Female Lead, Please Let Go of the White Moonlight – Chapter 7

So, uhh this is an ongoing side project. I adopted this novel from Smoggy cause I’m the one who coerce her into doing it in the first place. Haha, sorry that it’s only once a month. I’m trying to finish my ‘main’ novels first before adjusting this to have more frequent releases. Just to let you know, this novel is ~2x more words than Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself and that novel is going to take me about 10 months to complete.

Anyways, based on that speed, I won’t be able to complete this novel until around 2~2.5 years later.

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks – Continuation of Sangsang’s Food Adventures

80’s Happiness (7)

   “Lin Xia, is that you?” Ye Sangsang, who had been waiting for some time in the shower area at the corner of the yard, called out as she heard the footsteps halt.

  Lin Xia immediately returned to her senses. She looked around like she was a thief. Back and forth, left and right, there was no one. Her heart was immediately relieved.

  Fortunately, no one witnessed her lewd behavior. Otherwise, she will lose face. And if this was known by Ye Sangsang, wouldn’t she be disgusted, and would stay away from her?

  This thought caused Lin Xia’s heart to tighten. She vowed to bury this secret forever so there wouldn’t be a second person who knows.

  Lin Xia stiffly walked to the shower room door, coughed softly, and said with a guilty conscience: “I’m here.”

  Under the moonlight, a thin pale white arm stuck out from the door: “Why were you so slow?”

  Her voice was cool and indifferent, but standing by the door, Lin Xia heard a hint of coquettishness. Lin Xia felt numb and limp to her bones. 

  “It took me a while to look for it. I’ll be quicker next time.” Lin Xia hurriedly placed the clean clothes in Ye Sangsang’s hand and stuttered.

  Lin Xia really wanted to turn around and run away once her hands were empty. Although Ye Sangsang doesn’t know what she had done, she still felt guilty ah. At this time, she really didn’t want to face Ye Sangsang.

  But she had something to give Ye Sangsang, so she could only stand stiffly in the yard and wait.

  After putting on her pajamas, Ye Sangsang escorted Lin Xia to the front gate of the compound. Although it was only a few steps away, Ye Sangsang noticed that there was something wrong with Lin Xia.

  She walked abnormally and silently. Her usually black bright eyes glinting and didn’t dare look directly at her, it was as if she had done something bad.

  But it was too late to think about it. The two had already arrived at the gate. Before Lin Xia left, she took out the silk scarf she bought earlier from her pocket and stuffed it into Ye Sangsang’s hand. She was afraid that she would refuse it, so she turned around and left right after: “Here it’s for you.”

  Ye Sangsang quickly grabbed her sleeve: “Wait.”

  Lin Xia, who was trying to escape, was a little depressed: “…”

  Ye Sangsang unfolded the silk scarf and smiled: “It’s beautiful. I like it very much, thank you.”

  Lin Xia was lost in Ye Sangsang’s blooming and charming smile. Her ears were red, but she pretended that her face was normal. She looked down and kicked a stone on the ground with her toes: “It’s nothing.”

  ”Wait for me.” Ye Sangsang released Lin Xia’s arm and turned back to the house.

  Although Lin Xia wanted to leave, she was afraid that Ye Sangsang wouldn’t be happy. So, she waited obediently at the same spot.

  After Ye Sangsang returned to her room, she took out two bags of fruit candy and small fried dough twists gifted by her parents from the cabinet. She walked back to Lin Xia and stuffed the snacks in her hands.

  Although these things were very expensive, Lin Xia had gotten tired of eating them long ago. Moreover, the condition in the countryside wasn’t good. It wasn’t easy for her to obtain snacks. How could she take them? However, Ye Sangsang already gave these expensive sweets to her, which shows she has a place in her heart.

  Lin Xia was so happy that before Ye Sangsang spoke, she refused: “No, I don’t like these snacks.”  

  Ye Sangsang raised her eyebrows and looked at her with a smile: “This isn’t for you to eat. A while ago, you and some others helped hoe my field. I arranged this for them. I don’t have time to repay their generosity, so you help me distribute it to them.” 

  Lin Xia stayed rooted in the same spot, she couldn’t believe her ears. This wasn’t for her, but for those stinky kids!

