily to the door of the house where the female educated youth lived and was about to push the door but heard several female educated youths chatting inside.  

  The topic of the chat was Ye Sangsang. Their tones were sour edged with contempt.  

  They gossiped about Ye Sangsang being shameless. In order to hook up with men, she gave them a little bit to eat. Even though this woman had a high and cold appearance, she was actually a seductive fox. Maybe her body was used by many people and so on.  

  The fire in her heart was immediately extinguished by the rain and the smile on Lin Xia’s face was replaced by gloom. Her brows were furrowed, and her black eyes contained anger. 

  This group of bitches! Her beloved woman was kind enough to give them her food, but they dare to gossip about her like this!  

  Lin Xia’s hands hung from both side of her body, clenched into fists. Her bones creaked loudly, she raised her feet, kicked the door open and rushed into the room in a rage.  

  Lin Xia glared at these people who were scared silly. She didn’t show any sympathy and dared to do it. She won’t give any face today. Otherwise, she doesn’t know what this group of people will do in the future.  

  The corner of her lips was hooked up coldly. She grabbed the hair of one of the female educated youths and pulled her up.  

  This action was like turning a switch which caused the stunned women to finally recover their senses and scream.  

  ”Shut up!” Lin Xia’s voice was cold and harsh, which was different from Ye Sangsang’s usual cold indifference. Her coldness was like a sharp knife that cut people.  

  These young women shivered fiercely, shrunk their bodies and didn’t dare make another sound. Lin Xia didn’t let them go because of their compliance. She raised her hand and slapped the young woman who she grabbed by the hair.  

  Although she didn’t work much in the field, she did exercise in her home every day. Her strength was greater than all those ordinary women who did farm work. This slap was full of strength. When she slapped, the face of the young woman immediately swelled up and a wisp of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.  

  The young woman’s eyes watered and she begged for mercy. Instead, Lin Xia ignored her and slapped the other side of her face then kicked her away. The young woman was shoved onto the ground on her back. She shrank on the ground covering her stomach and had black eyes.3Dude, usually women cover their stomachs when they are pregnant. Maybe this will be a mini villainess who lost her child cause of this event? Just my speculation  

  The other two gossiping women gulped their saliva and their eyes were full of fear. Without waiting for Lin Xia to act, they knelt onto the ground and begged for mercy. 

  Lin Xia didn’t speak with a sullen face. The remaining two young women were scared to the point of peeing themselves. Their faces were covered with tears and snot, their voices trembling. They were afraid that Lin Xia would violently beat them and felt especially sick.  

  Lin Xia breathed a sigh of relief in her heart as she really didn’t want to reach out to hit people. She was afraid of dirtying her hands.4Okay you yandere, you already beat one person shitless. She narrowed her eyes slightly and sneered angrily, “If you do- say, slap each other until your mouths are swollen then I’ll let you go.”  

  When the two first heard this, they were panic stricken. If their mouths were swollen, it was bound to bleed. Not only would they look ugly but would be unable to eat for a long time. But they had to make their faces swollen. 

  But if Lin Xia doesn’t like it, she will rush over to beat them up. The two were no longer reluctant and didn’t dare to dally. They raised their trembling hands to slap each other.  

  Their strengths were very small and not even a sound was heard. Lin Xia’s eyes sank and said coldly, “Didn’t you eat?”  

  The two women shuddered fiercely and didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. Shortly in the room was only crackling sounds and cries of pain. The two young women slapped each other, and their mouths were swollen like sausages.  

  Lin Xia was too lazy to care. Instead she asked one of the female educated youth where Ye Sangsang stored her clothes. After opening the drawer, she found the requested pajamas and underwear.  

  Several pure candy-colored cotton underwear was neatly arranged in a row. Lin Xia’s eyes were fiery. She swallowed her saliva and took several deep breaths before reaching out with trembling hands to grab a pair of underwear.  

  Lin Xia’s heartbeat pounded and almost jumped out of her chest while obtaining the underwear.  

  Her face and ears were red. She walked out and tightly grasped the underwear in her palm. When she walked to the door, she looked back at the two young women who were still slapping each other and saw their mouths were swollen and bleeding red. She mercifully said, “Okay, listen.”  

  The two stopped at once and their bodies slumped on the ground. They sobbed quietly and deeply regretted why they had to say bad things about Ye Sangsang. 

  Lin Xia wasn’t in a rush to leave. Her pair of fierce phoenix eyes stared at several people in the room and said in a deep voice: “I’ll give you a warning this time. Next time you dare speak ill of her, you won’t be staying in Qingshui Village!”  

  The female educated youths’ bodies shuddered. They nodded in their panic and didn’t dare say anything else.  

  “This matter is to be kept a secret. If Sangsang finds out, I’ll be sure you all face the consequences!” In the frightened eyes of these people, Lin Xia’s voice was fierce, and her eyes had a brutal chill with ferocity.  

  When she walked out of the room, Lin Xia’s lips were hooked up and her movement abruptly stopped after a few brisk steps. She looked down at the underwear she held tightly in her hand. With a spellbound expression, she bowed her head, burying her face on the underwear and took a hard sniff. It had a light scent, a sweet smell reminiscent to the natural fragrance on her body.  

  Lin Xia gulped her saliva. If someone came out, they would see her red face and eats that were bloody red like blood even with the cover of night.   

  After doing this, Lin Xia suddenly reacted violently to her own actions. She even smelled other people’s underwear like an idiot!!  

  Lin Xia’s body was stiff. The whole person was petrified like a sculpture. The fierce phoenix eyes were full of shock and in disbelief.  

Author’s Notes: 

Our little Xia Xia was frightened by her own vulgar actions, haha. 

Here’s a copy of the chapter. Also, I can’t reply to your messages in a timely manner. Please excuse me.  

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