  She also worked for her and bought her a silk scarf. Why didn’t she know to thank her too?

  Lin Xia’s flying heart suddenly fell. Her black translucent phoenix eyes stared at her like a wounded little puppy who was wronged to death.

  Ye Sangsang couldn’t help but ‘pfff’ with a smirk. She stood on her tiptoes and gently planted a kiss on her cheek, her starry eyes glinted and smiled: “This is your reward.”

  Her voice was soft as feathers, it scratched Lin Xia’s heart, and her fallen heart fluttered up again. She was no longer a person whose head and ears drooped, now she was like a reinvigorated puppy.

  Her ears turned red at a rate visible to the naked eye and spread down her neck. The whole face looked like a ripe red tomato.

  Lin Xia was at a loss. She held the candies and fried dough twists in her hand. She struggled with great difficulty to keep a straight face and fiercely said: “How can that group of stupid boys like to eat us girls’ snacks? I’ll treat them to eat out tomorrow.”

  These were Ye Sangsang’s precious snacks. She doesn’t want others to defile it.

  Ye Sangsang frowned: “How can you do that? They helped me, so how can you spend so much? It’s better that I cook tomorrow and invite them over to eat.”

  Although this old attacker miss was rich but Ye Sangsang wasn’t like the original character in the story. She absolutely doesn’t want to take advantage of others.

  Lin Xia wasn’t willing to let others taste her beloved’s cooking. But Ye Sangsang insisted on doing so. Lin Xia could only compromise and agreed to go to the County Supply and Marketing Agency to buy vegetables and rice in bulk tomorrow.

  After watching Lin Xia leave, Ye Sangsang turned back to her room to go to bed. Although she didn’t work on the fields today, she was still very tired from walking so long. She fell asleep as soon as she laid in bed.

  However, when she got up the next morning, Ye Sangsang was shocked by three female educated youths. One of them was Wang Fang, who previously had ill-intentions. Her face was swollen into a pig’s head. She almost didn’t recognize her. The other two’s mouths were red and swollen and people who looked at them were worried.

  It wasn’t only Ye Sangsang who was frightened, but also the male educated youths. These three people had a good relationship with them and asked what happened, but these three waves their hands and said it was nothing.1Funny, how these three accuse Sangsang of being a slut but I feel the slight hint that they sleep around… Ye Sangsang listened attentively and was also very curious about what happened to them. However, no one was willing to say, so she could only give up in disappointment.

  For breakfast, Ye Sangsang cooked some salted bone porridge with the bones she had marinated from yesterday. Without abalone and dried clams, Ye Sangsang can only add some mushrooms in the porridge. When the white rice is cooked, it was thick and gooey.

  She boiled extra porridge. Aside from leaving some for Lin Xia, she also gave some to other educated youths.

  Lin Xia came over on a bike. Ye Sangsang saw her supporting the bike and curiously asked, “You have a bike?”

  Lin Xia felt a pang in her heart. She just wanted Ye Sangsang to be more relaxed today. She forgot that she didn’t ride one yesterday. Now Ye Sangsang may think she was deliberate…

  Lin Xia blurted out: “Yesterday my brother borrowed my bike.” After she finished, she looked at Ye Sangsang with a slightly vacant expression.

  Ye Sangsang nodded and didn’t doubt her. She said, “Have you had breakfast yet? I’ve made some salty bone porridge and left a portion for you.”

  Lin Xia said without thinking, “I didn’t eat.”

  After that, she regretted that she had already eaten breakfast and her stomach wasn’t empty. If she had known that Ye Sangsang would have given her breakfast, not to mention breakfast, she wouldn’t have even eaten dinner and would have waited for breakfast the following morning.

  Oh, no, Ye Sangsang made dinner yesterday, so she has to eat.

  But it was useless to be regretful. Ye Sangsang already brought her breakfast, so she could only painstakingly swallow it with a stiff face.

  The porridge was soft and glutinous. The taste of the salty fragrant bones was absorbed by the grains of rice. It tasted delicious and instantly conquered Lin Xia’s taste buds.

  Delicious, so delicious! Lin Xia’s eyes were bright and ate most of it in a single breath with a ‘lala’ sound. However, she was already full. Even if it was delicious, she couldn’t finish it. But Ye Sangsang was standing beside her and she just said she didn’t eat yet. If she couldn’t finish eating this bowl of porridge, wouldn’t this obviously mean that the porridge Ye Sangsang made wasn’t delicious?

  So, for the remaining porridge, Lin Xia ate with a complicated face. She enjoyed the delicious porridge and suffered a swollen stomach.

  Ye Sangsang couldn’t help but say, “If you can’t eat anymore, it’s okay.”

  Lin Xia shook her head painfully: “I can still eat.”

  It didn’t occur to Ye Sangsang that Lin Xia lied to her. She took the spoon and bowl from Lin Xia’s hand and quietly said, “If you eat well in the morning, you’ll be full by lunch and eat less at dinner. So, it’s okay. Don’t get a stomachache from eating.”

  Although her voice was very quiet, Lin Xia heard that she wasn’t angry. She was very happy and warm in her heart. Ye Sangsang cared about her!!

  So happy!

  So excited!

  Very excited!


  The road leading to the County Town of Qingshui Village was Shizi Road. Although it was bumpy to ride a bike, it was much better than riding in some villages that were muddy and full of pits.

  Ye Sangsang held the seat with both hands. At first, she straightened her back and distanced herself one fist away from Lin Xia which disappointed Lin Xia.

  But soon, Ye Sangsang felt numb from head to toe. Unknowingly, she moved her hands up and held on to Lin Xia’s slender waist. Her face got closer and closer and finally stuck to Lin Xia’s back. 

  Lin Xia stiffened from her sudden closeness and almost didn’t correctly maneuver the bike on the road.

  The morning sunlight wasn’t strong but Lin Xia’s whole body was hot and sweaty, and her heart became warm.  

  Ye Sangsang’s soft arms rested on her waist. She could feel her heat and softness through her clothes. Her face was also pasted against her back, there was almost zero distance between them.2Zero distance usually means sex/intercourse btw

  Lin Xia’s face was flushed. She felt her whole body infused with energy, which made her ride the bike so fast without feeling tired at all.

  She really wasn’t tired. She often went around on her bike and Ye Sangsang was light, so it didn’t feel like there was extra weight sitting in the back.

  Too skinny.

  Lin Xia felt distressed for a while. Later, she would buy more meat for Ye Sangsang to eat. She will raise her to be white and fat instead of having thin cheeks and pale skin.

  This time, they went straight to the Supply and Marketing Agency. Ye Sangsang bought all kinds of vegetables and a lot of meat, like beef, lamb, sirloin, etc. On top of this, she also bought some seafood.

  However, this is the South and wasn’t anywhere near the sea. Seafood was rare and expensive. Although Ye Sangsang was felt pain, she still bought some.

  There were many people invited to dinner this time. In order to save time, Ye Sangsang planned to make hotpot, so she needed various types of meats and vegetables.

  Lin Xia gave her money in advance, but Ye Sangsang forced half of it back to Lin Xia. Lin Xia refused to accept it at first, but Ye Sangsang said with a straight face that she won’t take advantage of her. Otherwise, she won’t bother with her in the future, so the dejected Lin Xia took it back.

  After buying the ingredients, Ye Sangsang bought some seasonings. Although she didn’t need seasonings to cook before, they needed a lot to make a delicious hotpot. Also, Lin Xia bought more than 20 bottles of beer.

  Lin Xia paid close attention to Ye Sangsang’s expression when buying the beer. She was afraid that Ye Sangsang would think that it was improper to drink beer. However, Ye Sangsang was from the 21st century and would drink from time to time, whether it was a high school graduation dinner or a university party with her roommates. So, she didn’t feel that it was strange at all.

  Lin Xia was very happy to see that Ye Sangsang didn’t reveal any contempt or disgust in her eyes. She only thought that Ye Sangsang was a little different from the others, but she couldn’t pinpoint the specifics.

Novi’s Comments: I can’t wait for this little puppy Lin Xia to grow up and become a ferocious yandere dog that eats its owner!~~ Remember guys, the delicate heart Lin Xia will blacken per the author’s summary!!

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